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I decided it'd be nifty to keep track of all the cultural references in JABB.  But for right now I'm focusing on mostly Dyeland stuff.  So here you'll find a list of our references to poems, books/stories, music*, movies, TV, miscellany (or multiple things i.e. "book and movie"), and theatre.  When there was some confusion about whether something was poem v. song, for example, I color coded based on what it was presented most like in the story.  So below you'll find some listings with the place(s) we reference them in parentheses.  If it says "posts" then that means it's been alluded to in Dyeland posts on the JABB YG.  If you have additions, please let me know!  This is very much in progress since it's a big job but one I'm finding pretty fun. 

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The basics (stuff that just pops up a lot):
Parodies/homages/passing references:

*  With the music, I attempted to find and credit the actual writer(s) of the piece as well as the performer where appropriate.  Sometimes if it was only a title and no lyrics were quoted, I simply state the performer who may or may not also be the composer.  I used mostly and Wikipedia in cases where the song was recorded by too many artists for allmusic to be useful.  However, having still not found a definitive resource for identifying songwriters online, I can't vouch for the complete accuracy.  If you know of a useful, free, accurate, online resource with that information please let me know.  Also, if a piece simply says it's by someone without performer or composer explicitly stated that means that as best as I could determine the person/group is both composer and performer.  Thank you.

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