I've retired/archived the old, far less detailed Timeline on account of it not being very useful and there being no reason to be redundant.  So now there's only this!  Here I've tried to catalog every last (canonical) Dyeland story scene as well as give some hint on when plot points from TBAA episodes figured in.  If you want just a list of stories, you can go to the Story Index.  Please note: I am recapping stories here so spoilers abound.  I don't actually remember any of the stories well enough to know, off the top of my head, on what day particular things happened.  So... I'm doing these as I reread the stories.  Therefore, stories I've re-read recently have very detailed entries.  Entries for stories I've not read in years remain vague until I can re-read them.

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Tess, Adam, Henry, and Andrew are born.  I think popular opinion is Tess it the oldest followed by Adam.  I'm not sure what the feeling is about who's older: Henry or Andrew.  I think some of us believe Henry is older.  Also, Sam I would figure to be older than Tess.

In "Safe", Rose and JenniAnn ask Tess to tell them about what Andrew was like as a baby (understanding that he was never actually in baby form... they just meant when he was newly created).  She proceeds to tell them about his general demeanor and illustrates it with a story about his time in choir.  So I think it can be assumed from her tale that Andrew's first gig was in the angelic choir.  Tess goes onto say that Andrew spent time in Search and Rescue and "other departments" though she didn't specify the latter.  Later, of course, he moves into Caseworking.  In JABB 186, Andrew has a Q and A in which he responds to a question about his work history like this: "First, as is often the case, I was in the choir. That was great. And good practice for my years in Adam's, Henry's, and my band. Search and Rescue briefly. For a number of years, I was also in a department that Touched never really got around to discussing. It was called Inspiration and Advisement. We delivered divine inspiration from the Father to artists, authors, people struggling with big decisions, situations like that. A few other brief stints. Then it was Casework followed by Angel of Death."  So between TBAA and JABB it's been established that Andrew was in the choir, Inspiration and Advisement, Search and Rescue, Caseworking, angel of death, and supervising AOD along with unknown "other brief stints."

In "Samuel's Prayer," it's revealed that Samuel is around Andrew's age and maybe a bit older.  He has been a guardian angel since the dawn of humankind and has also done some "Search and Rescue."

6,000 years ago- Monica is born, as stated in TBAA's "Holy of Holies."

4,000 years ago- This is when Reuel's account in "Shadowlands" is set... or thereabouts.  Prior to the Great Flood, angels led by Reuel watched over the people of a village called Nogah and rescued those who were threatened and harmed by the Nephilim and demons, led by the monstrous Nen and Tzila.  God tells Reuel that He will be sending a flood to wipe out the evil ones and has Reuel bring his people to a portal which leads to another world, later named El-Chanan by the angel.  From then on out, Reuel's people flourish and El-Chanan thrives.

630-570 BC- This is the lifespan of the poet Sappho of Lesbos.  Both Crawly (Crowley) and Jamie spent some time with her.  Not much is known about this era except the two seemed to be friendly at the time and Crawly was feminine in appearance. 
Jamie defended Crawly when he was getting some shade for seemingly being in love with a man named Aziraphale.  ("A Thousand Years")
Circa 19 BC- "The Christmas Rose" has Yosef saying that he was 18 when he and Maryam were betrothed.  So he was probably 19 when Yeshua was born meaning this would be his birth year or thereabouts. 

Circa 15 BC- Maryam's birth year.  In "The Carpenter," Maryam states that she and Yosef had been together since she was 14 and that likely means from the betrothal on.  Tag on another nine months of pregnancy and you get 15 BC.  I think...  I guess it would depend on how birthdays fell.  In "The Family Tree," we get Yosef's take on first meeting Maryam when she was a newborn.  He was very adamant about not wanting to marry the girl when they were grown.  He changed his mind.

Circa 11 BC- In "The King," Maryam tells JenniAnn her earliest memory of Yosef which was when she was four and he was nine.  Maryam inadvertently stole something from her future husband.   

Circa 4 BC- Maryam and her mother, Hannah, are visiting the home of a neighbor whose wife has recently died in childbirth.  Maryam notices Yosef across the way, weeping.  She goes to him, hoping to comfort him over the loss of his cousin.  Yosef is very angry, sure his cousin, Rahab, wouldn't have died if she hadn't been laboring with her second child at a mere fifteen years old.  Yosef tries to get Maryam to promise to not be forced into marriage, especially at a young age.  Maryam insists her parents would never do that and have promised her as much.  Further, she intends to marry Yosef who she knows would never hurt her.  Oblivious, Yosef tries to press the point before giving up.  Maryam asks if he wishes to marry and... he doesn't.  He might become an Essene instead.  He doesn't want to be responsible for what happened to Rahab.  Upset, Maryam tries to reason with him.  She tells him it makes her sad to think of him not being a husband and father because she's sure he'd be a good one.  Yosef tells Maryam he's just troubled and to never mind him.  Maryam expresses her condolences then goes inside to see his sister, Danya, and Samiya, his mother.  Maryam's words stick with Yosef and he begins to reconsider abandoning marriage and fatherhood.  He ends up daydreaming about a son named Yeshua.  ("The Golden Cord, Part III")

Circa 3 BC- "Believe" begins with a panicked, young Yosef showing up at Yehoyakim's house.  He's there for Hannah, a talented midwife, because Yosef's mother, Samiya, has gone into premature labor.  Maryam prays for the ability to help and the whole family follows Yosef back to his home.  While Yehoyakim and Maryam comfort the children, Hannah helps Samiya through a difficult labor.  The baby is born but not breathing.  Samiya is distraught.  Maryam enters the room, asks to hold the baby, and, heeding God's guidance, massages her chest.  The baby begins to breathe and cry.  Everyone is elated and, fourteen days later, Yosef's parents tell Maryam that they're naming the baby after her.  To avoid confusion, Maryam nicknames the baby Yoninah, "little dove."

Circa 1- Yeshua (later known as Joshua) was born to Maryam and Yosef of Nazareth.  It was kinda a big deal.  You may have read about it.  :-)  And with "The Family Tree," you get another take on His birth.  Decidedly not in keeping with the rules of the day, Yosef insists on being at Maryam's side when Yeshua enters the world.  Fr. Mike gives a homily about Maryam's and Yosef's courtship and Joshua's birth during Kemara's and Sean's wedding in "Here is My Heart."  In N451, Andrew briefly tells the story of Joshua's birth from his own POV.  In "Believe," Andrew has a dream/vision of the events leading up to Joshua's birth.  We see Maryam telling Yosef about her pregnancy, the families' reactions, Yosef's dream, and the couple's visit to their first home.  In "The Golden Cord," Maryam and Yosef offer another version of the Christmas story to four-year-old Yeshu.  The Golden Cord, Part III provides another glimpse of the first Christmas.  Maryam asks Yosef if he regrets not becoming an Essene and he assures her that he does not.  She confesses that he broke her heart when he first made that pronouncement.  He apologizes, explaining that she was so young that he had no idea she was interested.  They kiss and joke and admire baby Yeshua.  Maryam assures Yosef that he will be a wonderful father.  Yosef is less sure but remembers the counsel of the angels "Fear not!"  As Maryam snuggles against him with the baby, Yosef silently reasserts that he's glad he didn't become an Essene.

In N613, Marty tells Shelby about the Flight to Egypt and how Yosef struggled when the news of the Massacre of the Infants reached them.  Yosef struggles to understand why an angel wasn't sent to other parents to warn them and why Herod wasn't struck down.  Maryam tries to calm him but is also heartbroken, especially for the mothers.  She assures Yosef that it's not a sin to question.  She points out that he was once angry at her and yet she loved him still.  So God would be even more understanding and loving.  Maryam hands Yosef baby Yeshua and he is comforted as he cradles his son, the Deliverer.  

Circa 4- Yosef, Maryam, and Yeshua return from Egypt and resettle in Nazareth.  Yosef is trying to rebuild his carpentry business and Maryam tends to her son and cares for sick neighbors.  Unfortunately, not everyone has forgotten the scandal of Yosef marrying the pregnant Maryam.  Another little boy in the village taunts Yeshua about not being Yosef's.  This prompts his Ama and Abi to tell him a little about his divine parentage.  In 2013, Joshua grants Ivy a vision of this.  This is also about when Yeshua really befriends Isaaq ("Child of Laughter"). 

Circa 5- Yeshua awakens his parents on his fourth birthday, wanting to hear the story of his birth.  Maryam and Yosef comply and, for the first time, the little boy seems to understand a bit about why he's so special.  He shares the news with his buddy, Yoktan.  ("The Golden Cord")
Circa 5/6- This is around the time when Yohannan and Yeshua decide to play "Extreme Home Makeover" according to "Someone who Urgently Needs a Shelf."  Maryam's parents, Hannah and Yehoyakim also passed away sometime around then. 

Circa 7- Yohannan comes to spend time with Yeshua and his family while his parents are otherwise occupied.  He celebrates Yeshua's birthday and bonds with his precious cousin.  ("The Golden Cord, Part II")

Circa 9- In "The Advocate," John tells the apostles this story about when he visited Nazareth for Yeshua's 8th birthday: "This time we decided... and now I wonder if Crowley knows about this?... we decided that old Serpent needed a good talking to.  Except, of course, we didn't know which snake was *the* Serpent.  So we spent an entire afternoon wandering around Nazareth, lecturing random snakes about why it was bad to encourage people to disobey God.  None of them were Crowley... of that I'm sure.  But I'd like to think Nazareth had extremely well behaved snakes for at least a generation or two after us."

Circa 10- Maryam tells her son the truth about his friend, Isaaq, and how the family met him.  ("Child of Laughter")

Circa 15- Per John's story in "Shadowlands," this is about when Yeshua schemes to teach an immoral shopkeeper to pull himself together and honor God which, in turn, gives a poor little boy the donkey-friend he longed for.

Circa 16- Isaaq passes away surrounded by Maryam, Yosef, and Yeshua in their home.  ("Child of Laughter")  This is also around the time that Yosef's sister and her husband pass away leaving behind six children: Yaqob, Yosef, Shimeon, Yehuda, Leah, and Yael.    Maryam and Yosef acted as parents to the children with Yeshua stepping in as their big brother.  ("The King")
Circa 21- Yosef passes away following a heart attack.  He dies in the arms of his wife and son.  A month later, on the eve of his 20th birthday, Yeshua remains in mourning.  Maryam tells him a story about the family's time in Egypt and Yeshua works a miracle involving a very special rose.  ("The Christmas Rose")

Circa 28- Yeshua and Maryam attend Mary of Bethany's wedding.  Lazar, her older brother, gets wasted because he doesn't trust the groom, Yakan, and is fearful for his sister.  Mother and son try to get the drunk man to bed but he refuses.  Lazar wants to keep an eye on Yakan.  While Maryam goes to fetch water and cloth to clean Lazar up, Yeshua remains with him and asks why he's so upset.  Lazar reveals that, while on a business trip to Magdala with Yakan, an old woman told him that Yakan beat his previous wife and turned her out after two years when she didn't produce a son.  The wife was then forced into prostitution to survive and died.  Yeshua is horrified, especially when Lazar tells him he told Mary and she explained it away as a cruel rumor.  Yeshua at last gets Lazar to bed after promising to speak to Mary herself.  He and Maryam steal a moment with the bride.  She's very joyful and excitedly invites them to visit her and Yakan in Magdala.  When she has to leave to speak with Martha, Yeshua and Maryam are left to hope that Lazar is wrong.

In the two years that follow, Maryam and Yeshua never receive an invitation from Mary to visit her.  Meanwhile, Martha and Lazar do visit Magdala and find their little sister bruised and sad but she refuses to leave with them.  Upon learning this, Maryam and Yeshua make an unannounced visit to Magdala but are told by a servant that Mary and Yakan are traveling.  ("Chrysalis")

Circa 30- Yeshua has begun his ministry and preaches near the Sea of Galilee.  At times, he goes off by himself to pray... and search for Mary.  Word had reached him that Yakan had turned Mary out.  She had wept and begged to remain with her husband but he'd refused, citing the lack of an heir.  Mary never arrived back at Bethany as was expected.  Lazar and Martha went to Magdala where they found Yakan remarried.  He insinuated that Maryam had become a prostitute but Yeshua struggles to believe that.  He enters the synagogue at Capernaum where his Abba gives him a vision of what befell Mary.

After being dismissed by Yakan, Mary remains in Magdala, hoping Yakan will come around.  When he doesn't, she sets off for Bethany on her donkey.  Unfortunately, a snake scares the animal and he darts off with all of Mary's things.  Thrown, Mary loses consciousness on the side of the road.  

Mary wakes up in a small, stone room near a fire.  Soon, she hears a male voice and finds a Roman soldier standing in the doorway.  He tries to calm her and asks what she was doing.  He's astounded when she reveals she was trying to travel to Bethany alone.  Tiberias, where she ended up, is quite far from home. Mary begins to cry and the Roman comforts her.  Assuming she is Jewish, he'd asked his Jewish nurse to prepare a meal for her.  Mary gratefully accepts it and begins to eat.  The two introduce themselves and Mary learns her rescuer is named Lucius Caelius.  

Abigail, Lucius' nurse, takes care of Mary as she recuperates.  Intrigued by her host, Mary is eager to learn more about Lucius from Abigail who happily obliges.  Abigail was Lucius' wet nurse after his mother died.  So she's been with him for his whole life.  She explains that Lucius suffers from nightmares and would have preferred being a philosopher but he comes from a military family and his father would not allow that.  She also suspects that Lucius would convert to Judaism if not for his father.  Abigail reveals that she thinks Lucius is attracted to Mary but, when the girl suggests leaving, Abigail assures her that Lucius would never take her by force and, besides, Mary stays in Abigail's room and Lucius would never cross her.  Relaxed, Mary remains.

A week later, Lucius comes to the house with a surprise.  He tracked down Tabi, Mary's donkey, and her belongings.  Mary is thrilled to be reunited with her pet and treasured family heirlooms.  She's emotional but very thankful.  Abigail can tell that sparks are beginning to fly between Lucius and Mary.

A month after her rescue, Mary is mending some clothing when she begins to think about her past and weeps.  Lucius enters the room and Mary finally opens up to him about Yakan and her divorce.  The two share a tender moment and, after a caress, Lucius abruptly leaves.  Mary prays for deliverance from her feelings.  

Another two weeks pass and while Abigail is away helping a neighbor, Mary is awoken by Lucius who is in the the throes of a night terror.  She goes to his room in hopes of soothing him.  One thing leads to another and they end up kissing.  Mary apologizes, explaining that she's merely desperate for tenderness.  Lucius counters that he treasures her and has been struggling with his feelings for some time.  They end up making love.

The following day, the couple announce their intent to marry to Abigail.  She's shocked but handles it well.  Lucius meets with a rabbi to discuss converting.  Mary is nervous that Lucius will pick up on the cultural/religious preference for virgins but Lucius counters that King David loved Bathsheba who surely was not a virgin having been married.  Lucius also assures Mary that, even if she were barren, he would still love her.  Mary tells Lucius that she trusts him and they embrace.

A week later, Lucius is told to report to Capernaum.  Mary stays behind because Abigail fell and is recuperating.  Lucius expresses his gratitude to God for leading him to Mary.  They embrace and kiss and Mary thanks God, too, and silently vows to be a good wife to Lucius.

After three weeks pass with no sign of Lucius, Abigail and Mary grow nervous.  Finally, the latter makes her way to the army barracks where another centurion tells Mary that Lucius drowned while trying to save two Jewish boys caught in a sudden storm.  Mary is devastated and begins to wander around in a daze.  She ends up wandering back to the barracks after nightfall where a Roman soldier finds her.  He and two other soldiers rape Mary and then dump her in a nearby grove.  Mary shakily walks further into the grove.

When the vision ends, Yeshua weeps in the synagogue and vows to find and heal Mary.  He hurries back to his followers and, finding Cephas the only one awake, tells him of his plans which include retrieving Maryam before confronting Mary.  Cephas insists that Yeshua take his brother's donkey and that he, Andreas, Yaqob, and Yohannan meet the two in Tiberias.  Yeshua agrees and sets off.

During the ride to Tiberias, Yeshua relates his vision to his mother.  The two make plans for what they'll do once there.  Maryam is confident that her son will be able to heal their friend.  

Once in Tiberias, the group learns that Mary is considered a madwoman and taunted by the villagers.  Despite his apostles' arguments, Yeshua is determined to go into the grove and talk to Mary.  He's only stopped when Abigail hurries onto the scene and yells at him, thinking he means Mary harm.  However, she recognizes the name Yeshua of Nazareth and has heard of his healings so sends him in with a basket of food.

Yeshua comes to a mound of hair and torn cloth which is Mary.  She's distrustful, angry, and broken.  After raging, Mary begins to rock and sing a song Lucius taught her to calm herself.  Yeshua gets her talking about Lucius.  The breakthrough is cut short when Mary flashes back to her rape.  Yeshua tells her of God's love and counters her claims that God would turn away from her.  He also tells her that God forgives her for laying with Lucius without marriage but that He can't forgive her for being raped because that was the rapists' sins... not hers.  She is blameless.  She then asks for forgiveness for her own sins and Yeshua grants that.  Mary leans against her friend and they embrace as she engages in a cleansing cry.  Afterwards, the two exit the grove.  Mary is reunited with Abigail and Maryam who embrace her.  

The group returns to Lucius' house where Mary remains for a week.  Lazar and Martha reunite with their sister there and shower her with affection.  Yeshua finds Mary in Lucius' room and she expresses her sorrow that she and Lucius couldn't marry.  She's also worried about his fate in the after life.  Yeshua counsels that he thinks Mary will see Lucius again in a place where neither will feel pain.  Together, they leave the room for the last time.

A week later, Mary and Abigail have settled into life back at Bethany with Lazar and Martha.  Lazar announces that Mary has a guest.  She and Abigail discover that it's Cornelius, the centurion who informed Mary of Lucius' death.  After some wrangling with Lucius' father, Cornelius was able to obtain what Lucius left for Mary and Abigail in his will.  Both women are presented with an abundance of coins.  They both weep and Mary feels undeserving but Abigail counsels that they'll find a way to use the money to honor Lucius.  ("Chrysalis")

"You'll Never Walk Alone," Mary has a brief dream about the first night she spent with Lucius.  She awakens feeling dreamy only to find that Lucius is also awake and seemingly troubled.  She's concerned that she disappointed him but he assures her that wasn't the case.  He reveals that there are things he wishes he'd told her before they made love, terrible things about his family.  Mary vows to love him regardless, kisses him, and listens.

Circa 31- "The Messiah" contains a flashback to Yeshua's ministry.  While fishing, Cephas and Shimeon find an abandoned Roman baby girl with a cleft lip.  They bring her back to the disciples' camp where they first meet Bar Tolmay and Mary of Magdala who both pity the child.  Mary, who is still in mourning,  takes it further, though.  Her heart goes out to the little one and she asks Yeshua to heal her.  He agrees and then asks Mary what she'll name the child.  She chooses Yemimah, meaning dove, and adopts the little girl.

Circa 32/33- In "God With Us," Yeshua receives birthday visitors: Crawly (later Crowley) and Aziraphale, a demon and an angel who are friends.  Crawly has come to give Yeshua a birthday trip to a Native American village in hopes he'll be smitten with the people, including a newborn baby, and abandon his plan to die for the sins of the world.  This, obviously, fails though Yeshua instantly loves the people.  He uses the time to try to make Crawly see that he's still loved and that "demon" perhaps isn't a very apt description.  When he calls Crawly "my own," the demon is shook and Aziraphale cuts the visit short when he sees his friend is upset.  Crawly returns them to Judea where he and Aziraphale part from Yeshua, hoping to see each other again.  Unlike Aziraphale, Crawly and Yeshua know his time on Earth is drawing to a close.  When the friends leave, Yeshua ponders that perhaps the lost sheep that he was sent for don't include only humans.
Circa 33/34- In "Asking the Answer," it's revealed that Andrew saw Joshua die.  This is further hinted at in "Ivy."  "Child of Laughter" reveals a bit about Yeshua's post-Crucifixion awesomeness.  
"You'll Never Walk Alone" also gives a glimpse of Yeshua's time in Sheol from the perspective of Lucius, Mary of Magdala's anam cara.  In "The Carpenter," Andrew, at Joshua's suggestion, gives JenniAnn his full account of witnessing Joshua's scourging, Crucifixion, and Resurrection.  (See the chapter entitled "Remembering.")  JenniAnn was surprised to learn that, with the help of an assignment, Andrew was secreted into the cell where Joshua was awaiting execution and was able to speak briefly to him.  Joshua's own recollections of his death and resurrection are sprinkled throughout the story.  In N483, news of the Crucifixion has reached Tzipora, Yeshua's former crush turned follower, and her husband, Micah.  They comfort each other, sharing memories of Yeshua, before they receive a miraculous message.  Yet another take on the Crucifixion and aftermath comes in "On a Hill Far Away" in which Metatron witnesses Yeshua's death while in Gaul (aka France) and painfully records it.

In "The Shepherd," we get some of Crowley's perspective during the Passion.  In female form at the time, Crawly appears to Yeshua in Gethsemane.  She tries to persuade him to run away to Lazar's home.  Yeshua, of course, refuses and insists that dying is not only his Father's will but his.  Crawly changes from a black to white robe and veil and remains at Yeshua's side.  She sits with Yeshua and holds his hand.  When Yeshua admits to being scared, Crawly offers that it'll be like childbirth: painful and brutal but with children at the end.  Crawly shares her memories of being in Heaven with Yeshua and him revealing his plan for humans.  She reminds him that he's making a way for them to get Home.  Yeshua tells Crawly that, once he's Home, he won't forget about Crawly.  He'll keep hoping she'll be there again some day.  Crawly kisses Yeshua's cheek and waits with him as torch lights grow closer.  The following day, Crawly is in serpent form as she watches Maryam and some others entomb Yeshua.  Crawly battles anger at the apostles for abandoning Yeshua who she regards as hers before theirs.  However, Crawly also realizes she's to blame since she tempted Eve.  As Crawly grieves, she recalls how Yeshua let her hear some of humanity's future music.  She hears Hozier's "From Eden" as she slithers into a crack at the tomb door and goes to sleep, not caring about waking up again. 

34- The flashback that opens "The Glorious Impossible" finds Martha, Lazar, Mary, Yemimah, Yoninah, and Maryam celebrating the first Christmas since Yeshua's death and resurrection.  While watching Yemimah, Lazar struggles to comprehend all that has happened and how he's supposed to square the grief he's feeling not having Yeshua present while knowing that Yeshua has conquered death for everyone just as he once delivered him from death.  After a few minutes, Maryam and Yoninah return from a walk.  Yemimah greets Maryam with a bouquet of flowers she says Yeshua told her to pick for his mother.  Maryam is touched.  As she and Mary get the little girl cleaned up for dinner, Yemimah asks Maryam to tell the story of Yeshua's birth.  Maryam agrees. 

After dinner, the group gathers around a fire and Maryam begins the tale of Yeshua's birth.  She snuggles Yemimah as she speaks of her own little one.  Maryam is heartened by the knowledge that her tradition of telling the story of Yeshua's birth remains, it's only changed.  She vows to keep telling it until she goes to Heaven with Yosef and Yeshua.

1000- Edgar Rawiri is created per "The Lost Sheep."   He was in Annunciations first followed by Search and Rescue.  Then he was a caseworker.  He sailed with the Maori to Aotearoa and became principality of an iwi. 

Circa 1250-1300- Edgar Rawiri would have arrived in Aotearoa, sailing from Polynesia, around this time, becoming a principality shortly thereafter.  ("The Lost Sheep")
1450s to 1550s- I don't outright say it in "A Different Promotion Day" but it's suggested in that story that Andrew was promoted to caseworker from Search and Rescue at some point around Leonardo DaVinci's lifetime.  Sam does clearly say in that story that centuries passed between Andrew's promotion to caseworking and his later one to AOD.  The assignment Andrew recounts in "A Shorts Story" happens sometime after his promotion to caseworking.

1510- In Ireland, Isolde is abducted, raped, and turned by a nameless vampire.  She refuses to drink blood and escapes his castle with the intent of going home to die and be buried.  First Joshua and then Marco find her and get her to safety.  Marco feeds her and refuses to leave her.  Eventually, they tell her parents that she's decided to live as a holy hermit and attach herself to a monastery.  Marco visits frequently to keep her fed.  After a terrible storm frightens Isolde, Marco proposes so he can stay with her and because he's loved her for a good, long time.  She accepts and the two perform their own handfasting ritual at a shrine dedicated to Mary.  They continue on, happily married and leading a prayerful life, for nine years with Marco keeping his wife fed.  ("Chrysalis")

February 13, 1519 and untold days that follow- On Isolde's birthday, Marco has a coughing fit and there's blood on his handkerchief.  The couple are grieved and send for a doctor.  He tells them the end is inevitable and it's only a matter of time before Marco dies.  Isolde keeps herself fed off of animals and prays for a miraculous healing but none comes.  Meanwhile, political/religious tensions are rising.  Marco fears for what may happen to his wife if she's left alone and the abbey is attacked.  When near death, Marco gives her a choice: drain him of his blood to give herself energy to flee or turn him into a vampire so he can be with her.  He prefers the latter.  Though reluctant to keep him away from Heaven for so long, Isolde agrees and successfully turns her husband into a vampire. ("Chrysalis")

1529- Jamesina (Jamie) is assigned to Gwenhwyfar, the teenaged daughter of Sir William, a knight in Wales.  Jamie finds the girl to be unpleasant and her father and his friends, who she sometimes has to serve, even moreso.  One night when Sir William is having a banquet, one of his guests corners Jamie in the chapel and tries to assault her.  Gwenhwyfar comes upon the scene and cuts the assailant with a sword.  She then threatens to tell her father that he tried to rape her.  Terrified of losing his life, the man leaves.  Gwenhwyfar ensures Jamie is okay then invites her to stay in her room for protection.  She also asks to be called Gwen, a name her mother, Ceridwen, and nurse, Catrin, used which she misses.  Jamie agrees to both and requests to be called Jamie.  They go to Gwen's room where Jamie asks about the sword.  She's horrified when Gwen tells her that her mother taught her to use one since men can't be trusted to control their "swords."  Gwen begins to cry as she thinks of her mother and Catrin.  She invites Jamie into bed with her and the angel complies.  Gwen apologies for being beastly but tells Jamie she feels like she's been frozen and she wishes she'd died with Catrin and her mam.  Jamie accepts the apology and suggests they start fresh.  Then she encourages Gwen to talk about her mother and Catrin.  Gwen tells Jamie about her childhood and Ceridwen's free-spiritedness and generosity.  Gwen asks about angels and ghosts and Heaven.  Jamie describes the latter to her, not revealing that she's been there.  Gwen is comforted and falls asleep.  Jamie prays, thanking God for a true friend.

In the days that followed, the two girls become even closer.  They tell funny stories and make up nonsensical travel plans.  Sometimes, they sneak into the woods and play and make messes.  Citing headaches, Gwen requests that Jamie stay in her room and her father agrees.  The two spend their nights cuddling.  After several months of this pass, Gwen opens up to Jamie, revealing that she doesn't fancy men.  Jamie tells Gwen that she doesn't either.  Gwen gets excited, thinking Jamie, like her, fancies women.  Jamie tells her no which causes Gwen embarrassment.  Jamie begins to panic and asks God what she should do... and she begins to glow.  Jamie tells Gwen that she's an angel, sent by God to be her friend.  Though she cares about her very much, she and other angels don't experience love in the same way.  They don't want to have relations.  She assures Gwen this doesn't mean it's bad... just not for angels.  Gwen tells Jamie that she's in love with her and she doesn't care about the limitations.  She just wants them to be together forever.  Jamie vows to stay with Gwen for as long as God allows.  Gwen is pleased.  Jamie feels she needs to tell Gwen that she is, in fact, very old... older than Earth.  This changes nothing for Gwen.  The two embrace.

One day, while battling boredom, Gwen and Jamie explore one of the seldom used chambers in the castle.  Gwen is overcome when she finds an old chest that belonged to her mother.  They open it and find a painting Catrin did of Ceridwen.  With some hesitancy, Jamie brings up that Gwen had mentioned that Catrin used to stay with her.  Gwen explains that Catrin was like a second mother.  She reassures Jamie when she realizes she was thinking maybe Gwen felt about Catrin as she does about her.  Gwen goes onto explain that she was afraid of the dark as a child and her mam would send Catrin to stay with her.  Ceridwen used to but as her father grew desperate for a male heir, he kept her away.  Gwen wonders aloud if Catrin and her mam felt about each other the way she feels about Jamie.  The angel agrees this is possible and is glad the two women were at least able to stay together in some fashion.  She also tells Gwen that it's obvious they both loved her very much.  Gwen returns her attention to the chest where she unearths a Bible with a  love note from Catrin to Ceridwen.  Gwen reveals that the two died only a day apart.  She asks Jamie if they're in Heaven even if they were lesbians.  Jamie assures her they are because they're God's babies and He loves them.  She tells Gwen that she's God's, too.  Gwen says the same of Jamie who requests to see the Bible.  She reads aloud an excerpt from Ruth where she makes vows to Naomi.  Jamie returns the Bible to Gwen and tells her that no God who put such beautiful words into the mouths of women about each other could hate Ceridwen or Catrin or Gwen.  Gwen hugs Jamie and asks her to tell her about Heaven again.  ("A Thousand Years")

1531-1532- Two years pass and Gwen and Jamie are forced to look on as Sir William's gambling addiction runs wild.  He's forced to let servants go, sell art and horses, and then he does the unthinkable...  He calls Gwen to meet with him.  Jamie remains in their chamber, anxiously waiting.  Gwen returns and begins to sob.  She's to be married off to a wealthy lord.  Jamie wants them to run away but Gwen won't.  If she doesn't get married, the man will take over her father's lands.  And while Sir William was a terrible husband and didn't do much better as a father, he is a good and moral landlord.  Gwen doesn't want to risk harm befalling the people her mother loved.  Gwen shares that there's small comfort in Jamie being allowed to go along as her lady-in-waiting.  But Jamie is still distraught.  Gwen begs Jamie not to leave and the angel assures her she won't.  They exchange verses from Ruth 1 then huddle together.

The wedding proceeds.  It's a blur to Jamie.  When Gwen is with her husband, Jamie decides to try mead.  She's going for a refill when someone interrupts.  It's Crowley who she knows from an assignment with Sappho.  Formerly Crawly, the demon re-introduces himself as Sir Anthony Crowley.  Crowley thoughtlessly makes a somewhat bawdy joke about the "happy couple."  Jamie grabs a knife and presses it against the demon's neck.  Crowley begs her to put the knife down, telling her he's not worth falling over.  Jamie flashes back to the Crawly she knew in Greece, releases the knife, and begins to cry.  Crowley leads Jamie to the stables so they can chat.  Jamie tells Crowley that she and Gwen love each other and Gwen is like Sappho.  Crowley is moved, imagining how he'd feel if he was in a similar situation with Aziraphale.  Crowley gets angry at the Mother and Joshua for putting Jamie in this situation.  But Jamie insists that no matter the pain, she wouldn't have wanted to miss out on knowing and loving Gwen.  But she does want to know why God allowed the awful marriage.  Then Jamie turns on Crowley, asking why he's there and if he caused any of it.  Crowley assures her that he was assigned to another lord and is only there because he was invited along by that man.  He's never spoken to Gwen's husband.  Crowley offers help... without really offering help since it's unbecoming of a demon.  Crowley escorts Jamie back to her room.  He's touched when she hugs him.  Feeling protective, he stations himself outside her door and pretends to be a drunkard.  He spies a distraught Gwen as she sneaks into Jamie's chamber.

Jamie jumps when she hears the door open but sees it's Gwen.  They snuggle into bed.  Jamie asks if Gwen wants to talk but she declines.  Gwen wants to pretend like nothing happened and they're still home.  Jamie agrees.  Gwen snuggles nearer and they exchange "I love yous."  Jamie weeps as Gwen sleeps.

Time passes.  Gwen's husband, Broderick, is revealed to be awful.  It's rumored that he's fathered babies with several village girls, likely against their will.  Gwen and Jamie hate him.  The only bright side is he's so wrapped up in hunting and drinking and cards that he leaves Gwen alone for all but two or three nights a week, leaving Gwen and Jamie with lots of time together.  One morning as Jamie is helping Gwen to dress, she realizes the gown no longer laces properly.  Gwen reveals that she's not had her period in a while.  They both realize she's pregnant.  Gwen knows Broderick wants a boy but she hopes for a girl.  Jamie agrees.  Gwen promises to let Jamie know when she feels the baby, in hopes the angel will be able to feel them, too.  They pray together.

A while later, while sewing, Gwen gasps.  She puts Jamie's hand on her belly where the angel is able to feel the small, rapid kicks.  Jamie pats the little foot but is concerned.  She tells Gwen that she wishes she'd become pregnant under better circumstances.  Gwen agrees but insists it's not the fault of the baby.  And though they'd like a girl, even a boy would be okay because he'd be their boy and they'd raise him to be kind and gentle like Jesus.  Jamie thinks of Joshua and his origins and how loved he is.  She tells Gwen that, boy or girl, she will love the baby.  Jamie allows herself to be fully happy about the child. 

A few months later, while she and Jamie are in bed, Gwen's water breaks.  Jamie runs to get Dylis, the midwife.  But Dylis won't come until contractions start and goes back to sleep.  Angry and panicked, Jamie returns to Gwen.  She changes the bedding as Gwen paces.  The latter is pleased when she realizes Broderick won't be back for a week.  Jamie gets Gwen back in bed.  The young woman tells the angel that though she didn't initially want the baby, now she's sorry that they'll be separate.  She liked having the baby to herself.  Jamie assures her that she can keep the baby close and will be a good mam.  Gwen asks Jamie to read her the parts of the Bible dealing with Mary's pregnancy and the Nativity.  Jamie reads and prays Gwen will have a girl. 

Gwen's labor goes on for over a day.  Jamie is concerned by how weak Gwen is becoming.  Gwen says she can't go on but manages one more push and a baby girl is born.  The two gush over the baby who Gwen names Liliwen.  She kisses and loves on the baby who calms.  Jamie declares her perfect.  Dylis leaves to send word to Broderick but Gwen and Jamie can't be bothered.  They just stare at Liliwen in awe.

Broderick is not pleased upon meeting his daughter, saying only that he and Gwen will need to try again.  He leaves with his retinue of men... save one who stays.  Crowley mocks Broderick and stays with Jamie.  He tells her that he tagged along on their hunting trip and made all their arrows go astray.  Crowley wants to meet the baby because he thinks they're cute.  Jamie agrees to ask Gwen.  Her joy is dashed when she finds Liliwen wailing and Gwen sprawled on the floor, hands at her chest.  Crowley runs into the room and sees Jamie cradling Gwen.  Gwen relaxes as she's given a vision of Heaven.  Gwen and Jamie vow to love each other forever and quote Ruth 1.  Gwen calls for Liliwen and Crowley brings the baby to her.  Gwen kisses her baby.  She asks Jamie to take Liliwen away and not let Broderick have her.  Jamie promises.  Gwen sees her mam.   She smiles and dies.  Crowley returns Liliwen to her crib then wraps Jamie and Gwen in his wings as the former weeps.

Broderick is unmoved when the sad news reaches him.  He continues to party with his men at a hunting lodge.  But the mood shifts when a hag enters.  She introduces herself as Aderyn, seer and sorceress.  Broderick and his men scoff.  Then things go haywire.  Sconces rattle, mugs fly through the air.  Aderyn tells Broderick that his wife's body and the child will be a curse on his land.  Fire will consume his home... and the fireplace roars.  Vermin will infest everything... and Broderick screams and claws at his clothing.  He tells one of his men to send a message home.   He hurriedly signs a document releasing Gwen's body and Liliwen to Jamie.  As soon as the parchment is given to Aderyn, everything calms.  She leaves... and transforms back into Crowley's usual form.  He damns Broderick then gets on his horse and rides off towards Jamie. 

Jamie is consumed with grief.  Only Liliwen feels real and warm to her and she clings to the baby.  Crowley coaxes Jamie to leave with Liliwen and Gwen's body, concerned that Broderick may change his mind.  Jamie doesn't know where to go.  Crowley asks if she's consulted Her or Joshua.  Jamie asks and is told simply to go East. 

On the journey with Aziraphale and Crowley, Jamie gets tired of their flirtatious bickering and demands to be let out of the wagon they're driving.  The wagon halts and Crowley lets Jamie exit, apologizing for himself and Aziraphale.  Holding Liliwen, Jamie walks ahead, keeping in sight of the angel and demon.  Then she hears someone call her name.  Jamie turns and sees Joshua.  She tells him to go away before he upsets Crowley.  Joshua assures her that he won't speak to the demon.  He's here for Jamie.  Jamie tells him she wishes he'd been there the day before so he could have healed Gwen.  Then she suggests he raise her from the dead, like Lazarus.  Joshua tells Jamie that Gwen is at peace and it would be cruel to bring her back, away from her mam again.  She'll never feel pain again.  Jamie shouts that she will, though.  She's angry that Joshua knew how it would end when he sent her to Gwen.  Joshua acknowledges this and tells Jamie she can be with Gwen now but... he smiles lovingly at Liliwen.  Jamie recalls her promise to Gwen.  Joshua assures her that she can stay with the baby.  Jamie vows to stay and Joshua tells her that he'll help out.  Jamie insists she can make her own way by tutoring but Joshua points out that she'll be seen as an unmarried mother.  He asks again to help out.  Jamie agrees but snaps that he looks ridiculous in a ruffle.  Joshua is unoffended.  Jamie returns to the wagon while Joshua walks on.  They arrive at a clearing containing a cozy cottage.  A waiting man waves to Joshua.  Joshua pays the man who then leaves.  Joshua tells Jamie that this is her and Liliwen's home.  Joshua tells the angel that he and his Father are so proud of her.  The two embrace and Jamie weeps in Joshua's arms.  Joshua urges her to call out if she needs anything.  Jamie offers to let Joshua hold Liliwen which he happily does.  Joshua returns the baby then leaves so as not to cause further discomfort to Aziraphale and especially Crowley.  Jamie thanks Joshua, insisting that as painful as it is now, she wouldn't have given up Gwen.  When Joshua leaves, a beautiful stone cross appears in his place.  Aziraphale approaches and asks Jamie where she would like him and Crowley to dig.  She points near the cross which will be Gwen's headstone.  Crowley urges Jamie to go inside with Liliwen, promising to take care of Gwen.  Jamie agrees but only if they'll tell her when it's time to lower the body into the ground.  Crowley promises to get her.  Jamie enters the cottage and finds it comfortably furnished, complete with books and toys for Liliwen.  Then she spots a white book.  It's Ceridwen's/Gwen's Bible which Jamie had forgotten at Broderick's castle.  Joshua had not.  Jamie settles into a rocking chair and reads the Book of Ruth to Liliwen. 

At age eighteen, Liliwen marries a village boy who she loves.  They have ten children.  Jamie remains with Liliwen until she becomes a grandmother.  Liliwen was unaffected by the congenital heart defect that Jamie learns plagued Gwen. 
Broderick's line and name die out.  But Gwen's lives on in Wales to the modern day.  ("A Thousand Years")
1599- Josef is born somewhere in Eastern Europe.  He's turned about 25-30 years later.  The date is from Moonlight, I chose the birth place.

1605- Andrew and Adam meet when the former is playing Hamlet in an early production with the latter serving as prop master as revealed in "On a Dark and Stormy Night."

1651- Andrew's assignment in Shiloh, MA during the witch trials.  Eben falls.  Henry is an AOD at this point.  ("For Thou Art With Me")

July 4, 1776- Per "Never Alone," Andrew was a pub keeper, seemingly in Philadelphia, on that famed date.  Thomas Jefferson was copacetic but apparently John Adams had reservations about the angel's culinary abilities.

1832- In the TBAA episode "Interview with an Angel," Henry said he spent a century in France.  The show never elaborated but according to "To Love Another Person," one year of that stint was 1832 when Henry witnessed the uprising which inspired Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.  As of 2014, Henry was still pretty emotional about it.

1836- The year Edgar Rawiri aka Ed fell.  The flashback in "The Lost Sheep" delves into this.  After a disease brought over by the Europeans decimated his iwi in Aotearoa, Edgar  is performing burial rites as his supervisor, Hahana, tries to talk to him.  Edgar demands to know why Joshua didn't do anything.  Hahana reminds him that Joshua was with his people.  Hahana asks Edgar to talk to the Mother if he can't talk to Joshua.  Edgar refuses and Joshua shows up.  He tries to comfort Edgar but he lashes out and pushes Joshua to the ground.  Edgar is horrified by what he's done even as Joshua assures him it's okay and that he loves him and wants to help him.  Edgar runs away.  He runs into Iggy who offers him a way to make the man who sold the guns and brought the disease pay.  Edgar insists he's not going to Hell.  Iggy stresses they're only going to the man's house, not Hell.  Edgar follows.  He drives the man crazy with visions of his people slowly dying of the disease.  This then financially devastates the family.  Hahana and Joshua try again to reach Ed and bring him Home.  The man's oldest daughter is then married off to an unkind man.  Iggy drags Edgar to the wedding where he feels immensely guilty for inadvertently harming the girl.  He shuts down and ends up in Hell.

1861-1865- "Carry On" briefly references that Andrew was a chaplain during the American Civil War.

April 26, 1865- Andrew is promoted to AOD per TBAA's "Beautiful Dreamer."

1914-1918- Andrew worked with the Red Cross during WWI according to "Carry On."

November 1922- Mick St. John is born per Moonlight.

1920s or 1930s- Depending on how old you think Father was during the Red Scare, he woulda been born in one of these two decades, I would think.

1924- Esther Kossing (later Chava Friedman) is born to Eva and Noam Kossing.  David Friedman may also have been born this year or possibly 1923.  Eva was five months pregnant when Judith Friedman gave birth to her son, David.  Eva felt her baby move for the first time when she held David...  ("Chava")

Circa 1930- Andrew is assigned to David when he nearly drowns.  When David told Esther about this experience years later, he said only that he was a little boy at the time.  So the date is uncertain.  ("Chava")
January 12, 1934- Lorcan "Lor" Finn Cleary is born and adopted by Declan and Siobhan Cleary.  ("Origins")

1934- Though they'd known each other since infancy, Esther Kossing and David Friedman begin to grow close after he helps her evade a teacher's anger.  Esther then met up with some friends and one, Beth, is distressed because her father was recently fired from his newspaper job and she has heard that Jews are being expelled from their homes and fired from their jobs.  On her walk home, Esther sees David tending so lovingly to his mentally challenged brother, Benjamin.  David and Benjamin then escort Esther home where her father voices his and her mother's approval of the possible match.  ("Chava")
March 1936- Cora Marie O'Connell is born in Ireland.  ("Origins")

October 1938- Esther's friend, Elzbieta/Beth, and her family (who are Polish Jews) are forced to flee Germany when her father is frightened by the news that mandatory expulsions are happening.  By this point, Esther and David are an established couple.  They go to Beth's home to bid her good bye and give her a gift... a brightly colored cape they made together.  When they leave, it's without knowing if they'll ever see Beth again.  ("Chava")

November 9, 1938- Kristallnacht.  Esther, David, Bennie, and their friends are hiding in the backroom of the Friedmans' tailor shop.  Felix is livid and frightened, demanding that people rise up against the oppression and violence.  They hear the sound of broken glass and, going to investigate, David finds the store windows broken and men running through the street with torches.  He bars the door in an effort to keep everyone safe.  Judith and Levi, David's and Bennie's parents, come to them and share the heartbreaking news that Esther's father, Noam Kossing, and the village rabbi were killed.  Andrew later reveals to LJA and then Chava that he was their AOD.  He took the two men Home after they were killed while trying to protect the synagogue and the Torah.  ("Chava")

December 1938- Esther runs away from home in the middle of the night to keep vigil outside the charred remains of the synagogue where her father was killed.  David comes to find her and lends her some comfort by telling her about his own brush with death when he saw an angel (Andrew).  The young couple share their first kiss.  ("Chava")

1939-1945-  Several of these entries cover very specific times when Andrew worked cases related to WWII.  Other references are very vague.  "Carry On" only mentions that Andrew was a chaplain during some point during the War.

September 1941- David, Esther, and their families and friends are deported from their village in Germany to a ghetto in Poland.  Upon their arrival, David's entire family are killed and Andrew takes them Home.  Esther and Eva lead a shocked David into a building where they enter a room occupied by another family, the Adlers.  To keep her daughter and David together without raising eye brows, Eva tells the family that the couple are married.  Esther stays with David that night, crying for them both as he's still too shocked to react.  That morning, she consoles him by sharing her belief that his angel (Andrew) was with his family.  David asks her to say Kaddish for them and she complies.  ("Chava")
October 1941- David and Esther are officially married by Rabbi Isak Lautz amid the company of her mother, Eva, the Adlers, and their friends, Felix, Flora, and Hanna.  Eva had confided in Mrs. Adler about how she just declared them married sans ceremony so they all organized a surprise wedding for the couple.  ("Chava")

April 1942- Rumors of atrocities are all around and David, Felix, Mr. Adler and Rabbi Lautz gather in the apartment to discuss.  Felix leaves in a huff, wanting to fight while the others are unsure of the efficacy of his route.  David escorts Felix back to his family.  Esther follows and overhears the two speaking of terrible events elsewhere.  David takes Esther to Rabbi Lautz's where he has prepared a little space for them in a hidden attic.  David and Esther have their first fight when the former confesses that he delayed their wedding because he thought Esther might find a more suitable partner when she went away to college which, of course, she was not allowed to attend.  They soon make up. However, that night Esther starts to fully realize how grave their situation is.  ("Chava")

1942- 1945- Mick serves in WWII (for possibly longer), at least part of the time with LJA's grandpa, Connor.  Mick's WWII service was touched on in the Moonlight episode "What's Left Behind."  Sophia and Eli ("Feels Like Home") meet at some point during the War, too.  Eli discusses some of their early days on the homefront in "Triad."

September 1942- David and Esther have a quiet, rare evening alone together.  They dream of a future together, back in their own village.  Then they share a dance.  ("Chava"

June 1943- Esther and David are tucked away in the rabbi's attic after spending the night together when they hear a distant rumble.  Horribly, trucks have arrived and the ghetto where they and their loved ones are staying is being liquidated.  The couple remain in the attic, knowing there's nothing they can do.  Then David glimpses little Rose Adler, separated from her family and huddling in an alley.  He goes to rescue her but is spotted by a guard.  Esther runs out to join him and all three are escorted to the square where deportations have begun.  There they learn that Mr. Adler was killed while trying to help a man whose wife was shot.  On the train to Auschwitz, Eva shares her memories of first holding David when she was five month pregnant with Esther.  It was the first time she felt her child move in her womb.  Shortly after their arrival at the concentration camp, Lila, Rosa, and Mrs. Adler are killed.  David is separated from his wife and mother-in-law.  ("Chava")

July 1943- Esther and David are reunited when the latter, because of his skills as a tailor, is brought to the warehouse where Esther and Flora are repairing confiscated coats.  They are able to speak briefly, telling each other what they know of their friends' fates.  After exchanging "I love yous," they part again but with the hope of seeing each other daily.  ("Chava")

October 1943- Eva Kossing passes away after contracting pneumonia the previous month due to the terrible conditions at the camp.  Esther is at her side.  Andrew and Noam take Eva Home while Hanna consoles her orphaned friend.  Flora looks on in shock, having lost her own mother only the month before.  The next day, Flora tells David of Eva's passing.  When Esther is able to speak to him, David reassures her that God is still with them... something she struggles to believe but then she remembers her mother calling out to an angel and Noam.  She shares this with David who very much agrees that they were with Eva at the end.  ("Chava")

November 1943- Rabbi Lautz goes to sleep one night in the barracks after delivering evening prayer.  He passes away during the night.  ("Chava")

January 1944- Anton Leiber, Flora's and Felix's father, collapses during work detail and dies in his son's arms.  With his passing, Esther and all of her friends became orphans.  ("Chava")
February 1944- When they are able to speak briefly during a meal break, David tells Flora and Esther that Felix is planning an escape and wants for them all to join in the attempt now that their loved ones are all gone and there is no one left for the guards to hurt as punishment.  While initially skeptical and worried, Esther joins David and Flora in hoping for Felix to devise a successful plot.  ("Chava")

March 1944- Andrew returns to Auschwitz to check in on David.  While there, he hears the man speaking to Felix.  They're plotting their escape and, despite Felix's reluctance, David insists that if they are spotted or heard in the woods, he will turn himself in so the others can continue on to freedom.  Hearing this, Andrew is humbled and encouraged by their selflessness and prays.  ("Chava")
April 1944- After weeks of preparations and planning , David, Esther, and their friends make their escape attempt on a Tuesday in April.  Sadly, they are spotted and David sacrifices himself to save his wife and friends.  Andrew pleads with the guards to turn a blind eye and let David go but they don't heed him.  They shoot David multiple times.  Before he dies, he asks Andrew to promise to watch over his wife and friends.  Andrew agrees and tells David that they will reach freedom and safety.  Then he takes David Home.  Andrew returns to say Kaddish but is unable to do so.  Abraham finishes the prayer and explains that Joshua has come to mourn his children.  Joshua cradles David's body and sings a lament in the language of creation.  He directs Andrew to go to a woman named Lena and tell her that Leon (Joshua) sent him and that she's to aid the four visitors that come to her.  Thus Andrew begins his work of protecting Esther and her friends in fulfillment of his promise to David.  ("Chava")

Circa 1945- Felix, Flora, Hanna, and Esther immigrate to the U.S. after the war ends.  Upon their arrival in New York, Esther gives her name as Chava Friedman and uses that name for the rest of her life.  David's uncle, Daniel, tends to the newcomers.  In time, Felix and Hanna married each other.  Flora also married and had ten children.  Chava never remarried and resided with Felix and Hanna.  She worked as a seamstress.  ("Chava")

1950s- At some point during this decade, Andrew played Frog Guard #2 in the campy, sci-fi B movie Attack of the Killer Frog People from Planet Z.  His assignment was to help a  fellow actor cope with his grief.  Andrew had to watch this with LJA in spring of 2010.  ("Andrew Watches a Bunch of TV")

Early 1950s- Dr. Jacob Wells (Father) is accused of being a Communist sympathizer.  As a result, his wife's father has the marriage annulled.  Devastated, Jacob somehow ends up starting a utopian society in the Tunnels beneath New York City.  He goes by Father.

June 1953- Lor and Cora, Vincent's birth parents, meet.  ("Origins")

November 14, 1953- Lor and Cora are married.  ("Origins")

April 5, 1954- Josef/Charles meets Sarah Whitley.  ("Make This Go On Forever")  The story was inspired by and a sort of sequel to the Moonlight episode "Sleeping Beauty."

May 20, 1954- Lor Cleary is killed.  ("Origins")
January 12, 1955- A Tunnel-dweller hears a baby crying behind St. Vincent's hospital.  She brings the unique newborn below.  Enter Vincent who is adopted by Father.  It will be several years before Vincent learns the truth about his birth.  (This is mentioned several times in BatB but I think "God Bless the Child" gets into it the most.)  "Origins" reveals how Vincent came to be behind that hospital.
Some point in 1955- Mick marries Coraline and is turned.  (See Moonlight's "Dr. Feelgood")

April 28, 1955- Andrew and Sarah Whitley (beloved of Josef) meet the day before tragedy strikes.  ("Make This Go on Forever")

1955-1975- There are several references to Andrew working during the Vietnam era.  He is mentioned as being a chaplain in both "Carry On" and "Ivy" though neither give firm dates.  Ben Hendricks in "Safe" mentions Andrew comforting him after he'd been wounded.  Again, no year is given.

1956- Andrew is sent to the home of a teenage girl who was raped by her uncle and became pregnant.  He finds her bleeding out after a botched, illegal abortion.  Andrew comforts the girl in her last moments then escorts her into the arms of God.  Heartbroken, Andrew returns to the home and watches and grieves as the parents find her body.  
He's left thinking that what he's witnessed isn't life.  ("Liberty")
Spring 1956- Given he is newly 57 in "Chava", Rabbi Yakov Levine is born some time here.  His wife, Tiva, is a little bit younger.
1957- Catherine Chandler is born to Caroline and Charles Chandler of NYC. 

December 24, 1961- There's a sweet lil glimpse of a young Vincent and Father discussing angels in "I'll Be Home for Christmas."

April 1965- In "Anniversary,"  Adam recalls an assignment during which he was with the military and Andrew with some hippies and they tried to show that there didn't need to be animosity between the two groups.

March 1968- In "Triad," Eli recalls when he and Sophia attended a protest against George Wallace in her hometown of Omaha.  It turned violent and, in the race to get away, Sophia twisted her ankle.  When some men spotted Eli carrying her, they attacked him.  Sophia was traumatized by the incident.

1970s/1980s- Per "Shelter from the Storm," Monica spent a lot of time in Ireland during this era as part of her Search and Rescue stint.

Autumn 1978- According to the "how we met" story in "Chava", Rabbi Yakov and Tiva probably met around this time.  It was his first day of rabbinical school and he was boarding with Tiva's brother.  They flirted instantly and were married a year later.

1981/1982- Given Catherine and Tiva are taking both JenniAnn and Tiva's daughter, Becca, shopping for formal dance dresses in 1998 as told in "Harry and Psyche," it's likely that Becca Levine is either LJA's age or a year older.  Since LJA was a HS junior in 1998, I assume Becca was either the same or a senior.  Thus, Becca would have been born to Yakov and Tiva during one of these two years.
July 24, 1982- JenniAnn Dywnwen Chandler is born to Charles Chandler's brother's (Connor) son and daughter-in-law (Robert and Allison Chandler) in Nebraska.  Thus making Catherine her 2nd cousin (at least as we count it in my real family, never did get the twice-removed bit down.) 

April 12, 1984- Catherine is attacked by some thugs who think she's someone else.  Vincent finds the wounded woman and takes her Below to be tended to by his dad, Father.  And they discover that they're very closely bonded, fall in love, birds sing, stars shine brighter, roses bloom, tralalala.  ;-)  For the most part their relationship then follows the show cept with additions. 

September 8, 1984- As a toddler, JenniAnn stumbles into a portal in Asteriana, ends up Below.  (Act of God, I suppose.)  Assuming she's an orphan, Vincent plans to adopt her and names her Psyche but Catherine learns of her cousins' missing child and connects the dots.  Psyche/JenniAnn returns to her parents in January 1985.  It will later be discovered that baby JenniAnn was taken through a portal from NE to Dyeland (then Asteriana) and then went through another portal herself that led to the Tunnels.  ("How Vincent Met Psyche")  In "Chava," LJA briefly recalls the time when she lived with Vincent.

1985- Mick is hired by Beth's mother to find her after she's kidnapped.  The kidnapper turns out to be his ex.  Mick saves Beth and thinks he killed Coraline.  (See Moonlight's premiere.)

December 3, 1985- Given Owen is eighteen in the 2004 portions of "The Scientist," I decided this would be the birth date of Orville Owen Olsen.  Stress on the Owen part.  ;-)

1986- Some former Tunnel-dweller pitches a TV drama based on Vincent, Catherine, and Father to a CBS network exec.

Early 1986- Vincent has his nervous breakdown or whatever we want to call the last 3 episodes of Season 2.

January 16, 1987- While visiting Catherine and Vincent in NYC, a very young JenniAnn first sees Andrew while he's working an AOD assignment and promptly falls into puppy love with "Cupid".  (Andrew resembled the Greek god in her Cupid and Psyche picture book.)  She doesn't reveal this until November 2009 during "In the House of the Lord."  (ETA: Augh.  I just realized I inadvertently messed up the timeline cause Vincent and LJA weren't reunited til September [see below] so... my current story is that LJA did visit Catherine in January 1987 and Catherine let her spend time with Vincent unbeknownst to LJA's parents.  But after the freakish events of January 1987 [LJA seeing a dead body and all...], Catherine and Vincent dropped plans for further visits in hopes that would enable the girl to forget what they saw as a traumatic event.  So from mid-January til September, Vincent was entirely out of her life and Catherine existed only as a friendly voice on the phone.  It works...)  Update: "The Keeper's Story" reveals the date LJA first saw Andrew as January 16th, 1987.  The story is told there from Joshua's perspective... which would be the most accurate, naturally.

May 1987- Our darling AOD Band had a special performance at a children's hospital that month per Henry's recollection in "Anniversary." 

September 1987- BatB premieres, lil JenniAnn freaks out, her mom calls Catherine for an explanation, eventually she and Vincent are reunited and he's named her godfather.  From that point out JenniAnn spends most summers and some other times Below.

November 1987- "Song of Songs" identifies November as the "eventually" referenced above.  Catherine introduces her cousins, Allison and Robert, to the World Below so that JenniAnn/Psyche can reunite with Vincent.  The Chandlers then name Vincent as her godfather and Catherine as her legal guardian should something happen to them.  It's also revealed there that a feud had apparently erupted between the Charles and Connor sides of the Chandler clan (In "Possibilities," Catherine references the Connor set being "well, conservative" so it coulda been a political and/or judgment thing).  Now three years into their romance, Catherine is growing frustrated with still being relegated to a guest chamber when she stays over.

January 1988- As Vincent's 33rd birthday approaches, Psyche comes back to celebrate with him, Catherine, and the Tunnel folk.  Devin also returns.... interrupting a private moment between his brother and Catherine.  Then, on Vincent's birthday morning, Devin, Father, and Mary are waiting with a box of the doughnuts tradition has dictated be served... and there's no Vincent.  Or Catherine.  But there is a large bookcase barring the door to Vincent's chamber... and Catherine is missing from hers.  The following day, Psyche moves into Catherine's former chamber.  Connect the dots.  ;-)  ("Song of Songs")

June 8, 1988- Daisy's father and Josef's descendant, Benson Riddell, is born.  ("Immortality")

December 30, 1988- In "The Golden Cord," Vincent tells the story of when Psyche came to spend Christmas with him in the Tunnels and helped him increase his sense of self-worth.

1989- It was probably during this year that Andrew, and a very special donkey, took Lorelai (Lai-Lai) Hunter Home.  Lorelai's brother and parents would later be among those praying for Ivy when the bullying she endures indirectly lands her in a coma.  Because of this early loss, Kevin (who went to grade school with LJA) wanted to believe that her drawings of "Cupid" were an angel...  Of course, they were: Andrew.  1989 is also the year Eilish's parents, Eim'ar and James , came to Dyeland per Elizabeth in "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

March 10, 1989- Max Remus is born somewhere in New Jersey.  His mom skips out a month later, leaving his dad to raise him.  Something Rex Remus doesn't take seriously enough...

December 1989- Catherine miscarries a baby.  (This was originally supposed to tie in with the Dyeland version of BatB S3 but when I shifted dates it didn't really work.)

Summer 1990- Eim'ar and James are married in Dyeland.  ("A Midsummer Night's Dream")
September 1990- "The Chaplain" tells the story of Eleanor, a military wife and LJA's teacher.  Andrew meets Eleanor as she waits for a plane to take her to visit her husband, Ian, before he ships out.  Andrew, the chaplain, comforts her when she confesses her worry for Ian.

August 1990-February 1991"In the House of the Lord" has Jerry recalling seeing Andrew during an Operation Desert Storm battle.  When during this span it happened, we don't know.

June 21, 1992- Eilish is born in Asteriana per "The Story of Eilish/Elise."

September 21, 1994- TBAA premieres.

1995- Chava's friend, Felix Lieber, passes away.  ("Chava")  Shelby's brother, Asher, is also born sometime this year considering he was fourteen in "Be Thou My Vision" and eighteen in "Trick-or-Treating."
March 1995- Yva and Sir Sven are married (not in Dyeland.)

April 1995- Eilish wanders through a portal in Asteriana and into Estonia, leaving her parents distraught per "The Story of Eilish/Elise."  She's adopted by a woman named Maria.

Late 1995- Monica and Andrew meet.  It's not actually January 6th, 1996 since assumedly the TBAA writers woulda needed time to write that episode after it happened.

1996- In a flashback/dream in
"The Messiah," eight-year-old Ibrahim Azizi is returning from their mosque with his mother, Aida.  They've been praying for his absentee father, Frank, to return.  Ibrahim spots a park and Aida allows him some time to swing.  She begins to cry when she spots another boy being pushed by his father.  Ibrahim is ready to abandon the swing to comfort his mother when a man... Joshua... tells him to keep swinging.  He'll see to Aida.  Ibrahim looks on protectively as Joshua approaches and comforts Aida.  He can tell his mom knows the stranger and relaxes.  After going to his own little world for a bit, Ibrahim opens his eyes and sees Joshua still comforting Aida, his head resting on her hijab as he lulls her.  After a few minutes, Joshua returns to Ibrahim's side and tells him his mom asked him to talk to him for a bit.  Joshua tells the boy that it's okay to cry and be mad or sad sometimes.  Ibrahim confides in Joshua that his mother cries a lot and he doesn't think his dad is coming back.  Joshua tells him that, if that's true, it's because his dad made a mistake and not because of anything Ibrahim did.  Joshua asks the boy to remember that.  Then they have a contest about who can swing higher and Joshua declares Ibrahim the winner.  Aida calls to Ibrahim that it's time to leave.  He asks Joshua if he'll ever see him again.  Joshua says that when Ibrahim really needs him, he'll see him again.  Comforted, Ibrahim rejoins his mother.  When he looks back to wave at Joshua, there's only a small, white bird. 

January 6, 1996- Andrew premieres on TBAA's episode "The One That Got Away."  Certain individuals crush on the character.  Ahem.

February 7, 1996- Salma is born to Faisal and his wife.  Isra relates the story to her little sister in a flashback in "Chrysalis."
March 28, 1996- On a much welcome shared day off from school and work, newlyweds Zeke and Diana decide to have some "special time."  That falls apart when Diana begins vomiting.  Zeke heads to the store in search of crackers and ginger ale for his bride and ends up returning to the house with a pregnancy test, too.  Both parents are ecstatic when they learn a lil one (later named Hailey) is coming to them.  ("A Cord of Three Strands")

1997- Hanna Lieber passes away.   ("Chava")

March 23, 1997- This is when Eilish's parents write her the letter that she finds in "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

April 18, 1997- Violeta is created.  "The Carpenter" has Violeta and Joshua recalling her birth, early days in Records, and her discovery that Joshua and Jesus (who she read about in several files) are the same person.  A different take on Violeta's creation, one that involves Andrew and JenniAnn, is offered by Joshua  in "Chrysalis."

1998- In "Abide With Me", Andrew recalls a time in 1998 when he was assigned to Dr. Fila Al-Mitra, an Afghani physician forced out of her practice.  Before she died, Fila asked Andrew to stay with her granddaughter until the girl's aunt returned.  The little girl turns out to be Badriya who Andrew would meet and befriend during his captivity in the Summer/Autumn of 2012.  Meanwhile, given Ivy is fifteen when her story is told, that means she was probably born in 1998 or thereabouts. 

July 19, 1998- Princess JenniAnn starts JABB with Princess Audrey.  (Yes, JABB exists in Dyeland, but they'd get different newsletters than the real us get, obviously.)

November 1998- JenniAnn is grieving her Grandpa Connor and desperately missing "Cupid" (Andrew) so her parents send her to New York for Thanksgiving in hopes the change of scenery will help.  While she's there, Catherine and Tiva take her shopping where JenniAnn meets a little boy named Harry... or so he says.  In February 2013, she and "Harry" recall this meeting in "Harry and Psyche."

December 1998- In "The Golden Cord," Edward and Caleb recall a special Christmas they spent with their aunt and uncle on the farm when they were eight.  Their parents went on a cruise and Dot and Randall got to experience Christmas morning with kids for the first time.

December 16, 1998- In "Love Incarnate, Love Divine," Steve Thomas is taking a break from classes and his dorm with a walk in a nearby park.  He thinks about Patrick and Craig, his dorm-mates who are a couple and confident in themselves, and his engagement to Maren who he loves very much.  In spite of that, Steve feels something is missing and intends to drown his concerns in cocoa.  He spots a seemingly homeless person on a bench and decides to get cocoa for them, too.  After sliding a ten dollar note under the sleeve of the mug, Steve gives it to the person who grunts in appreciation.  Steve wishes the man a merry Christmas then hurries away, past Joshua who has been observing.  He's soon joined by Raphael who Joshua teases about being tardy.  He tells the archangel that he missed the meet-cute.  The figure on the bench sits up and Raphael is touched and surprised to discover he's Edgar Rawiri.  Joshua explains that Edgar was sent to plant an earring and cause strife in a marriage but, unable to bring himself to do that, he just gave the couple minor car trouble... only to witness them start fighting.  Hence, him glumly crashing on a bench.  Raphael verifies with Joshua that Steve is Edgar's anam cara.  Joshua tells Raphael that he'll start working with them in 2019 but has to do some prep work including getting a gay club opened.  Raphael is shocked when Joshua refers to Steve as Edgar's husband.  Joshua grins and tells Raphael that maybe the suspense will keep him on track.  Raphael is sure it will.

1999- Princess JenniAnn pretends to discover Dyeland (really she'd known it as Asteriana as stated above).  She and Princess Audrey found Dyeland.  From here on out, Dyeland is JenniAnn's regular home.  "Possibilities" reveals that LJA and Vincent had a disagreement this year when she wanted to move Below and he wouldn't let her because he knew she was just trying to skip out of high school.  Thankfully, he stuck to his guns.  Had LJA been happily living Below, she would never have returned to Dyeland or properly met Andrew.

February 11, 2000- In "You'll Never Walk Alone," we flashback to this day which turns out to be not only the day Joccy Lowery was born but also the first day Takoda ever spent on Earth.  While Jodi snuggles her newborn and welcomes her to the world; in a park across the street from the hospital, Wahkan is instructing his new protege, Takoda.  He explains about the hospital then directs Takoda to a school where he'll be teaching history and comforting a grieving student.  Takoda is afraid of failing but Wahkan assures him that he'll watch over him.  He has confidence in Takoda.  Echoing Jodi, Wahkan welcomes Takoda to the world.

March 17, 2000- Andrew comes to Dyeland, everyone learns he is real.  ("St. Patrick's Day in Dyeland", "Eight Years Later", and "Chava" which reveals that LJA's first words spoken directly to him were that she'd missed him... something Andrew didn't understand until a number of years later when he learned that she'd seen him at age 4.)  "In the Fields of Gold" is set in March 2011 but has flashbacks to Andrew's life at that time.  Turns out his arrival in Dyeland coincided with the events that inspired TBAA's "Pandora's Box."

March 25, 2000- In "Friend of My Soul," we learn about how it was JenniAnn first introduced Andrew to his new home, Serendipity.  Andrew was pretty stunned... and LJA was pretty awkward.    

Spring 2000- Various incidents from the latter part of LJA's senior year of high school are brought up in "Ivy."  Among them are her learning a lesson about trust from a friend, her sort of tricking Andrew into breaking a school rule, and her just, in general, being a sap over Andrew.  In "Abide With Me", she relates the story of her prom night... in Andrew's living room.
November 2000- Andrew is elected President of Dyeland, Princess JenniAnn becomes Lady JenniAnn. 

Christmas 2000- In "Another Christmas," Andrew tells about the Christmas that correlates with "An Angel on My Tree."  Turns out that the Dyelanders were a lil bit involved.

2001- We don't have an exact date but know Princess Yva arrives in Dyeland sometime during the course of this year.  "Princess" would later be dropped.

Feb. 2001- Vincent comes to Dyeland to watch over JenniAnn after her parents get freaked when some stories of the goings on there get back to them.  A couple years have passed since he last saw JenniAnn.  "Possibilities" reveals that they exchanged letters and such during the time apart... so it wasn't a total silence or anything.  That story also covers how LJA told Vincent about Andrew (who he later realizes is the "Cupid" of her childhood) and then describes the initial meeting between the two.

Spring 2001- Gloria is born.  See TBAA's "Face of God."  Please note that since the Dyeland stories are supposed to be about the real angels who inspired the TBAA characters, some things are a bit different.  So we may learn that Gloria's creation didn't happen exactly as TBAA depicted it.  Joshua was definitely there, for one.  He was also there... as much as he could be... when Monica was tempted per "The Coffee Summit."  In that, Monica's temptation (precipitated by a mass shooting and not a bombing) was more psychologically distressing and confusing than in "Netherlands."  She honestly could not summon her memories of God.  But that didn't stop Joshua from calling out to her.  (This is revisited in "A Stor Mo Chroi.")  Years later, God allows Monica's gift to be used to allow JenniAnn to experience this temptation so she can understand Monica and they can make peace.  In November 2013, Monica reveals the truth about that day to Arthur and he then tells Monica a little more about his recollections and we learn that Joshua is the reason Arthur and Monica met.  ("The Truth")  We get a little of Gloria's perspective on this time period in "The Carpenter."  That story also reveals how it was that Arthur came to be in the thrift shop when Gloria and Monica entered it on that fateful day. 
September 2001- "In the Palm of His Hand" partly takes place on September 14th when Andrew tracks down LJA at her college.  He asks her about the well-being of those in the Tunnels and the Helpers.  LJA confides in him about her experience of 9/11 via the news coverage while he reveals that he's been at Ground Zero and left because the Father is making angels take shifts (rather than have the same angels there constantly).  The TBAA episodes "A Winter Carol" and "The Christmas Watch" touched on Andrew's experience of that terrible day and the aftermath, too.

September 19, 2001- While watching news coverage, LJA asks Andrew if he's ever been to Afghanistan.  He tells her about his assignment with Fila and tending to little Badriya.  ("Abide With Me")  This memory ends up being the key to how Andrew is located after being taken as a POW in late 2012.

December 2001- "Another Holiday Story" becomes the first canonical Dyeland Christmas story!  Basically, a sleep-deprived LJA dreams that her friends are characters from classic Christmas movies, books, etc.  "The Golden Cord, Part III" contains a brief continuation of the end of the TBAA episode "A Winter Carol."  After leaving the church, Monica asks Andrew to go back to the Christmas shop with her while Tess and Gloria prepare to leave.  Monica wants to buy herself an ornament and urges him to do the same.  She briefly teases him about JenniAnn and suggests he get an ornament for her.  Andrew does though he's visibly uncomfortable with the teasing.  Monica picks a Celtic cross for herself and Andrew hopes aloud that, one day, she gets the family Christmas tree she desires.

February 2002- This is the first reference I found to Countess Jennifer in Dyeland.

February 14, 2002- Princess Audrey and LJA set Andrew up on a blind date... for their own amusement... in "Andrew's Blind Date."

April 2002- Andrew hurries to Bennie's apartment after he gets a call from JenniAnn asking him to pick her up.  A fellow at Bennie's party said something untoward to JenniAnn, prompting the call.  Andrew and Bennie fight over whether or not LJA overreacted.  That's the last contact they have with Bennie for several years.  ("Friend of My Soul" )

September 2002- Andrew finds himself in Dyeland during the events of "Two Sides to Every Angel" and confides in LJA in "Dark Night of the Soul."  Later, in February 2009, Eli reveals that he was briefly there that evening.  LJA's godmother had sent him to check up on the girl.  Sophia's Alzheimer's symptoms started surfacing shortly thereafter.  ("Feels Like Home")

Early October 2002- This is probably about when Tess' Alzheimer's was experienced by the real angels.  In "The Walk," LJA recalls finding Andrew in tears during that period so at some point he returned to Dyeland to deal with his emotions.  Presumably because he was putting on a calm front for Monica, he couldn't do that before.  "Friend of My Soul"  explores that in much more detail. 
October 31, 2002- The first canonical Halloween tale arrives with "Another Halloween in Dyeland" (I swear the titles get better).  Andrew plays host to Dyelanders who watched way too much scary stuff.

December 2002- Princess Audrey, Lady JenniAnn, and Andrew reminisce about Christmas memories in "Another Christmas."  (Seriously?!?  How hard is it to give a story a decent title?)

Early Spring 2003- Following the case that inspired TBAA's "Virtual Reality," Andrew returns to Dyeland while still troubling over the assignment.  LJA is initially sympathetic but when she discovers he was defending the assailant, she blows up at him.  And then Rafael serves as a mood breaker.  ;-)  All this and more in "Rapprochement."
March 2003- Owing to the idea being that TBAA was inspired by the real life experiences of Andrew and Co., I sometimes presupposed a lag time between God giving the inspiration, an episode being written, then filmed, and then aired.  So while we all saw "I Will Walk With You" in April 2003, the angels experienced Monica's promotion and the assignment leading up to it in March.  "The Walk" tells about what happened to Andrew directly after he faded away in that field: he was sent to Dyeland where, after LJA outright asked his weepy self if he was depressed, he told her of Monica's promotion.  After cheering some, the two went to the Cafe where they joined C.J. and Yva for drinks.  Unseen, Sam and Joshua observed.  Sam notes Andrew's sadness and Joshua assures him that Andrew will see Monica, Tess, and Gloria again.  Joshua also confides in Sam, who witnessed Andrew's birth, that Andrew was created from the same elements as a place dear to Joshua... Dyeland's Fields of Gold.  He reveals that Andrew has always been bound to Dyeland.  It also turns out that, again per Joshua, Satan is actually afraid of Andrew.  Later, LJA goes over to Andrew's and finds him distressed and playing the piano.  He confides more in her and then she asks him to dance.  They start slowly then get more animated as their moods improve.  Joshua watches over them and imagines a future dance at a time of trouble but he knows, even then, that they'll triumph.  In "The Coffee Summit," we see a glimpse of how Monica learned of her promotion... from Jack who was actually Joshua.  Jack looks and acts substantially different from "Zack."  He's described as having red hair, freckles, and green eyes... which then morph into Joshua's real gold and brown ones.  He is also warmer... but then so are ice cubes.  Sorry.  That was bad.  ;-)  Needless to say, Joshua was there because he loved Monica and wanted to share in her moment.  And hug.  Because that is what Joshua does.
Summer 2003- Andrew is re-elected president of Dyeland.  At some point he resigns.  Everything official in Dyeland is decided by majority rule from then on out.

August 2003- This is when "Movie Night in Dyeland" is set.  Although the writing is a bit funky due to it being a contest, it pretty much works.  "Theo" would be another of Joshua's aliases, I'm thinking. 

October 2003- "The Reaper" covers Halloween 2003 in Dyeland.  The Dyelanders decide to be a lil more considerate of Andrew with their Halloween celebration. 

December 24, 2003- A distressed Andrew has a very Scrooge-like dream in "JABB's A Christmas Carol."

January 2004- Knowing Andrew had long wanted a dog, LJA adopted a puppy named Lulu for him.  When Andrew is on assignments where he cannot bring Lulu, LJA and/or Rose take care of the basset hound.  And you can finally read about it courtesy of "Friend of My Soul."

February 6, 2004- As their father tends to their dying mother, Isra distracts and calms Salma by recounting her birth on the eve of her birthday.  ("Chrysalis")
Spring 2004- Given Owen had only been living in the Tunnels for a few months during the September 2004 portions of "The Scientist," I think it can be assumed that Vincent found him around this time.  Owen had fled his family's home a few weeks beforehand.
September 2004- Andrew learns about LJA's eating disorder after he comes to bring her back to Dyeland following a summer largely spent in the Tunnels.  They have an ugly fight but then, for the first time, LJA declares her love in "The Scientist."

September 20, 2004- "Happy Birthday, Andrew!" finds our AOD enjoying a potluck barbecue with friends on his special day.

September 26, 2004- Shelby is born.  Her parents' names were Sandra and Corey and her brother Asher was around 9 at the time.  They lived in a small apartment in NYC.  ("Trick-or-Treating")

October 2004- In "Halloween Comes to Dyeland," the Dyeland Halloween celebration is once again re-evaluated.  Earlier in the month, Vincent happened upon one of Andrew's assignments and ended up lending comfort to a dying girl per "Anniversary." 

October 31, 2004- I'm gonna say this is the Halloween that Asher recollects in "Trick-or-Treating."

December 2004- In "Christmas Memories," Andrew and his friends gather together to share about their favorite holiday memories.

Circa 2005- "The Shepherd" opens with a flashback to a younger Loreena meeting "Vero"... one of Joshua's aliases... after she's embarrassed following a ballroom category performance.  Joshua assures Loreena that God loves her and has big plans for her.  After an encouraged Loreena re-enters the ballroom, Cephas shows up and teases Joshua about his unusual appearance.  They banter a bit then return Home.
January 2005- Andrew, LJA, and Jess watch the trailer for John Dye's latest film in "Watching the HOTB Trailer."  Awkwardness ensues.

March 17, 2005- LJA thinks back on Andrew's arrival exactly 5 years before in "St. Patrick's Day in Dyeland."

May 2005- Andrew is put on trial for murder. ("Nor Iron Bars a Cage")

June 2005- Andrew and LJA have a heart-to-heart after she watches HOTB in the stunningly titled "Andrew and JenniAnn Talk About HOTB."  ::shakes head:: 

August 2005- In "A Walk in the Woods," Andrew and LJA bid each other good bye when she leaves Dyeland for a time.

August-Autumn 2005- Though exact dates are unknown, Arthur volunteered with the recovery efforts post-Hurricane Katrina.  ("Shelter from the Storm")

October 31, 2005- In "Dyeland's October Fun Festival," Andrew is left to plan the annual Halloween festivities since LJA is still gone.  Also, we learn Kathleen has been reformed.

November 1, 2005- Lady Beth arrives in Dyeland.  She talks about how she came to be there in "On a Dark and Stormy Night."

December 2005- In an untitled story that's really more a series of vignettes; Tess organizes a Christmas pageant, Bennie pesters the Dyelanders, LJA crazily declares her undying love for Andrew, and he gets to play Santa.

January 1, 2006- Andrew narrates "How I Rang in 2006"... apparently aiding tipsy friends.

January 6, 2006- Andrew's friends throw him a party on a notable train in "Ten Years Since TOTGA."

January 2006- LJA is traumatized when she mistakes a harrowing fanfic for Andrew's journal in "Go Ask Andrew aka When Fanfic Attacks."

February 2006- In "An Uninvited Guest," Nadia, a Dyelander, is getting married.  The problem?  Her fiance doesn't want Andrew there...

April 1, 2006- In "April Fool's Day," the Dyelanders work together on a prank when one of their friends returns.

May 2006- When Andrew tried to teach LJA to drive per "Anniversary." 

June 2006- In "For Thou Art With Me," when the Dyelanders stage a production of The Crucible, Andrew tells them about an assignment he had during the witch trials.  Later that month, LJA interviewed "The AOD Band."

July 19, 2006- "On a Dark and Stormy Night"... the Dyelanders try to celebrate JABB's anniversary.

September 2006- In "Object A and Co. in the Fields of Gold," the Dyelanders mistakenly believe Andrew is going away just before his birthday.

October 2006- After a bit of an absence, Yva returns to Dyeland.  This is also when Lady Beth's memory of Andrew spending time with her after her amnesia is set per

October 18, 2006- Nigel arrives in Dyeland.

October 31, 2006- In "Halloween Night 2006," the Dyelanders try to give death a good reputation.  Not as weird as I now realize it sounds...

November 2006- For lack of a better term, Andrew has a breakdown following an especially tragic assignment.  He alienates most everyone in Dyeland for a while but they bring him around.  There is no story about this but there is a brief outline of those events in "Safe" as well as a flashback dream LJA has about that period.  "Friend of My Soul" also examines this period briefly.  Turns out Andrew knew exactly what he needed in order to cope... he just wouldn't let it happen.

December 2006- Andrew, Jess, Lady Beth, and LJA decide to watch "The Journalist" together.  Kinda awkward...  This is also around when Yva reconciles with Andrew and Nigel receives a tour of Dyeland from the AOD per "Anniversary." 

December 16, 2006- It's really stupid that I'm putting this here but... this is the first time Andrew uses "Laja" to reference LJA.  The reason I'm putting this here is because every freaking time I have to do a flashback, I always have to check the YG archives to see if it's "JenniAnn" era or "Laja" era for Andrew.  And that's getting really old.  So now I can just look here and not deal with YG's glitchy search engine.  Yay.

Christmas 2006- Grateful for their support during his breakdown, Andrew hosts his friends for the annual Dyeland Christmas party in "A Second Chance Christmas."
This is probably also the Christmas Asher recalls in "Trick-or-Treating".
2007- At some point prior to September 26, 2007, Shelby's and Asher's parents, Sandra and Corey are killed in a car crash that their children survive.  It had to be prior to Shelby's third birthday since she was two when they passed.  The children were then placed in foster care before making their way to the Tunnels, at some point no later than Shelby's fourth birthday.  ("Trick-or-Treating")

March 2007- Vincent writes LJA a letter in which he explains how they met... and how she nearly ended up as his daughter.

April 1, 2007- Rose arrives in Dyeland.  She recalls first meeting Andrew in "Anniversary." 

Spring 2007- The entire Andi debacle begins around here ("The Masquerade Ball and Other Events"). 

May 2007- Yva interviews Adam about his work as an AOD and life in Dyeland.

June 2007- After some harrowing events as his wedding date approaches (the whole Andi nearly exposing his existence thing), Vincent has a dream about how life would be were he normal looking.  It ain't pretty.  ("Measuring a Life")

June 30, 2007- Catherine and Vincent get hitched.

July 2007- Andrew and JenniAnn have some awkward fun in "De-Spamming with Andrew."

July 19, 2007- The Dyelanders prepare for their anniversary celebration but don't know where Andrew is in "Anniversary."  They reflect on their time with him.

Late summer 2007 through February 12, 2008- This time period encapsulates JenniAnn's and Eliot's brief relationship.  Aided by Mick, LJA came to realize that she was really in love with Andrew and just staying with Eliot as an attempt to have a normal life.  ("God Only Knows")  In "Friend of My Soul," Andrew and JenniAnn have a heart-to-heart and mend their relationship after her break-up with Eliot.  "The Throwback" gives some more information on what Andrew experienced during that time period.  
September 2007- Mick and Beth remeet.  (Pilot episode of Moonlight)

September 26, 2007- Willy arrives in Dyeland.

October 2007- The Dyelanders are invited to a dubious award show called "The JABBies."

October 10, 2007- The Dyelanders gather for "Adam's Birthday Surprise."

October 28, 2007- LJA interviews Andrew about life as an AOD... and Halloween.

October 31, 2007- The Dyelanders celebrate Halloween at Willy's factory shortly after it opens in "Halloween's Sweet Surprises."

December 2007- Via divine intervention, Mick basically falls into Dyeland in "Dream".  Later that month, Adam consoles LJA in "Great Spirit" after she receives a disheartening email.  (Please note that story was partially inspired by actual emails I received after Charles Rocket's death so it's got real-life mixed in and thus may be difficult for some.)

December 24, 2007- Jacob Wells is born and adopted by Catherine and Vincent.  ("Tidings of Comfort and Joy")  That story also finds the AODs working at a grumpy man's toy store, Nigel awaiting a visit from God, and LJA and Eliot progressing with their ill-fated romance.

2008- Chava's friend, Flora, passes away leaving Chava alone.  Devastated, she moves into a scam-ridden assisted living facility.  In a grief-induced fog, Chava puts up with the abuse and neglect for five years until a memory of her husband rouses her and she runs off to find her freedom.  ("Chava")  Ivy's mother, Francesca Lee, died of cancer at some point in 2008.  After that, Ivy moved in with her grandmother, Doreen.  ("Ivy")
January 2008- In "Unconditionally," LJA and Mick intervene when a hate group protests outside a military funeral and go after Andrew.

February 2008- In "The Masquerade Ball and Other Events," Andi returns and explains her bad behavior from back in the spring of 2007.

February 10-14, 2008- To celebrate Valentine's Day, LJA interviews her friends about different types of love in "God Only Knows."  And then she breaks up with Eliot.  ;-)

March 8, 2008- Andrew aids a caffeine-drunk, hallucinating LJA in "3 AM."  "The Coffee Summit" reveals why exactly she was in such a state... LJA learns that Monica really had been tempted by Satan and had said negative things about humanity.

March 17, 2008- "Eight Years Later," Andrew and LJA recall their first evening together.

March 29, 2008- Poor Andrew has an accident during an assignment and thinks his life has taken a very bad turn in "Fun at Willowveil" aka "Roses and Thorns."

Spring 2008- Mick and Beth are officially a couple from this point on.

May 31, 2008- In "When Tabloid Journalism Attacks!" Andrew is troubled when someone sets up a tabloid dealing with he and the Dyelanders.  Mick's friend, Logan, is brought in to help find the culprit.

June 2008- Andrew is troubled by shipper fic about him and Monica.  So, in "Man of No Reputation," Joshua shows up to lend counsel.

August 2008- "Make This Go on Forever" finds Josef growing wary of Andrew and thinking him responsible for a tragedy that befell Sarah, Josef's true love.  Once Andrew reveals his identity to Josef, he and the Dyelanders rally around Josef and Sarah in her final days.

October 2008- Josef's Sarah dies and is buried in Dyeland.  To come to terms with her death, Josef returns to his homeland in Eastern Europe and winds up embarking on a mission to end human trafficking.  ("Make This Go On Forever")  LJA's pet frog also passed that October and Andrew helped comfort her after the loss in "Benediction."  In happier news, Adam celebrated his birthday on October 10th.  Unfortunately, he had a rather distressing dream as told in "A Giant Dilemma for Adam."  Around this time is also when Andrew gets his mini-van: the Jolly Green.  ("Andrew's New Car")  In "The Walls Between the Worlds," the tribe prepares for Halloween.  This is great when they run into Adam interviewing to be a store Santa... not so great when they get traumatized by the creepy and overly-sexualized holiday trappings.  This is also the month lil Shelby stayed with LJA at Willowveil for a bit cause she had a cold.  ("Trick-or-Treating")  Some nice moments but I'm thinking they were glad when that month ended... 

November 2008- In "Carry On," the Dyelander ladies learn about various of Andrew's assignments that revolved around war.

December 20-24, 2008- In "I'll Be Home for Christmas," Andrew must leave Dyeland right before Christmas for an assignment with Richard, a soldier stationed in Iraq.  Together, the two men try to make it back to their loved ones in time to celebrate.  Andrew alludes to this Christmas in "Never Alone" and mentions Shelby being there.  So she and her brother, Asher, were already living Below by this point.  "Asking the Answer" alludes to a scrawl three year old Shelby left on one of Andrew's cabinets so the siblings had moved Below some point prior to Shelby's 4th birthday.

January 18-24, 2009- Andrew returns from a truly heartbreaking assignment in Missouri.  Tess, Adam, Monica, and several of the Dyelanders go with him back to Missouri to finish the assignment.  This is the first time we meet Raquel Seywell.  ("We Trust to Thee")

February 2009- At age 15, Isra is forced, by Behnam's uncle, to marry him.  She is terrified on her wedding night but soon discovers her husband is nothing like his uncle.  Behnam refuses to sleep with a woman who doesn't love him or want him.  He tells Isra about having to see his sister married off to a cruel man and hearing her being raped on her wedding night.  He promises Isra that he'll protect her.  Then he goes to a cot, leaving her with the bed.  Distraught over his bride's distress and his inability to comfort her since she fears him, Behnam lulls himself to sleep by mentally reciting Jane Eyre quotes and praying.  A week into the marriage, Isra's is very bored and lonesome for company so she strikes up a conversation with Behnam.  He shows an American newspaper to her and they gawk and admire it.  Behnam confesses to a desire to go to America with all its freedoms.  Unthinkingly, Isra requests that Behnam teach her to read.  She tries to withdraw the request, knowing it's not allowed, but Behnam seizes on it and readily agrees.  ("Hope and Healing")
February 8-14, 2009- LJA's great-aunt/godmother, Sophia, dies prompting LJA to return home.  LJA learns that her aunt was in love with an angel of death, Eli/Elijah.  After Sophia's death, Eli begins making appearances in Dyeland.  Meanwhile, Andrew is left to consider that LJA might not be coming back.  ("Feels Like Home")

April 2009- Behnam is content with his unique married life.  He and Isra have settled into a comfortable roommate sort of relationship.  One night before dinner, Isra notices a burn on Behnam's hand that he sustained while working his uncle's crops.  She tends to it with tea leaves.  Behnam realizes that he's in love with her.  ("Hope and Healing")
April 10, 2009- One of Willy's creations wreaks some havoc in "Dyeland's Easter Surprise."

May 11, 2009- Andrew's cell phone number gets leaked leading to some interesting phone calls in "Andrew and the Unwanted Phone Calls."

June 16, 2009- At long last, Vincent and his mother (Cora, an assignment of Andrew's) are reunited and Vincent learns about her and Lor, his father.  ("Origins")

June 29, 2009- Cora Cleary passes away.  ("Origins")

July 2009- Still nursing his unrequited love for his wife, Behnam becomes even angrier with his uncle who denied him any chance of fairly wooing Isra and befriending her father.  When he cannot sleep, he mentally recites Rochester's declaration of love from Jane Eyre to Isra.  Also unable to sleep, Isra asks Behnam to read to her and he selects Jane Eyre.  After Isra drifts to sleep, Behnam whispers his love to her.  ("Hope and Healing")
Early July, 2009- Andrew and LJA took a roadtrip to Georgia to deliver some letters a dying man asked Andrew to bring to his estranged brother, Hank.  This marks the first time LJA ever saw kudzu and, despite the problems it causes, she loved it.  So for her birthday, Andrew planted some on Serensylvana where it remains... having taken over the island.  But she still loves it.  LJA told Owen this story in August 2012 whilst Andrew was in Afghanistan.   ("Abide With Me")  We finally get a real glimpse of that trip in  "Friend of My Soul."  Looking back on it in 2015, Andrew and JenniAnn realize they met a now familiar face back then... Kemara!  

August 2009- Rose and LJA seek shelter in Andrew's basement during a storm and he learns about "The T-Shirt of Many Names."  That month also found LJA struggling to get through to a student, Amy, who is succumbing to an eating disorder.  She and Andrew think back on LJA's own battle with anorexia in "The Scientist."

August 12, 2009- Monica is assigned to the nursery of a Pennsylvania hospital.  She cares for a baby boy whose mother hasn't decided whether to keep him or let him be adopted.  For two days she tends to him and then, on the third morning, finds him gone since his mother took him home.  Five years later, she would discover the little one was Arthur's son, Liam.  ("A Stor Mo Chroi")   Isra's lessons are coming along very well and she's able to read The Cat and the Hat with little help.  During a break, she asks Behnam if he would take her with him if he could get to America.  He says he would and that she would be free, their marriage not recognized, and she could live with Badriya.  Isra comes to realize that she's in love with him.  That night, Behnam has a terrible nightmare about Badriya.  Isra consoles him and tells him that she loves him.  Behnam confesses that he loves her, too.  They settle into bed together and decide to consummate their marriage the following night.  ("Hope and Healing")

August 14, 2009- The morning after he and Isra make love, Behnam prays that it hadn't been a mistake and that Isra hadn't slept with him because she was obligated as his wife.  When she wakes up, Isra is at first quite content but then she begins to cry.  Behnam is horrified and apologetic but Isra insists she wanted him and still does... she's just realizing so many others in their village don't share their mutually desired, pure love.  Behnam comforts his wife.  From there on out, they celebrate August 13th as their anniversary, not the day they were married.  ("Hope and Healing")

Autumn 2009- Catherine's homeless shelter for women and children, the Phoenix Inn, opens in New York thanks to the money Cora left Vincent.

September 2009- "Origins" ends with Catherine's return after she traveled to Ireland to spread Cora's ashes at Lor's grave.

October 4, 2009- LJA is bummed out when The Hallmark Channel stops airing TBAA.  Thankfully, Andrew is there to be adorable and save the day in "Shifting Focus."

October 25-31, 2009- The Dyelanders attend a Renaissance Faire in Kansas.  While there, LJA meets a psychic named Myrna.  Myrna foretells that Andrew will propose... and that something bad will befall him.  LJA dismisses the prediction given its romantic undertones.  However, at the Halloween party, Andrew *proposes* they travel to Wisconsin.  LJA is haunted by his choice of words and how they echo Myrna.  She begins to fear for him.  In Kansas, Myrna discovers a drawing of Andrew in her ancestress' keepsakes.  Thus we learn that Myrna is a descendant of Andrew's assignment in 1651: Hope Lewis.  ("Be Thou My Vision")

November 18, 2009- Andrew departs Dyeland for an assignment.  Meanwhile, Vincent and Father inform their Tunnel community about vicious attacks being perpetrated against the homeless.  ("In the House of the Lord")

November 18-25, 2009- Andrew is homeless and living on the streets of NYC with his assignments: Ryan, Crystal, and Maggie.  The Dyelanders learn of this and try to do everything they can for him, including watching over him at the Phoenix when possible.  The attacks escalate.  ("In the House of the Lord")

November 25-December 3, 2009- Andrew is attacked in the very early hours of the 25th, leaving his right arm broken.  He is briefly hospitalized but then released to the care of the Dyelanders gathered at the Phoenix.  He spends the next several days resting, concluding his assignment, and testifying in court.  On the 3rd, Andrew runs into Myrna and her grand-daughter.  He learns of their connection to Hope and is given a letter that Hope wrote him that has surprising resonance with his recent experiences.  Shaken and still wearied, Andrew is persuaded by the Dyelanders to go Home.  ("In the House of the Lord")  The first part of "The Altar" takes place during the brief period between Andrew being attacked and regaining consciousness.  In that story, LJA goes to the hospital chapel to pray... and possibly say good bye.  In "The Coffee Summit," God uses Monica's gift of seeing the past to allow her a glimpse of JenniAnn's breakdown in the chapel.
December 6, 2009- Andrew is welcomed back to Dyeland.  Since his arm remains in a cast, he is given time off to rest there.  In the weeks that follow, Andrew struggles with his limited abilities thanks to the broken arm.  During this time, Andrew also begins to ponder a major-ish life change.  ("The Past, the Present, the Future")

December 22, 2009- Still with his cast, Andrew returns to his work as an angel.  ("The Past, the Present, the Future")

December 24, 2009- God gives Andrew a vision that, among other things, shows LJA with two children, Rose, Yva, Vincent, Jacob, and Catherine still very much a part of Dyeland, and Mick and Beth with one child and another on the way.  It's unknown how literally true the vision is.  ("The Past, the Present, the Future"
January 6, 2010- Andrew's cast is removed!

February 8-14, 2010- Andrew and LJA interview their friends about various types of love for their annual Valentine's documentary and the latter learns more than she bargained for when Mick reveals that Andrew is considering going "deep cover" and aging along with the Dyelanders.  Eli ends up assigned to Andrew and Co. to help them make peace with this.  In the days that follow, Andrew meets with his friends to discuss his decision.  As of autumn 2013, he has not yet made the request of the Father but knows he will at some point... soon.  In this story, Mick and Beth also break up... for a time.  ("When You Are Real")

April 2010- In "The Butterfly," Andrew helps LJA work through her feelings and anger about the sexual abuse allegations in the Catholic Church and how poorly many were handled.  Meanwhile in Manhattan, Fr. Mike is struggling to come to terms with the same and with the pain of some of his own parishioners.  He gets a very special visitor...  Later that month, in a far lighter moment, "Andrew Watches a Bunch of TV" with LJA in prep for his assignment as a Media Studies professor.  LJA learns something very interesting about the AOD.  Still later, Andrew tells Shelby about his assignment with President Lincoln in "The Penny."  In "Hope and Healing," when about seven months pregnant, Isra is devastated when another girl in the village dies with her baby because she was far too young to carry a child.  Behnam comforts his wife and vows again to get her and their child to some place safe so they never face such cruel abuse.
Circa Spring 2010- Per "The Story of Eilish/Elise." this was when Eilish first glimpsed Andrew after a terrible prom night prank.

Summer 2010- While exact dates were never given, "Where You Go" mentions Andrew having a few cases related to the BP Oil Spill.

June 5, 2010- In "Hope and Healing," Isra brings Aiyla ("moonlight" to connect her with her aunt Badriya ["full moon"]) into the world.  The midwife and Behnam's aunt are disappointed over the baby being a girl but Isra and Behnam deem her perfect.

June 18, 2010- Andrew and LJA pay a visit to Raquel Seywell who asks them, and their friends, to be there when she weds Capt. Nico Moretti during a Caribbean cruise.  Thus, Andrew and Co. are invited along with many acting as members of the wedding party.  ("Where You Go, I Will Go")

August 22-31, 2010- Raquel and Nico are married on August 26th.  During the course of the trip, the Dyelanders reconnect after a few months of drifting.  But things with Monica are still strained.  ("Where You Go, I Will Go")

September 3, 2010- The Dyelanders have a post-cruise party at the Cafe and Monica comes back into the fold!  ("Where You Go, I Will Go")

October 2010- After being away for a number of years, Bennie, a former Dyelander, returns briefly for lunch with LJA and Rose in "A Moment of Grace."  The reunion does not go well when she refuses to believe that Andrew isn't romantically involved with LJA, Monica, or anyone.  Turns out Bennie had feelings for Andrew.  She leaves in a huff and wasn't seen... for a while.

October 3, 2010- In "The Coffee Summit," Tess "kidnaps" LJA and Monica and leaves them at a Panera that they later learn is in Colorado.  Why?  Because God told her to in order to get JenniAnn and Monica to discuss their differences and make peace since the tension was going to distress Andrew.  And it wasn't real fun for either of them... or Joshua.  So the two do have a heart-to-heart and by the end of the day are good friends again.  While they're doing that, Joshua meets with Andrew to prepare him for his time in West Hollow.

October 8, 2010- This is probably when Andrew arrived in West Hollow since he'd been working there two weeks already when "Safe" opens on October 22nd.

October 22-31, 2010- Andrew has a lengthy assignment in the town of West Hollow, IA.  A serial rapist has been attacking young women and Andrew (as a cop) teams up with officer Jonah Webb to try to find the man before he hurts anyone else.  Meanwhile, the Dyelanders decide to join Andrew when it becomes obvious the assignment has shaken him to the core and raises concerns that he'll once again withdraw from them.  ("Safe")

Christmas 2010- The gang gathers for their annual Christmas tree decorating and in the course of the evening each one of them has a vision of their Christmas Future.  These visions aren't necessarily accurate... but there's a good chance they are.  In Andrew's vision, the friends all still gather together to celebrate.  Mick (who has been cured) and Beth have two boys.  Adam's still playing Santa.  Yva's become a minister.  Monica and Tess are there.  Rose, her husband, and her two children are present.  Shelby and Jacob have grown into happy, helpful young people.  Adam and Eli have taken on some supervising duties.  Nigel has acclimated some more to the modern world.  Willy has found peace as has C.J.  Josef continues to strive to free victims of human trafficking, forever carrying his love for Sarah in his heart.  Logan has been cured and become engaged.  Vincent is in charge of the Tunnel Council and he and Catherine are still madly in love.  Lady Beth finds a greater sense of joy.  LJA has adopted two children, Annabelle and Avi, and remains in love with Andrew... his aging doing nothing to dampen her affections.  And, as always, the Father watches over them all with love.  ("To Be With You")

January 11, 2011- This is another one that may be difficult for some to read due to the necessary blending of fiction and reality.  In "On This Side," Andrew is pulled off an assignment and brought back to Dyeland by Adam in order to help the girls cope with news of John Dye's death.  It was my therapy...

February 9-14, 2011- In "The Unbroken Circle," Andrew and JenniAnn lead Valentine's interviews with their friends one final time.  Their annual video also serves as a tribute to Mr. Dye.  On Valentine's Day, Shelby finds a beautiful sign from God.

March 17, 2011- "In the Fields of Gold" intersperses scenes from the Dyelanders' annual anniversary/St. Patrick's Day party and Andrew's memories of what was going on in his life when he first arrived in Dyeland (think "Pandora's Box.")

April 2011- In "A Shorts Story," we learn why Andrew so seldom wears shorts.

April 26, 2011- In "Promotion Day," LJA frets that Andrew may get another promotion and be separated from the Dyelanders.  God envisions a future promotion for Andrew.

May 2011- In "Andrew's First (Dyeland) Haircut," LJA has to cut Andrew's hair after he has a chewing gum snafu.  Adam serenades them during the hair cutting.

June 2011- This is when the second part of "The Altar" is set.  LJA learns what became of the locket she left on the altar... Andrew woke up with it.  In "Abide With Me," we learn what ultimately became of the locket.

July 4, 2011- Shelby's growing up and with that comes some worry.  In "Never Alone," she's troubled by the idea that Andrew has to be on the front during wars.  He tells her how important it is that those who serve their country are never alone.

Summer 2011- Andrew and LJA go to speak to her Grandma Chandler in "Guess Who's Coming for Coffee?"  She is not thrilled by their relationship.  "Friend of My Soul" picks up with a scene of Andrew and JenniAnn back at Willowveil after that stressful coffee visit.  They get quite cuddly as they plan for their future.
August 2011- Andrew and some of the Dyelander ladies go with Beth to pick out bridesmaid dresses.  Andrew's there to be "the unbiased male viewpoint."  He winds up counseling a stressed bride named Flora.  ("The Greatest of These")

September 11, 2011- Shelby is confused by the occasion and the emotions of the adults in her life on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  As they console and keep her close, Andrew and JenniAnn reflect on their memories from that horrible day and those that followed in "In the Palm of His Hand."

September 20, 2011- The gang is celebrating Andrew's birthday when he receives a mysterious and comforting gift: images of the future in "Andrew's Birthday Quilt."

October 31, 2011- Andrew has one more reason to kinda like Halloween!  On this date he became supervisor to Violeta, a former Records angel in training to become an AOD.  ("Mysterious Ways")

November 2011- The Dyelanders and L.A. set gather to celebrate Mick's birthday at a club.  Violeta is distressed when a man comes onto her in a pushy fashion.  Andrew intervenes.  ("The Greatest of These")

December 2011- For several years, the Dyelanders have decked their tree with ornaments representing each of them.  They also include some ornaments as tributes to those who touched their lives and have gone Home.  In "Love Came Down," Joshua helps Andrew to create such an ornament to honor John Dye.

February 13, 2012- Beth and Mick get married.  Andrew officiates.  The evening before, Andrew and Josef have a heart-to-heart as the latter struggles with memories of Sarah.  ("The Greatest of These")

March 17, 2012- Andrew is away on assignment when his Dyeland anniversary rolls around.  His friends don't let that stop them from celebrating with him in "12 Years."

April 8, 2012- Andrew, hurting after a series of brief but distressing assignments, returns to Dyeland on Easter.  Thankfully, his friends left him a gift to help cheer him in "Easter Eggs."

Spring 2012- Andrew returns to Dyeland after witnessing the carnage in Syria in "Being There."

May 2012- Per "The Lost Sheep," this is when Ollie and Jess first came to Steve's house and began working with him.

June 2012
- After JenniAnn and Andrew spend some time pondering fairy tales, they decide there's a lot of similarity between their group of friends and "Beauty and the Beast."  Shortly thereafter, a rose appears in Andrew's house... seemingly from the Father.  Initially it's all white but then a single petal turns red.  Hmm...  More on the rose later!  ("Tale as Old as Time")  Andrew remembers the conversation that followed the next morning, with Shelby and Rose included, in "Abide With Me".

July 2012- Andrew and LJA look through old letters and such while waiting for a storm to blow over.  Andrew hears the Father asking him to trust Him and the AOD agrees to do whatever God asks of him.  He then asks LJA to promise him to never lose hope... no matter what.  ("The Storm")  Only a few days later, Andrew is sent to Afghanistan.  Joshua recalls Andrew's acceptance of the request in "Abide With Me".

July 24, 2012- We don't know how LJA celebrated her 30th birthday exactly but in "Abide With Me", she and Andrew reminisce about how they danced until midnight.  So there was definitely that.  
July 31, 2012- Andrew is given an assignment as an Army medic in Afghanistan.  On July 31st, he and another soldier (Max Remus) are taken as POWs.  Andrew returns to Dyeland and first tells LJA of what's happened.  She alerts the others and they have a five hour send-off for Andrew... with lots of hugs and tears and promises and prayers.  Adam and Monica take over Violeta's training during this time.  ("Abide With Me")

August 1, 2012- Andrew tends to an injured Max and the two exchange the very limited information they have about their captors.  Back in Dyeland, Vincent discovers that LJA's been having seizures so he and Yva persuade her to come Below.  Later, Catherine and Vincent discuss the legacy of their struggles and share their hope that Andrew will return soon and be healed by the love of his friends... and them by his love.  ("Abide With Me")

August 2, 2012- Max's condition deteriorates.  After he finally falls asleep, Andrew does, too, and dreams of being back at Willowveil with LJA and Shelby.  ("Abide With Me")
August 5, 2012- In an effort to help the others make sense of what's happening, Vincent gives a lecture on Afghanistan's history.  Meanwhile, Catherine becomes lost in thought and worries for her friends.  At this point, Owen and LJA have moved Above to Catherine's apartment so LJA can be under the same stars as Andrew.  Yva's spending increased time with Vincent, following him around and seemingly unable to be by herself.  Adam appears and tells Catherine that he's been assigned to a medical unit in Afghanistan.   ("Abide With Me")

Early August, 2012- This is when the Adam and LJA segment of "The Storm" is set.  They enter Serendipity to tend to some things during Andrew's absence and find some gifts he'd been making before he was sent away.

August 7, 2012- A gash on Max's leg has become infected and, stripped of his medical supplies, Andrew can only pray that he be healed.  When the delirium lifts, Max tells Andrew about his dreams and about his life... including about his absentee mother and negligent father.  While they're talking, a bottle of penicillin is rolled into the cave where they're being held.  Its origins are a mystery to them.    ("Abide With Me")

August 19, 2012- LJA and Owen have been living in Catherine's apartment for a while.  Convinced his friend's not being helped by this arrangement, Owen tries to convince LJA to return to Dyeland.  Ultimately, he persuades her by telling her that Shelby would feel better in Dyeland.  So the two girls wind up staying in LaClytie for a bit... something LJA is initially reluctant about given it's overgrown with kudzu that Andrew planted for her and, thus, is filled with her memories of him.  In Afghanistan, Max is getting frustrated with Andrew's lack of self-revelation.  So he asks about the pouch of jewelry Andrew's been keeping which leads to the angel talking to Max about his family back in Dyeland.  By the end of the conversation, they're officially friends.  Yay!    ("Abide With Me")

August 20, 2012- Andrew has been away for nearly three weeks... and, as Max sleeps, the angel begins to panic over this fact.  At some point in Dyeland's early days, God had promised that Andrew would never be away from those girls for more than three weeks unless they chose the separation.  LJA was among those girls... the sole one remaining in near-constant contact with Andrew.  Thus, Andrew is plagued by the idea that the promise to her will be broken... and her broken with it.  He also assumes, rightly, that LJA told the other girls about the "three week promise."  So he fears they will all be heartbroken by the idea that God broke a promise.  Sure enough, back in LaClytie, LJA has remembered the promise and cries herself to sleep at the thought of its being broken and remaining separated from Andrew.  But then she wakes up on a kudzu-covered island not entirely unlike her own... and Andrew is there.  They both assume it's a dream.  Nonetheless, she tells Andrew about what's going on with the family.  Andrew tells her about Max... keeping the details out.  And then LJA begins to fade and Andrew wakes up in the cave.  He and Max talk briefly... and then their four captors burst in.  ("Abide With Me")

August 21, 2012- LJA meets up with the other 4 ladies at the Cafe in Dyeland.  Together they conclude that the dream she had was real and God's fulfillment of the three week promise.  They decide to use the dreams to deliver messages, from all of them, to Andrew via LJA.  ("Abide With Me")

August 23, 2012- Andrew's and Max's captors have them on the move.  To hopefully help facilitate a rescue, Andrew begins dropping insignia for searchers to find.  After being cast into a cellar, the two discuss their current situation and a mysterious woman who has been walking with the captors.  Andrew believes it was her who provided the penicillin.  ("Abide With Me")

September 5, 2012- Another storm struck Dyeland, causing minor damage.  As Adam sweeps up some broken glass at Andrew's house, he considers what all has happened in the month plus that Andrew's been away.  He's pleased that everyone's mostly doing okay and showing signs of promise.  Unfortunately, Violeta has become withdrawn.  She's perpetually looking for Andrew and, while performing assignments admirably, not really bonding with anyone.  Also at Serendipity and helping with clean up, Rose and LJA notice that Andrew's rose has become more red.  One petal even changes right before their eyes.  At the same time, Andrew is struggling to sleep when he hears a woman crying.  She turns out to be the wife of one of their captors and she tries, unsuccessfully, to break Andrew and Max out.  Andrew then recalls that he was sent to the woman's grandmother on her deathbed.  The girl saw him and thus thinks Andrew is Azrael, the angel of death in Islam.  And then remembers her name: Badriya.  He gives her his name, clarifying that he is an AOD but not Azrael.  Badriya then has to rush off and Andrew prays that both she and Max be spared from the rage he's sure is coming.  ("Abide With Me")

September 6, 2012- Max paces the cellar, trying to make sense of a recent experience.  After being hauled out of the cellar and interrogated, one of the captors started beating him... but Max didn't feel any of the blows.  And yet when they return Andrew, he's been horribly beaten.  Max tends to him and is bothered by why he was protected and Andrew wasn't.  To stave off a possible concussion, Andrew tells Max more about his friends and the complicated family tree they have.  Back in Dyeland, the ladies discuss the meaning of the rose and try to help LJA make sense of the dream she and Andrew shared.  Then they pray together.  ("Abide With Me")

September 9, 2012- Andrew and LJA dream of being together on the island again.  As before, they exchange updates (Andrew barely so) and LJA delivers messages from the others.  Then LJA announces that she's come to believe the dreams are really happening.  It takes Andrew a moment but he begins to trust in this, too.  He then tells her the story of an assignment he worked on with Adam, with the two acting as carnies, sharing two tidbits of info that only Adam would know.  LJA's then supposed to share the story, withholding the two tidbits, and see if Adam can correctly fill in the blanks and, in this way, prove the reality of the dream.  Unfortunately, this leaves Andrew to rely on faith but he accepts this and even welcomes it since, up until that point, the ladies have always had to live by faith while he had knowledge.  And then they wake up...  That morning, LJA tells the story... and Adam correctly fills in the blanks and recognizes that it's Andrew's way of verifying his own identity.  ("Abide With Me")

September 11, 2012- Andrew and Max discuss where they were on 9-11.  Max reveals that he decided on that day, at age twelve, to eventually join the Army and defend the States.  To comfort themselves, the two sing Springsteen's "Land of Hope and Dreams."  Back in Dyeland, Andrew's friends are watching the TV in horror as news of the attack in Benghazi unfolds.  It seems to be the last straw for Owen who breaks down, wishing Andrew and the other angels could just be done with the mess that is humanity.  He's strongly chastened and then gently comforted by Adam.  That night in Afghanistan, Badriya again visits Andrew.  She tells him she will soon be going "away" because she hasn't been able to conceive and her husband is angry.  In an effort to give her peace, Andrew leads a prayer which she joins in on.  They exchange "I love yous" and then Badriya flees again.  ("Abide With Me")

September 20, 2012- Andrew's birthday.  His friends spend the day helping others out in his honor.  However, they can't fully escape their sadness.  By that evening, JenniAnn and Rose are on shaky emotional ground so Owen convinces them to go out for dinner... and then they end up at a tattoo parlor.  Max presents Andrew with a handmade initial charm he made for the occasion.  Naturally, this really touches Andrew.  The two hope for a better birthday to come.  ("Abide With Me")

September 29, 2012- Thinking about Andrew and the suffering he must be experiencing, Raquel feels pulled to call LJA.  Picking up on the younger woman's distress, Raquel decides to move to Dyeland for a couple weeks to lend and receive moral support from the others who love Andrew.  In anticipation of that, the Dyelander ladies help LJA and Shelby get moved back into Willowveil.  That night, another dream comes.  When Andrew initially sees LJA's tattoo, he jumps to the conclusion that it's a bruise and some guy hit her.  This prompts him to reveal that he's afraid he might go crazy.  She tries to console him and passes along everyone's messages.  Andrew verifies that he is dropping insignia as they move.  And then there's a lotta G-rated kissing.  When Andrew wakes up, he learns he missed a visit from his and Max's unkindly hosts and that they're on the move soon.  Upon waking, LJA shares her concerns with the four other ladies.  ("Abide With Me")

October 1, 2012- Andrew and Max are in a new location, trying to make sense of what's happening.  Andrew is torn about the fact that Badriya is still journeying with them and her terrible husband.  Running low on insignia, Andrew decides to start dropping the jewelry his friends gave him.  ("Abide With Me")

October 4, 2012- Back at Willowveil, Shelby freaks out when Andrew's pocket watch stalls.  LJA replaces the battery and calms the girl down but soon after has a panic attack of her own.  She runs to the castle chapel and rails at Jesus, deeply disturbed by the fact that God died and so that makes her unsure of Andrew's immortality.  Thankfully, Raquel arrives just in time to help her recover.  In Afghanistan, Andrew is disoriented and sluggish after falling and hitting his head.  Nonetheless, he awakes to hear Badriya screaming as her husband beats her.  Frantic, he tries to break out of the barn where he and Max are being held.  Max gets him settled down and, for the first time, leads their prayers.  ("Abide With Me")

October 12, 2012- Dyeland is in the midst of an ugly fall... cold, autumn leaves brought down before they had a chance to change, dreary.  Trying to make the best of it; Rose, Raquel, and LJA discuss Halloween plans.  They're interrupted when Adam arrives.  He asks the girls to identify a couple items: Andrew's crystal dove charm from Below and his horseshoe from C.J.  ("Abide With Me")

October 15, 2012- Andrew realizes that it's been around 75 days since he and Max were captured.  While his assignment sleeps, Andrew day dreams about the future... including his hope that Badriya will be free to pursue her dreams.  He thanks God for the friendships he has for the women in his life... and that they value him as a friend and equal, not someone to show deference to as Badriya is forced to with her husband.  And then he prays for Badriya and Max and asks God to use him to help the two find love and home.  ("Abide With Me")

October 18, 2012-  When a deal goes bad, the captors turn on Andrew and badly beat him.  Max prays and, desperate for a way to help Andrew, draws a labyrinth on the cave floor for him.  Though wounded, Andrew finds peace in "walking" the labyrinth.  ("Abide With Me")

October 19, 2012- Andrew and LJA meet up in a dream again.  Andrew confesses that the situation may be bleaker than he supposed.  LJA begins to give him everyone's messages but then Andrew becomes agitated.  He hears voices and soon awakens to find himself back in the cave.  He sees two men drag Max out and, just before they kick the man, Andrew (in angelic form) throws himself on Max and takes the blow.  Back in Dyeland, LJA wakes up sobbing.  She awakens Raquel who comes to pray with her.  Adam, Monica, Tess, and Violeta all show up to join in.  Together they sing "Abide With Me".  In Afghanistan, Max is tending to Andrew who is in severe pain and struggling to breath.  Inexplicably, he starts singing the hymn in spite of his condition.  Once he drifts to sleep, Max calls out to Rose, assuring her that he'll do whatever he can to get Andrew home and he tells her to keep praying.  Having joined the others at Willowveil, Rose seems to hear this on some level.  She feels calm and more sure that Andrew will be okay.

October 31, 2012- Because they don't want to celebrate in their typical way sans Andrew, the Dyelanders and their friends gather at Willy's factory for their Halloween celebration.  Adam arrives and takes JenniAnn to a more private vestibule... he's found what he suspects is Andrew's ring and needs her to ID it.  She does and, with this, they both suspect that Andrew is out of "bread crumbs" and he and Max have become harder to track.  ("Abide With Me")

November 7, 2012- Badriya is killed by her husband when she tries to protect Andrew.  The angel won't learn the truth about how she died until November 28th when Joshua shares his own memories of that day and the three that followed with Andrew.  ("Abide With Me"

November 8, 2012- Andrew has now been missing for over 100 days and another dream is due.  Violeta and Adam sit together in a hospital chapel.  She thanks him for taking her under his wing and shares how much she's learned from him... including how love and loss are intrinsically linked in the mortal realms.  Violeta also realizes how, like Andrew and Adam, she's becoming more bound to their human friends.  Having seen and cared for so many wounded soldiers during their assignment, Violeta is worried that Andrew's mind may be shattered when he does finally return.  Adam assures her that, no matter what, they'll all take the journey with him.  In Dyeland, JenniAnn is gathered with some of her friends and too anxious to sleep.  They reminisce about Andrew in an attempt to calm her down.  They succeed and she goes to bed.  In their dream, LJA finds a very disturbed Andrew.  He's laying on the ground with unfocused eyes and has begun to believe he's only been imagining her the whole time.  So... she sets up a test and gets Andrew to realize it's all real.  Pained, Andrew admits that he can no longer hear God.  She tries to console him but then darkness envelopes her and Andrew feels like he's suffocating.  He screams Badriya's name and LJA awakens in Dyeland with it ringing in her ears.  She then searches her journal for the name and comes across an entry from September 2001 in which Andrew told her about his assignment with Badriya and her grandma.  Piecing together the info, LJA calls Adam and relays it all to him.  He leaves on a search mission for Andrew and Max while Violeta returns to Dyeland to keep LJA company while they wait.  ("Abide With Me")

November 9, 2012- Adam is searching for Badriya and, by extension, Andrew and Max.  He receives no help from her family home but when he and another officer drive away, a young man blocks their path.  He turns out to be Badriya's brother who has been hoping to rescue her himself.  He gives Adam a map to where he suspects Badriya's husband might be headed.  Adam ends up participating in a helicopter search and four men are spotted.  The Army moves in and takes down the three captors... but they only had Max with them.  Tearfully, Max explains to Adam that they beat Andrew and left him for dead in a cave.   ("Abide With Me")   In "Hope and Healing," after Adam left with information about Andrew's and Max's possible whereabouts from Behnam, the young man confronted his uncle at gunpoint and informed him that he was taking Isra and their daughter back to Isra's father so his wife could give birth to their second child at her home. 

November 10, 2012- Andrew, alone in a cave where the captors dumped him, is reliving flashes of his life.  Just as he's recalling a moment with Joshua, the angel hears approaching voices.  Soon, Adam is beside him.  He and the other rescuers get Andrew into a helicopter.  Adam sings "Abide With Me" for his buddy as he drifts to sleep... finally safe.  In Dyeland, so many of Andrew's friends have gathered that they have to convene in the ballroom.  The emergency phone rings and when LJA answers it, Adam is on the line.  He announces that they have both Andrew and Max at the base... safe.  When the call ends, the ballroom erupts in celebration over the knowledge that Andrew is coming home after 102 days away.  In "Hope and Healing," the reception at Isra's father's house isn't exactly warm.  Her father, Faisal, threatens to shoot Behnam since he believes the man raped his daughter and probably continues to abuse her.  Behnam allows Faisal to take his gun and tie him up while Isra pleads their case.  Moved by Isra's story, Faisal releases Behnam and lets the family stay with him and his younger daughter, Salma. 

November 11, 2012- Behnam and Faisal are outside when they notice a figure approaching.  He introduces himself as Azrael and tells Behnam he has news from God that Behnam should hear with his wife present.  They go inside while Faisal and Salma take Aiyla outside to play.  Azrael tells Behnam about how Badriya died trying to protect Andrew and Max.  Behnam is devastated and can barely speak.  Azrael tells the couple that Andrew and Adam will be bringing Badriya's body for proper burial.  Speaking for her husband, Isra asks if Badriya could be brought to them for burial on her father's land, not their evil uncle's.  Azrael agrees.  He tells Isra that, though her labor will be long, she will deliver a healthy son who will bring their family much joy.  When he disappears, Isra holds her husband as he weeps.  ("Hope and Healing")

November 13/14, 2012- Having now traveled to a base in Germany, Adam appraises Andrew of his physical condition (dehydrated, malnourished, bruised lung, etc.).  Despite the Army's desire to keep him for observations, Andrew wants to go home.  ASAP.  Adam isn't convinced this is a good idea but relents.  Later that night in Dyeland, LJA is struggling to sleep so takes the dogs for a late night walk and... sees the lights on at Serendipity.  She runs there and finds Monica, Tess, and Adam.  Andrew's back!  Tess is initially reluctant to let LJA see him right away but Adam, who is now Andrew's personal physician, insists.  While LJA goes into Andrew's bedroom, the three other angels have a tense scene in the kitchen.  Tess still doesn't think LJA should be there or the others told right away that Andrew is back.  Adam is unmovable while Monica tries to keep the peace.  Tess eventually sees the error in her thinking and apologizes to Adam who, exhausted, falls asleep at the table.  Meanwhile, LJA, Fawn, and Lulu have an affectionate reunion with Andrew.  She verifies for him that the dreams were real.  Reluctant to have her go, Andrew fights the sleep he desperately needs.  LJA offers to stay with him but he refuses due to a sleep terror he had in Germany and his concerns that, if another one struck, he might hurt her.  They compromise with her sleeping in his adjoining office.  In the morning, Andrew and Adam chat in the living room and LJA, scared it was all a dream, runs in on them.  Andrew then explains that the reason he's there and not Home is because he's still assigned to Max.  Soon after, Andrew's friends begin to descend on Serendipity and they all have a joint welcome home/happy belated birthday party with each having some private time to fuss over the angel.  The gang also works out that, at least for some time, a bunch of them will stay over at Serendipity so Andrew is never alone.  ("Abide With Me")

November 15, 2012- Andrew begins his second full day back home.  LJA returns his cell phone to him so he decides to phone Max.  He learns that Max's father has left on a fishing trip until December so Andrew invites Max for Thanksgiving.  Only later does he realize he has no idea how to make that possible.  Thankfully, LJA and the others have already made arrangements with Vincent to use Cora's house for the holiday.  So Andrew and LJA call Max back to formally invite him and he happily accepts.  Unfortunately, Andrew later has his first flashback when Lady Beth accidentally nicks herself while cutting broccoli.  However, by that evening he's feeling better and everyone gathers to put up his Christmas tree and watch the AOD Band perform.  ("Abide With Me")

November 16, 2012- Many of Andrew's house guests return home.  He and LJA take a break from getting the house in order and end up having an emotional conversation in the living room... just in time to get interrupted by an embarrassed Eliot, LJA's ex-boyfriend.  He's come to bring Andrew a walking stick he carved... and to make peace.  Since the break-up, he'd felt awkward visiting Dyeland but missed Andrew and LJA.  The three get things squared away and, when LJA leaves to get cider for all of them, Eliot reveals that he's become engaged to a Tunnel girl named Brittony.  Eliot makes Andrew promise to never cut LJA off or let her drift away from him because Eliot fears she wouldn't survive it.  Andrew makes the vow... and another rose petal turns.  That night, Andrew and some of his friends put up his outdoor Christmas lights... with Owen, Adam, and Violeta surprising Andrew with an amazing synchronized lights and music display.  ("Abide With Me")

November 21, 2012- Andrew has a nightmare about his time in Afghanistan and, during the course of it, punches a hole in his headboard.  LJA, still in the office, wakes up but doesn't know why.  Unable to return to sleep, she invites Andrew to get some warm milk with her.  She notices that his hand is messed up.  He confesses that he had a sleep terror.    They pray for peace for all of them and for a happy Thanksgiving for them and Max and express their gratitude.  Later that morning, Adam is none too happy to hear about Andrew's nocturnal struggles and suggests that maybe he left the hospital too early.  He's the first to outright say that Andrew has PTSD.  That evening, several of them go to Cora's to begin preparation for their Thanksgiving and Max's stay.  "Abide With Me")
November 22, 2012- Max comes to stay for a long Thanksgiving weekend at Cora's and is immediately smitten with Rose.  That night, everyone has a massive Thanksgiving dinner and Max discovers that he feels very much at ease with Andrew's family, eventually quipping that he wants Andrew and LJA to adopt him.  Later, Max and Andrew catch each other up on how they're doing and Max admits to having repeated nightmares in which their captors are dragging him away from Andrew.  Andrew asks Max to call him if it happens again.  When they make their way to the room they're sharing, a bear Yva made Max is waiting for him with a Harry Potter scarf Rose made.  Awww.  ("Abide With Me")

November 24, 2012- Max's stay has continued to go very well with everyone marathoning the Harry Potter movies and downing butterbeer.  LJA is giddy because she thinks Max and Rose are falling for each other.  Andrew agrees but is a lil more sedate, not wanting to pressure the would-be couple.  Meanwhile, Max and Rose have their own discussion about the family dynamics... and marriage and children.  But just in general.  Not their own.  They aren't crazy!  After everyone's gone to bed, Andrew and Max struggle to sleep.  They're both bummed about the next day's parting so make plans to get everyone together the following Saturday.  Max tells Andrew that being there and spending time with everyone has given him more hope for his future.  He also confesses that he was really bothered by God sending an angel to protect him but not Andrew.  However, he's come to realize that God was protecting Andrew by giving him those dreams with LJA.  Andrew hadn't thought of it that way and is greatly touched, fully believing in the theory.  ("Abide With Me")

November 25, 2012- The Dyelanders gather to bid an emotional good bye to Max although Rose reiterates that they'll be together that Saturday.  Andrew and Max go outside alone to say their good byes.  Max tells the angel that he's the closest he ever had to a real father.  Andrew then tells Max he loves him which really gets to the young man given his own father never told him that.  They hug and then Max drives off with Andrew watching him go...  Adam, Violeta, Lady Beth, Rose, and LJA all return with Andrew to Serendipity and convince him that they're staying there with him for at least another night.  He's pretty easily convinced and so they all settle in.  ("Abide With Me")

November 26, 2012- LJA is doing laundry when Violeta confronts her, hoping she's staying the night again.  Violeta reveals that she's uneasy with only Tess staying with Andrew because she worries the supervisor isn't always attentive enough.  LJA agrees to stay over.  And then Violeta reveals that, in Earth time, she's only fifteen years old.  She'd let LJA and the others believe she was actually centuries old but she was using timing from another world.  The two are close from then on.  Later, Violeta seeks Andrew's counsel on an upcoming assignment.  Andrew dispels her self-doubts and then, after convincing him he need a nap, Violeta leaves for her assignment.  Andrew awakens to find Rose there.  He tells her he plans to call Max and she, blushingly, asks if she can talk to him.  Andrew assures her that Max would love to spend time with her and he texts her the man's number.  Rose immediately goes off to call him.  The two plan to make their Saturday excursion an all day thing.  When they are able to speak alone, Rose tells Andrew that she's worried because Max admitted to having a nightmare that upset him.  Andrew then calls Max who tells him that his nightmare was about Badriya's death.  Until then, Andrew had blocked almost everything about her and his memory of her death is still inaccessible.  Once they hang up, Andrew tries to remember, feeling he owes it to Badriya but he can't.  He rejoins his friends, allowing their warmth to soothe him.  ("Abide With Me")
November 27, 2012- In the early hours, LJA witnesses one of Andrew's worst sleep terrors yet.  He wakes from it but then when she relates what she saw, Andrew has a panic attack.  Once he's calmed, LJA tends to him which frustrates Andrew as he never meant to turn her into his nursemaid.  And in the hall, Tess witnesses a lot of this.  When LJA leaves to get Andrew some water, Tess follows and they have a confrontation in the kitchen.  Tess thinks Andrew needs to be hospitalized, LJA insists they can tend to him.  LJA returns to Andrew's room.  He knows he needs to rest but refuses to sleep so she stays with him and reads the Bible.  Andrew does fall asleep and then Adam returns.  LJA fills him in.  He agrees to let her stay since he's there to intervene if Andrew were to get violent.  Adam takes over reading the Bible.  That morning, Adam convinces Andrew that he needs to talk about what he experienced.  In the other room, Rose, JenniAnn, and Tess talk.  The two women consider whether to tell Max what happened but Tess nixes this, afraid that it will keep Max from confiding in Andrew.  Later that day, Andrew confides more to his friends about what he experienced in Afghanistan, including knowing Badriya was killed.  It's during this conversation that he learns Badriya was the key to LJA passing on info that allowed Adam to find and help rescue Andrew.  Afterwards, Andrew asks LJA to go out with him for dinner and dancing (no matter how I word this, it sounds like they're dating... sorry... they're not!) since she's been cooped up taking care of him for so long.  She agrees and heads back to Willowveil to get ready.  Raquel visits her and is initially worried by the plan, fearing that Andrew might have an episode while they're out.  However, she backs down and sends LJA on her way.  At a restaurant in L.A., Andrew and LJA have a lovely dinner.  When they leave, it's raining so Andrew goes to get the car.  Waiting in the restaurant atrium, LJA is accosted by a man and Andrew loses himself for a time, threatens the man with violence, and then has a panic attack.  LJA distracts him and the loser flees.  In the parking lot, they both tearfully come to the realization that Andrew needs medical help.  LJA agrees to go with him.  Mick and Beth show up to get them back to their apartment to stay for the night.  Once settled in, Andrew confides in Mick, a WWII vet, about all that's been going on.  It's Mick who puts together that Andrew is probably suffering from traumatic brain injury and definitely needs medical attention.  ("Abide With Me"

November 28, 2012- Andrew and LJA leave L.A. and go to visit Catherine.  It turns out that, since shortly after Andrew left in July, she'd been working on a resource file about PTSD and TBI because she suspected Andrew might be impacted by one or both.  Catherine presents the angel with her file and Andrew decides to consult Dr. Edmund Talson, a friend of hers.  Dr. Talson gives Andrew a general assessment with Adam and LJA present.  While Andrew undergoes an MRI,  Owen, Rose, Yva, Lady Beth, C.J. and Violeta arrive and wait with Adam and LJA in the hospital waiting room.   By the time Dr. Talson returns after reviewing the MRI images, Raquel, Monica, and Tess are gathered with the others in Andrew's hospital room.  Dr. Talson formally diagnoses Andrew as having TBI and PTSD.  That night, with everyone but Andrew returning home, Max calls Andrew's cell.  Because it needed charging, LJA had taken it so answered.  Max unloads on her about how worried he is about Andrew.  In particular, he's distressed by the fact that Andrew has been very coy about where he lives which has made Max believe he's really bad off.  Max also tells LJA about how an angel protected him and not Andrew while they were in Afghanistan.  She puts together that Andrew was that angel.  Not wanting to cause Max any undue worry, she makes the decision to tell him about Dyeland.  Thus, LJA, Rose, and Violeta leave Dyeland to go meet Max near a portal in an alley in Manhattan.  They bring him through and, greeted by Adam, a totally agog Max enters Serendipity with the girls.  Once he's adjusted a bit, they tell him about Andrew's diagnosis.  Adam explains that Andrew needs to remember Badriya's death in order to heal so he leads them all, and many other friends who arrive at that moment, in a prayer for Andrew.  Back at the hospital, Andrew has fallen asleep and finds himself back on the island he dreamed of in Afghanistan.  However, it's not LJA with him but Joshua.   Joshua showsAndrew his own memories of the last days of the angel's captivity.  With Joshua at his side, Andrew sees how he fell while his and Max's captors were moving them.  One man began to beat him and Badriya tried to protect him.  This enraged her husband who subsequently killed her as Andrew tried to break free and save her.  Andrew was then knocked unconscious and dragged into a cave.  Meanwhile, Badriya's spirit appeared back in the valley where she was killed.  Azrael initially appeared to bring her Home.  However, Badriya asked if she could stay with Andrew.  Azrael was thrown by the request but then Joshua appeared.  He spoke to Badriya, who immediately began to worship him, and took her to Andrew.  The two stayed with Andrew for the three days he was in the cave, leaving only when Adam and the others arrived.  Andrew and Joshua are back on the island and the latter tells his angel how proud and pleased he and the Father are.  Andrew asks Joshua if he'll be allowed to stay to continue to help Max.  Immensely pleased, Joshua agrees.  They return to the hospital room where Andrew settles into bed as Joshua sings him his mother's lullaby.  The last thing the AOD feels before going to sleep is Joshua's hand on his forehead and a soothing, healing warmth.  Back in Dyeland, Max sees another petal of the rose turn colors.  ("Abide With Me")

November 29, 2012- The next morning, Andrew packs up the hospital room and Dr. Talson stops by to bid him good bye.  Andrew can tell the physician has something he needs to say.  Dr. Talson reveals that his beloved stepson was the one driving the Army vehicle that Andrew and Max were in when it hit the IED.  Andrew is able to console the doctor with the knowledge that his son died instantly and without pain, helping to save someone else.  They part and Andrew is mobbed by friends in the waiting room.  Andrew returns to Dyeland where he finds that LJA, Rose, and Violeta have introduced Max to their home.  They hug and then everyone has breakfast together.  Max, Harry Potter lover that he is, toasts Andrew as "the bravest man I ever knew."  ("Abide With Me")

Early December, 2012- Andrew and Adam journey back to Afghanistan to meet with Badriya's brother, Behnam, and give her a proper burial.  Meanwhile, Max becomes more and more a part of the Dyelander tribe.  ("Abide With Me")

December 1, 2012- Andrew, Max, and several of the Dyelanders spent a festive day in Manhattan, with many of them ice skating at Rockefeller Center.  Since Andrew's ankle is still wonky, LJA sits it out with him and reveals that she knows he shielded Max while they were Afghanistan.  She asks Andrew if that's why he hasn't yet revealed his identity to Max.  He explains that he knows it's not always easy to discover the lengths someone would go to for you... something he's personally experienced since his friends rallied around him and made so many sacrifices for him.  Andrew also tells LJA something of his healing in the hospital and, though he can't say it, LJA intuits that Jesus healed him.  Later, the gang walks around to admire the Christmas lights.   ("Home for Christmas")  

December 2, 2012- Max is at his home and in a fine mood, mentally reliving the time he's spent with Andrew and the Dyelanders and trying to puzzle out their relationships.  His father, Rex Remus, enters.  Max tries to make plans with him to get a Christmas tree but Rex, though agreeing, doesn't share in his son's enthusiasm.  Rex is also less than respectful about Max's spirituality.  An awkward, silent breakfast ensues.  ("Home for Christmas"

December 3, 2012- While Andrew attends group therapy at the VA, LJA brings Violeta to see Adam play Santa.  Later, in Serendipity, Violeta is confused about Santa Claus and why people encourage kids to believe in him.  As Andrew listens, LJA explains about St. Nicholas and how the myth that arose around him preserves his important values of generosity and kindness in a way that makes it easier for kids to understand.  Violeta aptly draws a parallel to Andrew withholding his full story from Max for the time being.  Andrew then tells about how, at group, many of the men didn't have holiday plans.  However, he did get the go-ahead for the girls' plan to bring cookies and handmade blankets for the guys.  The angel also reveals that Max seemed down and he suspects his dad stood him up on getting a tree.  The three decide to incorporate Max into their pre-Christmas plans... and LJA vows to get the boy a tree.  ("Home for Christmas"

December 5, 2012- Six hours after Andrew and Adam leave following Badriya's burial, Isra gives birth to Omar.  Unlike with Aiyla's birth, Behnam is present.  ("Hope and Healing")
December 8, 2012- Max comes to Dyeland hoping to visit with Andrew but, finding him not home, he goes to Willowveil with LJA to begin preparing for the tree decorating party.  They have a heart-to-heart about Max's mother and LJA encourages him to pursue things with Rose.  Andrew returns with the ornaments he made, with Eliot's help, for Max: labyrinths with a heart at the center.  LJA gives him a small, potted Christmas tree.  That night, everyone gathers together to decorate the tree.  LJA frets that Max may eventually connect more with his father, thus cutting Andrew out.  Meanwhile, Max asks Andrew if it would be okay to go see a movie with Rose after the party begins to dwindle.  Andrew, of course, assents and counsels Max when his nerves get to him.  Later, Andrew and LJA are reading the Bible at his place when Max shows up aglow after a wonderful first date.  Because his father skipped town, Andrew invites Max to stay over so he does.  Happiness all around... even if LJA and Andrew are considerably ticked at Rex.  ("Home for Christmas"

December 15, 2012- The friends gather for some baking, blanket making, and faux-gingerbread ornament decorating.  During this activity, Andrew invites Max (and his dad) to Christmas with them at Cora's.  Max readily agrees... although with some reservations about his dad's behavior which Rose quickly shrugs off.  When Max returns home, however, he finds that his dad has gone... for real.  Taking only his Christmas tree, Max flees.  Driving recklessly, Max considers suicide but then has a vision of the pain that would cause Andrew, Rose, LJA, and Adam.  He doesn't go through with it and, instead, receives the command to drive and, thus, heads to the portal and Dyeland.  Andrew and LJA are wrapping gifts late into the night when they're surprised by Max's unexpected and disheveled appearance on Andrew's doorstep.  He tells them about his dad and they get him warmed up, settled down, and off to bed.  Later, they meet up in the laundry room where LJA vents her heartbreak over parents who neglect and hurt their children and her own childlessness.  And then Andrew hatches a plan... they're going to parent Max.

December 16, 2012- That morning, Max finds Andrew and LJA chirpily preparing breakfast.  They tell him that they've decided to celebrate Christmas either at Willowveil or Serendipity and that he's welcome to stay through the holidays.  Andrew vows that Max won't be alone for Christmas and then he invites him to stay at Serendipity until the Spring when they can look into getting Max his own place.  Rose walks in to make a pitch for Selini, near her.  Moved, Max says he'll live anywhere so long as it's in Dyeland with them.  ("Home for Christmas")  Later Max will find a place of his own... near Rose's house.  ("The Keeper's Story")

December 22, 2012- Per "Home for Christmas", the gang caroled at the Phoenix Inn on this day followed by their gift exchange at Willowveil that evening. 
December 24, 2012- On Christmas Eve, most of the Dyelanders gather at Serendipity for dinner, caroling, and festive readings.  After they've all gone home and only Max and Andrew are left, the young man tries to call his dad and learns his number has been disconnected.  God prompts Andrew to go back to the living room and speak to Max.  Adam and Violeta appear, aglow, and soon Andrew is glowing, too.  Thus, Max learns Andrew is an angel... the same angel who physically protected him in Afghanistan.  Violeta then explains to Max that Andrew can be a sort of father to him which Andrew himself reiterates when he tells Max about the conversation he had with LJA.  Andrew then goes Home for the first time since his assignment with Max began. 

December 25, 2012- Bright and early the next morning, LJA heads through the tunnel that connects her place to Andrew's.  They'd planned to fill stockings while Max slept.  LJA is surprised to find the tunnel decorated and big band music playing.  And then she sees a healed, ecstatic Andrew.  They dance.  At a more decent hour, the two of them, Max, Rose, Violeta, Adam, and Aunt Josephine share Christmas breakfast and go through their stockings.  Andrew and LJA send Rose and Max on a scavenger hunt through the house.  At the end of it, they learn that Andrew is taking them all to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter courtesy of the gift Mick, Beth, and Josef gave him.  Joshua appears to Andrew and they briefly discuss the rose which has turned a third red.  It seems Joshua had explained the full significance of it when Andrew had returned Home.  Comforted, Andrew looks tenderly upon his friends knowing that they have a merry Christmas day ahead.  ("Home for Christmas")

December 26, 2012- Andrew, JenniAnn, and Max trek to Jersey to gets the latter's things from his father's house.  It's the last time Max goes there.  ("Friend of My Soul")
Late January 2013- In "Rapprochement," Max and LJA are going through old photos when he finds one from the time that coincides with TBAA's "Virtual Reality."  This prompts Andrew and LJA to revisit a fight they had after that assignment. 

February 1, 2013- LJA and Rose hit the town to buy clothes for Andrew and Max in preparation for their vacation.  ("Roots and Wings")

February 5-7, 2013- This is when the Dyelanders visit Universal Studios in Orlando.  We learn that Violeta can't handle roller-coasters, Andrew will stick up for your kid if he wants a unicorn, he has no idea how his aging thing will end but is fine with not knowing, and... Hogwarts is way cool.  ("Roots and Wings")

February 13, 2013- Andrew and LJA prepare the annual Valentine's documentary and go over footage and images from the group's trip to Orlando in "Roots and Wings." 

Late February 2013- In "Harry and Psyche," Andrew and LJA are doing some cleaning when a semi-hysterical Max tears into the room.  He's discovered that he and JenniAnn (aka Maja) may have a bit of a shared past.  The story also reveals that, at that point in time, Max had not been brought to the Tunnels though he knew of their existence.  Andrew, LJA, and Rose had decided to wait given the stony, dim setting sometimes gave the former unwelcome flashbacks to Afghanistan. 

March 28, 2013- Max moves out of Serendipity and into his own place on Selini.  ("The Keeper's Story")

March 31, 2013 (Easter Sunday)- In "The Keeper's Story," Andrew reflects on the past few days which included getting Max moved, dealing with LJA's resulting moodiness, and an Easter egg hunt.  Joshua visits the AOD to supply some guidance, lend a listening ear, and dole out a couple revelations.   Joshua allows Andrew to see his memories of January 16, 1987.  He then asks Andrew to do him a favor: "A year from now when you find yourself directing a production of Jesus Christ Superstar, don't listen when your AD tells you that a certain Joshua Davidson is too 'ethnic' and 'burly' for the title role."  This is the first reference to the events that will comprise "The Carpenter."  That morning, Joshua allows Badriya to see the future, specifically Annabelle (her namesake) being rescued by Andrew and JenniAnn.

April 2013- Salma, Faisal, and Aiyla leave home to visit a neighbor while Behnam goes to barter for milk.  Isra is left alone with little Omar.  Shortly after Isra finishes nursing him, Behnam's uncle breaks into the house.  He's enraged when he finds Isra reading and not wearing a burqa.  He attempts to rape Isra but Behnam returns and sees what's happening.  When Isra pushes the man away from her, Behnam fires two shots and kills his uncle.  That night, the family flees and remains on the run for some time.  Sadly, Faisal is killed when their band of refugees is attacked and Salma is believed to have died, too.
("Hope and Healing")
April 2, 2013- In "Asking the Answer," Joshua pays Andrew another visit to answer some of the angel's questions.  We learn a bit more about what Joshua's role was in the dreams Andrew and LJA shared in "Abide With Me."  Joshua refers to the dreamworld as "my island of kudzu and stars."  So it's one of his countries, whatever you make of that.  The carpenter also prepares Andrew for any upcoming assignment, the one covered in "Chava."

April 16, 2013- While shopping and generally enjoying life Above, LJA and Owen find a disoriented, elderly woman named Chava.  Once they get her some lunch, she revives and is found to be perfectly lucid.  When she proves reluctant to return to wherever she's been living, the two friends take Chava to Catherine's Phoenix Inn.  Dr. Portia, a Tunnel resident and friend of Owen and LJA, gives her a good bill of health other than needing to rest.  Joe Maxwell arrives, eager to discover whether or not Chava is related to an elder abuse case his office is investigating.  Catherine invites Chava to say at the Phoenix which she readily agrees to.  Once Catherine gets Chava settled, she returns to visit with Portia, Owen, and LJA.  They all decide that the Tunnels may suit Chava more so Portia goes Below to plead her case to Father and Vincent.  The two men hear the physician out and conclude that Chava will be welcomed in the Tunnels if her stay at the Phoenix doesn't work out.

April 17, 2013- LJA has called upon Rabbi Yakov Levine, a Tunnel Helper, to see if he recognizes Chava.  He doesn't but agrees to ask around and visit with Chava after she's had more time to rest... and he manages to console LJA re: her not having kids.  That afternoon, Chava overhears music and finds LJA practicing dancing.  The song, "Bei Mir Bistu Shein," reminds Chava of a time in her past when she was trying to teach a fellow to swing dance.  Back in the present, LJA crashes into some chairs and rouses the elderly woman.  Though LJA does not mention him by name, Chava intuits that Andrew is very important to LJA.  The two women head to the Phoenix's library and share favorite passages until dinner.  ("Chava")
April 18, 2013- LJA is awoken by a crying child at the Phoenix.  The girl's mother is already tending to her but LJA discovers that the noise has awoken Chava, too, and that she's become distressed.  Chava doesn't want to talk about what upset her but also doesn't want to sleep so she gets LJA talking about her life and family... and Andrew who the elderly woman wants to meet.  In the morning, Catherine formally invites Chava Below and she accepts.  Later, Owen, LJA, and Catherine bring Chava to the Tunnels.  Father welcomes her and then she meets Vincent... and is soon charmed.  Joined by Mary, they get Chava settled in and then Rabbi Yakov and his wife, Tiva, come to properly welcome Chava.  ("Chava")

April 19, 2013- Andrew returns to Dyeland after a two week long assignment.  He's enthusiastically welcomed back by LJA who tells him about her new friend and her desire for them to meet.  Andrew agrees to an introduction in the Tunnels the following afternoon.    ("Chava")

April 20, 2013- LJA introduces Andrew and Chava.  It doesn't go well at all and everyone learns that Chava survived the Holocaust... and she recognizes Andrew.  Andrew also recognizes her from his time assigned to those at Auschwitz.  Mary asks Andrew to leave which he does.  Owen tells LJA to go with the angel since he and Mary are tending to Chava but Andrew needs someone, too.  Near the Tunnel portal, LJA tries to get Andrew to tell her about what happened but he won't because he needs to protect her from the horror of it.  LJA has an epiphany and realizes that, the whole time they've known each other, Andrew has loved her better and more than she ever loved him because he consistently puts her needs and wishes above his own... as he does with all of his friends.  They return to Dyeland and, after really considering the situation, Andrew lets LJA stay with him.  Exhausted, though, he falls asleep beneath the willow tree.  Back in the Tunnels, Owen, Vincent, and Mary are tending to Chava.  She feels she owes Andrew and LJA some explanation and also feels compelled to tell her story... the story of her loved ones... before she runs out of time.  Owen and Vincent see the value in this and reiterate that she should tell Andrew and LJA if it would be healing to her... but that they need to hear it together.  As Andrew naps, LJA and Owen have a text conversation to fill each other in.  When Andrew awakens, LJA has a heart-to-heart with him about agape and how she wants to love unconditionally, too, but can't when he's hiding away what might upset her.  He sees the truth in this and they both agree that they will hear Chava's story and that LJA will listen to them both.  ("Chava")

April 21, 2013- LJA returns Below to visit Chava but, before that, runs into Tiva who gives her the encouragement she needs to know she has the strength to hear Andrew and Chava out.  LJA arrives at Chava's chamber to find Vincent reassuring her.  LJA relates that she and Andrew are ready and wanting to listen to her story.  At Vincent's suggestion, LJA tells Chava a bit more about Andrew to put her at ease.  When Andrew visits Willowveil later that day, he confesses that he's mostly worried about LJA hearing Chava's story because of the cruelty within it but... he's also concerned she'll be disappointed in him.  LJA assures him that won't happen... it can't because after their shared dreams in Afghanistan, it's impossible for her to walk away from him.  Andrew comes to realize, too, that he needs to let go of the teenaged LJA he first met and accept that she's a grown woman... a friend and not a charge.  Thus, they're prepared to listen to Chava.  ("Chava")
April 22, 2013- Andrew and LJA go to Chava's chamber and she begins her tale.  First, she tales them about David, a boy she'd known her whole life but only truly appreciated when they were ten years old and he bailed her out at school.  She tells of running into him and his brother, Bennie, in the woods and how they walked her home and she was charmed with David's care for his developmentally challenged brother.  Chava goes on to speak of an incident in 1938 when her friend, Beth, and her family needed to leave town because Polish Jews were being expelled.  She and David brought the girl a cape they had made as a farewell present and they vowed to never forget each other, knowing they may never see each other again.  In the present, Andrew and LJA are both stricken: him by his own memories, her by the utter awfulness of simply not knowing if a friend is alive or dead.  Chava explains that, after the war, she did try to find Beth or word of her but there was nothing.  She goes onto tell them about Kristallnacht... a terrible day that ended with the torching of the village synagogue and the death of the rabbi and Chava's own father.  Her listeners are both grieved by her telling and Chava wearied... she hadn't spoken of her father's death since leaving Europe.  So Chava rests while Andrew and LJA return to Dyeland.  They have lunch with some friends then LJA retires to Willowveil with Andrew tagging along, not wanting to leave her alone.  That night, Chava dreams of the night she ran away from home after her father's death and David found her and, for the first time, they kissed.  ("Chava")

April 23, 2013- LJA keeps having nightmares so joins Andrew in the library where he's spending the night thinking and praying.  They try to comfort each other and LJA concludes that everything has happened as it has for a reason: God sent Andrew to be with Chava as she revisits her past and God also sent LJA to be there for Andrew.  The angel comes to believe this, too, and so tells LJA about his assignment with Chava's father and the village rabbi on Kristallnacht.  That morning, Andrew leaves for an assignment and LJA goes to the Tunnels for her class with Rabbi Yakov.  He convinces her to have lunch with Vincent and talk to him about what she's feeling.  So she does.  Vincent brings her to a chamber that blocks sound, allowing her to rage and scream out her pain and confusion.  He stays with her the whole time.  He should get the Godfather of the Year Award.  Later, Andrew returns to Dyeland and helps LJA to realize why God chose her as the one to meet Chava, to introduce her to him, to hear their stories, etc.  He concludes that Chava sees her relationship with David reflected back to her in them which has made them her chosen listeners.  So they return to the Tunnels and Chava resumes her story with an account of their deportation to a ghetto in Poland.  Heartbreakingly, David's family was killed on arrival.  Her recollection prompts a flashback for Andrew as he remembers taking the Friedmans home.  Chava goes onto tell Andrew and LJA about how her mother and friends arranged a small wedding for her and David in the ghetto.  When LJA goes to get tea, Chava counsels Andrew to keep close to the girl as the story progresses because, unlike the two of them, LJA has never "looked evil in the eyes" and thus needs protection.  Andrew agrees.  Chava's story shifts to April 1942 when rumors of the atrocities are running rampant.  She and David seek solace and time alone together in a hiding place Rabbi Lautz told David of.  ("Chava")
April 24, 2013- After Chava finishes telling of the night she and David spent in the Rabbi's attic, the three part for the night.  Andrew and LJA go to the Tunnel chapel where LJA prays before a painting of Jesus.  Once she's done, she returns to Andrew's side and contemplates how things may have been different had Christians preserved a more realistic image of Jesus through the years.  Andrew offers his views on what has allowed "-isms" to prevail at times.  Then he begins to cry as he remembers all the times during the Holocaust when God's message of love was ignored.  LJA comforts him and they pray together.  Back in her chamber, Chava tries to puzzle Andrew out and, drifting to sleep, dreams of happier times with David.  That morning, LJA teaches her class and Owen shares that he's invited Chava to go Above with him to teach a class at an art gallery... thus freeing up Andrew and LJA.  So the angel and woman join the Levines for dinner that evening.  While Andrew is told to go veg, Tiva assures an uncertain JenniAnn that she's strong enough to hear the rest of Chava's and Andrew's stories out.  Then Tiva produces a drawing she found earlier: one of Andrew drawn by an eight year old JenniAnn.  It gives LJA the proof she needs that she can stand by Andrew.  After dinner, Andrew and Rabbi Yakov retire to the latter's study for some chess.  Andrew confides in the man about a brutal mass killing he witnessed and his utter confusion when it comes to why some humans do terribly cruel things.  The rabbi assures him that it's a good thing neither of them can make sense of such behavior and reminds him that, when children died, two men were there: Andrew and the Nazi.  And only one remains: Andrew, the one who loved.  Later, the two pairs exchange their "how we met" stories with each other.  After leaving the Levines, Andrew and LJA return to Chava's chamber.  Chava resumes her story by telling of the day, in June 1943, when the ghetto was liquidated and she and those she loved were moved to Auschwitz.  LJA becomes agitated so Andrew sends her to get tea and burn off some energy.  While he and Chava talk, LJA meets up with Vincent who lends her his mother's rosary as a reminder of hope.  When she returns, Chava tells of her reunion with David and how she lost her mother.   ("Chava")

April 25, 2013-  After telling of Eva's death, Chava asks her listeners if they believe in angels.  Of course, Andrew and LJA both respond in the affirmative.  With that, the elderly woman continues her story by relaying how Rabbi Lautz and Mr. Leiber died and the plot to escape that soon followed.  She tells of that fateful night when she, David, Felix, Flora, and Hanna made their escape but David turned himself in to allow the others to evade the guards.  As Chava and LJA cry, Andrew retrieves Joshua's yarmulke and prayer shawl and recites Psalm 23 in Hebrew while LJA translates into English.  Chava expresses her wish that she at least know what happened to David.  Andrew then reveals himself as an angel.  Chava is initially in disbelief but then realizes he speaks truthfully.  She sobs in his arms and then asks Andrew to tell her about the night David died.  He does and the three cry together before Chava dismisses the two, telling them to rest.  LJA gets her settled into bed and then leaves Chava with her journal in which she writes to David.  LJA goes to her own chamber where she finds Andrew sobbing.  He'd been remembering his return to the woods where David died, where Abraham and Joshua were mourning him and the other victims.  LJA helps him fully realize that he did all he could and that if he'd done any more... he may have been unable to continue on Earth and then the life they've built would be gone.  Thus, Andrew is finally able to let go of his guilt.  She lulls him to sleep and he dreams of David's entry into Heaven.  When he awakes, Andrew goes to the Mirror Pool where Joshua briefly appears to tell his angel that he is very proud of him.  In the morning, Andrew confesses to Chava that he was near during their escape but kept silent.  He asks for her forgiveness but she doesn't give it because she thinks he did nothing wrong and, thus, has nothing to be forgiven for.  They all realize that, with the timing of the revelation, they were all blessed in ways they otherwise would not have been: Chava found friends when she most needed them, Andrew and LJA had some long overdue talks, and Andrew confronted his remorse over not being able to save people's lives.  Chava tells her friends a little of her life in New York after immigrating there and about the fates of Flora, Hanna, and Felix.  Then she asks them about their lives, particularly about their home.  Thus, the two introduce her to Dyeland.  After getting Chava settled in for the night, Andrew and LJA share a dance in the Willowveil ballroom.  ("Chava")

April 26, 2013- After services at Rabbi Yakov's synagogue, Chava is recognized by one of the congregants.  The woman turns out to be her childhood friend, Beth, whose family was deported and who was feared dead.  As Andrew drives them to a restaurant with LJA, Beth and Chava begin to catch up on all that happened in the years they spent apart.  It comes out that Beth has managed to keep some photographs, some of David among them.  The four detour to Beth's hotel where Chava, at last, is able to see her husband's and parents' faces again and show them to LJA.  ("Chava")

April 28, 2013- Andrew, LJA, and Owen meet Kemara Marie Meeks at Fr. Mike's church in Manhattan.  She moves to Dyeland about two weeks later.  ("Ivy")

May 30, 2013- This seems to be when Andrew started the assignment he has in "Ivy" since LJA has been parted from him for "two weeks and two days" as ofJune 14th.

June 14, 2013- Andrew is troubled when he begins to suspect that one of the girls in a summer session he's been teaching is being bullied so he seeks solace in the school chapel which houses a Pieta with a key to his assignment.  Joshua visits the angel and tells him that the girl, Ivy, is his assignment.  He asks Andrew to remind the girl that he loves her.  Andrew learns more about her life... and that he won't be working the case alone.  ("Ivy")

June 17-August 10, 2013- This is the entire span of when Andrew is aided by JenniAnn and eventually others including Kemara and Violeta during his assignment with the Eve's Girls program as told in "Ivy."  They all work together to help Ivy overcome the abuse directed at her by another girl and her two cronies.  The ladies stay at the home of LJA's parents, Robert and Allison, while Andrew resides in a loft in the downtown area of their city.

June 18, 2013- On this date, two of JenniAnn's grade/high school friends learn the truth about Andrew.  Carrie and Kevin Hunter spot Andrew and LJA at a grocery store and the former becomes agitated when she recognizes Andrew as the older man who sometimes picked LJA up from school.  To get her to stop worrying, the Hunters are told that Andrew's an angel of death... something that gives them great comfort considering Kevin is battling cancer.  From that evening on, the two join in on the effort to protect "Ivy."

June 19, 2013- Violeta becomes a second target for Ivy's bullies.  On the plus side, this causes Ivy to open up to the angel.  Later, Andrew and Joshua are both moved by a poem Ivy wrote about the latter.  He then gives Andrew some guidance on the assignment and bullying in general.

June 20, 2013- Andrew and Co. meet Mr. Mark Spelman, JenniAnn's former psychology teacher, who has some information that later proves very useful.  It also turns out that he was one of the people involved in the decision to purchase Ivy's mother's Pieta for the school chapel.  This is also the first day that Ivy really opens up to Andrew and all three of the ladies about what she's been dealing with.  That night, Andrew, LJA, and the Hunters finalize some plans to watch over social media to keep Ivy from getting cyber bullied.  Andrew learns that Kevin's little sister, Lorelei, was one of his more unique assignments.  ("Ivy")

June 21, 2013- Ivy accidentally locks herself out of her house so winds up at the Chandler residence while she waits for her Grandma Doreen to get home.  Unfortunately, Doreen uses it as an opportunity to make Ivy feel bad and goes off on Andrew and LJA then grounds Ivy.  This has very unfortunate consequences.  Meanwhile, Bennie, who has also been working with the Eve's Girls program, invites LJA to hang out and bury the hatchet.  That doesn't go real well, either...  ("Ivy")

June 22-23, 2013- Bennie takes advantage of LJA's naivete (girl can't taste the difference between a real margarita and a NA one) and gets her drunk then leaves her at a bar.  Andrew, in something of a panic, goes to get her.  While they're dealing with that, Ivy receives a series of hateful messages on Facebook.  In the middle of the night, she leaves her house with the intent of biking to the Chandler residence in order to be comforted by the presence of her new friends.  Unfortunately, she's struck by a car and winds up unconscious in the hospital.  Thankfully, she'd been carrying one of LJA's books and a nurse tracks down Andrew and Co. via the phone number written in that.  The four hasten to the hospital where they join with several others to pray for Ivy's recovery.  Meanwhile, Joshua sits at Ivy's bedside and gifts her with a vision from his own life: a time when his Abi (Yosef) stood up to a boy and his father who were bullying Yeshu (Joshua).  After the vision, Joshua awakens Ivy and the girl's healing begins.  Mr. Spelman reveals that, as part of the deal to purchase the Pieta, Francesca asked for Ivy to attend Our Lady of Hope... a deal the school principal makes good on however belatedly.  Ivy learns Andrew's and Violeta's true identities and finds a very special gift: a lion carved by the Carpenter Himself.  Later, Andrew and the ladies confront Doreen who is forced to recognize her own failings and incorrect assumptions about Jesus and His Father.

June 24, 2013- Andrew visits with a repentant Bennie.  He extends his and LJA's forgiveness for her actions but tells her that they need time away to rebuild trust in her.  Bennie then leads her students in a discussion on bullying.  In his class, Andrew has the girls work on gifts and well-wishes for Ivy.  While they do that, he's called to the principal's office to confront the bullies.  At first, the confrontation seems to be going no where but then there's a break through when Joshua reveals some information about the bully's father and he becomes determined that his daughter should make restitution.  During this, Violeta has been working for a local newspaper and, with Ivy's help, turns the focus of her article towards overcoming the bullying epidemic.

June 26, 2013- Having had a little time to recuperate, Ivy is able to receive one of the gifts she was promised... a dog!  Andrew, LJA, Kemara, and Violeta take her to the Humane Society where she falls in love with a wee black dog who has suffered abuse himself.  Enter Leo the lionhearted.  Meanwhile, Ivy's bully, Alyssa, and her family begin counseling with none other than Monica and Tess.

June 28, 2013- Andrew takes Doreen and Ivy to visit Francesca's Pieta.  Doreen is overcome by memories of her daughter's death and her own refusal to accept her child.  However, she's reminded by God and her granddaughter that it's never too late.  Doreen asks God for forgiveness and is freed from her judgmentalism. 

August 10, 2013- Andrew's time with Eve's Girls officially comes to a close when they have their end of the summer program.  Ivy astounds with a performance of "God Help the Outcasts."  In the crowd, all of those who helped her are there to cheer for her... including the God of the outcasts, Joshua. 

Mid to Late August, 2013- Though there's no story about it, Andrew and Co. take an Alaskan cruise courtesy of Raquel and Nico during this period.  They'd given him a certificate for a group cruise as a welcome home/birthday gift in "Abide With Me."  Rose and Max allude to it at the end of "Roots and Wings".

September 19-20, 2013- In "Once More," Andrew tells JenniAnn that this will be his last birthday before he starts aging.  He's chosen Valentine's Day 2014 for the date.  Whether it happens exactly then remains to be seen.

Autumn 2013- Sometime during the season, Andrew and Samuel witness a thankfully aborted attack on Eilish by drunken men.  Samuel was allowed to intervene by frightening off the men.  ("Samuel's Prayer")

October 1, 2013- Andrew and LJA are having a lovely evening with their dogs and some dancing in the Willowveil ballroom when they discover that Shelby has been hiding and watching them.  She reveals that she's bothered by her lack of memories of her parents and spills about her desire to trick-or-treat because she wants to experience something of what life with her parents mighta been like.  After hearing the girl out, our Halloween-hating AOD agrees to take her trick-or-treating Above cause he's Andrew and of course he's going to do the right, most loving thing.  Earlier that same day, Andrew had been on assignment at a store where he witnessed one brother giving his younger bro a hard time about the grim reaper.  Obviously, Andrew was not pleased.  ("Trick-or-Treating")
October 3, 2013- LJA and Monica are enjoying their annual Coffee Summit Day when a familiar faces walks into the Panera...  It's Arthur Reese aka the guy Monica felt the connection with shortly before her temptation in 2001.  Thanks to Joshua's orchestration, Monica and Arthur are reunited... for the long haul.  Andrew, sent there to keep LJA company since Monica ends up dining with Arthur, is convinced of this.  And so sayeth Jack.  As it turns out, Arthur is moving to Manhattan.

October 5, 2013- Andrew and JenniAnn host a "Welcome to Manhattan!" party for Arthur at Adrian's Coffeehouse.  This is when he meets many of Monica's friends.  ("The Coffee Summit")

October 31, 2013- A slew of Dyelander adults (let's see... Andrew, LJA, Adam, Max, Rose, Kemara, Monica, and Arthur along with Violeta [does she count as an adult?  hmm...]) take a bunch of the Tunnel kids "Trick-or-Treating" Above because Shelby confessed about a month before to longing to trick-or-treat properly.  Andrew went as Dumbledore, LJA as Prof. Trelawney, Adam as Hagrid, Max as Harry Potter, Rose as Hermione, Kemara as a Ravenclaw student, Violeta as Tonks, Shelby as Luna Lovegood, and Monica and Arthur as Guenevere and King Arthur.   While the others go through a haunted maze, Andrew gets some reassurance from Joshua... who dresses as a lion because Satan best watch himself.  Later, they all head to the Fields of Gold for the usual party.  Catherine and Vincent are among those there and dress as Tristan and Iseult.  This is also apparently the first chance Arthur and Tess have to really talk.

November 2013- Andrew, Adam, Henry, Eli, Violeta, Monica, and Arthur all spend time in the Philippines helping with relief and recovery following Typhoon Haiyan.  "Shelter from the Storm" offers a glimpse of Arthur's and Monica's time there.  Arthur references his recovery work with Monica in JABB 398.  These assignments are also briefly referenced in "The Truth" with Andrew dealing with fatigue and struggling to be alone and Arthur and Monica drawing closer because of their work together.

November 28-29, 2013- Several of the Dyelanders and friends gather for Thanksgiving dinner at Willowveil.  After dinner, when the crowd has thinned, Adam arranges a game of Philosophical Questions.  One question prompts Monica to consider that she should tell Arthur the truth about the day they met and how she walked off her assignment and was tempted.  LJA concurs and so Arthur and Monica head to Veritas for the important talk.  Meanwhile, Andrew and LJA have their own talk about honesty while Max, Violeta, Rose, and Kemara watch Harry Potter.  It's a very fruitful Thanksgiving and you can read about it in "The Truth" .
December 2013- Esther Chava Kossing Friedman passes away in her chamber in the Tunnels surrounded by those who came to care for her in her last months: Andrew, LJA, Owen, Portia, Mary, Father, Vincent, Catherine, Rabbi Yakov, and Tiva.  It doesn't turn out to be Andrew who escorts Chava Home but someone else...  The next day, Rabbi Yakov presides over a memorial service in his synagogue while Vincent organizes one Below.  He eulogizes Chava and then recites a Rilke poem she shared with him.  Others get up to share their memories and then only Andrew and LJA are left.  Andrew gives JenniAnn a gift that Chava left behind: an ethical will.  She lovingly admonishes them both to value and make the most of their love for each other, not worrying about what society thinks they should have or want.  She writes that she has learned that God cannot act against free will but that He whispers always, nudging us towards love.  ("Chava"

December 23, 2013- Nearly three weeks after Chava's death, LJA is deep in mourning so God assigns Andrew to her.  Thus, LJA gets a revelation scene in which Andrew reassures her both about Chava and about his own future.  Chava's death had reawakened LJA's fears about what life would be like for Andrew on Earth following her death and the deaths of their friends.  God has it all figured out!  As they pray, Andrew is struck by a vision of LJA... with a baby.  Later, Max, Rose, and some of the others come to Serendipity to get Andrew's tree up and decorated.  Still later that evening, Andrew, LJA, Max, and Violeta watch It's a Wonderful Life together.  It's the first time for Violeta but as Andrew has seen it countless times, his mind drifts and he reflects on all the ways God has blessed their tribe in the past year.   ("The Christmas Rose")

December 24, 2013- Andrew takes Violeta, LJA, and Kemara to Nebraska to attend the Christmas pageant at Ivy's church.  LJA's parents, Mr. Spelman, Ivy's grandma Doreen, the Hunters, Arthur, and Monica also attend.  While Ivy performs a solo, Andrew realizes that Joshua is there.  Andrew learns then when Joshua plans to incarnate.  ("The Christmas Rose")

December 25, 2013- Andrew and LJA meet up in his living room in the wee hours of the morning to fill stockings.  They share a dance as Max, overhearing, dreams of his future with Rose.  Peace and joy settle over Kemara, Monica, Violeta, Fr. Mike, and Ivy as they reflect on the significance of the day.  Meanwhile, a gray car approaches a rundown apartment in Manhattan.  It's Maryam, Yosef, and Joshua... who fittingly chose Christmas to return.  After getting Joshua's apartment into a more livable state, the family enjoys breakfast together and Maryam and Yosef retell Joshua the story of his birth.  Back in Dyeland, Andrew and LJA observe as their friends exchange Christmas gifts.  Andrew marvels at the coming of Joshua... and his vision of LJA and the baby.  A world away in Apartment 333, Joshua is starting to wonder what it's going to be like to walk among the Dyelanders, etc. with all his memories but no knowledge of what they're thinking or feeling.  Maryam and Yosef counsel him by drawing on their own experience as parents.  Knowing it will help calm Joshua, Yosef decides they should go to church so they go to St. Mary Magdalene's where Andrew and Co. are also headed.  As he sets out to give his homily during the Mass, Fr. Mike sees Joshua and, after getting over the shock and excitement, wings his homily on the theme of "Immanuel: God with us."  Later, after bidding his parishioners and the Dyelanders adieu, Fr. Mike reunites with Joshua and meets Maryam and Yosef.  Joshua also fills him in on what's coming along, namely his stint with the Jesus Christ Superstar production that Andrew will be directing.  Then the four spend their day feeding the homeless together.  That night, Monica hosts a party at her place in Dyeland.  Andrew and Violeta steal away to discuss their coming assignment with Joshua.  Back in Manhattan, Joshua and his parents gaze up at the stars and soak up the Father's love.  Maryam glances over at the rose on Joshua's table and remembers his words: "I am the resurrection and the life."  ("The Christmas Rose")

January 2014- "To Love Another Person" is set then, sometime after the 6th (Epiphany).  In the story, Kemara suggests a movie night and she, Rose, Max, Violeta, JenniAnn, Andrew, Henry, Arthur, and Monica gather to watch Les Miserables.  It proves to be quite a moving experience for them all... and informative for Violeta.  Henry arrives late after some debate with himself on whether to attend or not.  It turns out that he was there and witnessed some of the events which inspire the book/musical.

Winter of 2014- At some point during the winter, Eilish's adoptive mother, Maria, begins suffering from the effects of a brain tumor.  ("The Story of Eilish/Elise")

February 4, 2014- Andrew and JenniAnn enjoy a pleasant evening at Willowveil prepping the annual Valentine's Day video.  After sharing a dance, they part for the evening.  Andrew heads off to start some assignments, leaving JenniAnn with an uneasy feeling that something's going to happen to him.   Meanwhile, Monica and Violeta had returned to the Philippines to visit former patients.  ("Promises of Someday")

February 5, 2014- Andrew finds himself on assignment in a familiar alley.  He soon hears the cries of an abandoned baby who he will have to take Home unless, per Joshua, her mother comes for her.  And that turns out to be JenniAnn who comes running (with assistance from Joshua) when Andrew appears to her in a dream, seeking her help.  All of this happens in the same alley where LJA first saw Andrew.  Andrew, LJA, and the baby then go to the hospital where Kelly informs LJA that she is the girl's mother.  Andrew and JenniAnn rejoice and name the girl: Annabelle Luna Chandler.  While both Annabelle and JenniAnn sleep, Andrew meets with Joshua in the chapel.  Joshua transforms the angel's human form, enabling his body to age.  Naturally, Andrew's rose's final petal turns.  Unfortunately, Andrew and LJA later witness Annabelle's first withdrawal attack.  Back in Dyeland, Owen and Vincent begin prepping JenniAnn's office to become Annabelle's nursery.  Arthur, Monica, and Violeta visit Andrew and JenniAnn at the hospital; bringing fresh clothes and necessities and some reprieve and comfort to the new parents.  Kelly visits with Andrew and JenniAnn to discuss custody issues and gives a blessing to Annabelle.  That evening, three of the grandparents (Allison, Robert, and Catherine) come to the hospital to meet their new grandbaby.  Later that night, Annabelle has another attack and is taken to the nursery for observation.  Andrew and JenniAnn remain together to pray and comfort each other.  ("Promises of Someday")

February 6, 2014- Both distressed and unable to sleep, Andrew and JenniAnn get clingy and make plans for the future.  At 4:30 AM, Joshua and Fr. Mike get themselves into Willowveil to do some childproofing.  A bit later, Portia gives Andrew and JenniAnn an encouraging report of Annabelle's night and they're able to feed her themselves and keep her with them for the day and night.  ("Promises of Someday")

February 7, 2014- LJA awakens to find Andrew holding a sleeping Annabelle.  As the two talk, LJA tells Andrew that he reminds her of Jesus and they share an emotional moment.  That afternoon, Adam, Henry, and Eli come to meet Annabelle and present her with gifts.  Later, Violeta ecstatically makes plans with Annabelle when she's finally allowed to hold her.  During that visit, Fr. Mike arrives with direction from Joshua: the two angels are on leave until the assignment with the theatre begins so they can have time with Annabelle and the others.  When JenniAnn and Monica return to the room, the priest blesses Annabelle.  The baby receives a visit from her Aunt Rose and Uncle Max that evening followed by a return of the grandparents.  After they all leave, Andrew and JenniAnn give their baby a bath for the first time.  When alone with Annabelle, Andrew has a heart-to-heart with her.   ("Promises of Someday")

February 8, 2014- Adam, Tess, Monica, Vincent, Devin, Owen, Kemara, Mick, and Beth gather in Annabelle's soon-to-be nursery and discuss their histories with Andrew and JenniAnn.  Later, Owen, Kemara, and Tess go to the hospital to meet Annabelle for the first time.  After they leave, Portia announces that Annabelle can be released the next morning.  Kelly returns with Arthur and Monica in tow... and paperwork for Andrew.  As Arthur sings Annabelle to sleep, Kelly gets a sort of revelation concerning him and Monica.  Fr. Mike visits Joshua at his apartment and brings him letters and photos from Andrew and JenniAnn.  Joshua gives the priest a gift for Annabelle's Naming Ceremony.   ("Promises of Someday")

February 9, 2014- Andrew and LJA make a video of Annabelle's last few minutes in the hospital and then, along with Robert and Allison, pile into the Jolly Green and head to the Tunnels.  Vincent is, at last, able to meet his granddaughter.  Andrew and LJA make plans for living arrangements once they return to Dyeland and discuss an all-important topic: Andrew's facial hair.  ("Promises of Someday")

February 10, 2014- Annabelle's Naming Ceremony is celebrated Below with a dinner following.  Fr. Mike presents her parents with Joshua's gift: a wooden statue abstractly showing their little family and a white butterfly (aka Himself).  Afterwards, Andrew visits Joshua at his apartment and is finally able to thank him in person.  Joshua shares some plans with Andrew for Annabelle's cradle.  ("Promises of Someday")

February 13, 2014- "Roots and Wings" features baby Annabelle, Andrew, and LJA together at Willowveil on this date.    "Promises of Someday" has a scene set before the "Roots" one.  In it, Owen and Vincent bring Andrew, JenniAnn, and Annabelle to the new nursery for the first time. 

February 14, 2014- Everyone in Dyeland gathers at the Cafe for the annual Valentine's video which Rose and Max finished up.  After the party, Fr. Mike brings Joshua a copy and some snacks.  ("Promises of Someday")

February 17, 2014- Andrew heads back to work... to St. Genesius' Community Theatre where preparations are underway for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  He meets his assignment, Lucy, and Emma who is playing Mary Magdalene.  Not far from the theatre, Yohannan aka John the Baptist is putting up fliers touting Joshua's carpentry skills.  The two cousins meet up and head back to Joshua's apartment for a family lunch with Joshua happily awaiting his time at the theatre.  ("Promises of Someday")
Late Winter/Spring 2014- Joshua Davidson is hired as a carpenter for the rundown theatre where Andrew is working.  (Joshua is getting super excited for this during "The Coffee Summit" set in October, 2013.)  When the lead skips town, Joshua is chosen to play Jesus... which is to say that Joshua will play himself.  Joshua first teased this in "The Keeper's Story" and then gave Andrew more information and allayed some of his fears in "Asking the Answer."  "The Carpenter" was released in July 2014.  A day by day recount of what happened in that story begins below.

Please note: All bulleted entries below are in reference to  "The Carpenter".

Please note: All bulleted entries below are in reference to  "The King".

May 2014-  In the first epilogue to "The King," Beth anxiously waits after Mick has left to go rescue Josef after a trafficking bust gone bad.  They return but both are riddled with bullets.  Beth realizes then why Joshua wouldn't heal them.  If he had, they would have died that night.  

May 17, 2014- Kemara arrives for dance class and discovers some of her classmates are arguing about the opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum.  Both she and Sean confess to each other that they'd like to go.  They decide to go together making it their first official date.  Despite the somber occasion, Violeta is super excited about this turn in their relationship.  That night, Kemara visits Willowveil and shares the news with Andrew and JenniAnn.  ("New Beginnings")

May 20, 2014- As the big day approaches, Kemara has a heart-to-heart with Owen about her concerns that she may rush things with Sean.  Owen passes along counsel that Joshua had given to him.  ("New Beginnings")

May 21, 2014- After breakfast at Willowveil, Kemara meets up with Sean at St. Mary Mag's.  Fr. Mike visits briefly with them before they head to the museum.  The museum is overwhelming but moving.  After taking a rubbing of one of the names for a friend (Joanne), Kemara and Sean discuss where they were on 9/11 and then head to a spot Sean picked for lunch.  Kemara is impressed when she discovers the spot specializes in Southern cooking.  Sean jokes (or not?) that bringing Kemara there was part of a bid to make her fall madly in love with him.  By the end of their date, they've officially become a couple.  That night at a family dinner at Willowveil, Kemara brings up her desire to invite Sean to the Memorial Day cookout.  The others agree.  When Kemara and Sean attend a ceili that night, Joanne is furious about seeing them on the news coverage of the museum's opening.  They diffuse the situation by giving her the rubbing of her cousin's name.  While Sean visits with friends, Keith (his father) asks Kemara how their day went.  ("New Beginnings")

May 22, 2014- After a night of dancing, Kemara invites Sean to the group's visit to the veterans' hospital and then to "Andrew's and JenniAnn's house" for the cookout.  Sean happily accepts the invitation... mysterious as it is.  ("New Beginnings")

May 24, 2014- Several of the Dyelanders and JCS group gather at the veterans' hospital with treats and cards and participate in a ceremony.  Afterwards, Kemara brings Sean to St. Genesius' where he has his first experience with a portal!  Sean is surprised but impressed by Dyeland.  He's also pretty surprised about the angels but takes it in relative stride.  Finding out Joshua is Jesus... that gets to him.  Kemara tries to comfort him and ends up bringing him to Joshua's room where they find a note and gift for Sean: a bodhran.  At the party, Sean hits it off with the others and repeatedly asks the angels if they have flaming swords.  Monica finally supplies one: a small sword-shaped pendant that she gives to Sean courtesy of Joshua.  After the party, Kemara escorts Sean back through the portal and they share a kiss... two kisses actually.  One not-so-good, one good.  :-)  ("New Beginnings")

June 2014- With help from Ray, Emma is reunited with Jocelyn and Zoe at Adrian's Coffeehouse.  Around that same time, Logan's mother, Beverly, finally takes note of hr son's enthusiastic gardening.  She begins to help him and, thus, reclaim her health.  ("The King")

August 2014- Per "A Stor Mo Chroi," Arthur's parents, Molly and Grant, visited him in New York.  During their stay, they were told that Monica was an angel and introduced to Dyeland. 

August 5, 2014- In "A Cord of Three Strands,"  Andrew and Violeta have a heated discussion about whether or not Silly should be fixed so he and Mary aren't procreating like crazy.  Adam helps settle the matter when he explains his plans for a knitting therapy group... which, naturally, would require lots of wool from lots of sheep.

October 4, 2014- Kemara awakens to a text from LJA asking her to come to Willowveil.  When she goes, she discovers that a nest and a bird have appeared in the box beneath Andrew's tree.  Thus do her friends find out that she's engaged to Sean!  ("The King""The Never-Ending Road" picks up later that day with Sean and Kemara setting a wedding date.

October 5, 2014- Kemara and Sean briefly visit with Fr. Mike to schedule their first pre-Cana meeting.  Afterwards, they head to Sean's parents' home to announce their engagement to his family.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

October 8, 2014- Kemara and Sean have their first pre-Cana session with Fr. Mike and take an assessment before heading to Bible study.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

October 9, 2014- The couple meet at Adrian's Coffeehouse to discuss their answers to the assessment Fr. Mike gave them.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

October 11, 2014- With help from Joshua, a lil boy named Liam makes his way to his father's place: Arthur's apartment.  Arthur and Monica are completely thrown for a loop and the latter is angry at the former.  Meanwhile, JenniAnn begins to suspect there was some abuse in Liam's home.  Kelly arrives with news of Liam's mother, Nessa.  Not wanting Liam to hear, Andrew and LJA take Liam shopping for much needed clothes.  While the little guy is changing, LJA sees burn marks that prove Liam was abused.  Back at the apartment, Eli joins Kelly, Arthur, and Monica.  He tells them that Nessa has died and he was the AOD who took her Home then waited with Liam until help arrived.  While he was placed in a good foster home, Liam ran away that morning after finally accepting that his mother was dead.  Because Arthur and Monica are still at odds, Kelly suggests that Andrew take custody of Liam for a day or two and have him stay at Willowveil.  Arthur agrees to this plan.  When Liam and Co. arrive back at the apartment, the group shares lunch which the boy thoroughly enjoys.  After that, the whole group tags along to get Liam settled at Willowveil.  Arthur breaks down as he thinks about the five years Liam spent fatherless and fearful.  At the same time, Monica goes to the chapel to pray.  She begins to soften when she sees Arthur reading to Liam.  The two go to Willowveil's conservatory where they try to hash out their feelings.  They make progress but Monica pulls away then leaves when she remembers her own temptation.  Downstairs, Andrew and JenniAnn give Violeta a talking to for judging Arthur.  Having run off to her cottage, Monica is visited by Tess who babies her.  Adam comes later and talks to her and counsels her on a more adult (read sensible) level.  God sends Tess to Arthur's apartment where she finds him distressed.  They have a talk and, by the end, Tess realizes that she can trust Arthur with Monica.  Then Monica calls, inviting Arthur over for breakfast that morning.  Both Arthur and Tess take this as a sign that all will be well.  ("A Stor Mo Chroi")

October 12, 2014- Around 3 AM, Andrew and JenniAnn are awoken by the sound of Liam talking to Belle in her nursery.  They head there to intervene but instead listen as Liam confides in the baby.  He tells her about how his mommy was sometimes scary and vows to protect her if her parents ever become scary.  Andrew and LJA hope that Arthur and Monica can come together for the boy.  Arthur arrives at Monica's cottage where she greets him enthusiastically.  She reveals to him that their statue from Joshua had a surprise: a little rendering of Liam was beneath the lilac bush which fell off as she cleaned.  They decide to parent Liam together and live in Monica's cottage.  Monica has one condition: she'll age along with Liam and Arthur.  With some concern, Arthur agrees.  Later, while Arthur signs a paternity claim at Willowveil, the group discovers that Monica cared for Liam in a hospital nursery for a couple days after his birth.  After spending more time at Willowveil, Arthur and Monica move Liam to Veritas where the family will reside.  After getting the boy to sleep, they call Arthur's parents to tell them the news.  Though shocked, Molly and Grant plan to visit the next day.  Later that night, Liam has a nightmare about his mother's death and sneaks into Monica's room.  Because she's so still, he worries that maybe she's dead.  Upon waking, Monica assures Liam that she will never die and rocks and cuddles him.  Liam suggests that he call her "Monny" and she happily agrees.  He spends the night snuggled with her.  ("A Stor Mo Chroi")

October 13, 2014- Arthur is the first to wake and starts pancakes.  Monica and Liam soon join him and the latter begins to sob when he spills his juice, fearful that he'll be in trouble and possibly get hit.  The two adults assure him that they would never hit him and still love him.  At Arthur's suggestion, Monica tells the boy about having been with him after he was born.  Afterwards, the three, along with Andrew, JenniAnn, and Belle, attend Mass at St. Mary Magdalene's.  Fr. Mike agrees to help figure out if Liam's been baptized and hosts the group for some cookies and milk.  Later on, Grant and Molly arrive in Dyeland.  They and Liam are mutually enchanted.  While the others watch a movie, Molly gives some advice to Arthur who is worried that Liam is too agreeable.  ("A Stor Mo Chroi")

October 14, 2014- After Liam has another nightmare, the family shares a midnight snack and the little guy learns that he has an extensive family.  After breakfast at Henry's the next morning, Monica shares that she's been put on leave and will only work assignments that will enable her to keep Liam with her and return to the cottage every night.  That evening, they return to Willowveil for an extended family dinner.  Liam gets to meet Adam, Max, Rose, Kemara, and Sean.  After dinner, a bunch of them jump in leaf piles that Adam and Eli "crafted."  Arthur and Monica have to assure Liam that he won't get in trouble for getting dirty.  They all have a blast.  ("A Stor Mo Chroi")

October 15, 2014- Following lunch at Veritas, Molly and Grant have to head home.  They tearfully part from their grandson but with promises to meet up with Liam, Arthur, and Monica soon... at Halloween if not before.  Afterwards, they head to the Tunnels where, after a brief introduction from JenniAnn, Liam meets his Grandpa Vincent.  That evening, the group as their weekly Bible study and Liam is introduced to several of his new aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Once the children are sequestered in the playroom, the adults hear Arthur's story and assure him they aren't sitting in judgment.  They also counsel him when he admits to being a little angry at Joshua for not telling him about Liam.  In the playroom, Shelby, Jacob, and Liam try to figure out how they're related to each other and Belle clamors for their attention which they give her.  ("A Stor Mo Chroi")

October 16, 2014- Arthur needs to return to work so Liam and Monica spend a quiet morning at the cottage.  The two have a talk about his Mommy and why she didn't protect him.  As best as she can, Monica tells Liam that his Mommy was sick but did love him.  She helps him paint a picture frame for a photograph of him and Nessa and then Liam paints their family so Arthur can put it in his office.  When they reach True Light, intending to have lunch with Arthur, Tim tells Monica that the guys all reacted well to Arthur's news that he's a father.  Arthur is moved when Liam gives him his family portrait and they set off to find the perfect place for it in his office before lunch.  ("A Stor Mo Chroi")

October 17, 2014- At Willowveil, Andrew and JenniAnn noticed that Arthur's and Monica's birds and nest are missing.  They surmise that Joshua is personally delivering them to the two... with the addition of Liam's bird.  At Veritas, Monica awakens and finds Joshua preparing pancakes in the kitchen.  After embracing her, he gives her keys to a food truck so she'll have the ability to help provide for Liam.  Next, he allows her body to begin aging.  When Arthur and Liam wake up, the four share breakfast and then the boy and Joshua have a heart-to-heart.  Joshua reminds Liam that he loves him and will always be with him.  He also passes along Nessa's message that she's sorry and loves her boy.  A bit later, Liam escorts Monica to the living room whether Joshua blesses Arthur and Monica as well as Liam.  When the blessing in through, Liam brings his parents a box Joshua asked him to stash.  Inside is Monica's official driver's license and two adult birds, a lil bird, and a nest.  Joshua takes some photos of the new family which he deems "perfect."    ("A Stor Mo Chroi")

October 31, 2014- Kemara and Sean visit Times Square on Halloween to recreate the iconic photo of the serviceman and nurse kissing before joining their friends in Dyeland for a bonfire.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

November 2014- As Diana labors, her three older children sit in the hospital waiting room with Ivy, Emma, and Peter.   After a few hours, Immanuel (Manny) Wilson is born!  Joshua comes to visit him and his family at the hospital.  ("The King")  Sometime after that, the Harmons returned to NYC to meet Manny and Larissa and the kids were introduced to Dyeland.  ("The Family Tree")

November 20, 2014- Kemara and Sean visit Manny, Diana, and Zeke in "The Never-Ending Road".  Diana and Kemara have a heart to heart and Zeke leads the little group in prayer.

Thanksgiving 2014- Per "The Family Tree," Raquel and Nico spent Thanksgiving in Dyeland.  During their stay, they watched the JCS DVD for the first time.  Kemara's parents also visited then per "The Never-Ending Road".

December 1, 2014- After leaving Bible study, Kemara and Sean talk with Diana and Zeke and others of their friends about their impending babysitting stint with Manny.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

December 5, 2014- Kemara and Sean babysit Manny while Diana and Zeke do some shopping.  They have a somewhat messy time of it...  ("The Never-Ending Road")

December 19, 2014- After rocking Belle to sleep, JenniAnn shares a tender moment with Andrew and asks if Joshua has said anything about coming for Christmas.  Andrew hadn't heard either way.  He gives LJA a Nativity he carved for their family, one of several that he intends to give to their friends starting with Arthur and Monica who return to pick up Liam who had been baking cookies with Violeta.  ("The Family Tree")

December 20, 2014- After awakening and deciding to make Andrew breakfast in bed, JenniAnn retrieves Belle from her nursery and, upon entering the kitchen, discovers that coffee has been started... and Joshua's mug is missing.  She ends up finding the mug and its owner in the ballroom.  After a happy reunion with LJA and Belle, Joshua greets Violeta and Andrew then sends out a text/email to alert the others to his return.  Meanwhile, Fr. Mike gets a call from John... from his kitchen.  After a joyful reunion and the receipt of Joshua's message, they head to Willowveil.  At the castle, Maryam and Yosef get settled in then join the others to await their friends' arrivals.  Kemara is the first to rush in and enthusiastically welcome Joshua back.  In Albany, Caleb is the first to see Joshua's email and awakens Edward, Dot, Randall, Clay, and Kylie with the news.  They all rush to get to Willowveil.  In the Tunnels, Portia remembers the circumstances of Persephone's birth and the pain of abandonment.  Then her thoughts turn to Joshua who she learned, weeks after his departure, was Jesus.  When she reads the text from him, she and Persephone hurriedly dress and head to Willowveil.  In Manhattan, Emma and Peter pack up themselves and Jocelyn and Zoe, who are visiting, and head to Dyeland to join in the celebration of Joshua's return.  The Tunnel contingent arrive at Willowveil and Portia has her moment with Joshua.  Sean's turn comes next and Joshua calms him with a promise to talk later, in private, and to perform together.  After greeting Vincent, Catherine, and Father; Joshua is stampeded by Peter, Emma, Jocelyn, and Zoe who he shares a tearful reunion with.  Once breakfast is finished and Andrew and LJA have figured out sleeping arrangements, the entire group heads to Macy's to do Christmas shopping for the Phoenix Inn and True Light.  That evening, Joshua and several of the others attend Shabbat service at Beth El where Rabbi Yakov and Tiva learn of his return.  Maryam arranges with Betty to have their two families share dinner at the Frankls'.  Later, the JCS cast and crew and friends decorate the Dyeland Christmas tree, including hanging a special garland for Joshua.  ("The Family Tree""The Never-Ending Road" delves into Sean's time with Joshua a bit more, including talk about Sean's beloved bodhran from the Carpenter and the gifting of a very meaningful Christmas ornament.

December 21, 2014- Awaking early, Arthur finds Joshua in the kitchen where he tells him about how upsetting it is that Liam seems to look to Monica for comfort and not him.  Yosef enters and father and son help Arthur realize that Liam does trust him.  After Mass, Joshua and his family head to the Phoenix Inn where Maryam counsels Gracie as she nurses her baby, Harmony.  Soon after, Andrew arrives with JenniAnn, Clay, and Belle along with Adam and Kylie who are there to greet the children as Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Yosef, Joshua, and Vincent counsel Clay who is worried his disfigurement might hurt potential children with Kylie.  The group moves onto the True Light shelter where Caleb surprises Adam by showing up dresses as Buddy the elf.  As the Clauses entertain the kids, Joshua is introduced to Chris who inadvertently inspires the idea of a Christmas concert at St. Genesius'.  Several of the cast members begin to plan.  ("The Family Tree")

December 22nd, 2014- JenniAnn is awoken by Shelby singing Belle to sleep.  She rouses Andrew who, touched, listens, too.  After getting Shelby tucked in, the two marvel at the turn their lives have taken.  In the morning, the teenagers gather in the stable to spend time with Mary, Silly, Yoktan, and Yonah.  Conversation turns to Joshua's sacrifice and, when he enters the stable, he receives a group hug... including from the animals.  Joshua tells Zoe and Jocelyn that their mother will be coming so they don't have to worry about being parted from him before his birthday.  While several of the adults plan out the next few days, Joshua joins the children and teens for a viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas.  In their room, Yosef and Maryam finish watching Sleepless in Seattle which LJA lent to Maryam when she expressed interest.   They share a dance which is interrupted by Joshua coming to tell them Molly and Grant have arrived and he wants to introduce them.  It turns out that Arthur's parents know about Joshua having worked a few missions with him and witnessing a miracle.  That evening, Joshua and his family head to the Frankls where Joshua and Samson share a moment, each silently remembering the previous Christmas when Samson had been homeless.  Both are grateful for his reunion with his parents.  After parting from the Frankls, the Davidsons drive around to look at Christmas lights... but John and Joshua have a secret: they're taking Maryam and Yosef to the Empire State Building.  The couple are thrilled and even take a Sleepless-inspired photo with their son.  ("The Family Tree")

December 23rd, 2014- Before breakfast, Joshua spends some time with Zeke, Diana, and Manny.  He counsels Zeke to seek the soon-to-be-vacated chaplain job with True Light and thanks the couple for their dedicated ministering to Kemara, Sean, and so many.  A bit later, Raquel and Nico arrive and are happily surprised to find Joshua hiding in the closet to surprise them.  That afternoon, everyone goes to St. Genesius' where they meet up with Doug, Toby, his wife, Larissa, and their three children: Ryder, Noah, and Matilda (Tildy).  After a fifth birthday party for Noah, preparations for the Christmas concert resume.  Shortly before curtain, Joshua shares an emotional moment with a grieving Tyron and Matthew.  The concert begins with a recitation from Monica and a song from Joshua.  Several of the JCS cast and crew perform and the kids dance a reel.  The highlight of the show is a performance by the Ugly Christmas Suit Band (Joshua, Zeke, Andrew, Fr. Mike, Peter, Doug, Sean, and Arthur) singing carols not quite like anyone's heard before...  After a post-show cocoa and cookies reception, Joshua and his parents escort the Harmons to Cora's house where Catherine and Vincent welcome them.  Ryder decides to stay with the other children at Willowveil and heads through the portal with the Davidsons.  As the kids tell stories to each other, several of the adults gather in Maryam's and Yosef's parlor to relive the evening.  Emma and Maryam head to Serendipity where they find the teen girls working on a Christmas surprise for Joshua.  ("The Family Tree""The Never-Ending Road" briefly touches on the Christmas concert at St. Genesius'.

December 24, 2014- The Grandmas watch over and talk about the kids while the other adults prepare for the day's festivities.  Joshua joins them in the playroom and reads a couple books aloud.  After a signal from Andrew and John, Joshua tells the kids to get into their coats, gloves, etc.  Venturing outside, they find a birthday sledding party (thanks to Joshua making it snow) for Jacob who turned 7.  After the party, Emma, Peter, the Davidsons, Zoe, and Jocelyn return to St. Genesius' to pickup Jodi.  It's a tearful reunion but one in which Emma shows Jodi a lot of compassion.  At Willowveil, Santa/Adam, Mrs. Claus/Kylie, and Caleb/Buddy arrive and, with Joshua, hand out gifts he'd made for everyone.  Everyone shares in a potluck dinner.  ("The Family Tree")

December 25, 2014- Beth and Logan leave Mick and Josef playing poker at a hotel in Seattle and head to Pike Place Market to celebrate Joshua's birthday.  To their delight, he walks towards them (on the water!) and joins them for a few hours of joyous talk.  Back at Willowveil, Andrew and JenniAnn fill stockings for Belle, Max, Violeta, and Shelby then exchange gifts: a mother's birthstone cross and a father's.  At Cora's house, Jodi has an epiphany about her girls, thanks to Emma, and writes them heartfelt letters.  Arthur is awoken by a frenzied Monica who reveals that she can't find Liam.  Together, they locate him in the ballroom, admiring the Christmas lights as he twirls.  The three share a magical moment and then Liam snuggles with his father.  Hearing the three returning to their rooms, Maryam and Yosef become wistful as they think of their own little boy.  Upon his return from Seattle, Joshua gets a message from the Father.  Immediately after, Maryam's and Yosef's bedroom door opens and, with no one in view, the latter concludes it is a draft.  Then they hear a childish giggle... Yeshua has reverted to little boy form and cuddles with his parents.  At a more decent hour, everyone splits up around Willowveil to celebrate Christmas with their immediate families.  After exchanging gifts with her grandma and Mark at the Chandlers', Ivy joins the Wilson family.  She's moved to tears when Diana gives her a handmade scarf, treating her no differently than her children.  After Diana comforts her, the rest of the family leave Ivy and Sy alone to give their presents to each other.  They share their first kiss.  In JenniAnn's room, the kids unload their stockings and then she and Andrew start the scavenger hunt with Shelby and Violeta on one team and Max and Rose on the other.  A bit later, Rose realizes it's a scavenger hunt unlike all previous ones...  Max disappears at one point, leaving her with a clue directing her to Joshua.  He escorts her to the conservatory where Max proposes to his beloved.  Rose gleefully accepts.  After a blessing led by Maryam and Yosef, the group shares breakfast together.  Afterwards, they gather in the entryway where Joshua hands out birds to those not yet represented on the Family Tree and makes some edits.  That evening, the group serenades Joshua for his birthday and the girls reveal their surprise: a variety of Froot Loops treats.  They all give him a memory box for his birthday and, individually, reminisce about what each object means.  Then, per tradition, Maryam and Yosef tell the story of their son's birth.  ("The Family Tree")   "The Never-Ending Road" covers Kemara's and Sean's gift exchange on what is their first Christmas together.  The gifts include a few with definite Joshuan influence.

December 26, 2014- In "The Never-Ending Road," Kemara and Sean depart from Dyeland and head off to the McCallum's annual ski trip.  After sharing breakfast with the family at Keith's and Megan's house, the group sets off. 

December 27, 2014- In "The Scribe," Andrew and JenniAnn receive a surprise visit from Metatron who strongly urges them to take an important step in their relationship. 

December 28, 2014- On the third day of their vacation, Kemara and Sean are skiing when a kid runs into the former.  She ends up with an injured ankle and knee and needs to take it easy for the rest of the trip.  Thankfully, Sean is happy to keep her company.  ("The Never-Ending Road" )
December 31/January 1- After a night of celebrating with the Friends of Joshua, Emma and Peter return to their apartment where, in the first moments of 2015, Peter asks Emma a very important question.  ("A Cord of Three Strands")

January 2, 2015- Kemara's knee and ankle healed enough to allow her to walk around so she and Sean head to Woodstock where they pick up some gifts for friends and lunch at the amusingly named Joshua's Cafe.  That evening, they babysit Ciara's and Brad's kids so the couple can have some alone time. 
("The Never-Ending Road" )
Mid to late January 2015- Given what Joshua says about Eliot's and Brittony's nest in "The Family Tree", it seems their twins were born then.  In  "A Cord of Three Strands," we learn their names are Edison and Eleanor.

January 22, 2015- Andrew decides to shave and, not wanting to alarm Belle, asks LJA to hold her so they can watch while he does it.  All goes well until Andrew nicks himself...  ("A Cord of Three Strands")

January 24, 2015- Kemara, JenniAnn, Violeta, Ivy, Monica, Diana, Kendra, and Hailey hunt for the bride-to-be's wedding dress.  After numerous stops, they do find the perfect dress for Kemara.  Once that's settled, they surprise Violeta with a visiting to Laughing Man, the coffee shop Hugh Jackman owns.  Then they head off to Adrian's Coffeehouse for a small bridal shower with Emma, Kylie, and Rose.  A bit later, Andrew, Zeke, Arthur, Peter, Clay, and Max show up with a giddy Sean.  The boys had spent the day sailing in Dyeland, grilling out, and enjoying some beers while advising Sean.  Kemara and Sean are then gifted with a special, personalized quilt with notes from their friends and family.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

February 2015- Shortly after becoming engaged, Emma and Peter are at St. Genesius' Theatre waiting for the actor trying out for the role of Peter.  Martin shows up and as he sings, the couple recognize him as Eric.  With his cover blown, Eric tells them of how he met Joshua in CA and ended up with a young woman named Neela and her ailing son, Zane.  Eric gave up his wild ways, married Neela, took Zane as his own son, moved back to NYC, and is trying out in hopes of getting some extra money to finance a house.  Emma and Peter hire him.  ("The King")  In "A Cord of Three Strands," we learn that Eric and Neela learned the truth about Joshua the following day when they returned to the theatre after watching the show DVD and Eric having a prophetic dream.  Emma, Peter, and Andrew shared the truth with the couple.

February 3, 2015- Daisy's father, Benson Riddell, dies.  (

February 4, 2015- Fr. Mike meets with Violeta, Sean, and Kemara at Willowveil prior to Bible study.  They discuss readings for the Mass and who will fill the various roles.  After the Bible study, Sean escorts Kemara home and they have an important talk about their pasts.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

February 5, 2015- Per Andrew's and LJA's remembrances in "A Cord of Three Strands," Belle celebrated her first birthday with a party that included friends and family and cake at Willowveil.  Belle's godparents, Owen and Kemara, created a book for her about her early days.  "Friend of My Soul" has a lil bit from the night of Belle's birthday when Andrew and LJA had the task of bathing their frosting laden one year old.   "The Never-Ending Road" also recaps Belle's first birthday a bit.

February 11, 2015- Andrew and JenniAnn work on the annual Valentine's Day video whilst comforting a stuffy-nosed Belle in "A Cord of Three Strands."  Later, Emma teaches a dance class at Lily's Loot where she, Azalea, Basil, and Lily encourage Peter who will be donning Joshua's robe for the others for the first time.  Prior to rehearsal, the couple returns to their apartment where they take time to remember the night they became engaged.  At rehearsal, Eric chats with Andrew and JenniAnn about the changes in his life and everyone heartily approves of Peter's look as Joshua.  Afterwards, Arthur and Monica bring Liam Below for his first ever sleepover with his buddy, Jacob.  Meanwhile, Vincent talks Andrew and JenniAnn into leaving a sleeping Belle with him so they can catch up on sleep.  Back at Veritas late that night, Monica weeps over Liam's absence and a nightmare and is comforted by Arthur.  For the first time, they sleep together... and by that I mean literally sleep in the same place, no hanky-panky.  Darn euphemism...

February 12, 2015- As "A Cord of Three Strands"  continues, we learn Arthur and Monica aren't the only ones enjoying cozy sleeping arrangements.  Andrew and JenniAnn enjoy an uninterrupted night of sleep and then part to rouse the others for breakfast.  JenniAnn goes to the stable to retrieve Violeta who confides that she's second guessing her decision to not "fix" Silly on the chance that Mary may have a difficult pregnancy but JenniAnn counsels her that pregnancy, while never without risk, is not something to run from.  The three enjoy crepes with Max, Sean, and Kemara before going their separate ways for the day.  That evening, Kemara and Sean meet with Diana and Zeke for pre-Cana counseling and learn when it was exactly that the older couple realized their honeymoon phase was over.  It happened when, six weeks after their wedding, they were starting to enjoy an intimate moment when Diana got sick to her stomach.  Enter Hailey.  After hearing the story, Kemara and Sean ponder what it would be like to have their own "honeymoon souvenir."

February 13, 2015-   Valentine's Eve finds the Friends of Joshua (coupled and non), all enjoying themselves.  For one couple, however, it's a momentous night.  Clay and Kylie enjoy a picnic dinner and s'mores around a fire near the pond at the Romano Family Farm.  Conversation turns to a job offer Clay received which then leads to a rather sloppy but very heartfelt proposal.  Kylie exuberantly accepts then follows it up with her own proposal.  Both discover that Adam knew each planned to propose but kept mum.  They send him a text with a photo of their ringed fingers and leave it to him to spread the happy news.  ("A Cord of Three Strands" )

February 14, 2015- Andrew awakens from a vague but terrifying nightmare that he fears bodes bad things for JenniAnn.  He goes to the library to pray and LJA finds him there.  She tries to convince him not to worry then Belle calls them to her nursery where Andrew relaxes and enjoys a family embrace.  Later, everyone gathers for a celebration and viewing of the Valentine's video.  Right after it ends, Joshua commandeers the screen much to everyone's delight and sends his own message of love.  At his prompting, the gang dances to "Bei Mir Bistu Shein" with an invisible (except to Joshua) Chava and David joining in.  After their dance, Chava and David talk with Joshua about JenniAnn's pending near-death experience.  Joshua assures them that Andrew and JenniAnn will not be torn apart.  Though oblivious to the discussion, Andrew feels heartened and embraces Belle and JenniAnn while telling God that he loves and trusts Him.  ("A Cord of Three Strands" )

February 17, 2015- In the early hours of the morning, Andrew returns from a harrowing assignment.  JenniAnn leaves Violeta at Willowveil to watch over Belle and ventures to Serendipity.  Andrew and JenniAnn comfort each other as he recalls the atrocities he's seen carried out by members of a terrorist group (you know the one).  After that, the two decide that Andrew will reside completely at Willowveil.  ("Friend of My Soul")

February 21, 2015- In "Friend of My Soul," Andrew and JenniAnn spend a couple hours sorting through his closet at Serendipity in preparation for his complete move to Willowveil.  They end up taking a trip down memory lane.  Later, Violeta returns from seeing Paddington with Max and Rose.  Her family helps her put an unfortunate Fifty Shades related bit of weirdness behind her.  Joshua contributes to the family dinner attended by the Willowveil set, Max, Rose, Kemara, Sean, the Veritas clan, Shelby, and Jacob.

March 2, 2015- Kemara makes a surprising realization: her NFP chart suggests a good possibility of conceiving during her and Sean's honeymoon.  Sean is thrilled and optimistic while Kemara is more hesitant.  With that, they head to Manhattan for her dress fitting and his suit pick-up.  Afterwards, they lunch at Bob White's and discuss her parents' pending arrival and the all-important St. Patrick's Day party the year before.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

March 3, 2015- Kemara's parents, Joyce and David, arrive in Manhattan then travel to Dyeland to stay at Willowveil until the wedding.  Things start of rocky between Kemara and Joyce.  Once her parents are settled in, Kemara visits with Rose about their boys and her relationship with her mother.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

March 5, 2015- Kemara and Sean show up at the pub where their dance group usually performs and are pleasantly surprised to find that it's a celebration for them with all the proceeds going to the two shelters.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

March 7, 2015- Kemara goes to Lily's Loot with Sean in tow.  While Kemara helps Emma teach dance class, Sean fawns over Lily while virtually ignoring all the other students.  Basil and Azalea reason that people often clam up around people with Downs though Kemara isn't much comforted by this.  Afterwards, Kemara, Sean, Peter, and Emma go out for lunch and discuss rehearsals for JCS.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

March 9, 2015- After a visit with Sean about their jobs, Kemara and Joyce head to NYC to pick up Kemara's wedding dress.  Her mother is very pleased and the lady at the shop takes photos for their ads.  Back at Willowveil, the ladies try Kemara's and Ivy's make-up and hairstyles for the big day.  Sean tries to sneak a peek, with Andrew as his accomplice, but he fails.  Later, the entire group settles in to watch Field of Dreams.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

March 10, 2015- Joyce unleashes a series of complaints against her daughter, prompting Kemara to cry.  With help from Max, Kemara and Sean escape to Skellig to relax for a while.  They discuss Joyce's assumptions and judgment and Sean offers to call his parents and have them ask Joyce and David to stay with them.  Megan agrees and, after a few more moments of peace, Sean and Kemara head back to Willowveil.  Before the Meekses leave, Sean tries to set Joyce straight as concerns the Friends and their eagerness to help each other.  Joyce continues to believe Kemara is behaving selfishly.  But then she hears Sean, Kemara, Andrew, and JenniAnn talking...  ("The Never-Ending Road")

March 14, 2015- Several of the Friends try to reassure Kemara re: her mother when they gather at St. Genesius'.  Kemara's and Sean's parents attend the final dress rehearsal of JCS.  Barring a few minor lighting issues, the rehearsal goes well and the parents are very impressed.  David reports to Kemara that Joyce seems to be coming around thanks to explanations from the McCallums and seeing the Friends interact at the theatre.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

March 15, 2015- After attending Mass, Kemara and Sean work on integrating his things into her beach house.  Kemara finds a box of Sean's childhood things and the two enjoy looking through the photos and memorabilia.  ("The Never-Ending Road")

March 16, 2015- "The Never-Ending Road" starts with Kemara going through her scrapbook on the eve of her and Sean's wedding.  Earlier in the day, Sean came over to do more unpacking.  The two share a dance and then part to get ready for the wedding rehearsal.  The rehearsal goes well and, afterwards, the wedding party heads to Adrian's for dinner and are joined by Max and Rose who take photos/video.  While there, Joyce apologizes to Kemara and Sean and admits she misjudged them and their friends.  The group then heads back to Willowveil with Kemara walking to the beach house with Sean, feeling very grateful.  She and Sean part with a kiss.

March 17, 2015- This is when Kemara and Sean get married per the epilogue to "New Beginnings".  They have the reception at Willowveil's ballroom.  "Here is My Heart" fully covers the wedding day starting with Kemara praying in gratitude to God outside her beach house to getting "fancied up" for the nuptial Mass and then the reception in the Willowveil ballroom followed by a visit from a Special Guest and finally to Kemara and Sean leaving for their honeymoon the following morning.

March 18, 2015- In "Here is My Heart" Kemara and Sean join Andrew, JenniAnn, and Violeta for breakfast at Willowveil.  They make plans to take the couple to the airport that evening for their honeymoon in Ireland.

March 31, 2015- Kemara and Sean return from their two-week honeymoon in Ireland. JenniAnn, Andrew, Belle and Violeta pick them up from the airport.  ("Morning Has Broken")

April 1, 2015- While going to feed the animals with Violeta, the smell gets to Kemara and makes her sick. She's also feeling very tired and takes a long nap in Joshua's room. At lunch, she eats a tomato sandwich - which she has never done before. Sean is confused which makes Kemara irritated. Monica arrives and she, JenniAnn and Kemara decorate Willowveil for Easter. Kemara asks JenniAnn if she can give Belle a rabbit for Easter.  ("Morning Has Broken")

April 2, 2015- Sean and Kemara go for a morning jog. Kemara is sick again which makes Sean worry. Her behavior at the grocery store - buying new and different food - worries him even more. Back home, they prepare a sweet potato casserole for the Seder on Friday, and Kemara emails the twins to ask about the rabbit. Later that night, Caleb replies that their neighbors have a grey and white male rabbit who would be perfect for Belle.  ("Morning Has Broken")

April 3, 2015- Yet again Kemara is sick, and Sean suggests that she might be pregnant. He points out that she has many of the symptoms - extreme tiredness, nausea and vomiting, food cravings. She asks him to go by The Phoenix to see if Catherine has any pregnancy tests. While he's gone, Kemara walks on the beach and talks to Joshua about how the thought of a child is both terrifying and exciting.

Sean stops at the Phoenix and talks to Catherine about some personal finance and budgeting seminars she's asked him to do at the shelter. At the end of his visit, he asks about the pregnancy tests, and they discuss Kemara's symptoms.

When he returns to the beach house, Sean is surprised and dismayed when Kemara makes excuses not to use the test and claims that maybe she'll do it after the weekend.

The Friends head Below for the Seder which is being held at 4 so that they will have time to get to the theater before the 7 p.m. show. Kemara and Sean show Vincent photos from their honeymoon.

During the meal, Liam asks the traditional questions in Hebrew; Kemara has grape juice instead of wine, and Sean tells Catherine that they have no baby news yet.

Before the show, Kemara is nowhere to be found, and Gloria says she has been sick again. All the women look at Sean who says he thinks Kemara is pregnant, but she won't use the test he brought her. Diana and Zeke assure him that Kemara is just apprehensive and that he should be patient because she's going through a lot of changes. Diana offers to bring Kemara some of Maryam's pregnancy tea which she still has - just in case.

Peter says his mother, father and grandmother arrived that afternoon to spend Easter with him and Emma.  ("Morning Has Broken")

April 4, 2015- Kemara and Sean make a trip to FAO Schwartz to get a toy bunny for Belle. They decide that - if Kemara is pregnant - to return and purchase a toy lion in honor of Joshua as the Lion of Judah. They have lunch at Monica's food truck - Bread of Life - where Monica explains how she helps women who are fleeing human trafficking. She and Kemara arrange to get together the following week so Kemara can write an article for True Light's newsletter.

Sean and Kemara arrive a little early at the theater where they find Emma and Peter in the office. The latter is understandably anxious about his family's reaction to seeing him in the role of Jesus. He remembers how he wiped out on his skateboard when he was little and got pretty badly scraped up. His mother was very upset, and his grandmother was the one who bandaged him.

Peter's family - his father Gordon, mother Rosario and grandmother Renata - attends the 2:30 show and watch from the 'skybox'. They eat dinner with the cast between shows and talk about how the performance gave them new understanding of God's role as a parent as well as what Maryam must've gone through.

The final show plays to a sold-out house and the Friends look forward to Easter Sunday.  ("Morning Has Broken")

April 5, 2015- Kemara is sick as soon as she wakes up - early for the sunrise service Fr. Mike is holding for the Friends in the Fields of Gold. Sean tells her if she doesn't use a pregnancy test, he's taking her to the emergency room. The test is, of course, positive, and they are both in a daze throughout the service.

Afterward, Edward and Caleb give Kemara the rabbit which she presents to Belle along with the toy look-alike. Andrew and JenniAnn name the rabbit Harvey, and Belle falls in love with her new friend. The families scatter to their own homes for church services or to finish preparing food for the party and egg hunt.

Sean prepares deviled eggs while Kemara rests. When she wakes up they discuss names, deciding on Gabriel Ian if it's a boy, and Miriam Joy if the baby is a girl.

That afternoon, everyone - including Peter's family and Sean's parents, sister, brother-in-law and children as well as many people from the Tunnels gather in Dyeland. The event kicks off with an egg hunt for the kids outside around Willowveil. During it, Kemara and Sean discover two wooden eggs in their nest on the family tree. Prizes are presented to the three children who found golden eggs - books, art supplies and tiny animals carved by Andrew. JenniAnn says she wants the animals to become an Easter tradition.

After the hunt, the party moves to the Fields of Gold for food, storytelling and games. Yonah and Andrew's horse, Starbuck, carry some of the guests over in a wagon. Sean and Kemara announce their good news and accidentally mention Joshua to the confusion of those not in the know. At that moment, Joshua himself appears walking toward them across the ocean. Lily runs across the water to him.

The Carpenter greets them all and spends the rest of the afternoon and early evening there, talking and eating with them all. Following a group performance of the Hora, Joshua says he needs to leave because it's getting late. As he leaves the way he arrived, the Friends and their guests sing 'Because He Lives' by the Gaithers.  ("Morning Has Broken")

April 6, 2015 - On Easter Monday, Kemara calls her parents to tell them that she and Sean are expecting. Sean suggests a swap shop of mother and baby clothes and supplies that all the Friends can draw from in the years to come. He heads to his last day at the office. After this, he will be working from home. Kemara tries to get some work of her own done, but ends up sleeping for most of the afternoon.  ("Glad Tidings")

April 7, 2015 - Kemara calls her doctor and is dismayed to find that it will be another month before her appointment. She and Sean go shopping for books and prenatal vitamins. On the advice of a saleswoman, they decide to take weekly pictures of Kemara's growing belly as her pregnancy progresses. They attend Irish dance class for the first time since returning from their honeymoon, and their classmates promise to throw them a baby shower.  ("Glad Tidings")

April 13, 2015 - Kemara's parents, David and Joyce, arrive for a short visit. Sean and David plan an overnight fishing trip with Sean's father and brother-in-law, while Kemara and Joyce shop for baby things.  ("Glad Tidings")

April 14, 2015 - During their shopping trip, Kemara hints to her mother that she may be expecting twins.  Joyce tells Kemara that she and David are thinking of buying a house that's for sale in Megan and Keith's neighborhood and moving to New York permanently. When they return to Dyeland, a spontaneous beach party springs up with everyone bringing hamburger fixings and enjoying the warm spring afternoon.  ("Glad Tidings")

April 18, 2015 - Kemara visits True Life to discuss the article she has agreed to write about Monica and her food truck for the charity's next newsletter. Zeke, who is working as a pastor there, greets her and they chat for a bit before Arthur shows up. After their discussion, as Kemara is rising to leave, she faints. Portia and Sean are called and arrive at the same time. Portia says that Kemara just got dehydrated and needs to take it easy for the rest of the day.  ("Glad Tidings")

April 24, 2015 - Kemara spends the day with Monica at her Bread of Life food truck outside Central Park. A mysterious benefactor pays for a cup of coffee with a $50 bill, and at lunchtime crowds line up for Monica's sandwiches. When Kemara tries one - made with Adam's non-meat product and Monica's 'Heavenly' special sauce -  Kemara understands why. Since Monica is busy with customers, she goes to meet Liam who is escorted to the park by Isaac after his classes. Kemara buys them all ice cream, and they play in the Park until Monica is ready to leave. That night, during family dinner at Willowveil, Kemara thanks Adam for creating his meat substitute which is not on her list of forbidden foods.  ("Glad Tidings")

April 28, 2015 - Before Kemara's doctor's appointment, Sean amuses himself imagining what his petite wife will look like when she's ready to give birth to their twins. He finds her gynecologist cold and insensitive. The man berates Kemara for not coming in sooner since her pregnancy is high-risk because of her age and the possibility that she is carrying twins. To the couple's dismay, he refuses to do an ultrasound, and sends Kemara to Children's hospital for all future tests - moving the first ultrasound a further two weeks away.  ("Glad Tidings")
May 2015-  Eilish's mother, Maria, passes away in "The Story of Eilish/Elise."  Sometime after Maria's funeral Eilish goes for a walk and, happening upon a portal, returns to Asteriana where she finds her family's home and meets Andrew (the date is later revealed as May 25).  In "Samuel's Prayer," Eilish's guardian angel witnesses her return and prays to God to be able to speak with her and care for her.  God agrees and gives Samuel time off to spend with Eilish.  Sometime during this month, a bad storm struck Dyeland and JenniAnn used the opportunity to share a romantic evening with Andrew... after he'd wrangled the pets in his basement.  ("Shadowlands")
May 2, 2015 - On Portia's advice, Sean is determined to keep both himself and Kemara busy. They meet his sister's family in NYC to tour the firehouse where their grandfather worked for many years. The group - including Ciara and Brad's five children - make plans to celebrate Mother's Day and Sean's birthday with a picnic in the Fields of Gold.  ("Glad Tidings")

May 10, 2015 - The group spends all day eating, flying kites and playing on the beach. Kemara shows her sister-in-law the letter from the twins that Sean gave her for Mother's Day along with a birthstone necklace. The two families celebrate Sean's birthday which is the next day. Kemara gives him a die cast model kit of an old-fashioned fire engine, starting him on a new hobby.  ("Glad Tidings")

May 15, 2015 - The morning of the long-awaited ultrasound, Kemara sees on the news that FAO Schwartz is closing in Manhattan. Sean suggests they have a shopping spree after the appointment. At the hospital, they meet Dr. Faulkner, an older man with a gentle manner, whom they like very much. Finally, they see their twins - whom they have named Ian and Joy - for the first time. The technician says they are fraternal and appear to be a boy and a girl. The doctor says the babies will be probably be born in early December or late November. He suggests Kemara have a screening test called Verifi which can detect chromosomal abnormalities and other conditions. At the toy store, the couple buy the large stuffed lion they noticed on their first visit and other baby things.  ("Glad Tidings")
May 16, 2015- In "The Carpenter," Joshua tells Ivy that he'd like to be at her graduation.  He makes good on this in "A Graduation Surprise" when several of Ivy's friends, along with Doreen and Mark, gather to celebrate her accomplishment.  Joshua brings gifts for Ivy and Hailey (who also graduated) and a big surprise for Violeta.  In "Glad Tidings," Kemara and Sean walk on the beach and talk about her college experiences as well as their financial future with two children to put through college - at the same time.

May 21, 2015 - Kemara visits Catherine at the Phoenix Inn to discuss rebranding the shelter's image. As she is leaving, her phone rings. It's a nurse from the hospital saying that the Verifi test was positive for Down syndrome. There has been a cancellation, and if Kemara comes at once they can do a more in-depth ultrasound. Kemara tries to call Sean, but he is helping his dad at a wedding in Brewster - more than an hour away.  ("Glad Tidings")

At the hospital, Kemara is seen by an arrogant young intern who says that Kemara's baby girl has a 70% chance of having Down syndrome and recommends abortion. As she is leaving the hospital, Sean arrives with Brad and Megan. He is horrified by the doctor's treatment of his wife and has to be restrained by Brad. Kemara calls JenniAnn and asks her to gather all the Dyelanders who are available that evening so they can be told the awful news.  ("Glad Tidings")

Home again, Sean researches Down syndrome and worries that his genes might be the cause. At Willowveil, Kemara and Sean tell JenniAnn, Andrew, Monica, Arthur, Rose and Max the news. Kemara insists she will not abort her baby, but Sean makes no comment. Monica, JenniAnn and Rose talk to Kemara while Andrew, Arthur and Max do the same with Sean. Neither group feels that they are very successful. Violeta can't understand why Down syndrome is so bad. Monica, Andrew and the others explain how disabled people have been treated through the centuries.  ("Glad Tidings")

On the way back to Sol Mate, Sean say they should consider all options, including termination. Kemara is horrified, and heads to back Willowveil - specifically the chapel behind it. There, Maryam appears to comfort her, while Yosef joins Sean for a beer. With their help, the younger couple at last talk about their fears. Sean reveals that he had a relative who was in an institution when Sean was a child. The thought that his own child might end up in such a place when he and Kemara are gone horrifies Sean. Kemara assures him that their friends and family would never let such a thing happen.  ("Glad Tidings")

May 23, 2015 - Kemara and Sean visit with Basil and Azalea Thornton at Lily's Loot while Andrew and JenniAnn take Belle and Lily to lunch. The two couples discuss Lily, Down syndrome and what Kemara and Sean might expect if Joy does have the condition. Kemara and Sean leave with several books, a list of websites and feeling much more reassured. They plan to spend the next two days as Maryam and Yosef suggested - relaxing and talking together about their children's future.  ("Glad Tidings")

May 25, 2015- In "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Eilish comes to Dyeland on this date.

May 26, 2015 - Kemara and Sean meet with Portia in her office. The doctor confirms that there's a high probability that Joy has Down syndrome and suggests more testing that will say for certain. Kemara and Sean agree to have a the babies placentas tested the next day - called CVS - because neither is sleeping well and the stress is wearing on Kemara the most.  ("Glad Tidings")  Eilish visits Willowveil for the first time and meets JenniAnn and Belle.  ("A Midsummer Night's Dream")
May 27, 2015 - Kemara has the test done. While she is recovering, Sean reads to her from one of Basil's and Azalea's books about what it's like finding out your child will have special needs. They discuss Ian, and hope that they will not compare Joy to her brother. At home, Kemara plans a shopping trip with Emma, Kylie and Rose and goes through her closets. She finds the aran sweater Joshua gave her. She and Sean realize that the Carpenter knew it would fit only when Kemara was pregnant.  ("Glad Tidings")  While cleaning her cottage, Eilish finds a letter from her long-lost parents.  ("A Midsummer Night's Dream")

May 28, 2015- Andrew visits Eilish on her island and helps her clean the yard.  During a break, he shows her the newly fixed portal.  After he leaves, Eilish explores the island.  She finds an old, abandoned blacksmith's shop.  ("A Midsummer Night's Dream")

May 29, 2015- Eilish spent much of her time in Estonia, clearing out her mother's house and making other arrangements.  She traveled to and fro from Dyeland in order to move her possessions to her new place.   ("A Midsummer Night's Dream")
May 30, 2015 - Kemara, Emma, Rose and Kylie head to Manhattan to shop for maternity clothes that all four can wear - eventually. Kemara finds a dress for Kylie and Clay's wedding at the end of June as well as several other items. During lunch they discuss Kemara's parents reaction to the news of Joy's condition, Kylie's wedding plans and Rose's college classes. Emma is curiously silent. Back at Sol Mate, she confesses that she's worried she won't be able to have children. Otherwise, she would've gotten pregnant when she and Derek were together. The other women suggest she check with her doctor and point out all their friends who are parents through adoption.  ("Glad Tidings")

June 5, 2015 - Kemara and Sean email their friends and family with the news: Portia has confirmed that Joy does have Down syndrome. Even though they were expecting it, the confirmation still hurts. But, the couple stress that they are trusting in the One who knows all that is to come.  ("Glad Tidings")  Meanwhile, in El-Chanan, Reuel is telling the world's history to a young couple named Cody and Eleora.  He shares how El-Chanan was founded when God sent the righteous humans (minus Noah and his family) and angels to this new world to escape the Flood.  Joshua visits Reuel, Cody, and Eleora and tells the latter that demons, Nen and Tzila, will be targeting Andrew and his friends.  Reuel agrees to go to New York to help his fellow angel.  ("Shadowlands")

June 6, 2015- After a brief scare involving Belle and Hide-and-Seek, Andrew and JenniAnn go their separate ways for the day: him to an assignment and her to the Phoenix Inn's Manhattan office with Catherine.  Just outside, the two women are accosted by a man with a gun who is looking for his wife.  He shoots JenniAnn and flees.  As Catherine calls 911, Vincent arrives on scene and cradles a fading JenniAnn.  He leaves just before the ambulance arrives.  Meanwhile, God sends Eli and Kelly to fetch Andrew from Lowe's and break the news to him.  He's crushed but pulls himself together enough to get an update from Portia at the hospital.  Owen goes to retrieve Allison and Robert while Adam picks Max and Violeta up so they can be with Andrew. While they all pray and comfort each other, JenniAnn spends time on Joshua's island reuniting with Chava, Cora, Lor, David, Jamey, and Sophia.  Reuel arrives and tells her the story of his people so she can understand why demons are focused on Andrew. 

After JenniAnn is brought back to her room; Andrew, Max, and Portia consult with Dr. Wittson, her surgeon.  (This scene compromises one of the epilogues in "The King.")  They learn that there's fear JenniAnn may have sustained brain damage after being deprived of oxygen but, miraculously, the bullet caused far less harm than would have been expected.  Andrew credits this to Joshua's blessing of the two the day Belle was baptized.  While encouraged by this, Andrew is hurt when Allison and Robert react poorly to learning JenniAnn named him her health care agent.  The couple return to their daughter's bedside and two visitors arrive for Andrew: Reuel and Matthew.  The former joins the others in the family room while Matthew and Andrew go to a private room where the detective reveals that Max's father, Rex Remus, shot JenniAnn.  Andrew and Matthew then have to tell Max who falls apart.  Afterwards, Max relays the information to Rose who tries to comfort them.  Andrew insists they take the next turn to visit JenniAnn's room.  Catherine assures the angel that she and Vincent trust him and that she'll intervene with Allison and Robert.  After she leaves, Andrew prays in thanksgiving for the lack of damage to JenniAnn's heart and for Max to feel God's love surrounding him.  ("Shadowlands")

In "Glad Tidings Part II," Portia calls Sean to tell him that JenniAnn has been shot. Kemara overhears the phone call and laments that she used to think of Dyeland as a special, protected place where nothing bad could happen. She fears that if JenniAnn dies the 'center' around which the community revolves will collapse. Sean encourages her pointing out that JenniAnn is probably with Joshua.

June 7, 2015- Vincent is struggling to sleep when Belle, too, awakens.  The two take a walk to the Mirror Pool where Vincent tells his granddaughter about how Joshua made the stars she's admiring.  This calms them both and they return to sleep.  At the hospital, Andrew is talking with JenniAnn who remains in a coma.  He's interrupted by Reuel who arrives to keep Andrew company and forewarn him about Nen and Tzila.  Meanwhile, in Dyeland, Max is being tormented by a nightmare in which he hits Rose.  Refusing to accept that could ever happen, Rose succeeds in convincing Max that he's not his father and not prone to his violence.  They fall back to sleep in each other's arms.

That morning, Andrew has another dust-up with Allison and Robert who seem to think he's overly controlling with JenniAnn.  Reuel interrupts, knowing Allison and Robert are not in a state to listen to Andrew's reasoned defense, and brings the angel of death to the family room to have breakfast with the Levines, Violeta, Max, and Rose.  They conclude that Violeta should allow Ivy to come keep her company as she offered.  Rabbi Yakov leads them in prayer.

On the island, JenniAnn visits with Sarah, Josef's beloved.  Sarah commiserates over parents who don't understand the bonds between their daughters and their soul mates.  She urges JenniAnn to talk to Joshua about her concerns which she does.  Then Joshua lets her listen in on Dr. Talson's consultation with Andrew, Allison, and Robert.  He reveals that the various tests are promising in that they didn't show significant brain damage.  However, JenniAnn's seizure activity has greatly increased.  After the neurologist is finished, Kemara and Sean pay JenniAnn a visit.  Upset by the sight of Kemara's pregnant belly, Allison leaves the room with Robert.  Back in Joshua's realm, he reveals to JenniAnn that she chose to leave Earth because of the trauma of being shot. 

At the hospital, Andrew brings Belle and Shelby to visit JenniAnn.  After he returns them to the Tunnels, Andrew discovers that Matthew and Tyron are back.  They've informed Max and Rose that Rex has been arrested.  Still filled with anger, Max asks Fr. Mike to pray for him.  The priest leads the group in prayer for Max.  A bit later, Andrew has a particularly nasty encounter with Allison and Robert and flees JenniAnn's room.  Max convinces him to return to Willowveil to rest.  While there, Andrew dreams of a special night with JenniAnn when she surprised him with ginger ale, red velvet cupcakes, and a massage, and dancing after he'd spent the stormy evening wrangling their pets.  Outside, Logan is debating whether or not to tell someone what he overheard JenniAnn's parents saying to Andrew.  He ends up telling Max who decides to show the couple a video he made for his parents' anniversary.  Diana and Zeke also try to help the Chandlers clue in and completely accept Andrew and LJA.  The efforts succeed and Allison and Robert have a heart-to-heart with Andrew, remaining at the hospital with him when all the others clear out for food and fellowship at Willowveil.

In Dyeland, Owen and Reuel visit about the nature of anam caras and the man's own relationship hopes and worries.  Owen confides in Reuel about how much Andrew and JenniAnn mean to him.  While their potluck goes on, Joshua and JenniAnn are having a party of their own with the spirits.  Joshua sends LJA and Jamey off in search of berries.  They discuss Jamey's brief life and JenniAnn treasures away memories to bring back to Catherine and Vincent.  Back in the Willowveil ballroom, Peter gives an encouraging speech to his friends and the Wilsons lead them all in song.  ("Shadowlands")

Eilish is in Estonia when she hears, via an email from Andrew of what happened to JenniAnn and prays for her healing.  That night, she has a nightmare about being rejected in Dyeland but, in another dream, Samuel comforts her.  ("A Midsummer Night's Dream")
June 8, 2015- In the wee hours; Emma, Kylie, Eric, and Kemara converge in the kitchen for a midnight snack.  The idea for putting on a benefit show at St. Genesius' is borne from their conversation. 

On Joshua's island, JenniAnn becomes distraught when she realizes that Joshua, Lor, and David all died protecting people they loved while evil people go onto thrive and live long lives.  She begins to doubt that returning to her mortal life is what she wants.  The three men counsel her, telling her that she has an eternity in Heaven but only a finite time to contribute to life on Earth and Dyeland.  JenniAnn again decides she'll return to Earth.

Back in Willowveil, preparation has begun for the benefit show.  This leads into another prayer service for JenniAnn, this time in the Dyeland Chapel, with Andrew, Max, and Violeta in attendance.  Joshua allows JenniAnn to hear and watch the service from his island.  They visit about the importance of family... and how it's not just about blood.  After rejoining the others, Joshua begins a game of Hide-and-Seek.  During the game, JenniAnn finds not only David, Chava, Cora, Lor, Sophia, and Jamey but also John, Maryam, and Yosef.  With Joshua, they all return to the cottage to start a campfire.  While there, JenniAnn feels the effects of the grand mal seizure her body is experiencing on earth.  Joshua comforts her but, at the hospital, Violeta panics and flees.  When they realize she's gone; Andrew, Ivy, Sy, and Tiva all run off in search of her while Rabbi Yakov remains near LJA and prays.

Outside, Violeta sprains her uncle after running away and is visited by an angel who says God sent her to console Violeta.  However, when the "angel" tells Violeta that JenniAnn never loved her and is going to wake up different and leave Andrew, the teenager realizes that she's been conversing with a demon, Tzila.  A second angel shows up and banishes Tzila.  He claims to be Elazer, Reuel's friend, and Violeta takes a walk with him.  Soon, his true colors show and Elazer who is actually Nen threatens to turn Violeta over to some drunken men.  JenniAnn, Maryam, Sophia, and Joshua show up and the blinding light hypnotizes the men and drives Nen away.  Ivy, Sy, and Tiva arrive, scaring the drunks off.  Andrew is just behind them and carries Violeta back to the hospital.  Reuel arrives and, after an identity check by Violeta, verifies based on her descriptions that it was Nen and Tzila who attacked her.  The group consoles the young angel who ends up spending the night with Andrew and JenniAnn in the hospital room.  ("Shadowlands")

June 9, 2015- Catherine struggles to sleep.  She hates knowing that, if JenniAnn dies, Vincent's last memories of her will be the bloodied moments in the alley right after she'd been shot.  Thus, Catherine concocts a scheme with Joe Maxwell to get Vincent into the room.

The spirits gather around JenniAnn as she prepares to return.  She begs Joshua to let her confront Nen and Tzila with Andrew but he refuses, knowing that the demons would only use JenniAnn to hurt Andrew by exposing her to all the violence and cruelty he's struggled to protect her from.  The spirits urge JenniAnn to listen and to realize that she needs to be with her family to help them through Andrew's absence just as he helped them through hers.  Realizing the truth in their words, JenniAnn agrees and apologizes to Joshua for questioning him.  He accepts and tells her he understands then urges her to step outside the cottage and meet someone.  To JenniAnn's delight, Badriya is waiting for her.  The two women have an emotional visit and Badriya teaches JenniAnn a lullaby to sing to Belle. 

Back at the hospital, an exhausted Andrew keeps vigil at JenniAnn's bedside while the Friends gather at St. Genesius' for a breakfast catered by Dusty and Moishe.  Joe, Matthew, and Portia arrive with Vincent on a stretcher and in a body bag which they used to smuggle him through the hospital (this scene originally appeared in "Possibilities").  Left alone, Vincent thanks Andrew for all the love he brought to his Psyche's life.  The two men are frightened when JenniAnn seems to be dying.  However, she's actually making her good byes on Joshua's island, giving final hugs and promises to Badriya, Sarah, Maryam, Yosef, John, Lor, Cora, Jamey, Chava, David, Sophia, and, finally, Joshua.  With a "talitha koum!" from him, JenniAnn awakens in the hospital and is enthusiastically greeted by Andrew and Vincent.  After spending a few moments with JenniAnn, Vincent is snuck back out of the hospital and the nurses and doctors descend, removing JenniAnn from the assorted machines and helping her change and freshen up.  Andrew takes the opportunity to spreads the good news and then is allowed time to affectionately and privately reunite with his Laja.  He carries her to the family room where Allison, Belle, Catherine, and Robert have their own emotional reunions.  The whole group moves back to JenniAnn's room at the prodding of her nurse.  They clear out, though, when Max, Shelby, and Violeta arrive.  The latter meets with JenniAnn first and is reassured that she's loved.  JenniAnn also consoles the angel as she remembers the terror of the previous night and the leers of the drunken men.  Then Andrew, Max, and Shelby join them.  The little girl drifts to sleep after cuddling up to JenniAnn who decides she needs to get home to a bigger bed... possibly even that very day.  Overhearing, Portia puts the kibosh on that idea but says she and Edmund will push for getting JenniAnn released the following day.  A bit later, Allison and Belle return with Dairy Queen Blizzards for everyone.  They're enjoying their ice cream with Raquel arrives.  Raquel promises to stay with Andrew and JenniAnn for as long as they need her.

That evening, after JenniAnn goes through some testing, Eli and Owen visit her and Andrew.  They connect her computer and live stream a visit with the Friends back at Willowveil.  Afterwards, JenniAnn has still more examinations and then, finally, is left alone with Andrew.  Naturally, they cuddle and talk about what they both experienced in the days they were apart.  JenniAnn tells Andrew of her fears for him and he comforts her.  Then, together, they drift to sleep.  ("Shadowlands")

In "Glad Tidings Part II," Kemara thinks back over the events of the past few days - covered in 'Shadowlands'. Sean predicts that JenniAnn will wake up today. The couple go for a walk on the beach before heading to breakfast at the theater. At breakfast Kemara and Eric talk about how Joshua changed their lives for the better. Max gets a phone call from Andrew saying JenniAnn has awakened from her coma. Max blesses the food as the breakfast turns into a celebration. Clay teases Sean about his accurate prediction while Kemara and Kylie discuss Kemara's parents and how her mother has mellowed a great deal since her daughter's marriage. Clay quotes Gandalf. Max asks if they have any messages for JenniAnn. When Kemara and Sean are alone they talk about what they would do if a medical emergency happened to one of them. Kemara decides to make a living will just in case. Sean suggests that everyone Skype chat with JenniAnn that night.

June 10, 2015- Portia enters JenniAnn's room and discovers her and Andrew behaving in a very prim and proper way.  The doctor's amused to learn that the two scandalized a nun who mistakenly entered the room while JenniAnn was sitting on Andrew's lap prompting her to yell "He's not my husband!", only too late realizing she may have inadvertently implied they were having an affair.  Thankfully, Andrew has a chance to smooth things over with Sr. Genevieve while JenniAnn's getting an x-ray.  When she returns, it's with the happy news that she can go home to Willowveil.  Once there, JenniAnn is greeted by many of the Friends who, at her request, sing a song together before brunch prep begins.  Afterwards, JenniAnn has more private visits on her balcony.  First, Max and Rose come and show her their save-the-date card and discuss their wedding plans.  They've decided to get married on June 25, 2016.    Max makes known his intent to accompany his Maja to the coming trial... and shares that he doesn't want a relationship with Rex.  JenniAnn assures him that all is well between them and nothing has changed while Andrew tells the young man that forgiving Rex doesn't mean having to be close to him.  After the fellows leave to make some butterbeer, Rose and JenniAnn catch up on how Max is doing and the couple's hopes for children.  They laugh over the idea of Andrew and JenniAnn soon being grandparents.  Afterwards, JenniAnn tells Catherine and Vincent about her visit with Jamey.  Jacob joins them and soaks up the praise from his big brother. 

That night, Andrew and JenniAnn get Ivy, Violeta, Belle, and Shelby settled into the nursery before retiring to their room.  JenniAnn apologizes for not being more honest with her parents and, thus, inadvertently setting Andrew up to face their anger.  Andrew then gives JenniAnn a rundown of what to do with their finances if he should have to be away for a while.  They fall asleep in each other's arms.  ("Shadowlands")

In "Glad Tidings Part II," at JenniAnn's 'welcome home' party, Kemara and Sean wander around Willowveil taking candid photos of their friends. Sean, Emma and Eric discuss what to have for dinner and decide on burgers. Kemara and Sean begin cutting up vegetables. Andrew, Max and Belle join them to mix up some butterbeer. Kemara takes Belle and the two go feed carrots to Belle's bunny, Harvey. Sean, Andrew and Max talk about how good it is to have JenniAnn home. Andrew admits that he told JenniAnn's parents about the twins and mentions that they might want to apologize to Kemara and Sean for their reaction at the hospital. Everyone enjoys dinner, and Kemara says she is looking forward to a long, dreamless sleep.

June 11, 2015- Nen and Tzila strike by sending nightmares to all the Friends in Dyeland.  When she awakens, JenniAnn has another grand mal seizure which only adds to Andrew's and the girls' horror.  Terrified, the entire household and other Friends convene in the ballroom and spend the rest of the night together.  Andrew begins to fret that it's being close to him that is causing the demons to strike.  Rather than let him go off alone, everyone starts to offer reasons of why they absolutely cannot be apart from Andrew.  Touched, he relents and remains with them.  The group also decides to spend the following night in the Fields of Gold since, at Easter, Joshua seemed to say that they were strongest there.  They drift into smaller groups and several of the adults discuss the content of their nightmares, realizing that none give any indication that Nen and Tzila can read their minds.  They also conclude that only Andrew actually saw the demons.  While several of the angels remain awake to keep guard, others try to get more sleep.  They succeed without anyone suffering further nightmares.

When they wake up again, Andrew tells JenniAnn that he had a dream/vision in which Michael appeared to him and told him Nen and Tzila would challenge him to come to Sheol at 10 the following morning.  JenniAnn is horrified but Andrew consoles her.  They visit with Vincent who explains the plans for the day and how everyone is ensuring they're never alone, even when some have to head to work.  Dr. Talson stops by and orders JenniAnn to rest since putting her on medication, not knowing what side effects she might have, isn't best.  Afterwards, the group travels to the Fields of Gold where Sam appears and explains the significance of the Fields and how Andrew was created from the same essences.  Through Sam, Joshua promises that the Friends will always be safe there.  However, they all agree that hiding away isn't what he planned for them.  Andrew reiterates his intent to face Nen and Tzila so they know no one is going to back down.  Then, to lighten the mood, they all play Hide-and-Seek.

In Manhattan, Monica is alarmed when Henry discovers a summons on the counter of her food truck.  Henry and Tess step out of the truck to investigate while Liam and Monica remain inside, praying for Andrew.  Arthur and Zeke meet up with them and they all travel to the Fields where Henry hands the scroll off to Andrew.  The four angels of death and Reuel read it together and begin to make plans to keep the humans safe while Andrew's away.  Gabe arrives and tells them that the angelic orchestra will stick around to help. 

That evening, Andrew and JenniAnn get Belle and Shelby to bed then console Max, Rose, and Violeta.  Leaving JenniAnn with the kids, Andrew goes outside to pray.  After a while, he's joined by JenniAnn and they dance (as Joshua foresaw in "The Walk").  Andrew remains outside to pray for a bit longer then rejoins JenniAnn inside one of the cabins.  They talk about their kids and comfort each other.  JenniAnn falls asleep first and, after another prayer, Andrew follows her.  ("Shadowlands")

In "Glad Tidings Part II," Sean has a demon-induced nightmare that Kemara is in labor and he is racing to get to her. When he arrives at the hospital, the staff won't let him see her. He fights his way into the room only to watch helplessly as the twins are delivered by C-section - dead. Kemara hemorrhages and dies as well.

Kemara dreams that the twins are born with Portia in attendance. A nurse slips away and returns with government officials who take Joy away because she is 'defective'. Sean tries to fight them and is tasered. Months later, Kemara and Sean visit Joy for the first time at the government facility that resembles the worst insane asylum you've ever heard about. Joy is being kept behind a glass wall, and her parents are not allowed to touch or talk to her. She appears to recognize her parents and cries for them. Sean once again grapples with the officials.

Sean wakes up and realizes that it was all a horrible nightmare. Kemara is already awake and they comfort each other for a moment. Portia calls and then Ivy texts to tell them that a group is coming to escort them to Willowveil. At the castle, Kemara admits that talking about the nightmare with their friends helped a little bit. To cheer them up, Kemara suggests that Sean start reading to the twins and quotes a poem by Shel Siverstein.

The next morning, Sean and Kemara discuss the group's plans for the day. After returning to Sol Mate for a nap and clean clothes, the couple return to Willowveil. Sean goes with some others to get groceries while Kemara helps Emma, Tiva, Shelby and Violeta make breakfast. Emma suggests they invite the Tunnel children and any adults who want to come, to the Fields of Gold. Vincent agrees with the plan.

In the Fields, Kemara and Sean help April and Misty set up their tent and join in the game of hide-and-seek. They share a romantic moment in the boathouse but are 'found' by Kylie and Clay. Over lunch Kemara and Sean talk with Portia and JenniAnn's parents. Owen shows off his sketches for the twins' nursery - based on a 'Lion King' theme. They ask Adam for Biblical quotations based on the twins' names - Miriam Joy and Gabriel Ian.

That night, the group stargazes and names a Dyeland constellation 'The Lion' in honor of Joshua.

 June 12, 2015- Andrew and JenniAnn wake up and share an idyllic few minutes with their brood.  Afterwards, they join the others for breakfast.  Once everyone's eaten, Andrew begins his "see you laters."  It's, understandably, pretty emotional.  Andrew brings JenniAnn into the woods, not wanting the others to see him disappear.  They kiss and then Andrew disappears, leaving JenniAnn with Vincent and Owen who had followed them at Andrew's behest. 

Andrew arrives in Sheol and hurries to a carpentry shop which he knows was Yosef's.  Nen and Tzila promptly confront and taunt him.  Tzila tries to make him believe that JenniAnn sustained permanent lung damage and is likely to die young.  Andrew doesn't believe her and challenges the two.  In retaliation, they make Andrew see all the nightmares they inflicted on his loved ones.

Back in Dyeland, JenniAnn is distracted and worried as she helps bake cupcakes.  Owen and Raquel present her with an idea: the ladies will take her shopping for a nice nightgown to wear the first night after Andrew returns.  She eventually realizes the idea isn't completely silly and agrees.  Owen goes to fetch Kemara who has awoken from a nap so she can go, too.  Ultimately, they end up at a fabric store since JenniAnn doesn't find anything comfortably situated between frumpy and sexy aka simply pretty.

In Sheol, Andrew is reeling from the nightmares but is touched to realize none of his friends greatest fears involved harm to themselves... it was always their loved ones.  Nen and Tzila try to psych Andrew out by reminding him of all the violence he's witnessed without intervening.  Andrew recalls counsel from JenniAnn and fights them off.  He falters, though, when he sees a familiar face: Eben.  Nen and Tzila begin to attack the shades who are observing them.  Andrew realizes they're the Nephilim and he tries to get the demons to stop whipping them.  Once they give up, Nen and Tzila complain about how unfair it is that God made them watch over humans but didn't give them the ability to procreate.  Andrew counters that God never took away their ability to have a family as he has... they squandered their chances.  Next, the demons try to get to Andrew by reminding him that JenniAnn will die and that Dyeland might fall apart.  In a vision, they show him a decrepit version of Willowveil in the future.  Worse yet, Nen tells Andrew how he and Tzila started their evil plot: they arranged for a young woman who had befriended Nen to be raped because he was jealous when she'd become engaged.  Andrew lashes out but the horrible images of that event bring him to his knees.

Meanwhile, the ladies have sequestered themselves in JenniAnn's room where Monica and Raquel are sewing her nightgown as she braids Violeta's hair.  The young angel breaks down and asks why God didn't just send Michael to take down Nen and Tzila.  JenniAnn comforts her by pointing out that, just as God chose to suffer for His children, Andrew felt he had to protect his own loved ones... not have someone go in his stead.  Monica and Raquel finish their sewing which ends up being two little, matching Wendy-style nightgowns for Belle and Shelby, a scarf for Violeta, and JenniAnn's gown.  The latter gets emotional trying hers on but the other women assure her that Andrew will appreciate it and, more importantly, be back with her soon.  Sean knocks on the door to tell them Josef needs to speak to JenniAnn.  She goes to him and he shows her the new pool table he bought for Andrew.  They step onto the balcony and JenniAnn tells Josef that she saw Sarah.  Josef is moved and comes to believe her when she relays a message from his beloved. 

Nen and Tzila subject Andrew to a vision in which he accidentally kills JenniAnn.  Not-quite-blissfully unaware, the real JenniAnn is partaking in Vincent-led storytime with the children.  Reuel comes to tell her that Violeta is growing anxious so the three of them discuss what Andrew might be facing and how the two ladies can be help him when he returns.  Reuel, who was once himself captured by Nen and Tzila, urge JenniAnn and Violeta to allow Andrew to be near them more than usual... although not to a stifling, uncomfortable degree... and to not press him to talk about his time in Sheol. 

Andrew is devastated and weakened in Sheol.  Thankfully, Eben chooses that moment to challenge Nen and Tzila.  He tells Andrew to go into Yosef's shop to rest while he battles the two.  It works for a while but when Nen and Tzila begin to remind Eben of his evil works, Andrew's former partner starts to fade.  Andrew prays and is answered when a sword appears on the floor of Yosef's shop.  He grabs it and drives it through the demons' chests.  Turns out it does no actual harm but, having been carved by God, reminds the two demons of the glorious angels they once were.  The memories cause them to grieve over who they've become.  Michael appears and tells Eben he has work to do.  After the redeemed angel disappears in a beam of light, Michael tells Andrew that Eben is on the same island where JenniAnn was.  He'll meet with God there and get back on the right path.  Michael then tells Nen and Tzila that they'll need to relearn to rely solely on God and serve Him and others.  He then addresses the shades of the Nephilim, inviting them to go to a place where they can feel and accept God's love.  Some agree to go on while others remain.  Michael and Andrew escort the group to God's Country/ Purgatory.  ("Shadowlands")

June 13, 2015- JenniAnn, Violeta, Max, Rose, Fawn, Lulu, and Shelby all slept in Belle's nursery with her.  JenniAnn awakens and prays for Max and Rose after momentary envy over their being together when she's without Andrew.  Violeta gets up and snuggles with her for a little bit until JenniAnn gets up to fetch coffee and... runs into Joshua.  The resulting commotion wakes everyone else in the room up and Joshua gets a big group hug.  Joshua relays that Andrew will be home in less than an hour. 

In God's Country, Nen and Tzila learn that they'll be building homes for the Nephilim who may yet arrive there.  Those Nephilim who came with them have a pleasant village to live in while they come to terms with their part in the demons' evil plot.  Just before he returns to Dyeland, Michael tells Andrew that the wooden sword is his to keep.  Andrew feels ambivalent about it... Joshua carved it but it reminds him of Nen and Tzila... so Michael offers to take it Home for now.  Andrew accepts and invites Michael to the cupcake party at Dyeland.  The archangel agrees to stop by after he's relayed the good news of Nen's and Tzila's defeat to El-Chanan and Reuels's Rafiq and Riva in Heaven.  Andrew leaves God's Country.

Back in Dyeland, Monica is counting down the minutes on Andrew's former pocket watch.  JenniAnn moves beneath the willow tree to welcome Andrew back and Joshua starts juggling in order to distract the others.  Andrew reappears and he and JenniAnn share an affectionate reunion.  Group hugs ensue when the two step out from beneath the willow tree.  Joshua makes sure to get a photo of Andrew, JenniAnn, and their four kids.  Then the cupcake eating commences.  A bit later, Reuel and Joshua visit with Andrew who is broken up about Selam, the girl Nen and Tzila set up to be raped.  Reuel informs Andrew that Selam eventually fled with her children and helped found the village of Nogah.  Rafiq and Riva were born of her line.  Andrew is heartened by this very important epilogue. 

That evening, some of the Friends and Joshua clean up after dinner.  Eric finds himself singing a tune from Camelot and Emma and Peter agree that they should figure it into their next season.  Joshua agrees to let Andrew direct.  The group decides to rehearse for the benefit/revue after Joshua assures them that they won't disturb Andrew and JenniAnn.  As the two walk over from Serendipity, with Max and Rose, after getting the girls settled in, Max asks to take a photo of their joined hands.  After happily complying, Andrew and JenniAnn enter the castle to find their friends rehearsing in the ballroom.  Joshua steps out to extend everyone's love and wish Andrew and JenniAnn a good night then, after ushering Max and Rose inside, he promptly shuts the door.  Laughing at the very pointed expulsion from the ballroom, Andrew and JenniAnn head up to their room.  They share a dance and Andrew begins to shake off the chill and horror of the past day.  As they snuggle, he tells JenniAnn about Eben's efforts on his behalf.  Andrew concludes that it's why he had to face Nen and Tzila: no one else could reach Eben as he could.  The two then drift into a peaceful sleep.  ("Shadowlands")

June 14, 2015- After a morning service in the Fields, Andrew and JenniAnn take a walk and admire their friends and family.  Joshua joins them and fills in the missing details of Eben's story, explaining how Andrew's and JenniAnn's bond was what began to break Eben away from Satan's clutches.  In turn, Eben used their story to reach the Nephilim, making it easier for them to trust Michael.  Joshua relays Eben's wish to visit Andrew and JenniAnn which they agree to.  Then he gives Andrew the rest of the summer off and urges the two to take a vacation with the Friends.  Joshua also tells the two and Reuel that he'll be adding another stop to the gazebo, uniting Dyeland and El-Chanan. 

Most everyone returns home and, by the evening, Andrew and JenniAnn are alone to relax and sleep.  After drifting off, JenniAnn dreams of her time with Cora, Sophia, and Chava.  They discussed the importance of communication, verbal and nonverbal, and JenniAnn began to desperately long for Andrew.  Upon waking up, JenniAnn smiles as she realize that Joshua plotted it so, though she had a choice, there would be no doubt that she'd return to her life with Andrew.  Andrew, too, wakes up but from a nightmare.  JenniAnn consoles him but her kisses and caresses are interrupted by Raquel bringing a sobbing Belle to them.  They let her get into their bed and JenniAnn uses Badriya's lullaby to lull baby and Daddy to sleep.  ("Shadowlands")

Mid-June- Per Ivy in "Shadowlands," Joccy and Zoe vacationed at Serendipity then.

June 21, 2015- With house preparations nearly done, Eilish celebrates her homecoming and first birthday after returning to Dyeland.  Her godparents, Elizabeth and Thomas O'Malley, arrive with a basket of berries just as they do every year on her birthday.  They're overjoyed to discover Eilish is actually there.  As they celebrate, the O'Malleys tells Eilish about her parents and Asteriana.

June 23, 2015- In "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Eilish celebrates the date with a bonfire and snacks with her guardian angel, Samuel, and Elizabeth and Thomas O'Malley.  Eilish initially faints upon meeting Samuel!  However, a bit later they have a very nice, tender reunion.

June 25, 2015- On that day and a few following it, Samuel and Thomas working on getting utilities hooked up for Eilish's home.  ("Crumbling Walls")

June 27, 2015- Clay and Kylie get married.  Their reception and wedding take place at the Romano Family Farm with Joshua in attendance.  Adam accompanied them on their honeymoon tour of the Sibling Cities.  Obviously he made himself scarce at times!  (Their wedding date is shared by Cody and Eleora, one of Reuel's descendants, who get married in El-Chanan earlier in the day with Andrew, JenniAnn, and Joshua in attendance.)  Per Joshua, Maryam and Yosef visited Sean and Kemara on this date and John helped Fr. Mike with his web pages.  The whole family attended Kylie's and Clay's wedding festivities.  At the wedding, Andrew and Clay have a heart-to-heart about their girls and their lives with them and hope.  Then the two couples dance!  ("The King," "Shadowlands")  In "Hope and Healing," Andrew, JenniAnn, and the four kids, with Rose, settle in at Willowveil for the night after Clay's and Kylie's wedding.  Andrew and JenniAnn dance and get to talking about the wedding she planned as a teenager.  Happily, they decide much of it can be salvaged as one of their anniversary parties.  After getting into bed, they discuss the Adam-Kylie-Clay situation and hope Adam is handling the wedding night okay.  Andrew reveals his concerns about Eben's pending visit and JenniAnn comforts him before they both go to sleep.  In "Triad," Joshua spends quality time with Adam and counsels/consoles him as Clay and Kylie embark on their wedding night.  In their house a few yards away, Kylie helps Clay overcome his unease regarding his scars and the two have a romantic first night together.

In "Glad Tidings Part II," Kemara finishes telling Maryam and Yosef about the events since that night in the Fields. They mention that Andrew seems more pensive after his encounter with the demons. The younger couple confess that they wish they had had more time after their marriage to enjoy being a couple. Maryam and Yosef point out that they can still enjoy couple time and that it was essential to their own marriage.

June 28, 2015- After attending Mass at St. Mary Magdalene's, the family splits up with Max, Rose, and Violeta taking Shelby and Belle to the Brooklyn Children's Museum.  Andrew and JenniAnn pray in the chapel then meet with Eben.  It starts out cordial but then Andrew expresses his anger over the times Eben put JenniAnn at risk.  Extremely apologetic, Eben explains why he did that and reflects on how he missed so many highlights in his friend's life.  He admits that it would have been wrong to bypass free will and save Hope, something Hope herself has stressed to him.  Andrew and JenniAnn accept his apology and the former agrees to work with Eben on repairing their friendship. 

That evening, Max and Andrew are cleaning up after dinner when Max asks his dad if they can talk.  Sensing the need for privacy, Andrew invites him to his office.  Turns out Max never got a proper birds and the bees talk.  Andrew tries his best but they end up calling Zeke for guidance.  Meanwhile, Rose and JenniAnn are having their own discussion.  Rose asks JenniAnn if she and Andrew might consider adopting Max.  Not only does she believe it'd help her fiance but, that way, Andrew and JenniAnn would be their children's grandparents which offers certain protections.  Later, JenniAnn broaches the subject with Andrew who happily agrees.  They plan to discuss the matter with Catherine, for legal counsel, and then ask Max the following day.  ("Hope and Healing")

In "Triad," Joshua sees Adam, Clay, and Kylie off on their honeymoon which starts in El-Chanan.  Eleora and Cody join them for a tour of historical areas led by Reuel.  At one stop, Kylie confronts Adam who has been hanging back and not talking much with her and Clay.  She stresses to him that they invited him along because they wanted to hear from him, not just because they wanted him to deal with any gawkers.  Adam sees the error of his ways and agrees to be himself.  That evening, he and Reuel talk after the newlyweds retire.  Reuel reveals that he was concerned Nen and Tzila would have attacked Adam more forcefully given his love and respect for Kylie challenges Nen's odious behavior.  Adam reveals the demon-imposed nightmare he did have to Reuel: Clay's and Kylie's house started on fire with both inside and he could save neither.  They rejoice in the fact that it's all behind them now and make plans for the El-Chananites to come to Dyeland to enjoy the amusement park.

June 29, 2015- With Catherine's encouragement, Andrew and JenniAnn decide to ask Max about a legal adoption.  They take him and Rose to the Fields of Gold for dinner and, over dessert, ask him if he'd be interested.  Naturally, Max gets emotional and heartily agrees.  ("Hope and Healing"
In "Triad,"  Adam, Clay, and Kylie visit the zoo in Omaha where they enjoy quality time with overly affectionate (and hungry) baby goats, see a baby seal nurse, and witness a tiger couple enjoying "special time."  After shopping downtown, they travel to L.A. for the evening where they enjoy dinner and dancing.  Clay expresses concern about alarming children at Disneyland the next day and suggests Adam should take Kylie alone.  The angel refuses and calms Clay's fears. 

June 30, 2015- Adam, Clay, and Kylie have a fun-filled day at Disneyland.  At the end of their evening, they have coffee and beignets and talk.  Adam shares his beliefs that, somehow, God brought them close even before they met and allowed them to help each other through tough times.  Clay and Kylie are very moved by this idea.  After leaving the park, they talk long into the night on the balcony of Adam's hotel room.  ("Triad")

July 1, 2015- Andrew has a brutal nightmare in which JenniAnn is abducted and, seemingly, raped.  In waking life, JenniAnn looks on, weeping, having been asked by Andrew to not awaken him from nightmares since he might inadvertently hurt her whilst coming out of a sleep terror.  When he does wake up, she calms him and they make plans to go to class Below together in the morning.  They decide that Andrew should spend some time with Vincent.

While JenniAnn helps Owen with his art class, Andrew and Vincent go off to "the roaring chamber."  Vincent gets Andrew to open up about his nightmare and posits that maybe it has less to do with the echoes of Nen's and Tzila's influence than it does Andrew's own concerns about not always being able to protect his loved ones, a concern that increased after JenniAnn was shot.  Andrew begins to rail against Rex, screaming and pounding on the chamber walls.  Vincent encourages him to recognize that JenniAnn doesn't expect him to always protect her and that, while his anger at Rex is justified, his anger at himself isn't.  Andrew recognizes the truth in this and they return to Owen's classroom.  ("Hope and Healing")

After visiting Seneca Falls and the Finger Lakes National Forest with Adam, Clay and Kylie retire to their room.  Adam finds himself unable to sleep and feeling lonely in his own room.  Thankfully, Eli shows up to keep him company.  They get to talking about his relationship with Sophia.  Eli shares an account of attending a protest in 1968 that turned violent.  He was attacked by racists when he tried to carry a wounded Sophia away.  Adam confides his concerns about helping Clay and Kylie through the death of the other, in time, but Eli helps allay those fears.  The conversation takes a lighter turn as they fix second sarsaparilla floats.  ("Triad")

July 2, 2015-  The honeymooners visit the Susan B. Anthony House and Women's Hall of Fame.  When Clay and Kylie go to their room, Adam, who is visited by Henry, remains in the hotel pub playing a competitive quiz game.  That night, Clay awakens to discover that Kylie is not in bed with him.  He finds her on the balcony of their hotel room where she's been talking to Joshua.  They sit together and Kylie confides that she's been thinking of Jett and how different life with him was.  She never enjoyed sex with him and figured that was normal.  It's only since being with Clay that she's realized how truly disordered that aspect of her relationship with Jett was.  She actually enjoys and looks forward to making love to Clay.  He feels the same but tells her that neither should ever feel they should have sex out of duty or a feeling that it's their obligation as Christians.  Sometimes they just won't feel like it and that's okay.  Clay suggests that Kylie lead a young ladies' Bible study at their church so she can speak out against the harmful messages her mother imparted to her as part of The Talk.  Kylie agrees to discuss it with their pastor.  Then the two return to their room because it's NOT one of the "not in the mood" nights for them.  ("Triad")

July 3, 2015- Adam, Clay, and Kylie stay with Sibyll and Lewellyn on the island of Baile in Dyeland for the final portion of their honeymoon.  Lewellyn goes golfing with Adam, Clay, and Fr. Mike.  After gathering wildflowers for her and Clay's home, Kylie and Sibyll enjoy the island's hot springs.  Sibyll confides in Kylie about her past which included a violent relationship with a man her family wanted her to marry.  After he attempted to rape her, Sibyll fled to Lewellyn's home where he and his parents protected her until the couple could wed.  After hearing this, Kylie asks Sibyll if she was ever able to forgive her parents.  Sibyll tells her that she did but was never close with them after that.  Kylie confides that she doesn't think she can forgive her mother yet but is glad that she has mother figures in Diana, Maryam, Dot, Clay's mother, and Sibyll. 

On Asterangeles, Adam and Clay talk while Lewellyn and Fr. Mike practice.  Clay asks Adam to be his assistant coach.  Adam urges him to hire someone who needs the money but agrees to volunteer with the basketball team.  Both men are very glad to have an activity to share together since Adam and Kylie have St. Genesius'.  ("Triad"

July 4, 2015- The Friends gather at Willowveil to celebrate Independence Day with smores, sundaes, and a fireworks show courtesy of Edward and Caleb.  Belle is extremely impressed by the "pitties."  Andrew gets a little emotional when he realizes it could have been their first holiday without JenniAnn.  Max captures a perfectly timed kiss with his camera.  ("Hope and Healing")  In "Crumbling Walls," Samuel begins to rebuild the old smithy on Eilish's island and tells her of his decision to resume the work and live there.  That evening, they sit on the beach and enjoy watching the fireworks from Willowveil.  In "Triad," Adam, Clay, and Kylie return from their honeymoon.  After getting the couple's luggage into their home, Kylie suggests the trio pray near the pond.  She leads them in a prayer thanking the Trinity for bringing together their own trio.  They embrace and, looking on with pride and joy, an unseen Joshua smiles and sings.
July 6, 2015- In "Crumbling Walls,"  Eilish celebrates her "earthly" birthday on her island by having a picnic with Samuel, Andrew, JenniAnn, and Belle.  After the Willowveil set leaves, Samuel remains.  Eilish begins to worry that everyone is only pretending to like her but Samuel assures her that's not the case.  Further, he reminds her that, as God's daughter, she's a princess and worthy of friendship and love.

2nd week of July-  Sometime during the week, Elizabeth and Thomas give Eilish a grand tour of Dyeland.  She meets Monica, Adam, the Asterians, and Henry.  Eilish comes to think of Henry as a father figure and, in the following weeks, spends a great deal of time with him.  ("Crumbling Walls")
July 7, 2015- Andrew awakens from a nightmare in which Belle disappears while they're out shopping.  After assuring himself that she's sleeping safely in her nursery, Andrew returns to bed and he and JenniAnn begin the search for a good book about intimacy and sex to give Max.  They quickly learn it's not so easy to find a book with a Christian perspective that isn't frighteningly prudish and misguided.  To further complicate matters, some have sexist viewpoints and ones that make their own relationship sound immoral.  Andrew concludes that part of what makes it so difficult is they've always been very hands-on with their kids and picking a book seems like handing Max off to a stranger to deal with.  They decide to find the best book they can but add their own editorial notes.  ("Hope and Healing")
July 8, 2015- After singing Belle to sleep, Andrew and JenniAnn say a prayer before getting down to business with their Kindle.  JenniAnn gets upset when she reads about Catholicism's focus on procreative love, something she feels she and Andrew are cut out of.  Andrew counters this by pointing out that they've created a family and a home for their children even though they didn't actually conceive those children.  JenniAnn is uber thrilled with this interpretation and gets exceedingly affectionate before being interrupted by a distraught Belle who ends up crashing in their bed.  They get her settled down then go to bed.  ("Hope and Healing")  Meanwhile in "Forever and Always," Peter gets up after hearing Emma in the kitchen.  She's had a nightmare and he joins her for spiced milk and cuddling.  Emma reveals that she had a nightmare about Derek coming to the theatre and beating Peter then assaulting her.  In the daylight, Emma visits Dr. Sayer and talks about what's keeping her from setting a wedding date with Peter.  She agrees to open up to Peter about her concerns re: their wedding night.  As for Peter, he pays a visit to Fr. Mike for some counseling.  The priest encourages Peter to try to open up with Emma more about expectations.
July 11, 2015- Andrew looks on proudly as Belle and JenniAnn snuggle together in their sleep.  He decides to make breakfast in bed and finds Max already doing the same in the kitchen.  They make up peanut butter and honey sandwiches with bananas then go their separate ways.  A sleep-deprived Violeta (too much late night texting with Ivy) joins Andrew, JenniAnn, Belle, and the dogs for their idea of an idyllic breakfast.  ("Hope and Healing")
July 12, 2015- Andrew has a nightmare in which he failed in Sheol and Eli has to break the news to JenniAnn.  Nen and Tzila show up, strike Eli down, and kidnap JenniAnn.  Awakening, Andrew is glad to see that JenniAnn is sleeping soundly.  He gets out one of his carving knives and begins work on a figurine while waiting for morning to come.  When it does, he and JenniAnn discuss the trip they're embarking on with the Friends later in the day.  They agree that they'll do things separately on the trip at times.  They also decide to start potty-training Belle once they're back from vacation.  Fun times ahead!  ("Hope and Healing")
July 13, 2015- The gang arrives at the cabin in North Carolina where they'll be staying.  Andrew and JenniAnn hand out room assignments and Clay and Kylie learn from Adam that the others splurged and rented them their own cabin nearby which Caleb, Edward, Kemara, and Sean decorated as befits a honeymoon suite.  ("Hope and Healing""Forever and Always"  also features the Friends arriving at their cabins.  After watching Clay and Kylie head to their cabin, Emma and Rose go to their room to unpack.  However, they end up discussing how Max and Rose chose their wedding date which leaves Emma upset.  Rose comforts her and then the ladies join their fiances for a walk. 
July 14, 2015- After taking in the Biltmore with the group; Andrew, JenniAnn, and Belle retreat to their room for the evening.  As Belle plays, Andrew tells JenniAnn about an assignment he had at the Biltmore back in the day.  Belle gets upset when she discovers Appa Vincent is no where nearby so Andrew and JenniAnn let her FaceTime with him.  Afterwards, JenniAnn gets a brief pep talk from Vincent about being separated from Andrew for parts of the next day.  Then she joins Belle and Andrew in a dance.  ("Hope and Healing")
July 15, 2015- With Adam, Owen, and several of the ladies, JenniAnn and Belle spend the day at the Grove Arcade shopping and visiting art galleries.  Over lunch, they discuss relationships... and the interest but noted lack of nosiness on the part of the angels.  Meanwhile, Andrew spends time at the Pinball Museum and the Fun Depot with Max and some of the guys.  He takes a break with Zeke and they discuss how Adam's handling Clay's and Kylie's honeymoon phase as well as Andrew's and JenniAnn's adventures with the book for Max.  Andrew expresses his appreciation for how it's helping him and JenniAnn learn about each other even though they only set out to help their boy.

That night, Adam watches Belle so Andrew and JenniAnn can be alone.  They dance and then JenniAnn dotes on Andrew, giving him red velvet fudge and massaging some cream into his carpentry-cracked hands.  Then they get out their Kindle again and JenniAnn freaks out about the Catholic Church's "one rule" when it comes to sex.  Andrew talks her down, pointing out that people will use common sense and their girls certainly will and demand dignity and respect from their partners... lending dignity and respect themselves, of course.  JenniAnn settles down... and then she and Andrew wax nostalgic about their costumed adventures.  ("Hope and Healing")

July 17, 2015- In "Forever and Always,"  Emma and Peter tag-along when Arthur, Monica, Andrew, and JenniAnn take their kids to the park.  While Peter pushes Emma on a swing, Liam joins them and gives his thoughts on marriage and babies.  Afterwards, the couple decide to have a date night.  Adam lends them his car and he, Andrew, and Belle see them off.  After dinner and getting some ice cream, the couple stop in a park.  After a few kisses, Peter tells Emma about all the goodness and beauty he sees in her.   His words have their desired effect when Emma, though still hesitant, finds herself able to briefly imagine their future as spouses and lovers.  They agree to talk again soon after Emma thinks things over. 

July 19, 2015- In hopes of getting the kids a bit worn down so the adults can watch a movie in peace, Monica and JenniAnn take Liam, Jacob, Shelby, and Belle to a park.  As the kids play, the two women discuss their relationships and how sharing a room can help a couple stay in synch.  Arthur and Monica had been sleeping separately out of concern that Liam (on account of the awful examples of intimacy and sex he saw at his mother's home) wouldn't handle it well if he found them together.  JenniAnn points out that Liam needs to know that two adults sleeping together isn't a bad thing.  So Arthur and Monica are due for a talk...  ("Hope and Healing")  In "Forever and Always,"  Kylie and Emma chat in the former's cabin.  Kylie tells Emma about how being married to Clay has been so different from her marriage to Jett.  When she and Clay have sex, Kylie feels loved and cherished, not cajoled and nervous.  She tells Emma this in hopes she'll feel better about her future with Peter and know there's hope of moving past the trauma inflicted on her by Derek.  That evening, the adult Friends watch The Last of the Mohicans in preparation for their visit to Chimney Rock where some of it was filmed.  Emma has a bad reaction and flees.  Peter pursues her and holds her as she has a panic attack.  Once it's passed, Emma finally reveals more detail of how Derek molested her.  As painful as it is, Peter listens without interrupting.  It comes out that Derek used Emma's love for Joccy and Zoe to manipulate her.   Peter tells Emma how much he loves her and promises that he would never push her into anything she'd feel uncomfortable with.  Comforted but exhausted, Emma re-enters the cabin with Peter.  After good nights to Zeke, Diana, Manny, Kylie, and Clay who had been waiting up, Emma and Peter pray together and go to sleep.

July 20, 2015- In "Forever and Always," Emma awakens after a nightmare-filled night that Peter helped her through.  They cuddle and kiss then Emma asks Peter to spend the evening with her so they can choose a wedding date.  He happily agrees.  Later on, the couple along with Zoe and Joccy take photos after climbing Chimney Rock.  The girls ask Emma and Peter if they can cook dinner for them that night.  Emma and Peter agree, touched by the sisters' offer.  Not long after, JenniAnn reaches the summit with Andrew who is exhausted from carrying Belle all the way up.  Belle, of course, is a bundle of energy.  Peter snaps photos of the three in front of the flag then turns the camera on Emma and her motherly interaction with Joccy and Zoe.  That night, after enjoying their pasta dinner courtesy of the girls, Emma and Peter choose June 4th, 2016 for their wedding date.  They call Max and Rose just to be absolutely sure the former is okay with them getting married not long before his and Rose's wedding date.  Max heartily consents.  After hanging up, Emma and Peter call Joccy and Zoe up from the basement and share their news.  The girls are elated.  Over brownie sundaes, they begin to plan the wedding and, at Zoe's suggestion, decide to marry at St. Genesius'.  

July 22, 2015- As the older girls peruse dishes at Bloomfield's, Andrew notices that Shelby seems distressed.  She bursts into tears when he approaches her so he and JenniAnn (with Belle) take the girl outside.  Shelby confides that she's sad about everyone growing up... Asher and Hailey away at college, Violeta busy with school and Ivy, Max and Rose marrying and maybe moving away.  Andrew and JenniAnn point out that, when Kemara got married, it actually brought more people closer to them (Sean and his family) and that their circle will no doubt grow with more babies being born.  Shelby settles down and JenniAnn leaves her, holding Belle and embraced by Andrew, while she goes back inside to finish up shopping... including a Frozen tea set for the two girls to play with.  ("Hope and Healing")
July 24, 2015- Andrew has another nightmare in which he's with JenniAnn when she's shot and she doesn't survive.  When he wakes up, after wishing JenniAnn a happy birthday, he confesses that he's had the dream more than once.  In hopes of getting him over it, JenniAnn lets Andrew see and touch her mostly healed scar.  It seems to do the trick and he relaxes.  At JenniAnn's request, they slip outside and offer a prayer of thanksgiving beneath the stars.

That night, Andrew blindfolds JenniAnn and brings her to an Italian restaurant where the Friends have a surprise party waiting.  As a further surprise, Allison and Robert flew in to be with their daughter.   Before dinner, Andrew gives a heartfelt toast to JenniAnn and thanks God for the great vacation the Friends had together.  ("Hope and Healing")
July 26, 2015-  Kemara and Sean return from their two week, North Carolina vacation with the Friends and are enthusiastically greeted by Warren. During a walk on the beach, they discuss Kemara's upcoming appointment to have the twins examined by a fetal heart specialist and their favorite memories from vacation. A storm catches them still on the beach and they are soaked before they reach the house. Inspired, Sean puts on a romantic country tune and the couple share a dance.  ("Glad Tidings Part II")

July 28, 2015- After helping Sy with getting Ivy and Violeta set up at Serendipity, Andrew settles in with JenniAnn for the night.  They get back to their book and JenniAnn has another flip out about the Church's insistence that married couples must be able to have sex.  In her ranting, she lets out that she doesn't think a human Andrew would be interested in her.  Andrew is hurt by this assumption.  They realize that they're still lacking in a lot of ways when it comes to communication and they agree to get better about that.  They also decide that they need to put away any notion that they got the better deal and the poor other is just settling.   ("Hope and Healing")

When Kemara and Sean arrive for their Irish dance class, they find that the classmates have surprised them with a baby shower. Each parent-to-be receives a classy diaper bag. The babies receive matching onesies as well as socks and a tiny kilt for Ian. The group discuss the upcoming Atlantic City competition. Kemara decides that, due to her expanding size, she'll only two group dances. Their teacher, Elaine, asks to be kept informed about Kemara's appointment the next day.

On the train home, the couple discuss the dreams they had before their marriage and how to keep their relationship strong despite the stress of being the parents of twins.  ("Glad Tidings Part II")

July 29, 2015- At the appointment with Dr. Anpujor, Joy's heart looks fine, but Ian's shows a common problem - called an atrial septal defect. Kemara and Sean are shaken at the news and Kemara begins to cry. As he comforts her, Sean remembers when they first felt the babies move while they were on vacation. He also remembers what Kemara said that day: that she dreamed about the twins, aged about 3 during a Christmas celebration with their friends and family and that they were all happy.

Kemara calms down and hears Sean praying to Joshua. The couple feel his arms around them as he reassures them that everything will be fine.

The doctor tells them that Ian's condition isn't serious and might correct itself before his birth. Even if it doesn't, he might never need surgery.  ("Glad Tidings Part II")
August 12, 2015- Max received a Kindle and a notebook from his parents.  No doubt it made for entertaining and enlightening reading.  ("Hope and Healing")
August 13, 2015- JenniAnn awakens before Andrew who has been nightmare-free for two weeks.  She reflects on how lovely everything has been since their confrontation on the night of the 28th.  After Andrew wakes up, they have some quality time with Belle before embarking on a day filled with college prep with Violeta and Ivy. 

Meanwhile, in a small apartment in New York City, an Afghani woman named Isra wakes up and peers at her sleeping husband and children.  The former wakes up and the couple wish each other a happy anniversary.

That afternoon, Andrew, JenniAnn, Belle, and Violeta are at a thrift shop so the latter can get some clothes for school.  Belle begins to fuss so Andrew walks around with her.  When he stops to tie his shoe she runs off and approaches the aforementioned Isra and her husband... Behnam Al-Mitra, Belle's blood uncle and Badriya's brother who helped Adam and the Army locate Max and Andrew in Afghanistan.  Andrew's, JenniAnn's, and Violeta's terror over Belle being missing turns to joy over the family reunion.  They take Isra, Behnam, and their two children, Aiyla and Omar, to Dyeland so Andrew and JenniAnn can tell the couple that their daughter is their niece.  While JenniAnn is concerned Isra and Behnam might want to take Belle, the couple is only concerned about whether they'll ever be able to visit her again.  Everyone happily agrees that their children will be cousins and they'll be aunts and uncles to them... with frequent visits all around.  While Andrew, Behnam, and Violeta supervise the kids as they play with Yonah, Mary, and Silly; JenniAnn and Isra begin to discuss the latter's past.  Their marriage was forced and they lived as brother and sister until they legitimately fell in love.  However, because of Isra's youthfulness and prejudiced assumptions, some people assume that Behnam took advantage of his wife which embarrasses him and displeases Isra who actually made the first move.  JenniAnn tries to reassure her by listing off a litany of friends who have been together since one or the other was very young, herself and Andrew included.  Isra is somewhat reassured by this.

Out in Andrew's carpentry shop, the angel is getting to the bottom of Behnam's lingering guilt.  He still wishes that Isra had been able to choose her husband but Andrew points out that she did choose when she and Behnam consummated their marriage.  The young man's hesitant so Andrew asks him to tell him the whole story so he'll know Andrew's making an informed statement.  Behnam agrees.  Andrew is moved by the couple's love story.  Behnam also tells Andrew of how his family had to flee Isra's father's home after Behnam's uncle came and tried to rape Isra.  Behnam shot and killed him and, out of fear of retaliation from the uncle's cohorts, they all ran and lived as refugees.  Isra's father was killed and they lost her sister, also presumed dead.  Eventually Behnam ran into Lucas, the soldier who had been with Adam when Behnam gave information that led to Andrew's and Max's recovery.  Lucas helped the family to safety and then he and his wife sponsored them when they immigrated to the U.S.  Lucas' wife, Marianne, took Isra under her wing and, after attending the woman's Bible study, Isra converted to Christianity.  Behnam remains confused but Andrew agrees to talk with him about God whenever he wants.

Vincent and Shelby arrive at Willowveil for the (now expanded) family dinner.  The former is somewhat nervous about meeting the Al-Mitras.  Because of the total shock of running into them, Andrew and JenniAnn didn't have time to nor even think about removing photos of Vincent from Willowveil.  Thus, the Al-Mitras saw the photographs and so JenniAnn decides to introduce them.  Vincent's soon put at ease when Belle enthusiastically welcomes her Appa.  Omar very quickly takes to Vincent and addresses him as Appa.  Shortly thereafter, Aiyla does, too.  Behnam tells Vincent he doesn't have to really consider them as his grandchildren but Vincent happily accepts them.  Soon after, Adam arrives.  He hugs Behnam and is soon introduced to Isra.  Moments later, Max and Rose arrive.  Max tearfully thanks Behnam for his help and Badriya's.  Andrew and JenniAnn admire the scene and then get dinner ready for their family.

The Al-Mitras spend the night at Willowveil.  Once alone in their room, Andrew and JenniAnn reflect on the day.  JenniAnn tells the angel that Vincent wants to let the family stay at Cora's rather than keep paying high rent on a tiny apartment.  Andrew is concerned about protecting Behnam's pride but trusts Vincent to make the invitation in a respectful way.  The following morning, birds show up for Behnam, Isra, Aiyla, and Omar to add to the family tree.  ("Hope and Healing")

August 15, 2015- On or around this date, Samuel invites Eilish, Elizabeth, Thomas, Adam, Henry, Andrew, and JenniAnn to his housewarming.  ("Crumbling Walls")
August 19, 2015- At a courthouse in NYC, Max is officially adopted by Andrew and JenniAnn.  The three, with Belle, Shelby, Violeta, and Rose, go out for ice cream to celebrate.  The celebration continues that night with a party at Willowveil following Bible study.  All the Friends, the L.A. contingent, the Al-Mitras, Reuel and a clan from El-Chanan, Asterians, and JenniAnn's parents are present.  Rose surprises JenniAnn and Max with a rehearsal of their eventual mother-groom dance with Zeke, Sy, Eli, Shane, and Peter serenading them.  Then Rose springs the angelic orchestra on them and Max and Andrew rock out to "Born to Run."  ("Hope and Healing")  The party also comes up in Pia's "Crumbling Walls" where Eilish meets many of the Dyelanders and Friends for the first time.  She has an especially good time playing with the little ones and in meeting Vincent.  On the boat ride back home, she and Samuel have a heart-to-heart about the bullying she faced in the past.
August 20, 2015- Andrew has a dream in which JenniAnn is fleeing from him and won't stop.  A voice orders him to let her go.  Turning around, Andrew realizes it's JenniAnn who is holding Belle.  The other JenniAnn kneels down beside another Andrew.  JenniAnn surmises that they're their past selves and it's time they leave them behind.  Belle scampers away and breaks through the tree line.  Following her, Andrew and JenniAnn discover their loved ones, both those living in the mortal worlds and those in Heaven, gathered in and above the Fields of Gold.  Joshua appears, holding Belle and weaving a floral crown for her, and tells them it's a vision of their 20th anniversary.  He informs them that the time of shadows is over.  They've left the regrets, doubt, and reticence in their relationship behind them.  He asks them to share what they've learn with Behnam and Isra and they agree.  They tell Joshua they love him and then wake up from their shared vision.  Belle comes running into their room, wearing the floral crown and removing any doubt that their dream was truly a vision.  JenniAnn is struck with longing for Joshua and she and Andrew sing "What Wondrous Love is This?" before taking Belle to get the waffles that Joshua said she would want.  ("Hope and Healing")

August 23, 2015- In "Glad Tidings Part II," Elaine calls Kemara and Sean the morning of the feis to say that one of her young dancers sprained an ankle and suggesting the Shelby take her place.

Sean Kemara, Andrew, JenniAnn, Belle, Ivy, Violeta and Shelby make the two-hour drive to Atlantic City. During the trip, Ivy and Violeta talk about college while Shelby asks about how the competition works and confesses that she's nervous. Kemara and Sean discuss if their children will do Irish dance. A photo Kemara posted on her Faceboook page of herself and Sean in Times Square for a re-creation of 'The Kiss' - the famous picture of a sailor kissing a nurse on V-J Day - has become very popular.

At the hotel venue, the group meets Elaine and the little girl whom Shelby is replacing. Sean suggests that Shelby enter the individual competitions as well so she will stay busy and not be nervous about dancing on a team. Belle needs a change and - instead of taking her to the public restrooms - Andrew takes her out to the van. Kemara and Sean discuss how they'll handle such things with twins.

Shelby gets dressed in her costume and meets Kayla, one of Elaine's students who is her age. The group watch the youngest children - under 5 compete. Shelby takes the stage and does very well. Elaine gets JenniAnn and Andrew alone and suggests that Shelby take lessons at the studio with children her own age. She says that Shelby can help with the younger students to cover the cost of her tuition. JenniAnn and Andrew agree if Shelby wants to do it.

Shelby and Kayla each win two medals - and chocolate bars. The group splits up for lunch, shopping and, for Sean, more competition. Violeta and Ivy join Kemara where they talk about her parents and meet Alice, an older adult dancer from another school. Sean easily bests his younger opponents

Kemara, Sean, Violeta and Ivy eat lunch in the hotel's dining room. The meal is frequently interrupted by other dancers congratulating the couple on their marriage and pregnancy. The four discuss their favorite memories of their North Carolina vacation.

They return to the ballroom where they join Andrew, JenniAnn and Belle for Shelby's team competition. The little girls come in fourth, much to their surprise. Kemara and Sean prepare for their own team dance where Inishfree takes first - out of two. The couple place first in their two-hand competition. The judge jokes the should've disqualified them since they're technically a 'three-hand'. Sean corrects him saying, 'four-hand, actually,' meaning the twins.

August 27, 2015- A bad storm rages that evening in Dyeland.  Eilish is traumatized because it reminds her of her nightmares of war and destruction.  Samuel comes to find her and, with Tiddy, they hideout in her basement.  To soothe Eilish, Samuel tells a love story concerning one of his assignments.  Once the storm passes, they enjoy some cocoa and ice cream together.  ("Crumbling Walls")  Also, sometime around then, Renata and Rosario visited Emma and Peter in New York.  They mostly spent time with Emma, wedding planning and listening to her story.  Both women were very understanding and compassionate.  Rosario asked Emma to call her "Mama" which Emma happily agreed to.  ("Forever and Always")

In "Glad Tidings Part II," Owen is at Sol Mate sketching out the design for the nursery and painting some of the larger portions when a storm blows up from the ocean. Kemara and Sean invite him to stay for dinner. When the storm abruptly stops, they realize that something is wrong. They step onto the porch and see a funnel cloud over the water. Sean hurries the other two back into the house, ordering them to grab keepsakes and computer gear - and Warren. They set out through the storm to Serendipity which has a basement. Halfway there, Joshua's voice tells them to stop and a tree crashes across the path in front of them.

Scratched and soaked, they get over it and arrive at the house where, Andrew, JenniAnn, Belle, Max, Rose, Violeta, and the animals are waiting out the storm in the basement. Max jokes that it's good Sean hasn't yet started building a deck for the hot tub he promised Kemara for her birthday on the 24th. Andrew says that everyone else is safe and that Eilish has Samuel with her on Tir Na Nog. Kemara has a contraction and calls Portia. Sean vents to Owen about everything the couple have been dealing with. Portia advises that unless the contractions continue, Kemara doesn't need to come to the hospital. The group settles down to play Trivial Pursuit and wait for the storm to pass.

September 3, 2015- In "Forever and Always," Emma meets with Dr. Sayer again.  She catches her up on her visit with "Mama" and "Abuela."  They talk about how much Emma is looking forward to marrying Peter.  However, something is still bothering her...

September 26, 2015- The Friends are rehearsing Camelot and Emma falls in love with one of her Guenevere gowns.  Monica offers to make her a wedding dress like it if she wants.  Andrew decides that Emma and Peter should rehearse "I Loved You Once in Silence" which they do beautifully and with much feeling.  Unfortunately, it just makes Caleb angry at his character (Mordred) because he doesn't want to have to pull the lovebirds apart.  To appease him, Emma and Peter offer the DJ job at their wedding to him.  Caleb is elated.  After rehearsal, the Friends split up for various chores and outings.  Emma, Diana, and Manny remain at St. G's.  While the baby sleeps, Diana counsels Emma who is worried about her fertility.  Emma lets it slip that she and Eric slept together prior to his leaving JCS and the condom broke.  This combined with other incidents and yet no pregnancy scares have made Emma fearful that she can't get pregnant.  Diana reassures her and they set up an appointment with Portia.  That evening, Peter can tell Emma is on edge.  When he asks what's wrong, she asks him why he and Jaz never had kids.  Peter explains that, while they both wanted kids, Jaz wanted her dancing career to take off first.  They thought they had time but then she died.  Emma tells Peter about her concerns about her fertility but he assures her that, even if they were infertile which they have little reason to believe they are, they could have children still via adoption.  He promises to pray while she's at her appointment with Portia and Diana.  ("Forever and Always")

September 29, 2015-  On the day of Emma's appointment, Peter is helping Fr. Mike pot flowers to bring to the sick parishioners of St. Mary Magdalene's.  Peter asks the priest if he thinks there's anything to Emma's worries.  Fr. Mike tells about a sister who struggled to conceive then did almost instantly after a combative co-worker was fired.  He thinks Emma was just overly stressed before.  Fr. Mike asks Peter about adoption.  He posits that, perhaps for Emma, adoption isn't an attractive choice because, in her mind and heart, she adopted Joccy and Zoe and then lost them.  She might only feel secure if she actually births her baby.  Peter recognizes that there's a lot of sense in what the priest hypothesizes.  He decides to speak to Emma about it that night.  The two pray together when the time for Emma's appointment rolls around.  That evening, after Emma shares optimistic news from her appointment with Portia, Peter asks Emma about Fr. Mike's theory.  She's surprised the priest knew how she felt.  Emma confirms that what happened with Joccy and Zoe made her leery of adoption.  Peter reminds her of Belle whose birth family even re-entered the picture and yet she remains with Andrew and JenniAnn.  He stresses that most adoptions don't involve children being taken away.  This calms Emma.  Peter then reminds Emma of how tenderly she interacts with Joccy and Zoe which, to him, is proof she'll be a wonderful mother however that happens.  Emma decides to ask the girls to be in her bridal party.  While she makes the call, Peter prays toJoshua that Emma's fears won't become real.  ("Forever and Always")

September 30, 2015- In "Forever and Always," the Friends are having Bible study.  During Emma's and Peter's turn to watch the kids, Liam and Aiyla squabble over Belle as Omar looks on and cries.  Belle ends up having a seizure.  Knowing right away what's happened, Emma scoops Belle up and soothes her while talking with the other kids about how they're all cousins and all need to get along.  The parents and Appa Vincent all come to check on their kids but determine that Emma and Peter have everything under control.  While Peter and Monica distract the other kids with a puzzle, Emma sings Belle to sleep and becomes more confident in her mothering skills.  After Bible study, the group enjoys some cookies.  Emma sits with JenniAnn, Belle, Diana, Kemara, Rose, and Kylie.  They all praise Emma's quick thinking with Belle.  Kylie asks about her visit to Portia which Emma happily reports went very well.  When Emma takes Belle to get a cookie, the other women thank Joshua for giving Emma an opportunity to feel more confident.  That evening, Emma and Peter talk about what happened then Emma remembers a gift she meant to give Peter.  It's an Anglican-style rosary that she made.  She made one for herself and suggests they pray it while asking Joshua, Yosef, and Maryam for guidance as they contemplate starting their own family.  Peter is greatly touched by the gift and agrees that's the perfect use for it.

October 26, 2015- After seeing Crimson Peak with her cousin Veronica, JenniAnn has a nightmare.  Thankfully, Andrew is there to comfort her.  It comes out that he also saw the movie because he wanted to be able to talk to her about it.  In the middle of their discussion, Belle wakes up and demands a midnight snack.  So the three, along with Shelby, enjoy their snack and Andrew and JenniAnn are left in a much better state of mind.  ("A Midnight Snack")

October 30, 2015- During a visit, Joccy and Zoe help Emma and Peter deliver save-the-dates to Dr. Sayer and her assistant, Gayle.  Both women are very pleased by the invitations.  Peter notices that Joccy seems out of sorts.  She asks him if they'll still be able to visit after the wedding.  Peter reassures her that he and Emma will absolutely still want them to visit and that he would never come between the sisters and Emma.  That evening, as Emma performs "The Lusty Month of May," Joshua watches from the box where he collected wedding invitations for himself, his parents, and John.  For a moment, Joshua sees Emma's and Peter's wedding day.  He watches as Eric/Arthur introduces Peter/Lancelot to Emma/Guenevere.  As the real couple shake hands, Joshua declares "It is good."  Emma and Peter look up to the box and see Joshua.  Once offstage, they embrace and rejoice in the promise that Joshua will be there on their wedding day.  ("Forever and Always")

November 1, 2015- In "Glad Tidings Part II," Sean wakes around 9 to find Kemara already up and cleaning. After a Halloween party (which the couple attended as two birds complete with nest and eggs) and two performances of Camelot, he figured she would be worn out. She admits that she has been having Braxton Hicks contractions and is achy. Plus, she's really craving a Subway sandwich with deli meat - something her pregnancy doesn't allow her to have.

The couple attends the 12:30 service at St. Mary Mags. Sean gets Andrew alone after Mass and says he thinks Kemara will be going into labor soon. Andrew suggests that Sean let Portia know about his concerns and then try to relax.

At that afternoon's 2 p.m. performance, Kemara feels a new kind of contraction. She and Sean seek out Diana who confirms that Kemara is is active labor. She counsels the nervous couple and relates her own pregnancy experiences.

As the hours go by, Sean returns to Sol Mate for Kemara's suitcase while Max and Rose keep her company between the two performances. Max admits he's amazes by how strong women are. The cast and crew eat dinner together before the second show. Sean suggesting Kemara change her shirt for one he bought her for Halloween showing two sets of handprints and the words, 'Let us out!'. Kemara and Sean leave for the hospital - driven by Zeke and Diana - with their friends prayers and good wishes supporting them.

Kemara texts her parents. They will try to get the next flight out of Atlanta, but it looks like snow might fall in New York City.

At the hospital, the nurses make Kemara comfortable in a private room on the maternity floor while Sean says goodbye to Zeke and Diana who promise to return after the show. When he is allowed in her room, Kemara says that her back is really hurting and the pain is worse during contractions. Dr. Faulkner, a fetal medicine specialist, visits and confirms that this is back labor and suggests various ways to relieve the discomfort. They discuss how the delivery will go.

For the next few hours Kemara walks and visits with their friends - including the Thorntons - and Sean's parents. Her own parents remain stuck in Atlanta as heavy rain and the threat of snow are delaying flights.

About 11:30, Portia and Dr. Faulkner visit. Kemara asks for a epidural since her back pain has been growing. The doctors refuse, saying that she isn't far enough dialated yet. Sean is frustrated and helpless. Kemara persuades him to join her in the hospital bed, sitting behind her. As the contractions continue, his anger grows. At last, he asks the nurse, Barbara, if Kemara can have an epidural. Barbara agrees to contact Portia and get things ready - including giving Kemara IV fluids. Kemara falls while trying to reach the bathroom and her thinking is more muddled, increasing Sean's concern. He shouts at the nurse and Portia, just arriving, thows him out of the room until he can calm down.

An hour later, Portia gives Sean and their family and friends an update on Kemara and the babies' condition. Stress has slowed the contractions, and while the epidural has taken care of the back pain, Kemara can still feel the contractions. Portia believes that if Kemara can be calmed down, labor will progress and the twins will be born quickly. Sean agrees to help, and keep his temper under control.

With Sean out of the room, Portia asks if there is something she should know. JenniAnn tells her about Kemara and Sean's demon-induced nightmares about the twins' birth. Portia agrees to do what she can to reassure them.

Their friends visit Kemara who puts on a brave face. But she is rapidly becoming exhausted. Hearing that her parents will not get to New York in time for the birth doesn't help her mood. Maryam arrives and offers to fill in for Kemara's mother. She tells the younger woman an amusing story of the days after Joshua's birth when she and Yosef were still learning how to parent a newborn. Kemara laughs and barely notices that her labor has restarted.

Portia has Kemara moved to an operating room and and Ian is born after a short time. Kemara cuddles the baby skin-to-skin and panics when the nurse tries to take him away recalling her nightmare. Portia and Sean reassure her that all is well. Fifteen minutes later, Joy is born. Sean holds her while Dr. Faulkner points out the physical signs of Down Syndrome.

Maryam holds the babies, blessing them with a Hebrew recitation of Psalm 121. Friends and family arrive to greet the new arrivals, led by Joshua. The Carpenter tells them that Kemara's parents have arrived in New York and will be at the hospital soon. He blesses the children with a recitation of Psalm 139 as everyone rejoices.

November 2, 2015- Kemara and Sean enjoy their first moments with their babies.  Kemara gets help from a lactation consultant, Naijeonna, and nurses Ian.  Joy struggles with her first attempt.  Once the babies are in the nursery, Sean and Kemara take a much needed nap.  After Kemara awakens, both sets of parents and Emma and Peter visit.  They compile a to-do list of everything Kemara and Sean were unable to complete before Ian and Joy arrived.  The group then goes to the nursery where Emma, Peter, and the grandparents take turns holding the babies.  Portia arrives and, after Emma and Peter leave, shares the results of the babies' tests.  It's mostly good news.  The whole in Ian's heart hasn't closed but neither has it grown.  He seems unimpaired by it, too.  Joy's heart is perfectly fine.  Naijeonna returns and, after the grandpas leave, Kemara again nurses the babies.  Ian is a pro but Joy struggles again.  The group disperses soon after so Kemara can get another nap in while the babies rest.  ("And Then There Were Four")

Meanwhile, Eilish is preparing for the Halloween bonfire in Dyeland.  She and Samuel are going as Galadriel and Elrond respectively.  As she prepares, Eilish reflects on how things have changed between her and the angel.  She feels more timid around him.  Eilish hopes that the party will clear her mind.  Once at the Fields of Gold, Eilish mingles with the Friends and they mutually admire each other's costumes.  She begins to grow anxious when Samuel isn't present.  When he does arrive, Eilish is hit with the knowledge that she's in love with him.  Shaken, she runs to the shore.  Samuel sees this and asks JenniAnn to speak with Eilish.  JenniAnn reminds Eilish about her and Andrew and Arthur and Monica.  She stresses that God loves Eilish and wouldn't deny true love to her.  The talk gives Eilish some peace and JenniAnn leaves, telling Samuel that he can go to Eilish. 

With Samuel beside her, Eilish finally musters up the courage to tell him of her love.  She's surprised and touched when he tells her that he's known from the beginning.  The two embrace and remain by the shore for sometime.  When they return to the bonfire, Eilish makes a happy report to JenniAnn.  Violeta is rather nosy but Eilish handles it well.  Wanting distraction, she turns the topic to Samuel's age.  As usual, no full answer is forthcoming.

Once the party winds down, Samuel escorts Eilish home.  They have a discussion about the stars and Creation.  Samuel reveals that he was created in Norway.  Once they reach Eilish's home, they part with a hug and kiss on the check.  Eilish falls asleep reflecting on the wonderful day.  ('Sinners and Saints')

November 3, 2015- Eilish carefully prepares to welcome Samuel for breakfast.  When Samuel arrives and accidentally bumps his head, Eilish nurses the angel.  Over breakfast, Samuel shares his plans to introduce St. Martin's Day to Dyeland.  Eilish readily agrees to participate.  ('Sinners and Saints')

November 4, 2015- Kemara is discharged from the hospital along with Ian.  The family is staying at an on-site hotel at the hospital where Joy remains in the nursery.  Ciara visits Kemara and helps her pack-up the room then the two go to Lily's Loot to get Sean a new daddy gift.  Lily and Azalea warmly greet them.  Basil briefly visits with them and Kemara ends up selecting a "World's Coolest Dad" mug for Sean.  After promising to bring the babies around, Kemara and Ciara leave.  Later, Kemara and Sean settle into their hotel room.  Kemara is wistful, wishing that they could be home at Sol Mate with Joy.  The couple exchange gifts and are amused to find they both purchased "World's Coolest..." mugs.  After enjoying a laugh, the two go to the NICU to get Ian.  Kemara is reluctant to leave Joy but knows they'll return soon.  Back at their room, the couple decide on godparents for their children.  Rose and Max stop by with dinner.  They admire Ian and Rose asks about Joy.  Kemara confides that Portia told her they may need to resort to a feeding tube.  The younger couple try to share some optimism then leave their friends to enjoy dinner of lasagna and bread.  Afterwards, Ian struggles to sleep but Sean eventually thinks of playing him Irish music and it does the trick.  Kemara heads back to the NICU where Joy nurses quite well but the threat of a feeding tube lingers since she isn't gaining weight.  Naije assures Kemara that it would only be temporary if it did happen.  Kemara is, nonetheless, upset.  She steps into the chapel and tells Joshua that she wishes they could just all go home.  She hears him answer: "Soon"  ("And Then There Were Four")

November 9, 2015- Eilish and Samuel pay Willowveil a visit as St. Martins.  They sing the traditional song, ask riddles, dance, and beg food from Andrew, JenniAnn, Belle, Violeta, and Shelby.  They then head to Baile to engage in the tradition with Eilish's godparents, Thomas and Elizabeth, and onto see Adam and Henry.  Once home, Eilish reflects on all that's happened in a week and her newfound and growing understanding of God.  ('Sinners and Saints')

In "And Then There Were Four", the twins have a checkup and the overall report is good for both.  However, Joy is still not gaining.  Naijeonna consoles Kemara.  She and Sean head back to their hotel room with Ian and, soon after, Portia and Naijeonna arrive.  The latter has an idea.  If Kemara nurses while reclining, it may make things easier for Joy.  Kemara agrees to try it and things start off well.

With the family now all in the hotel room, more visitors come.  Andrew, JenniAnn, and Belle stop by.  They discuss when the McCallums might get to come home and everyone hopes for Thanksgiving which Andrew has a good feeling about.  Belle feeds Ian his bottle and then gets upset when she realizes she can't keep him.  Andrew reasons with her and then the family returns to Dyeland where they're hosting Allison and Robert for dinner. 

November 10, 2015- While Basil and Sean do "guy stuff," Kemara, Azalea, and Lily have lunch at the hotel room.  Lily is enchanted when she gets to hold Joy.  The two women discuss parenting and Kemara wonders how they'll know when they're pushing Joy too much versus not challenging her enough.  Azalea admits that it's a difficult balance.  Kemara asks if she and Basil will be joy's godparents and the woman readily agrees.  Lily cheers having a sister.  The Thorntons then leave for an appointment.  ("And Then There Were Four")

November 11, 2015- After getting Ian and Joy settled in, Kemara and Sean have a late night talk about what rules they'll have.  They settle on family dinners and praying before meals but ponder how they'll handle religion since it can be difficult to balance Catholicism and being "Joshuan."  After they try to get to sleep, Sean announces that the twins won't be able to date until they're 18 though Kemara questions that.  It's left undetermined when they go to sleep.  ("And Then There Were Four")

November 17, 2015- Portia performs another check-up then declares that she's releasing Joy.  Kemara and Sean are elated.  While he fills out paperwork, Kemara calls her mother and then JenniAnn to share the good news.  JenniAnn promises that people won't swarm them at Sol Mate but instead wait to see Ian and Joy at Bible study the following evening.  Kemara begins to tidy up the hotel room and nurses both twins.  She ponders how Warren will react to them.  Sean returns and, soon after, the grandparents do, too.  They get the room packed up, the twins into their carseats, and head to the alley portal and onto Dyeland.  A welcome party greets them as they drive by Willowveil and a banner greets the twins at Sol Mate which has been cleaned and decorated.  They admire the completed nursery and gifts from the Friends then enjoy a meal before the grandparents head home. 
("And Then There Were Four")

November 18, 2015- At Bible study, Edward and Caleb claim the babies so they can impart twin secrets.  Andrew and JenniAnn commiserate with Kemara and Sean about the lack of sleep they got.  They decide to bring it up at Bible study to see if anyone has ideas.  ("And Then There Were Four")

November 26, 2015- Kemara, Sean, and the twins spend Thanksgiving with their families together.  Everyone gushes over the twins, especially their cousins.  Once everyone's seated for dinner, Keith reflects aloud on all they have to be thankful for.  He then closes with a prayer to Joshua, thanking him, and asking him to be with them through whatever comes.  ("And Then There Were Four")
December 17, 2015- In "Believe," Andrew awakens from a dream/memory of Maryam and Yosef after the former became pregnant.  He takes it as a sign from Joshua that he needs to work on things with JenniAnn who he upset by not leveling with her about his job-induced angst.  He didn't want to dim her happiness at Christmastime.  Since JenniAnn's also struggling with sleep, the two talk and Andrew admits to being deeply troubled by various assignments.  JenniAnn tells him that she can't be blissfully happy when it's obvious he's struggling.  He promises not to keep JenniAnn at a distance any more.  Both feeling better, they go back to sleep but seem to hear Joshua telling them he'll soon be with them.

December 18, 2015- Isra is contemplative as she waits for JenniAnn and Catherine to arrive with a pregnancy test.  A month after a romantic evening with Behnam, Isra thinks she's pregnant which would be welcome news if not for her belief that it'll put additional strain on her husband.  As for Behnam, he's troubled by his wife's recent change in behavior.  Eric and Andrew try to comfort him while they supervise the little Friends who are making Christmas gifts for their mothers, grandmas, etc.  That evening, while Andrew and JenniAnn babysit their kids, Isra and Behnam have a nice dinner then go to the attic where Isra tells Behnam that she's pregnant.  Behnam is overjoyed which allows Isra to fully celebrate her pregnancy.  Meanwhile, back in Dyeland, Andrew and JenniAnn plan sleeping arrangements for the Friends in hopes that they'll have reason (aka Joshua being there) to stay in Dyeland for Christmas.  Back in the Bronx, because she's sleepy, Isra goes to bed while Behnam unwraps ornaments that Vincent brought for them to use.  Behnam is shocked to find a note that implies Joshua is Jesus... who is God.  Astounded, Behnam returns to his bedroom and, when Isra awakens, the two discuss her beliefs about Joshua and Behnam learns of his wife's suspicions/hopes.  Together, they conclude Joshua truly is Jesus/God.  ("Believe")

December 19, 2015- Belle wakes up to find Joshua in the hallway.  She enthusiastically greets him with Fawn and Lulu then Omar and Aiyla wake up.  Because it's very early, Joshua suggests they make breakfast so Andrew and JenniAnn can sleep some more.  When the two do awaken, they quickly realize that Belle's nursery is too quiet.  They find a note from Joshua and the kids and hurry to the kitchen where they reunite while Joshua and Aiyla work on some French toast.  A bit later, Behnam and Isra arrive.  After an embrace and calming words from Joshua, they join the others for breakfast.  While their children, niece, Andrew, and JenniAnn watch a movie, Isra and Behnam visit with Joshua in his room.  Joshua puts to rest Behnam's lingering feelings of guilt and undeservedness connected to Isra.  He tells the couple that it was always the will of him and his Father that they be together.  He urges them to be proud of their marriage and family.  Joshua asks them to ride to Brewster with him in a couple days and they agree. 

Meanwhile in Manhattan, Maryam and Yosef surprise Emma and Peter with homemade pancakes for breakfast in their apartment.  Afterwards, the four head to Willowveil.  Over at Aisling, Fr. Mike is spending time with his parents when a visitor arrives.  Lewellyn discovers it's John who greets Fr. Mike with a snowball fight before that group, too, heads to Willowveil.  Once the Friends have gathered at Willowveil, Vincent visits with Isra and Behnam and Joshua assures Vincent that he was right to plant the note that tipped the couple off.  Vincent shares that Father is unwell which prompts Maryam to visit him in the Tunnels where he makes a sudden recovery.  Maryam hints that the elderly doctor will have a role in the assignment to come.

That afternoon, Zeke, Diana, Emma, Peter, and Joshua go to St. G's where Hailey's set to arrive with the Lowery girls.  Hailey and Zoe enthusiastically greet their loved ones but Joccy is asleep in the back seat with their cat.  Zoe informs the others that her sister has been having trouble with school.  Joshua coaxes Joccy awake.  He gives her a short pep talk about not hiding her feelings in order to spare her mother's feelings then the group heads to Dyeland.

In the evening, many of the Friends head to Beth El for Shabbat.  Afterwards, they mingle at the reception.  Joshua chats with Betty and Moishe who are headed out on vacation.  Joshua promises to have the two families share dinner upon their return.  He also shares that he has something he'd like their help with.  Andrew overhears the conversation which includes Joshua saying that his visit will be of some length.  After the couple leaves, Andrew shares with Joshua that he's grateful he's staying for a while.  Joshua replies by asking if he can visit with Andrew and JenniAnn in their room later that night.  Andrew, of course, agrees.  He senses something is up with Joshua but isn't given much time to ponder before a snack-seeking Belle comes up to him.

After everyone's settled in for the night and Joshua's had a chance to talk with Beth and Logan who are on a camping trip with Mick, the three meet in Andrew's and JenniAnn's room.  Joshua reveals that his hope is the Friends will help him bring down a human trafficking ring that's moving into NYC.  While some will go undercover, others will help build up and staff a safe house building.  Their chief task will be serving as surrogate family and friends.  Joshua patiently answers their questions, assuring them that he expects and wants their lives to go on as usual.  He promises Andrew that Violeta won't be directly exposed to places where trafficking actually happens.  Joshua then asks the soul mates' help in arranging time for him to visit with Josef and Mick because the former has experience combating trafficking.  They agree.  Joshua leaves the two alone, after urging them to talk to each other and him about the assignment as needed.  With a big day ahead (the McCallum twins' baptism), they all try to get some sleep.  ("Believe")

December 20, 2015- Belle awakens in tears following a nightmare.  She's with the other children in the rec room, along with Max and Rose serving as guardians, but with no one awake to comfort her, Belle treks to Joshua's room.  He, too, is having a less than pleasant dream so snuggles into the rocking chair with Belle.  Come morning, the two have slept in late so Maryam and Yosef rouse Joshua who, in turn, awakens Belle.  They hurry to ready for Mass and Ian's and Joy's baptism.  After Mass at St. Mary Magdalene's, the baptism takes place in the Dyeland Chapel with Fr. Mike and John co-officiating.  A celebration follows in the Willowveil ballroom.  During the ceremony, Joyce and David (Kemara's parents) realized who Joshua was so he, Maryam, and Yosef visit with them.  Meanwhile, Zany and Lily beg to hold Ian and Joy and their requests are granted.  The parents chat and when the Thorntons and Hansoms go to get lunch, Monica and Arthur come over to hold their godson, Ian.  They talk some more and witness Belle pitching a fit over Liam dancing with little Kelly.  Thankfully, Andrew intervenes and dances with his daughter.  Focus shifts to Joshua's vagueness when he's asked how long he's staying.  The group is forced to leave it as a mystery.

The story shifts to a NYC street where we meet Nick, a kindly fellow... so long as you don't mean trouble.  Nick is on his way to babysit three young girls, Anika, Nya, and Zizi.  Their mother, Thandie, is a prostitute and Nick's trying to get her away from her abusive pimp.  After he has an altercation with the pimp, Thandie realizes she needs to break free to protect herself and her girls.  Nick leads them to a safe house that's being prepared by Eleora, Cody, Reuel, Freya, Elazer, Zaila, Michael, and Azrael.  The newcomers are astounded by the beauty and comfort of their new home and enjoy a wonderful meal of lasagna.

Elsewhere in the city, Joshua and the male Friends are at the community center of St. Mary Magdalene's.  They're partaking in a poker and Bingo tournament while the ladies and kids work on their Christmas presents.  Yosef wins the poker tournament and Joshua is the first Bingo winner.  He soon realizes the game was rigged when Adam presents him with a handknit sweater with a portrait of him and the words Birthday Boy emblazoned in gold yarn.  After the fellows take photos, Andrew texts the image to JenniAnn who promptly shows it to Maryam.  The women taking turns laughing at Joshua and his ugly birthday sweater.  Conversation takes a more serious turn when some of the ladies share with Isra how Joshua helped them overcome emotional baggage.  Isra shares about how her mother and father instilled faith and the belief in God's love in her.   She reveals that the main reason she wears her hijab is that, with it, she feels she looks more like her mother of whom she has no photo.  Maryam assures her that her mother, whom she takes after in many ways, is very proud of her.  Isra lets slip that she's pregnant which sends Violeta into a tizzy.  JenniAnn takes her for a walk so she can calm down but it's decided that Isra and Behnam will announce the pregnancy that evening lest those who heard struggle with the secret.

That night, Beth and Logan arrive and gush over Joshua.  The two men go to get wine while Beth snacks in the ballroom.  Joshua reveals to Logan that he hopes to bring Mick and Josef around.  This is welcome news to Logan who feels odd about being the middle man between Mick, who wonders at Beth's renewed faith, and his wife.  They decide that Joshua will try to speak to the two older vampires on the 23rd, after Josef's back in town for Christmas. ("Believe")

December 21, 2015- After breakfast, Joshua joins Sean and Kemara in the parlor where the twins are nursing.  They talk about the past year with all its joys and troubles.  Sean realizes that he didn't see Andrew, JenniAnn, and Belle at breakfast.  Joshua tells the McCallums that Andrew and JenniAnn took Belle for a ride and some time in the mountains in hopes of curing Belle of her recurring nightmares.  While there, Andrew and JenniAnn snuggle while Belle dances among the snowflakes and shares her cookies with Yonah.  Belle's parents broach the subject of the nightmares with Belle.  Before they finish, a family of deer appear.  They watch them and, following the magical moment, Belle declares "no mo cay-ee."  Her nightmares are put behind her as she realizes her loving Mama and Daddy would never be mean to her or ignore her.  After some dancing, the family and Yonah return to Willowveil.

Kylie and Adam prep for their Santa and Mrs. Claus routine at St. G's then, with Clay, are brought to the Phoenix by Andrew and JenniAnn in the festively decorated Jolly Green.  Yosef, John, and Peter meet them there with treats.  Emma, Cira, Crystal, Maryam, Shelby, Jacob, and Joshua had gone ahead.  Once the Clauses have the children's attention, Maryam and Joshua spend some time with Gracie and her toddler, Harmony.  Gracie admits that, while she's happy Harmony doesn't seem to share her autism, she worries her daughter won't like her.  Joshua assures her that Harmony will both like and love her... although sometimes be angry and frustrated.  He stresses that those feelings arise in all relationships and it's okay and doesn't mean love isn't there.  Gracie is then distressed by the idea of not seeing Joshua and Maryam til the following Christmas but they assure her they'll be around longer and even promise a Christmas Day visit complete with Maryam supplying a birthday cake for Gracie to help decorate for Joshua.  The party then moves along to True Light where an even bigger crowd awaits the Clauses.  After a song with Buddy the Elf aka Caleb, the children listen to a story from Santa-Adam.  This gives Joshua and Edward, manning the cookies table, time to chat.  Edward tells Joshua that he'd like to invite his crush, Zadie, to the Christmas festivities.  Joshua agrees but helps Edward to see that Zadie is going to view it as more than just friends hanging out.  Edward is definitely okay with this.  Chris Paulson stumbles along, weighed down by a box he's holding.  It's revealed to be a book he recently got published.  Joshua and his family congratulate the author/illustrator and help bag the books for Santa-Adam to dole out to the True Light kids.

That evening, many of the Friends gather around the fireplace in the Willowveil ballroom and reminisce about the day.  Conversation turns to Joshua and his shifting moods.  While he seems happy, some of the Friends have sensed melancholy.  Andrew and JenniAnn keep mum.  They then get to talking about the teens, particularly Emma's concerns about Joccy and musings about Ivy and Sy.  JenniAnn gives some perspective as someone who found her soul mate at the ripe old age of 17.  They end with a toast on love.

Meanwhile at Serendipity, John and Joshua are playing a philosophical questions game with the teens.  Joshua's asked to play his guitar so he agrees and sings "Times" with Kendra and Hailey.  The song gets to Joccy who begins sobbing and then crumples in front of Joshua.  He sits beside her and embraces her then asks Violeta to fetch Emma and Peter.  When they return, Joccy confesses to everyone how deeply unhappy she is at school to the point that she doesn't want to go back to New Haven despite loving their home there.  Joccy leaps on Violeta's suggestion that she go to school Below, realizing that Joshua could install a portal.  Joshua tells the girl that she needs to ask Vincent so she runs off to do so.  Ivy gathers the remaining teens in the kitchen to make butterbeer.  Emma, Peter, Joshua, and John are left alone to talk.  Emma and Peter are confused because Joshua had earlier denied their request to add a portal in New Haven and yet he seems inclined to do so for Joccy.  Joshua explains that Joccy needed to learn for herself that it's okay to ask for things... not just get her wish because Emma or Peter asked for her.  Joccy returns with Vincent who has agreed to take her on as a student.  While Joccy checks on her friends in the kitchen, Vincent arranges with Emma and Peter for them to join Joccy on a tour of the Tunnel classrooms the following morning.  The evening ends with a much happier Joccy discussing her hopes for her Tunnel education with her friends over butterbeer.  ("Believe")

December 22, 2015- Isra, Behnam, and Joshua share breakfast and coffee at Cora's.  They then set off for Brewster.  During the drive, they talk about the baby and Behnam's struggle with faith.  Joshua assures Behnam that he accepted his worship, as conflicted as it was.  He then verifies that the Parable of the Queendom, which JenniAnn had relayed to them on a prior occasion, did originate with him and, thus, is true.  This all puts Behnam at ease.  Upon entering Brewster, Joshua takes a detour to the library where he wants to visit a friend.  The friend is revealed to be Stanley, the librarian Behnam read about in the treasured newspaper he'd squirreled away in Afghanistan.  Stanley is shocked to discover he's as good as a celebrity to the young couple and, upon hearing their story, gives Isra and Behnam a copy of the newspaper to replace the one they lost while fleeing extremists.  While the two peruse the paper, Stanley and Joshua make plans for Behnam to begin work as Stanley's assistant librarian.  Behnam and Isra are, naturally, ecstatic.  The group goes to Keith and Megan McCallum's home where Joshua installs a portal in the garage.  Isra invites Stanley to share dinner with them and attend the Christmas revue.  He eagerly accepts.

After getting Isra and Behnam back to the Bronx, Joshua remains with them to greet the Harmons who will be staying with them at Cora's.  The Al-Mitras and Harmons make fast friends so, no longer needed for ice-breaking, Joshua goes to Albany where Edward is nervously preparing for Zadie's arrival.  When he leaves to retrieve his sweater from Dot, Caleb and Joshua have a heart-to-heart.  Caleb is struggling with being one of the few remaining single, adult Friends.  Joshua assures him that there's nothing wrong with wanting a special someone but to not rush things and wind up with the wrong person.  Feeling more settled, Caleb suggests rejoining his twin.  The two find Dot grooming Edward.  Soon after, Zadie arrives.  After some initial awkwardness, Edward invites her to dinner at Adrian's before the Christmas revue.  Then the group shows her the portal.  She's initially shocked but, being a Narnia fan, soon settles down and travels to Willowveil. 

The first act of the Christmas revue ends with a performance by the Ugly Christmas Suit Band and the newly formed Ugly Christmas Jumper Ladies Chorale.  After they've taken part, Emma asks Maryam to ensure that Joshua doesn't leave the reception area during intermission.  The reason is the Friends turned the 2nd act into an all out Christmas pageant and want to surprise Joshua.  Thus, he's oblivious as they change sets, costumes, and sneak the donkeys and sheep in.  The intermission also doubles as time for Chris to sell his book and for others to sell goods benefiting their charities.  Joshua is surprised and touched when he realizes that the Friends put together an entire Christmas pageant on short notice, taking care to involve all of their assorted subgroups.  Isra and Behnam play Mary and Joseph with Joy sitting in for Jesus while Henry, Adam, and Eli portray the Three Kings.  Ivy and Sy serve as the main narrators with Shane, Portia, Eliot, Tyron, Matthew, Beth, and Logan taking turns while the children make up an angelic chorus.  Joshua is in tears by the end and comforted by his parents, John, and Doreen, Mark, Nico, Raquel, Josephine, Allison, and Robert who are seated behind them.  Zadie, too, is greatly impacted by the production.

Late that night, Joshua thanks those children who are still awake.  He nearly finds himself sucked into the "Where do babies come from?" talk but keeps it short and sweet.  Joshua then bids good night to Catherine and Vincent who are babysitting and they briefly discuss the show which the couple attended along with Father.  Joshua heads downstairs where the Friends are gathered and congratulates and thanks them for the show.  They tell Joshua who did what.  The lone problem point is revealed to be that Zadie seemed to be avoiding Joshua.  Maryam, however, spoke to the girl and is convinced she only needs a little time to think things over.  Maryam's convinced she knows who Joshua is.  They then discuss the success of their Christmas gift tables and decide that, the next year, St. Genesius' will host a holiday boutique so people can purchase charitable gifts without procrastinating.  ("Believe"

December 23, 2015- Caleb and Edward are awoken at 3:17 AM by the latter's cell phone.  It's Zadie who is in a state and needs to see Joshua.  Edward hurries off to pick her up while Caleb goes to Willowveil to alert Joshua to her pending arrival.  As they wait, Caleb asks Joshua if he ever actually turns into a lion.  Joshua says that he does, especially in cases when someone would feel more comfortable with his lion form.  For example, those who have been abused and/or raped by men or were taught a vengeful version of Jesus.  Caleb is sobered by this.  Edward and Zadie arrive.  Joshua embraces Zadie who explains that she thought she was deluding herself out of the loneliness of being away from her family at Christmas.  Joshua assures her that the Spirit led her to the truth.  Zadie, who always wanted to stroke Aslan's mane, caresses Joshua's hair.

Some time later, Andrew and JenniAnn wake up.  They discuss their decisions on how to handle Santa with Belle.  JenniAnn feels that the eventual transition from the magic of Santa to the reality of St. Nicholas will be easier for Belle since they'll be able to tell her about the trafficking assignment and how it ties in with Nicholas' good works.  The topic then turns to Shelby.  JenniAnn is still a bit bummed out by Shelby requesting a thesaurus... not toys... for Christmas.  It's evidence of how much she's growing up.  When the two detour to the chapel before checking on the girls, JenniAnn lights a candle for St. Nicholas.  Andrew then recalls Adam telling him that St. Nicholas was not in Heaven but, instead, on assignment.  Andrew begins to wonder if he's at the safe house.

At the safe house, Nick is looking on with amusement as Azrael teaches Nya how to serve up waffles.  In the two days prior, Thandie and her girls have happily settled into their new life.  Thandie is getting counseling and helping Reuel and Zaila to arrange for services for residents.  Anika is helping Eleora and Cody to prepare rooms.  Nya has been a social butterfly while Zizi is busy being cuddled and cared for by whomever is available, Elazer at that moment.  Nick begins to carve a dog which he agrees to give to Nya once it's painted.  (Freya and Michael are off picking out actual pets for the shelter.)  Nya asks if more people will be coming, specifically children who she can play with.  Nick tells her there will be more children but counsels that they may be upset and angry on account of things that have happened to them.  Nya changes the subject to ask about the friend who taught Nick to carve: Joshua. 

Back in Dyeland, everyone's celebrating Noah's 6th birthday with a daylong pajama and movie party.  The adults are also working on fleece blankets to give to veterans.  Doug asks Joshua about his extended family and that's when Yosef reveals that his baby sister, Yoninah, is actually Mary, wife of Clopas.  After hearing about the bond between Yosef and his siblings and how Yoninah was on Calvary with Maryam and Yeshua when Yosef could not be, the Friends reflect on how their children, nieces, and nephews will help each other through life.

Out in the stable, Violeta is getting help tending to Mary and Silly from Zoe and Joccy.  Zoe asks her sister why she didn't tell her about how she'd been struggling.  Joccy tells her that she wanted to protect her little sister but promises to be honest in the future.  The sisters and Violeta embrace until Mary head butts the angel, demanding attention.  The girls lead the donkeys and sheep outside to play in the snow.  Unbeknownst to them, Mick and Josef are observing.  They're discussing Mick's growing belief that Joshua is Jesus.  Josef is skeptical.  He invites Mick to the pool match he and Andrew planned.  When they arrive in the rec room, only Joshua is there.  He explains that Andrew is busy watching a movie with Belle so sent him instead.  They've barely started playing when Joshua broaches the subject of the trafficking assignment.  Josef is appalled that he thinks he has the ability and resources to take down a trafficking ring.  Mick realizes that his theory is correct when Joshua is able to respond to Josef in five different languages.  He's stricken by the knowledge of all the sins he's committed but Joshua reminds him that he's forgiven.  Beth enters the room and comforts her husband, leading him away so Joshua and Josef can talk alone.  Josef asks Joshua why he won't cure them so Joshua explains that his plan is much greater than simply healing three vampires.  Joshua then asks Josef if he'd take the cure if it was available.  Josef realizes that he wouldn't because his anti-trafficking work would suffer for it.  He then listens as Joshua tells him more of his plan.  That evening, Mick and Josef go to see the Christmas revue.  ("Believe")

In "Chrysalis," after explaining about his plans to combat human trafficking with the Friends, Joshua answers Josef's questions.  They talk about Sarah's failed turning.  Joshua explains that, unlike Josef, Sarah wouldn't have been able to cope with a vampire's life.  Josef asks about the cure which Joshua promises is coming.  Joshua tells Josef that reproductive abilities will be restored and that he already knows the names of Mick's and Beth's and Isolde's and Marco's children.  Joshua returns Josef's cross necklace from his mother which the vampire had tossed after his turning. 
December 24, 2015- The following morning, the Friends gather for breakfast and discuss the previous night's show.  It was as successful as the first night... though noisier as Ian made for a fussier baby Jesus than his sister did.  Yosef teases Joshua about it making for a more realistic showing.  Mick and Josef have joined the group and are still rather awed. 

For lunch, the Friends have a bonfire and soup and stew lunch to celebrate little Jacob's birthday.  Then comes the big Christmas Eve dance and party.  During the whole day, Sy tried to find some private time with Ivy.  Finally, he gets it and they share a dance.  With help from Joshua, Sy absconds with Ivy to the quiet of the parlor where he presents her with a Claddagh/promise ring.  Meanwhile, Emma and Joshua share a dance during which she speaks of her excitement about her new life with Peter and his family.  After the dance ends, Joshua returns Emma to Peter and the couple swing dances along with Andrew and JenniAnn, Max and Rose, Clay and Kylie, Toby and Larissa, Mick and Beth, and Diana and Zeke.

Following the party, the Friends have a Christmas service after which Joshua asks to see Behnam and Isra.  He gives them each hand-carved frames containing photos of their families of origin.  They are the only such photos the couple has and they're moved to tears.  Behnam declares it his first and best Christmas and the three embrace.  ("Believe")

December 25, 2015- Andrew awakens early in the morning to find JenniAnn out of bed and watching over Belle and Shelby, asleep in the nursery.  She and Andrew fill stockings and set out presents.  After some dancing, JenniAnn falls asleep but Andrew can't.  He goes in search of Joshua but finds his room empty.  Yosef catches him and assures the angel of death that Joshua will return soon.  They talk very briefly about the assignment to come and Andrew asks Yosef if he knows where Joshua is.  Yosef chuckles and muses that it's funny how worked up some people get about Santa pushing Christ out of Christmas.  As Andrew listens intently, Yosef tells him where Joshua is... and with whom.

At the safe house, Nick is filling stockings for Thandie's girls and setting out gifts.  He's pleased to have the four safe and content and whispers thanks to the Lord.  Joshua replies and Nick turns to find him standing nearby.  And so St. Nicholas runs into God's arms.  Since Nya put out an extra glass of milk for Mrs. Claus and Nicholas, having been a Catholic bishop is unmarried, he and Joshua enjoy the milk and cookies.   

Though not featured in "Believe," prior conversation in the story reveals that the Friends enjoyed some private family time on Christmas morning, shared brunch, and then went their separate ways to visit other family or have downtime.  Maryam and Joshua paid Gracie a visit at the Phoenix and shared a birthday cake.  That evening, everyone reconvened at Willowveil for a birthday dessert for Joshua and Maryam and Yosef told the true story of his birth, as per their tradition. 

In "The Golden Cord," Sean reflects on his and Kemara's first Christmas with Joy and Ian.  Sean awakens alone and finds Kemara in the living room, cradling the babies and reading.  They reflect on the time Maryam spent with them around Thanksgiving when the twins were sick.  They also discuss a book that Azalea gave to Kemara: Angel Unaware: A Touching Story of Love and Loss by Dale Evans.  A bit later, they share a breakfast of coffee and orange rolls.

2016- Though no exact years or dates are given, this would be around when Steve was dating Jason, his abusive ex.  ("The Lost Sheep")

January 1, 2016- In "Believe," Emma states that Gordon, Rosario, and Renata are coming to visit her and Peter for New Year's.

January 5, 2016- With all the Friends gathered at the CC for dinner with the crew there, little Nya parks herself in front of Joshua and asks a big question: "You Jesus?"  Joshua answers truthfully.  Thandie is appalled and asks Nick if this is true.  Nick asserts that Joshua is Jesus Christ.  The Friends are surprised that Nick knows and Shane voices this.  Joshua asks for the angels to identify themselves to Thandie and her girls.  He then tells Nick to reveal his true identity.  While the Friends all crowd around the newly revealed St. Nicholas, Thandie and her daughters are given some privacy as they get to know Joshua and his family. ("Chrysalis")

January 6, 2016- Emma and Joshua visit with Dr. Sayer and Gayle.  Joshua reveals who he is and asks the two to give the Friends counseling lessons. ("Chrysalis")

January 11, 2016- Owen has an art showing Above and displays many of his pieces related to Joshua.  Andrew and JenniAnn are in attendance as are members of his family.  Owen strikes up an awkward conversations with one of the attendees, Graham Carpenter.  After a bit, they hit it off and Owen realizes that Graham is the lifelong partner that Joshua foretold.  ("The King")

This is the date of Owen's art show that was first mentioned in "The King."  In "Chrysalis," Owen's and Graham's post-show conversation at Adrian's plays out in a flashback.  Owen tells Graham what he can about Joshua and promises to introduce him.  Owen's disappointed that Joshua didn't attend the show but Graham points out that the model likely would have stolen attention from the artist and Owen's friend wanted it to be his night.  Owen is humbled and realizes this is true.  Conversation turns to Graham who shares that he's an EMT, trying to get himself through medical school.  Owen shares about the Chrysalis Court and Graham begs to be involved.  Owen promises to ask Joshua and the two exchange numbers, decide to meet the next evening, and part.  ("Chrysalis")
January 14, 2016- In "Always," Rose and Max join Potterheads worldwide in mourning the passing of Alan Rickman who brilliantly brought Professor Severus Snape to life.   After spending the day with Josef, Joshua joins them.  He brings them their wands and a lily so they can properly say good bye. 

January 17, 2016- Owen and Graham arrive at the Chrysalis for Behnam's birthday dinner.  Shortly thereafter, they hear Aiyla scream followed by Joshua shouting that everything is fine.  They discover that Joshua cut himself while fixing a table which upset the little girl.  She says it's like when Joshua was on the cross.  He assures her that it's not and he isn't in pain.  Graham is taken aback but bandages Joshua's wound.  Aiyla then lets him know that Joshua died for their sins and, thus, the cat is outta the bag for Graham.  He and Joshua have an emotional chat about Graham's family, particularly his deceased mother and grandfather and Joshua gives the EMT a special gift.  Owen is, naturally, delighted by this.  ("Chrysalis")

February 6, 2016- Joshua reviews the progress at the CC after visiting with Josef who took part in a successful raid in Atlanta.  He's remaining there because the lone child who was being held captive has connected with him.  Therefore, Josef decides to send two of his partners, Isolde and Marco, to Joshua and the CC.

In San Francisco, a teenage girl has been sold to a man for the night.  In spite of her pleas, he moves to attack her... only to end up pinned to the floor.  Turns out the "girl," is Isolde, a 500 year old vampire.  Her "pimp" is actually her husband, Marco, who is also a vampire.  After the cops haul the pervert away to jail, Marco informs Isolde of Josef's decision to send them to New York.  

Back in New York, Andrew and JenniAnn contemplate how they'll handle it when Belle's old enough to really understand what her Daddy does as an AOD.  Though they have no real answers, the two comfort each other and go to sleep.

At Cora's house, Isra and Behnam are having a romantic night.  They then begin to discuss their unborn baby and how she (as Isra guesses) will fit in with Aiyla and Omar.  This leads to a discussion of sisterhood and Isra's decision to ask Joshua about what happened to her own sister, Salma, who they presume died in an attack on their refugee camp.  ("Chrysalis")

February 7, 2016- In an specified location, a young woman is being trafficked.  While she's with a john, her pimp sounds the alarm that the feds are on their way.  The trafficking victims are all rounded up into vans.  Inside, the young woman begins to weep in the arms of her friend, Zelda.  It's then revealed that the young woman is Salma, Isra's sister.  She and the others are being driven in windowless vans to what to them is an unknown location.  It's Manhattan.

At the Chrysalis, Joshua is feeding the Al-Mitra cousins their breakfast.  Though moved by the children's love and gratitude, Joshua is troubled.  When Andrew and JenniAnn enter the kitchen, they observe that Joshua appears not to have slept well.  While Andrew minds the kids, Joshua confides in JenniAnn that the ring they're hoping to take down is on the move.  While it's a good thing that they're headed to them, Joshua feels for the victims who are frightened and uncomfortable.  Emma and Rose enter the kitchen and give Joshua a hug before Emma gets him into a chair and gives him a shoulder massage.  To further cheer him, Rose asks about Isolde and Marco.  Joshua proudly tells the three women a bit about them before leaving to get them at the airport.  

At La Guardia, Isolde and Marco make their way to the arrivals area where both are immediately taken by Joshua.  When Joshua jokingly offers to sing during the ride back to the Chrysalis, Isolde jumps on it. They wind up having a sing-a-long of Irish songs during the drive.  Exhausted by their journey, Isolde and Marco are hastily escorted to their room by Joshua who promises to do introductions later.  Isolde is pleased to discover she and Marco get to share a room despite their apparent age difference.  

Shortly thereafter, Isra and Behnam join the others at the Chrysalis.  Joshua sequesters them in his room where he tells them about Salma's fate.  Isra is devastated and angry at Joshua for not intervening to save her sister.  She eventually realizes, as Behnam already has, that as difficult as it is to think of her sister being hurt, Joshua is thinking of countless of his children who are suffering similarly.  Joshua vows to help rescue Salma but in a way that won't jeopardize the whole operation and prevent them from saving the others.

Isra keeps to her and Behnam's room at the Chrysalis where Maryam consoles her.  Eventually, Thandie, Catherine, JenniAnn, and Isolde join them.  The first three offer their sympathy and hope to Isra then Isolde tells her of the plan Joshua has devised to rescue Salma.  The vampire and young woman then bond over people perpetually misunderstanding their marriages.

After dinner, the group reconvenes and discusses enhancements to their programming at the Chrysalis.  A bit later, Mick and Andrew tell Marco a bit about the origins of their group, keeping the identities of Joshua and the angels secret.  

In Atlanta, Josef is confused by his attachment to Daisy, a child who was saved in FS's recent raid.  Upon meeting her, she called him "Daddy" and only he seems able to comfort and calm her.  Needing counsel, Josef texts John who asks Joshua to call the vampire.  Joshua promptly does and Josef admits that he's cracking up and needs to get back to Manhattan to be near Joshua and his friends.  But he can't leave Daisy...  Joshua says he'll work on securing permission for Daisy to also come to the Chrysalis.  Daisy is distraught upon waking from a nightmare so Josef cuts the call short and goes to her.  He gives her a doll which she immediately loves and cuddles.  He then soothes her with a round of "A Bicycle Built for Two."   ("Chrysalis")

February 8, 2016- Joshua, Amber-Marie, and Catherine meet with Joe Maxwell to try to convince him to intervene and get Atlanta's child services to permit Daisy to travel to NYC.  Amber-Marie intends to be her foster-mother which, they stress, is the best situation Daisy can find herself in given the doctor's training.  Joe agrees that Daisy would do better in NYC but struggles with how to convey that to Atlanta.  When he and Joshua are alone, the carpenter reports that Daisy is in some of the photos the DA has taken as evidence against a child pornographer.  The possibility of having Daisy as a witness would help sway Atlanta's CPS.  After embracing Joshua, Joe places the call.

Amber-Marie arrives in Atlanta and begins to bond with Daisy.  At the Chrysalis Court, Isolde, JenniAnn, and Belle do their own bonding over saints, morality, and "pitties."  After everyone's gone to bed, Joshua and Logan meet in the computer room and begin to hunt for the trafficking ring's web site.  While waiting for it to go live, they distract themselves with Super Mario Brothers.   ('Chrysalis')

February 9, 2016- The site opens around 2:00 AM and Joshua confirms that it does belong to the ring.  Logan takes down a phone number and hugs an emotional Joshua.  They part for the night with Joshua heading to bed and Logan continuing to play SMB.  

At breakfast, the two announce their discovery and final plans are made for the rescue.  Isolde suggests Isra record a video so Salma will know immediately how much her sister wants to see her.

A sickened Salma, meanwhile, is being harshly awoken by one of the traffickers.  He tells her that he got her and a friend a "gig."  Zelda volunteers to go with Salma so she can watch over her.  Both women are concerned that the john requested a Muslim girl, fearful that he has an ax to grind.  After comforting each other, they prepare to leave.

At the CC, three new guests have come on board.  After getting them settled, the Friends await a call from Nick.  When it comes, Joshua and Behnam head to the hotel.  While Behnam hides his face, Joshua manages the transaction with the trafficker.  Moments after the pimp leaves, Behnam reveals his identity to Salma.  Joshua explains to Zelda that she and Salma are being rescued.  They move to the rooms being occupied by Nick, Azrael, Zaila, Isolde, Marco, and Freya.  While waiting for nightfall, Salma and Zelda eat, rest, and change.  Isolde shows Salma a video from Isra.  The group, sans Marco and Isolde, sneak out and find Andrew and Joe who are waiting in an unmarked Suburban.  They take off for the CC.

Back at the CC, Isra anxiously awaits her sister and is kept company by first JenniAnn and then Maryam.  Isra asks Maryam if she ever felt guilty about having a charmed life with Yosef when others were forced into marriages/sex.  Maryam tells Isra that she felt sorrow but not guilt because she had done nothing wrong nor has Isra.  Salma's pain wouldn't be lessened by Isra experiencing similar pain.  Isra is further comforted when she feels her baby kick.  Cody enters and tells them that the van has pulled into the garage.  Salma and the others have arrived.

Once everyone's inside, Joshua and the others lead Zelda on a tour so Salma and Isra can have privacy as they reunite.  Only Behnam remains with them.  Salma learns that her sister is pregnant.  Salma reunites with Aiyla and Omar.  The latter is too young to remember her but Aiyla runs to her Auntie.  

In Atlanta, Amber-Marie teaches Daisy how to make mug cakes.  They enjoy the treats with Josef and tell the little girl about their pending journey to Manhattan.  She's a bit nervous and confused so they decide to have the little Friends record a welcome for Daisy to watch the next day.  Daisy worries that, if she gets scared, Josef and Amber-Marie will hit her.  Horrified, the two get out of Daisy that the madame of the trafficking ring used to hit her when she cried while being raped.  Josef and Amber-Marie assure her that she'll never be "hurted" again and that no one is going to hit her.  Once Daisy's asleep, the two adults chat over wine.  Josef confesses that he can't help feeling angry at the rest of the victims who surely had to know about Daisy but didn't intervene.  Amber-Marie reminds him that sometimes love isn't rational.  Josef proceeds to tell her about the day he learned the truth about Joshua.  They end their evening sharing their plans for Daisy.

Back at the hotel in Manhattan, Isolde and Marco cuddle and chat while waiting to flee.  Isolde reveals that Kemara and JenniAnn had mentioned a place they could go to celebrate her birthday away from distrusting eyes.  They leave the hotel and Tyron "arrests" them and delivers them to True Light where they make their way back to the CC via the Tunnels.

At the hotel room, Gunnar, the trafficker, realizes that he's been had.  He runs out, thinking he might still be able to catch Salma and Zelda.  Across the street, he sees a woman who he thinks is Salma.  He runs at her and grabs her.  She shouts and two Good Samaritans wrestle Gunnar away from her, pin him to the ground, and call the police.  Gunnar manages to get away and make a run for it but leaves his wallet behind which the woman pockets.  After thanking her helpers, she gets on a subway and... texts John.  Once she relays information to him, Mary of Magdala heads to a police station to turn over the wallet.  

After choosing their room, Salma and Zelda go to the CC's store to pick out decor with Thandie and Isra.  The Romanos, Clay, Kylie, Adam, and Zadie are there unloading more offerings.  Kylie and Zadie greet the newcomers and introduce them to the others.  The girls pick out some decor and clothing then Zelda is encouraged to take the Princess Zelda plush that she spies.  Isra tells Salma to pick a stuffed toy, too.  Salma is at first against this as she's no longer a child but then she spots a zmaray (lion) and takes him.  Once they're done, Isra gets the two settled into their beds then stays with Thandie in the room next to theirs.

With his wife otherwise occupied, Behnam seeks refuge in Joshua's study.  Joshua, John, Andrew, Maryam, and Yosef counsel the man who is unsure what his role in Salma's rehabilitation is.  While they wait for Maryam and Yosef to return after going to make spiced milk, John and Andrew tell Joshua and Behnam about their plot with Mary.  Joshua is relieved to know the money he gave Gunnar didn't make it back to the ring.  Before John can finish the tale, Joe calls to tell Joshua that they have one of the trafficker's wallets.  Maryam and Yosef return and they all rejoice over this development.  Then it's Behnam's turn to speak.  He wants to know if it falls to him as Salma's lone male relation save little Omar to assure her that her worth is not tied up with virginity or lack of it.  Maryam thinks he should speak to her but not for a while.  Salma needs time to confront her own thoughts and feelings.  

Isolde and Marco return to the CC where Nick is waiting for his tour of their shrine.  Isolde reveals that she and Marco went to Lourdes hoping the waters would cure them.  When it didn't they continued to visit shrines for worship but gave up on a cure.  Nick tells them that maybe it's just not time yet.  Marco shows off a statue of St. Castulus who, as patron against blood poisoning, he's taken as patron of vampires.  After perusing more relics, Nick feigns sleepiness so the couple will watch a recording of Joshua in JCS.  ('Chrysalis')

February 10, 2016- JenniAnn awakes to find Andrew carving.  She comforts him as he briefly talks about the prior evening with Behnam.  They're interrupted when Sy knocks on their door.  Ivy has sent him because Violeta is having some sort of emotional disturbance.  She doesn't want to go to classes.  Once in the girls' room, JenniAnn comforts Violeta while Andrew tries to get some clarity from Ivy and Sy.  Ivy does mention that Violeta spoke to Ruby and Opal, two sisters who had been severely abused by their step-father and his friends.  Violeta reiterates that she wants to stay with JenniAnn.  Andrew still thinks she should go to classes and, further, thinks JenniAnn is feeding into Violeta's wish to remain a little girl.  JenniAnn insists it's not that.  She thinks Violeta is struggling because she's a girl who experiences the perils woman face: catcalling, objectification, etc.  This upsets Andrew though he assures JenniAnn that he's not upset with either her or Violeta.  They agree that Violeta will spend the day with JenniAnn while Andrew sticks with his plan to go to Brewster with Behnam.  

In Joshua's study, Omar and Belle are rousing Behnam as Joshua looks on with amusement.  They head to the dining hall to get breakfast where Joshua helps the little ones so Behnam can say good morning to Isra, Aiyla, and Salma.  

Below, Violeta has made herself part of Vincent's Literature class.  While she and the students answer essay questions, Vincent and JenniAnn visit in the back of the classroom.  He encourages her to take Violeta to her chamber and try to get to the bottom of what's so distressed the angel.  JenniAnn agrees.  Once they're alone, Violeta haltingly reveals that Ruby told her in some detail about the rapes she and Opal endured.  It causes Violeta to remember Nen's attack and the men in the alley.  She confesses that sometimes she wishes she was a boy and not a girl.  JenniAnn consoles her and tells her that changing to a boy to avoid the objectification of women and girls is no answer.  She needs Violeta's help in raising Belle and Shelby to be strong, tough girls.  Violeta sees the truth in this and calms.  The two go and join Shelby and the others Below for lunch.  

Back at the CC, Joshua is awaiting new arrivals when he realizes he hasn't seen Isolde or Marco all day.  He goes to their room where Marco answers and steps into the hall, closing the door behind him.  He reveals that Isolde has been watching JCS on loop.  Marco isn't sure whether he wants her roused from her seeming enchantment or left there with Jesus.  Isolde herself steps out and embraces Joshua.  Before much can be said, the door bell rings.  The Crocettis follow Joshua to the lobby.  As they watch Joshua greet the newcomers, Marco begins to consider that Joshua isn't going to burst Isolde's bubble.  He behaves too much like Jesus.

At the Brewster Public Library; Andrew, Behnam, and Stanley have lunch together.  After some banter, Andrew confides in the other two men about Violeta.  He's concerned that he'll never be able to truly understand any of his girls since he's not female.  Behnam shares this concern.  Stanley helps them to see that while they can't serve the same role as Isra and JenniAnn, they can, in how they interact with their ladies and daughters, illustrate how much they value women for a variety of qualities, not solely looks.

Once she returns to the CC, JenniAnn discovers that Joshua has taken Harvey and is cuddling with him in his room.  She goes in search of Joshua and the bunny and, when she finds them, confesses to the carpenter that she's afraid she was insensitive to Andrew.  Joshua tells her that she was right.  Andrew can't understand Violeta like she does.  He also says neither she nor Andrew are expected to have mastered the balance between parent and anam cara yet.  That they're trying is important.  When JenniAnn asks after him, Joshua admits to feeling some strain over not being able to reveal his identity to their guests.  JenniAnn then discovers that Joshua is graying.  He tells her not to be upset.  He's just stressed and he was, in fact, quite gray at 33 during the Incarnation.  Joshua then hints at a future assignment when they're all old.  With JenniAnn calmed, the two go join the children who Skype with Daisy.  Andrew and JenniAnn makeup and Behnam and Joshua chat about the library.

That evening, during Bible study, the Friends pose various questions and ideas.  Graham has a plan in place for if anyone battling substance addiction shows up.  Portia has medical screenings planned.  Joccy and Zoe offer babysitting while Logan suggests a computer class.  John suggests making a video of the CC's offerings.  Afterwards, Joshua bids his parents good night then retires to his room to talk to his Dad.  He asks for help in saving as many people as he can and prays that they will come to know him.  He then wills for Zelda, Salma, and Co. to know he loves them.  When he falls asleep, Mary appears to cover him up with a blanket and kiss him good night.  ('Chrysalis')

February 11, 2016- Salma has a dream in which she's visited by a lion named Zmaray.  They appear to be old friends but haven't seen each other in a while.  It's implied Salma cut off contact because she no longer felt worthy.  Zmaray assures her that he loves her and will always be with her.  He also has Joshua's eyes and sounds like him...

Upon awakening, Salma chats with Zelda who suggests it's not wrong to feel jealous of Isra's life.  It's not that either of them want to take anything from Isra, they only wish they had the wonderful husband and adorable kids and security.  They then leave their room in search of Salma's leftover birthday cake for breakfast.

In Atlanta, Amber-Marie and Josef are boarding a plane with Daisy.  Josef frets that TSA will freak Daisy out but the agent is very kind and good with Daisy.  He tells her the scanner is a ride for dolls which makes it easier for Daisy to temporarily part from Sarah.  Everything goes smoothly and Mick and Beth meet them at LaGuardia and drive them to the CC.  The children are gathered there to greet Daisy and immediately sweep her away to the playroom where she makes fast friends with them and the pets.  

Joshua meets with Josef and Amber-Marie and tells them about Joe's case against a child pornographer.  Both are stricken when they learn Daisy was one of his victims.  Joshua assures them that Joe would never make her testify but that he did use that angle to get her out of Atlanta.  Joshua then shares more news: After the death of Benson, Daisy's father, she was left as the last in a very old family line... Josef's.  Josef assures Amber-Marie that he still wants to co-parent his great, great, etc. granddaughter with her.  They decide to live as siblings and get a house in NYC to raise Daisy in.  Joshua gives his blessing and the three go to introduce Joshua to Daisy.

That evening, Maryam, Yosef, Zeke, and Diana do a Q and A style parenting class which Portia starts off with nutrition info.  Afterwards, the clientele and Joshua have a chat.  They're all grateful for everything at the CC but one, Kisi, is somewhat frustrated by the lack of opportunity to give back.  Joshua sends her to Monica to discuss using her seamstress work to help the CC and St. Genesius'.  Joshua says they'll post a task list that people can sign onto as they'd like.  The women have a number of questions about Joshua himself which he carefully answers.  Eventually, Salma and Joshua are left alone.  She tells him that he has beautiful eyes that remind her of a friend.  He gratefully accepts the compliment, knowing she means Zmaray, but Salma is flustered and flees.  This upsets Joshua so John, Peter, and Emma get him into a sideroom so they can comfort him.  They succeed and Joshua rejoins the others.  He's pleased to see the trafficking survivors mingling with the Friends.

That night, neither Zelda nor Salma can sleep.  Zelda is concerned that Joshua may have upset her friend.  Salma clarifies that it was she who turned things awkward.  Zelda assures Salma that complimenting Joshua's eyes was nice, not weird.  The two then discuss religion and Joshua's identity.  They conclude Joshua is someone who takes the Christian directive to be like Jesus more seriously than most.  They leave it at that and go to sleep.  Salma then dreams of Zmaray's and Joshua's faces overlapping, their eyes perfectly matching.  ('Chrysalis')

February 12, 2016- Early in the morning, Zaila and Reuel go to pick up two more survivors: Ashlee and Bailey.  Not even an hour later, Graham and Freya go out to pick up the first male clients: Spencer and Luis.  A third call comes in from a pregnant woman, Brooklynn, who is afraid her pimp will force her into another abortion.  Amber-Marie and Nick leave to fetch her.

That afternoon, the little girls are playing with dolls and chatting.  To be nice, Aiyla begins to change Sarah into a nightgown.  Daisy goes to pieces, thinking Aiyla is going to hurt Sarah like she's been hurt.  Aiyla is devastated.  The girls' parents separate them and take them to their rooms to talk.  Joshua is waiting outside the Al-Mitras' bedroom.  He joins them in explaining Daisy's behavior to Aiyla.  

Meanwhile, Daisy continues to cry hysterically.  Once she's finally exhausted and calm, Amber-Marie and Josef assure her that Aiyla isn't mad at her.  The little girl tells them more about what she suffered.  Josef promises that nothing like that will ever happen to Sarah or to her again.  Daisy then asks the two if they're her Mommy and Daddy now... which she would like.  They agree and cuddle some more with her.  

Aiyla and Daisy reunite and cling to each other.  Aiyla gives her friend the nightgown for Sarah.  The parents, Joshua, Andrew, and JenniAnn look on with love.  The latter spies Isolde in the hallway, watching the scene and weeping.  The vampire darts away so JenniAnn goes in search of her at Joshua's urging.  She finds Isolde still crying.  She'd witnessed Daisy's meltdown and, though glad the girls made-up, is deeply saddened by Daisy's sufferings.  To comfort her, JenniAnn suggests a trip to Dyeland.  Isolde is amazed and made further happy when she meets Yonah and Yoktan.  The two women take them for a ride and, while they graze, Isolde tells the story of how she was turned, Marco's care of her, their marriage, and how she eventually turned Marco.  She also shares how the two came to know Josef and get involved with FS.  Isolde becomes upset about Daisy again so JenniAnn leads her away and shows her some cabins.  She and Kemara want to decorate one for Isolde and Marco to stay in over her birthday weekend.  Isolde is floored and touched and chooses one that reminds her of the little house she and Marco shared in Ireland.  They get the donkeys settled back in and then discover the Albany crew near the portal.  Zadie lets it slip that Joshua created the portal.  Isolde is very curious but is distracted by telling Marco about her kind birthday gift.  ('Chrysalis')

February 13, 2016- In the early morning, JenniAnn awakens from a terrible nightmare about Belle.  She and Andrew decide to go get her from the playroom so they can cuddle.  They have a momentary scare when they discover she's not in her sleeping bag.  However, Andrew notices that she's curled up with Liam in his.  Not wanting to disrupt the two, Andrew and JenniAnn take a cute photo and leave.  Back in their room, they conclude that Belle likely had a nightmare and turned to Liam for consolation.  The two dance before returning to bed.

Over breakfast, Andrew and JenniAnn relate the story to Sean, Kemara, Behnam, Isra, and Arthur.  When the kids arrive, Andrew and JenniAnn go over to Liam intending to thank him for comforting Belle.  He tells them and his dad that it's wrong.  Belle actually came to him because he'd been crying after a nightmare.  She comforted him.  The parents are touched by this story but JenniAnn begins to fret that maybe everything going on is too much for the kids.  Andrew points out that they won't be able to shelter them.  However, the kids will discover they have each other to help them through.

Joshua enters and confides in the adults that Bianca, a girl from the same brothel where Salma and Zelda were, was murdered by a john.  The death of their friend prompted six other women (Tanya, Carmena, Lilith, Denise, Xinyi, and Enisa) to flee to the CC.  Joshua is moved to tears.  Nya tries to comfort him and invites him to have breakfast with the other kids.  He agrees.  

Shortly thereafter, Joshua, Isra, and Maryam go to Salma's and Zelda's room to share the sad news.  They find the girls reading Narnia.  Sadly, they tell them the news.  Zelda and Salma are shocked and angry but agree to go to a counseling session with Amber-Marie and the 6 newcomers.  Joshua assures them that they won't let Bianca's body end up in an unmarked grave in Potter's Field. He then goes to get the two breakfast so they can eat quietly in their room.  Maryam and Isra remain to comfort them.

Ivy and Sy retreat to the Chrysalis' library for a study break.  Sy notices that his girlfriend is pensive.  Ivy is contemplating what sort of man could live with having sex with a trafficked person.  She's also upset about how naive some people are about sex and how the lack of proper sex ed can have deadly consequences.  She makes Sy promise that they won't let their kids be naive.  He agrees.  Then he produces a condom which he tells her his dad gave him before launching into his own sex ed talk... a talk which really got to Sy despite his attitude problem at the time.  The main point was that he and his hypothetical partner were both children of God and He didn't want Sy hurting His daughter or His son Sy getting hurt.  Sy keeps the condom as a reminder of that talk and how he doesn't want to ever be that selfish boy again.  Moved, Ivy assures him that he won't be.  They have a sweet moment imagining their wedding and, after they kiss, they find a diaper-clad Zizi staring and giggling at them.  Thandie whisks the toddler away and Ivy and Sy resume their studying.

Amber-Marie is allowing the ladies who knew Bianca to lead their counseling session, simply voicing their own thoughts and feelings.  The recent arrivals explain how they got away from their captors.  Unfortunately, the traffickers had moved the other girls before a rescue mission could be completed.  Amber-Marie counsels Zelda and Salma not to blame themselves for Bianca's death.  They simply couldn't have known how to direct the police to the brothel since they'd been there for such a short time.  The girls send Amber-Marie to ask Joshua to claim Bianca's body for them.  The doctor leaves to make this request.

Joshua goes to the morgue with his Abi, Joe, and Sylvester, a Tunnel Helper who is also a funeral director.  Joshua identifies Bianca's body and breaks down, weeping in Yosef's arms.  Sylvester makes arrangements and then they return to Joe's car.  The four men comfort each other.  Joshua shares that Randall and Dot offered a burial plot in Albany and he and Yosef will supply the coffin.  Joshua will then plant Dyeland flowers over the grave since Bianca loved stories of magical worlds.  Though Sylvester has business, Joshua returns to the CC with Yosef and Joe for lunch.

At lunch, Isolde frets that maybe she and Marco should remain at the CC that night in light of the day's sadness.  Kemara convinces her that she should go to Dyeland for her birthday and Valentine's as planned.  Emma, Peter, and Sean join the two and agree with Kemara.  Isolde comes around and doesn't change her plans.  

In Albany, Marco is enjoying some time on the farm with Caleb, Edward, and Clay.  While the sheep graze, Marco tells the other three about what it's like being a vampire and being married for hundreds of years.  As happy as Marco is, he longs for a normal life with Isolde including aging and children.  He then breaks and demands to know why there seem to be so many coincidences surround the CC and why Joshua seems so special.  Clay gently asks Marco who he thinks Joshua is and Marco reveals that he believes Joshua is Jesus Christ.  Knowing something big is happening, Edward asks Randall to meet the four by the tractor, intending for him to tell about his healing.  Randall offers to call Isolde and Edward agrees that would be best.  So they congregate near the tractor along with Dot, Kylie, Adam, and Zadie.  Joshua and Isolde arrive.  Before Randall can tell his story, Marco definitely shows that he knows Joshua is Jesus.  He knew because he could tell Isolde had come to intensely love Joshua and Marco knew there was only one man who Isolde could love more than him.  When Joshua embraces Isolde, the others slip away to allow them and Marco privacy.  They exchange words of love and Joshua promises to visit more with the Crocettis at their cabin in Dyeland.  The group then heads back to the CC to share the happy news of Marco's and Isolde's revelation.

The announcement is quietly made so as not to seem insensitive in light of Bianca's passing.  While packing, Isolde and Marco are visited by Nick who is enthusiastically greeted since they now know who he is.  He gives them their gift from the Friends: an annotated Dyeland map inviting them to spend as much time as they like exploring.  Joshua and Maryam arrive so Nick leaves them.  Maryam presents Isolde with a blue pashmina that she and Yosef made for her birthday.  She then leaves so the remaining three can continue onto Dyeland where Kemara and JenniAnn have decorated the Crocettis' cabin.

After the couple take in the cabin, Joshua visits with them.  He assures Isolde that he was never angry at her and, had she been killed by the vampire's attack, she would have been welcomed into Heaven.  However, he'd always meant for her and Marco to be together and the man's evil couldn't be allowed to destroy that plan.  He then further explains that Isolde actually passed out much further from Marco's farm than the two believed.  Joshua himself carried her.  The vampire approached and tried to attack Joshua... only to end up writhing as Joshua made him feel all the pain he'd inflicted on others.  Joshua shook the vampire off and told him to go to a church and await instruction... or, ya know, eternal damnation and all.  The vampire left with a whimper.  Joshua carried Isolde for two miles and, when he saw Marco approaching, gently set her down and turned into an albatross, making himself an arrow for Marco, pointing to his beloved.

After finishing his stories, Joshua shares the happy news that the cure will restore the couple's fertility.  He also tells them that the cure will come in 2017.  He wants them to spend the year planning for adjustments they'll need to make with how they work, etc.  Joshua cautions them to take care, too.  Getting their human appetite back doesn't mean binging on pizza is healthy!  Isolde also agrees with him to wait until she's biologically 18 before having a child.  The three embrace and the Crocettis' extend their profound thanks to Joshua.  He then leaves so they can get back to their romantic evening.  Isolde asks her husband to practice making babies with her and he readily agrees.

After dinner, the Friends offer a few classes in the dining hall.  While many rehearse for JCS with Kisi taking notes for The Secret Garden costumes, JenniAnn and Violeta lead Opal, Ruby, Ashlee, Bailey, Lucia, and Gillie in a jewelry making class.  Diana and Shane administer interest inventories.  Joccy and Kendra instruct Joshua and the children on a Valentine's craft and Logan and Max give Salma, Luis, and Zelda a computer class.  Logan gets nervous about leading the class but calms when Maryam and Yosef approach.  While Salma colors and Luis searches for a recipe, Zelda asks Logan if she can read archives from an RPG she used to be involved with.  He agrees and she finds her site.  

Later that night, Zelda is still reading while Logan, Ivy, and Sy keep watch.  Suddenly, Zelda becomes upset by something she reads.  Zelda reveals that, while playing in the RPG as Jean Grey of X-Men, she'd fallen for the fellow who wrote for Wolverine.  Logan begins acting strangely.  Zelda had become upset because she came to a part in the archives where "Wolverine" tried to rile the others into acting in real-life when "Jean Grey" disappeared.  They dismissed him and "Wolverine" left the game, seemingly heartbroken.  Zelda begs Logan to email "Wolverine" but it's Sy who agrees... and then Logan's phone pings.  He's "Wolverine."  Ivy and Sy slip away so the one-time lovebirds can reunite.  Zelda reveals that she had been so secretive as "Jean Grey" because she was being molested by her older brother and was embarrassed.  She didn't want Logan to come looking for her and find out about her awful home life.  She also didn't want to taint the perfect online life they shared.  After her last email to him, she went to a party, got drunk, and was abducted by Gunnar and Damien who raped her and forced her into prostitution.  Logan assures Zelda that he still wants her in his life, wants to be with her.  They spend several hours catching up before finally turning in for the night.  ('Chrysalis')

February 14, 2016- In "Syvy," Sy treats Ivy to Valentine's dinner at a romantic restaurant.  Unfortunately, a couple of racists spew ugliness while unknowingly in the ladies' room with Ivy.  She chews them out but is distraught.  The couple move onto Adrian's Coffeehouse where they console each other and are comforted by Adrian. 

In "Chrysalis," Joshua awakens to find Logan passed out on his couch.  When the young vampire wakes up, the two have a heart-to-heart about Zelda.  Joshua urges Logan to take her to Valentine's dinner with his mother and be open about his vampirism.  Joshua also tells Logan that there's a true story he wants to share with him soon, after he and Zelda have had some more time to catch up.  

Marco and Isolde wake up in the cabin to find that presents from Joshua have appeared.  He gives them both palm crosses and portal keys.  For her birthday, Isolde receives a framed triptych of the Davidsons and, for Valentine's, the couple is given a wooden statue of two of their favorite married saints.  The two get ready for Mass and Marco catches his wife with her hand on her belly, anticipating the children to come.

Lewellyn and Sibyll meet the Crocettis at the portal and direct them onto St. Genesius' blue room.  Andrew, JenniAnn, Belle, and Joshua meet them outside in the Jolly Green and head to St. Mary Magdalene's where several others meet them.  Unbeknownst to Fr. Mike, a surprise in underfoot.  He's been pastor of the parish for 10 years and so Joshua, his family, the Friends, and the congregation worked together to surprise the priest.  They present him with signed stoles and then head to an ice cream reception in his honor.  Once everyone has moved to the fellowship hall, a  man enters the church and lights a candle.  As he leaves, he spots the CC's flyer and tears off a bit with its phone number then disappears into the busy city street.

In the Tunnels, JenniAnn helps Owen prepare for his date with Graham.  Joshua enters to help Owen with his tie.  They embrace and chat briefly before Graham arrives and JenniAnn excuses herself.  Together, the three men recall how Graham came to learn about Joshua's true identity.  Joshua then returns to the CC to report for babysitting duty while Owen and Graham head Above for their Valentine's date.

In Dyeland, Andrew is enjoying one of the hot springs while JenniAnn hovers at the edge, soaking her legs.  Andrew tries to entice her into the pool but she didn't bring her swimsuit.  Andrew gets it out of her that she didn't wear it because she thought she looked fat.  He contends that she is not and, further, he likes her body just how it is.  So she joins him for a fun, relaxing, romantic evening.  They get to talking about how to better incorporate the guys at the CC.  Andrew tells JenniAnn that he wants to go out on the next rescue mission.  They shift to a joking mood and discuss Halloween costumes then bask in the beauty of the night.

Meanwhile, Logan and Zelda finish dinner with Beverly, Logan's mother, at their home.  As they look through Griffen family photos, Logan tells Zelda about how he came to be a vampire.  At first she's upset and thinks it's a cruel joke but then he "vamps out" to prove he's being truthful.  Zelda is fearful and has questions but Beverly and Logan soon put her at ease.  ('Chrysalis')

February 15, 2016- After Adrian's closes, Graham and Owen head to the Tunnels via Central Park.  They enjoy a kiss and are interrupted before a second by a couple who come running towards them.  The woman is bleeding and it soon because obvious that they've escaped domestic servitude.  The man, Marlon Castillo, turns out to be the one who took the CC's number from the flier at St. Mary Magdalene's.  He asks Owen to call it so he and his wife, Analyn, can get help.  Owen explains that he and Graham volunteer with the CC.  They get the couple to the drainage tunnel leading Below, call Tyron and Matthew, and wait until they arrive.  As they wait, Marlon reveals more: he and Analyn were promised help in becoming U.S. citizens.  Whenever their captors (only known as Mr. and Mrs. G) were abusive, they'd threaten to send Marlon back to the Philippines and keep Analyn.  The last straw was when Mr. G forced Analyn to kiss him and then Mrs. G beat her badly.  Owen and Graham assure Marlon (Analyn has since passed out) that they don't need to fear reprisals.  When Tyron and Matthew arrive, they also reassure the couple and then head to a hospital.

Max and Rose return to the Dyeland portal after enjoying a Valentine's date in L.A., part of which involved playing at an arcade with Zelda and Logan.  Andrew and JenniAnn also show up after sailing from Baile.  Following some chit-chat and joking, the four return to the CC.  Andrew and JenniAnn come upon Joshua who is sitting up with a sleepy but restless Manny.  Joshua tells them he has news so they promise to return to his suite after showering and getting into their pajamas.  Joshua tries to sing Manny to sleep.

In their own room, Maryam is trying to do the same for Joy while Yosef holds Ian.  They joke about how it would have been had Yeshua been a twin.  Their conversation turns serious when they talk about Analyn and Marlon.  Yosef commiserates with the man since he often feared for Maryam's safety.  

Back in Joshua's study, he fills Andrew and JenniAnn in about Marlon and Analyn.  He's confident that their captors will soon be charged.  They make plans to shuffle rooms around so there will be a floor specifically for couples when Marlon and Analyn join them.  After Joshua heads to bed, Andrew and JenniAnn talk amongst themselves briefly.  They realize that, unlike the JCS assignment, this one won't be nicely wrapped up for Joshua.  As many people as they rescue, many more will remain captive.

Later that morning, Analyn is released from the hospital so Owen and Graham bring her and Marlon to the CC.  The Wilsons and Davidsons welcome them and show them to their room.  The group disperses with Zeke deciding to remain with Joshua as he finishes Bianca's coffin.  Maryam and Yosef return with lunches for the Castillos but find them asleep so leave the trays.  Zeke hands Manny over to Joshua who is emotional.

That afternoon, Zeke goes Below for a chess match with Vincent.  The younger man is pensive and Vincent helps him to see why Marlon's and Analyn's story has especially upset him.  Zeke can't help but project himself onto Marlon and, further, it brings up many emotions connected to what Zeke's ancestors suffered as slaves.  Zeke is also upset over Joshua having to make a casket for Bianca.  He then remembers that this is something Vincent has personally experienced.  He built Jamey's coffin.  Vincent tells him that, as difficult as that was, it was also healing and will be for Joshua, too.  The mood lightens and they talk about how proud Zeke is for how Ivy and Sy handled their date drama.  Zeke's phone buzzes with a message from Diana.  Someone called the CC hotline and asked to be rescued like Salma and Zelda were.  Joshua is arranging another mission.  Knowing Andrew is going, Vincent wants to be with his Psyche so Zeke goes Above to see if the Friends' floor is clear.

In his study, Joshua is making arrangements with Elazer, Makena, and Andrew who will all be involved in the rescue.  Maryam and Yosef enter the room, offering to go.  Logan is just behind them with Zelda.  He, too, wants to be involved to show his gratitude for the previous mission which rescued Zelda.  The rescue group is set.  Zeke enters and, after conferring with Joshua, concludes that it's okay for Vincent to come Above since Zelda is the only non-Friend and will likely take to him.  The group disperses until 6:30 when they'll meet in the lobby and head to a hotel for the rescue.  JenniAnn takes Andrew to their room where she shares some concerns.  Andrew comforts her.

The rescue mission group arrives at the hotel.  Soon after, Damien arrives with the woman who called.  After receiving payment from Joshua, he leaves the girl with Joshua and Logan.  The girl turns out to be Billie who helped Tanya, Carmena, Lilith, Denise, Xinyi, and Enisa escape.  Billie is worried it's a hoax and Joshua is going to kill her but he assures her the CC is legit.  Logan backs this up by showing her photos of Zelda and the other girls, happy and safe.  Maryam comes in from the second room and Billie reveals that the traffickers told her and the other women that Joshua was a serial killer and Bianca as well as the eight escapees had been murdered by him.  Billie didn't believe it given there was no press coverage of this alleged serial killer.  Joshua and Maryam are understandably upset by this revelation.  Thankfully, before she left, Billie promised the other girls a sign if she met up with Joshua and discovered he was legit.  She'd drawn a bird and figured if they put it near the CC fliers, the others would know she was safe.  Joshua is thrilled.  Billie goes to take a shower and change and the others pray they'll all make it to the van when Joe and Elazer are ready without incident.  When the time comes, they leave the hotel but before they reach the van, Billie notices Damien across the street.  He's chatting up two young girls who Joshua fears will be enticed by him.  Andrew leaves the group to distract the girls and scare Damien off.  The others leave safely.  Andrew approaches the girls and begins chattering and asking for advice on a gift and activities for his daughter.  Upon showing a photo of Belle, Andrew successfully shifts the teens' focus from Damien to him.  After being tipped off by Logan, Tyron walks by and Damien flees.  Andrew and Tyron try to track down the trafficker so he'll be off the streets.  The two teenagers, at least, are out of harm's way.

Back at the CC, JenniAnn anxiously awaits Andrew's return.  Belle pitched a fit when she realized her Daddy wasn't there to tuck her in so JenniAnn let her stay in their bed.  As JenniAnn mentally reviews the evening, Andrew shows up tired and rather filthy.  He's worn out from chasing Damien and slipped on the subway floor so, after showering, he crashes.  Belle wakes up just long enough to bid her Daddy good night.  Once she's back asleep, Andrew tells JenniAnn about how harrowing it was watching Damien try to entice those girls and knowing he'll try it again.  JenniAnn urges Andrew to be proud of what he did but not burdened by it.  The two then go to sleep.  Andrew dreams of Badriya telling him that all will be well.  ('Chrysalis')

February 16, 2016- Andrew awakens, achy from the previous night's chase.  Belle and JenniAnn fuss over him and then Joshua pops in.  He offers to take Belle to breakfast so Andrew and JenniAnn can have some time.  Belle is thrilled and JenniAnn starts massaging Andrew's legs.  Their teasing chit-chat takes a serious turn when Andrew alludes to their sometimes tense past.  They take a break to cuddle.

Isra and Behnam go to Portia's office for the baby's first ultrasound.  Everything looks good and Portia is quiet confident in declaring the baby to be a girl.  Isra and Behnam are both intensely moved by getting to see their baby while hearing her heartbeat.  While they grab brunch, Portia gets a DVD of the ultrasound burned so they can share it with the others.

At the CC, Bianca's friends have a memorial service for her during which Joshua speaks about Heaven and his commitment to the ladies.  He and a group then head to Albany where Bianca is buried on the Romanos' property.  

That evening, everyone watches the ultrasound video.  Omar is distressed because he thinks the baby came out at the hospital to be videotaped but won't come out to see him.  Joshua explains everything to him but encourages the boy to talk to his baby sister.  Isra and Behnam are grateful to Joshua for figuring out why Omar was distressed.  Joshua then requests that Isra speak with Brooklynn, a pregnant survivor and she agrees.  The carpenter makes his way to Mick and Beth and requests that the latter visit with Zelda and answer her questions about being in a relationship with a vampire.  Beth readily agrees.  John and Joshua then introduce the new commercial for the CC.  Everyone is excited to have a new tool for getting word out.  Stickers with Billie's logo are also made available.  Joshua is buoyed by evidence that the survivors are growing to trust them more.  He ends the evening by thanking his Dad and reading to the little ones.  ('Chrysalis')

February 17, 2016- Beth and Zelda visit about the latter's relationship with Logan.  Beth assures Zelda that a lot of what is in the movies about vampires is false.  She also tells Zelda a bit more about Logan's romantic past and beliefs.  Zelda wants an innocent, chaste "puppy love" sort of arrangement with Logan which Beth thinks the man would be eager to go along with.  Thus reassured, Zelda happily goes on a walk around the courtyard with Beth and the two begin a friendship.

Emma leads a dance class at the CC.  She and Joshua demonstrate the waltz and soon others join in including Isra and Salma who use the dance as opportunity to visit.  Salma shares her happiness at being there and Isra assures her that everyone cares very much about her.  After more lessons from Emma and some Irish dance instruction with Kemara and Sean, the group dances the Hora with four of the men lifting Joshua on a chair.  After the class ends, Isra and Salma chat more over ice cream.  Salma admits that she struggles with accepting so much generosity but Isra reminds her of all the ways she's helping at the CC and that she deserves time to focus on herself.  Salma tearfully admits that she's no longer sure who her self is.  Isra reminds her of how smart and kind and brave she is.  Then, at Salma's request, Isra tells of how she met Joshua and the Friends.  ('Chrysalis')

February 18, 2016- The folks at the CC are enjoying a movie night when Omar needs to use the potty.  Since Behnam is holding Aiyla and Isra had never seen Inside Out, Andrew offers to take his nephew.  Unfortunately, Omar accidentally zips his T-shirt into his fly and asks Andrew to help him.  Salma steps into the hall then and goes ballistic, believing that Andrew is molesting her nephew.  She starts beating on him and screaming.  Horrified, Omar tries to defend his uncle.  Behnam, Isra, JenniAnn, Catherine, and Joshua rush into the hall.  Behnam pulls Salma away from Andrew and Omar.  Catherine comforts her grandson while JenniAnn tends to Andrew.  Salma again tries to attack the angel but Behnam prevents that.  Joshua asks Omar to explain what happened and he tells the truth and calls Salma "mean!"  Salma is devastated.  Alarmed by the emotions he sensed in Catherine, Vincent raced there.  Salma sees him and, instead of being frightened, she hurries to Vincent and calls him Zmaray before snuggling against him.  Vincent comforts her and Catherine offers to let Salma stay Below with them for the night.  As if in a daze, Salma accepts and calmly walks off with Vincent.  Joshua invites the others to his study to talk.  While JenniAnn briefly returns to the other room to tell Violeta why they aren't coming back, Joshua heals Andrew's injuries.

Behnam, Isra, JenniAnn, Andrew, and Omar visit with Joshua in his room.  Omar cuddles his uncle for a bit then falls asleep in his mother's arms.  The adults comfort and reassure each other and then Joshua explains why Salma was so drawn to Vincent.  Not only do his eyes resemble her father's but he reminds her of Zmaray.  Isra is overjoyed that her sister knows Joshua, even if only in a dream form that she doesn't recognize by day.  JenniAnn assures that Vincent will help Salma to draw closer to Joshua.  The carpenter notices how weary Andrew looks and suggests he and JenniAnn head to bed.  After they leave, Behnam asks how they can help Andrew and Joshua suggests the angel and Omar go to the library with him the following day while Isra and JenniAnn go Below to assure Salma all's forgiven.  Joshua then urges the Al-Mitras to get some extra rest so they leave.  Joshua prays to his Father for peace for all of them.

JenniAnn is concerned when Andrew seems to be taking an unusually long time preparing for bed in their bathroom.  She finds him in front of the mirror, zoned out.  She leads him to bed and tries to comfort him there.  Andrew is concerned that if he weren't an angel and Joshua wasn't present, some may have believed Salma's accusation.  JenniAnn assures him this isn't the case.  When he frets about Omar eventually figuring out what Salma thought he was doing, JenniAnn again talks him down.  Finally, Andrew is overcome by the memories of trafficking victims that he's witnessed.  JenniAnn makes an attempt to share those memories with him but Andrew simply wants her to be with him, not share in that.  They fall asleep in each other's embrace.

In their own room, Isra and Behnam are struggling to sleep.  Isra struggles over the reality of how different her and Salma's experiences of sex are.  Behnam shares that he also compared their wedding night to Badriya's.  They had bliss, their siblings had terror.  Behnam reasons that they can't be consumed by this because it would keep them from being the parents they need to be.  He also reminds Isra that Salma is still alive and they can still help her.  He adds that Salma went from a place of anger and distrust with him to love and trust.  It can happen again with their patience and love.  Calmed, Isra asks Behnam to read to her so he picks up Jane Eyre and, in her dreams, she and Salma laugh in a beautiful garden.  ('Chrysalis')

February 19, 2016- Salma awakens on the couch in Vincent's and Catherine's room.  The former is already teaching but Catherine visits with Salma, assuring her that no one is angry with her.  While Catherine goes to fetch breakfast, Salma prepares for a visit to Vincent's classroom.

At the library in Brewster, Omar and Andrew hang out in the office while Behnam and Stanley work.  Omar is playing with the baby doll that Grandma Catherine gave to him.  At the boy's request, Andrew shows him how to swaddle the baby.  Omar shares that his baby is named Abby and asks his "Unca" to read him a book about Sesame Street's Abby Cadabby.  Andrew agrees and is heartened when his little buddy snuggles up to him and, during a second read, falls asleep.

When Salma arrives in the classroom, Vincent is giving a lecture so she moves to the back to sit with Isra and JenniAnn.  Once Vincent is able, he joins them and it's decided that Salma will stay Below for another night.  He then suggests that JenniAnn show Salma to Owen's chambers so she can see his artwork.  The two, along with Isra, go.  On the way, Salma asks about Andrew and JenniAnn and Isra reassure her that he's fine and no one is angry.  In Owen's gallery, Salma admires his artwork and Owen reveals to her sister and JenniAnn that Vincent made a suggestion to him.  He then invites Salma to see a canvas he's working on: a lion for her.  He has Joshua's eyes.  Isra and JenniAnn are pleased when Salma reacts very favorably.  When the two return to the classroom, Salma decides to stay behind to watch Owen paint her lion.  ('Chrysalis')

February 20, 2016- Zelda awakens from a terrible nightmare.  With Salma in the Tunnels, she calls Logan for comfort.  They meet on the main floor.  Zelda is so stricken that Logan carries her to the computer lab where the two cuddle together on a couch.  Zelda tells Logan about her nightmare which was a flashback to multiple times she was raped.  The two cry together and Zelda wonders if she's too damaged.  Logan tells her this isn't so and that she's only begun to heal.  She needs more time.  Zelda feels better and asks Logan to read from a comic to her.  He does and she falls asleep in his arms, leaving him to pray for her.

That evening, Zelda goes Below for a sleepover with Salma.  The inhabitants of the CC are enjoying a game night but Logan seeks Joshua out, hoping for a story that Joshua had promised him.  Joshua agrees and the two move to Joshua's study.  Joshua reveals that the story is about Mary Magdalene who is the same person as Mary of Bethany.  Born fourteen years after Joshua, Mary lost her parents while still young and was raised by her brother and sister, Martha and Lazar.  She fell in love with a merchant who her siblings didn't trust.  It's at their wedding that Joshua's story begins.  (See 28 AD entry.)

Joshua finishes his story which has moved Logan to tears.  He reveals that Mary and Abigail spent Lucius' money on backing his mission. Logan expresses that he wishes Zelda would recognize Joshua.  The carpenter promises to work on that but tells Logan that his own love for Zelda is of great help and comfort to her and that love may point her to Joshua's true identity.  Logan is touched but "vamps out" as he asks Joshua what to do about his anger.  Joshua holds him and strokes his hair, telling Logan he can't hold the anger in.  He suggests Logan meet with Elazer who knows his pain.  Before he departs to see Elazer, Logan asks about what happened to Lucius.  Joshua reveals that he was among the first to greet him in Sheol and, having become a believer there, goes with Joshua to Heaven.  

Elsewhere in the city, Mary takes a moment to rest after handing out goods to the homeless.  A man approaches and asks if he can join her on the bench she's seated on.  She responds that it's only available if he brought her coffee.  The man, Lucius, presents his "little Mary" with a salted caramel latte and joins her.  Mary thanks him for coming and then, with her bags replenished, the two set off together.  ('Chrysalis')

February 21, 2016- John and Fr. Mike are working on the Chrysalis FB page and a sermon respectively.  John receives a message from a desperate mother who believes her daughter has been abducted by traffickers.  John and Fr. Mike decide to tell Joshua and ask him how to respond.  They immediately head to the Chrysalis.

After enjoying some quiet time together, Andrew and JenniAnn head to the dining hall.  They're surprised to find Fr. Mike and John there, speaking to a weary looking Joshua who is telling the two, and his parents, that Cassandra, the woman who messaged John, should be heeded.  Her daughter, Alisa, has a drug problem and could easily have gotten sucked into human trafficking.  Andrew and JenniAnn approach and John hands them a copy of the message.  Andrew is devastated to discover that Alisa is one of the girls he'd previously seen speaking with Damien.  The angel blames himself for not leveling with the two girls and telling them who Damien was.  Joshua consoles him, telling him that they wouldn't have listened.  Joshua asks John to message Cassandra back to set up a meeting.  The little Friends come into the dining hall and, sensing her Daddy's distress, Belle cuddles with Andrew.  Zizi does the same for a grieving Joshua.

After Mass; Joshua, John, Mick, and Kelly meet with Cassandra.  The rest of the Friends return to the Chrysalis.  The teenagers hole up in the library to study but are all pensive and feeling helpless.  They light upon the idea of filming commercials, featuring Joshua as Jesus, for their respective churches.  They hope that seeing him in the classic robe will enable the guests of the Chrysalis to recognize him.  

At Cassandra's home, Joshua and Kelly sit with the woman while Mick and John search Alisa's room. Cassandra explains that she tried to help Alisa but, since she was eighteen, there was little she could do.  Mick reveals that he and John found a scribbled address in Alisa's trash.  Joshua recognizes it as a spot near several heroin dealers and traffickers.  Joshua promises to canvas the area with volunteers and keep Cassandra informed.  The men leave but Kelly remains to keep Cassandra company.  

In the Tunnels, JenniAnn is relating her concerns about Andrew to Vincent who comforts her.  She also gets an update on Salma who is doing well.  JenniAnn leaves to go hear about the teens' plan regarding the commercials.  Vincent's mood darkens once she departs and he goes to the Mirror Pool for solace.  He finds Salma there.  Vincent tells her about a time in his past when he blamed Father for his unhappiness as concerned Catherine.  This gives Salma an opening to admit that she's angry at Behnam and Isra for not looking harder for her in Afghanistan.  Vincent consoles her and explains that while the anger isn't rational, it is understandable and human.  He also counsels that Salma needs to discuss this with her sister and brother-in-law and not let it fester.  She agrees and decides to go back to the Chrysalis the following day.  Then she tells Vincent about Zmaray.    ('Chrysalis')

February 22, 2016- Joshua, John, Andrew, Mick, Isolde, Marco, and Reuel have been out searching for Alisa.  Shortly after midnight, Joshua calls an end to the search for the night.  The searchers are reluctant but understand.  Reuel volunteers to watch the phones and lead a group back if Alisa or anyone calls.  Joshua and Andrew both insist on going if that should happen.  On the subway ride back to the Chrysalis, Isolde comforts Joshua while Reuel attempts to counsel Andrew.  Mick wishes that JenniAnn were there to help Andrew.  

Zelda and Salma return to the CC.  Zelda reunites with Logan and presents him with an agreement that she wants him to sign.  The "contract" is designed to help keep their budding romance from going off course and/or making Logan feel solely like a caretaker.  Logan, naturally, signs.  Afterwards, Zelda gets her first real kiss.

After the teens share their plans for the Joshua commercials, the Friends waste no time in starting.  That afternoon, Ivy, Emma, JenniAnn, Kylie, Kemara, Maryam, and Joy pamper and fuss over Joshua.  

In the CC's library, Isra and Behnam are meeting with Salma.  She confides in them that she's angry that they didn't search longer and harder for her in Afghanistan.  If they had, she would have been spared her loveless marriage and repeated rapes.  Isra sobs and Behnam is moved though he tries to remain strong for his wife.  However, he soon begins to cry, also.  Salma asks to know what they did to try to find her and hearing that seems to give her some peace.  They exchange apologies and embrace, promising that Salma will never be so hurt again.

Once he's "in costume," Joshua and the ladies rejoin the others.  Daisy is smitten with Joshua's cloak and runs towards him.  He promises to see to it that "Princess Daisy" gets a cloak for herself.  Joshua and Co. begin to perform the Last Supper. The CC' guests are enthralled and seem to warm even more to Joshua.  Some request to watch the JCS DVD with him in it.  ('Chrysalis')

February 23, 2016- Belle wakes up Shelby around 2 AM.  She's had a nightmare and wants her Mama and Daddy.  However, Shelby suspects that Andrew's out.  Nonetheless, she agrees to take Belle to her parents.  On the way, they run into Violeta who goes with them to JenniAnn.  As suspected, Andrew is absent and Belle has a meltdown.  She eventually calms and the three girls get into bed with JenniAnn and fall asleep listening to The Secret Garden.  Before drifting off herself, JenniAnn prays in thanksgiving for having her girls near and asks God to help Andrew.

Later, Andrew and Reuel return to the CC after spending some time on the streets, searching for Alisa.  Reuel tells Andrew to head to bed but the angel of death finds the girls in his place.  He runs into Joshua in the hall and goes with him to his room.  Joshua's in a good mood because they screened the JCS DVD and many of the CC's guests hung around to talk with him.  Joshua summons an overnight bag so Andrew can get ready for bed and bunk on his couch.  The two have a chat over tea and scones.  Joshua tries to help Andrew see that Alisa's disappearance is not his fault.  Andrew cheers a bit and he and Joshua part to get some sleep.  However, Andrew struggles to fall asleep.  He gets out his phone and looks at family photos but then he shifts to another album he keeps.  It's of assignments who he feels passed on prematurely.  He prays he won't have to put Alisa's photo there.

That afternoon, while most of the adults are filming the Trial by Pilate, the younger kids and a few babysitters remain inside the CC.  The kids play a game of Hide-and-Seek.  Daisy hides in a trunk but panics when the lid closes.  She flashes back to the repeated abuse she suffered.  Thankfully, Jacob finds her and helps her back to the playroom.  He remains with her and she confides in him, in vague terms, about her abuse.  The little boy promises that no one will ever hurt her like that again and she rests her head on his shoulder.

In the courtyard, the trial scene is progressing when Andrew, acting as cameraman, collapses.  Panic ensues but word is quickly gotten out that he merely fainted.  However, he did gash his head and Joshua hurriedly heals the wound while the Friends give cover.  Joshua then orders the angel to bed and JenniAnn goes with him.  Joshua grounds Andrew until the morning, forcing him to take a break.  After a pep talk from Joshua, JenniAnn settles beside Andrew for a nap, hoping that later he'll talk about what's troubling him.

At dinnertime, Joshua returns to relieve JenniAnn.  On her way to the dining hall, she runs into Jacob.  Tearfully, he tells her about what happened to Daisy and she comforts him by saying that the kind way in which he responded to the little girl will help her heal.  Jacob then shows his godmother a sketch he did of Sarah for Daisy.  The two head to the dining room where Daisy is thrilled with her present.  Jacob joins her, her parents, and the Al-Mitras for dinner while JenniAnn checks in on her kids and gives an update on Andrew.  Rabbi Yakov leads prayer and dinner begins.  Elsewhere in the dining room, Zelda is deep in thought.  She saw Joshua heal Andrew and has a theory'

Andrew awakens and confides in Joshua that he doesn't want JenniAnn knowing what's going on in his head.  Joshua agrees that he shouldn't be telling JenniAnn about every last thing during an assignment but that he absolutely should tell her about the secret album on his phone and discuss with her whether he should keep it and how to use it, if so.  JenniAnn and the kids show up with dinner and dessert for Andrew and Joshua leaves them.  Belle enthusiastically feeds her father as Max, Violeta, and Shelby fill him in on their day.  Once he's finished eating, the kids make their good nights and Andrew and JenniAnn are alone.  He finally lets out that he blames himself for not getting through to Alisa but also worries that a time will come when he can't get through to their girls.  JenniAnn reminds him that it's very different with his own daughters.  They'll be more apt to listen to him just as she generally takes her dad and Vincent seriously.  Andrew then tells her about the photo album and he shares the assignments' stories with her.  They cry and then decide to keep it as a prayer album, not a reason for Andrew to chastise himself.  Feeling more at peace, they fall asleep.  ('Chrysalis')

February 24, 2016- That morning, the inhabitants of the CC go about their business as usual.  Most of the guests stay in the rec room, enjoying various hobbies.  Logan is reading aloud to Salma and Zelda when the latter blurts out that she saw Joshua heal Andrew.  The others overhear, including when Zelda proclaims that she thinks Joshua is Jesus.  Marlon and Analyn agree.  Nick and Thandie arrive and Zelda demands Nick tell them whether Joshua is Jesus or not.  Naturally, he doesn't lie.  Several people are shocked and Brooklynn shares that, as much as she wants to believe, she struggles to after so much ugliness.  Zelda announces that she thinks she can prove it: there's blood still on the birdbath that Andrew hit.  The room empties as they all stampede to the courtyard.

Outside, Joshua, John, and some of the Friends are planning the Crucifixion scene.  They're interrupted by the crowd running out to look at the birdbath.  Nick tells Joshua about Zelda's revelation, Logan introduces her to Joshua properly, she and Joshua embrace, and, one by one, the group falls to their knees in worship.  A shaft of light pierces through the crowd and shines on Joshua and Zelda.  Upstairs in their room, Maryam and Yosef are dancing but are alerted to the miracle outside by a dove.  The couple are overjoyed that their son has been recognized.

Having taken Daisy to the Tunnels for an introduction; Amber-Marie, Josef, and Gayle are on their way back to the CC with her.  Andrew, JenniAnn, Belle, Isra, Omar, Aiyla, Kemara, Owen, and Graham are with them.  Daisy loves the Tunnels and is gushing about them when Isolde and Marco come running at the group with the happy news of the breakthrough at the CC.  Daisy wants to know what's going on with Joshua which makes her and her parents' planned meeting with him even more important. Before they arrive Above, John comes to tell them that Trini, the girl who had been frequenting Monica's food truck, called the CC and is being picked up.

Once the group reaches the CC, they find a much more peaceful and smiling group.  Elazer is speaking with some of the survivors, sharing more about his time with Odelya.  Isolde also relays to the group who had been Below that Joshua told the CC's inhabitants about the angels and saints, as well.  Yosef comes to find Isra who Maryam would like to have join her and Salma in the kitchen.  Once there, Isra finds her sister happy but seeming to ignore the day's momentous revelations.  Isra is concerned by this but Maryam urges her to have patience.  She believes that Salma only needs time to accept the truth of Joshua's identity.

Joshua visits with Ruby and Opal, ensuring them that he loves them and that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them.  The sisters are moved and tell Joshua that they love him, too.  The three embrace before Ruby and Opal leave.  Josef, Amber-Marie, and Daisy arrive.  Joshua presents Daisy with her colorful cloak.  She likens it to Joseph's coat of many colors.  Joshua calls her attention to the permutations of Joseph's name: Yosef, Joe, and Josef.  He then explains the name Joshua's relationship with Jesus.  Joshua then explains that he's the baby from the Nativity book that Aiyla read to her.  Daisy pretty easily accepts this and says "Hi God."  Joshua is filled with joy and embraces the child at her request.  ('Chrysalis')

February 25, 2016- Salma struggles to sleep.  She's accepted that Joshua is Jesus and that Jesus is God.  However, she'd hoped Zmaray was God.  She's comfortable with his lion form and scared of Joshua being a man.  She wanders out to the courtyard where she sees Zmaray is there.  She confides in him about her thoughts and he helps her to see that he and Joshua are one and the same.  Salma's then distraught over her previous disbelief but Zmaray reminds her of Emeth in C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle.  Finally, Salma feels unworthy but Zmaray puts those feelings to rest, too, and transforms into Joshua.  Salma realizes that she feels safe with him, as safe as with her own mother, and falls asleep in Joshua's arms, lulled by his heartbeat.

Later in the day, Joshua and the other carpenters work on his cross for the commercials.  The CC's residents look on, talking with each other about everything that's happened.  Some (like Billie) confess to having been angry at Joshua, others (like Marlon) focus more on free will, and Brooklynn and a couple others admit to having had a crush on Joshua.  Meanwhile, Denise was 'a little mushy' about John.  JenniAnn and Isra approach and happily inform them that lots of the Friends have squishes on Joshua and his cousin.  Brooklynn and Xinyi agree that squish is more accurate.  The conversation then shifts to Andrew's well-being.  JenniAnn relays that he's better but still very concerned about Alisa.  As they think of her, Joshua approaches, followed by Nick, Andrew, and Eliot, and they all share a group hug.

That evening, the CC's inhabitants join Behnam and his family in making care packages for future inhabitants in memory of Badriya.  Behnam reflects on how much Belle looks like her aunt and what a blessing it is to watch her grow up and to have Salma back.

Elsewhere in NYC, a homeless busker is performing.  A couple applaud her and make a donation.  It's Lucius and Mary.  They strike up a conversation with the girl, Cait.  A gust of wind blows a missing poster of Alisa in front of the girl who is astounded to discover that she saw her enter a salon with some creepy guy.  Mary urges Cait to report what she saw to the police but the girl is resistant.  Mary then reveals herself as St. Mary Magdalene whose medal Cait wears.  After another gust of wind, the couple disappears.  Cait discovers that her cheap medal has been upgraded to a fine metal.  Cait waves down an officer named Rita who invites her to come inside for some coffee and a chat.  Rita calls her captain who immediately notifies Joe that Alisa was spotted.

At the Chrysalis, John receives a call from Joe.  Joshua and Andrew listen in while Joe conveys that they found the building the ring who kidnapped Alisa is operating out of.  A raid is planned and Joe invites Joshua and Andrew to go along.  Joshua whisks himself and the angel to the DA's office.  John relays the news to the others and Maryam leads them in prayer.

Joe, Joshua, Andrew, Matthew, and Tyron wait outside the rundown building being used by the trafficking ring.  Other officers are all around.  They rush in and several girls and women are liberated.  However, Alisa is nowhere in sight.  Joshua and Andrew recall that the building used to be a speakeasy and has a hidden room.  Along with Joe, they hurry to iit and find one of the traffickers there with three girls, Alisa among them.  The perp tries to shoot Joe but Joshua punches him, throwing off his aim.  Matthew and Tyron come running after the shot only to find the perp knocked out.  Two of the girls leave with Joshua to head to the ambulances.  Alisa doesn't move because she was injured when she tried to escape.  Andrew carries her out and rides with her to the hospital.  Joshua approaches Joe to thank him.  Joe is rather shocked that Joshua punched the man and the carpenter explains that it was better for him to be temporarily unconscious than on the line for shooting a DA' plus he wasn't ready for Joe to head Home.

John and Mick inform Kelly and Cassandra that Alisa's been located.  They head to the hospital where Cassandra reunites with her daughter.  Andrew is present for the tearful meeting.  Alisa thanks Andrew for rescuing her.  He tells her that he wishes he'd told her the real reason for his interfering in her and Keely's conversation on the street but Alisa tells him she wouldn't have listened regardless.  Alisa also apologizes to her mother for not listening to her.  Cassandra consoles her and, when Alisa yawns, Andrew gives Cassandra a business card and invites Alisa to the CC for counseling.  As Andrew is leaving the two alone, Alisa calls out to ask if Andrew really has a little girl and Andrew invites them to go to the Bronx Zoo with him, JenniAnn, and Belle sometime.  Once alone, Andrew weeps tears of gratitude.  ('Chrysalis')

February 26, 2016- JenniAnn is struggling to sleep when, at last, Andrew returns.  They embrace and discuss how fatherhood has made him better at his work.  After a prayer of thankfulness, they fall asleep together.

Come morning, there's a flurry of work as more rooms are prepared.  Isra and Behnam return to their home at lunch to get their kids fresh clothes.  While tending to the yard, Behnam sees his neighbor, Quentin, putting up a for sale sign.  He and his wife, Lupe, are moving to Baltimore for his job and need to sell their house quickly.  Jokingly, Quentin asks if Behnam knows a buyer and he thinks of Josef.  Quentin removes the sign so Josef can come take a look.  He does along with Amber-Marie and Joshua.  Josef offers the asking price and the deal's done.  Aiyla and Daisy are beyond thrilled.  That night, Joshua prays for the soon-to-be neighbors and thanks his Dad for the success of the raid and asks for help in bringing down the ring that held Salma, Zelda, and the others.  ('Chrysalis')

February 27, 2016- The Father answers by allowing Joshua to see goings on in an office where Gunnar, Damien, and Jocasta, the ringleader, are plotting.  Jocasta suggests trafficking children.  Gunnar and Damien balk at first then begin to plan along with her.  They agree to try to abduct an unattended little girl from Central Park to start.  Armed with this information, Joshua awakens and makes his own plan.

In the morning, the group celebrates Shane's birthday with muffins and others treat from Adrian's courtesy of Joshua.  Most everyone can tell that Joshua is distressed.  His parents, Nick, Zaila, Reuel, Zeke and Diana, Andrew and JenniAnn, Behnam and Isra, and Marco and Isolde meet with Joshua in his study where he reveals what he saw and heard.  Isolde, Maryam, and Zaila all volunteer to have Joshua transform them into child versions of themselves to fool and catch Damien but Joshua knows they're all too emotionally mature to be believable.  Even John offers.  Unbeknownst to any of them, Violeta hears from the hall and offers to take part.  After ensuring she's okay with the idea, Joshua transforms the angel.  JenniAnn almost immediately cuddles the little girl and Andrew is transfixed.  Joshua clears the room, except for them, and goes over the plan in detail.  Joshua also reveals to the three that Violeta was created as the answer to prayers made by Andrew and JenniAnn.  Thus, she's part of them and they're part of her.  The revelation gives Violeta the courage she needs for the task ahead.  In the thirty minutes before their departure for Central Park, Andrew, Joshua, and JenniAnn lavish attention on their little cherub.

Joshua, his parents, John, Isolde, Marco, Andrew, JenniAnn, and Violeta take the Tunnels to Central Park.  Like Violeta, Joshua and John now appear as children.  They play until Joshua spots Damien.  The three 'kids' step away to swing.  The adults remain some distance away and pretend to be distracted.

Once Joshua knows that Damien is in place, Violeta heads toward one of the park's restrooms while the boys look on.  Damien approaches Violeta and asks for her help in getting his kitten out of the ladies' room.  Once she's inside, Damien accosts her and threatens to kill the cat if Violeta yells.  Little Joshua and John enter and Damien threatens them with a gun when they intervene.  He then turns the gun on Violeta but John and Joshua return to their normal forms.  John puts the man in a headlock while Joshua takes away his gun.  Joshua gets Violeta, along with the cat, out of the bathroom and to Andrew and JenniAnn.  Damien is arrested and the cat is adopted by the Chrysalis.  A group hug ensues.

Tyron takes Violeta's statement and then Andrew and JenniAnn take her back to Willowveil.  After cookies and milk, Andrew reads The Velveteen Rabbit.  The trio falls asleep and, when Andrew and JenniAnn awaken, the still sleeping Violeta has reverted to her usual form. 

Once arrested, Damien wastes no time in ratting Gunnar and Jocasta out.  They're also arrested and the brothel cleared.  Joe informs Joshua who tearfully passes the word along to everyone at the CC.  They embrace and sing then set out to prepare yet more rooms for their incoming guests.  ('Chrysalis')

February 28, 2016- Joe arranges for Joshua to meet with Gunnar, Damien, and Jocasta at the jail.  The three bicker with each other until Joe orders them to shut up.  Joshua tells them that their victims will be getting help.  He hopes that they'll use their time behind bars to reflect and seek forgiveness.  Damien balks when Joshua says he'll be praying for them.  Joshua goes onto say that unless they seek forgiveness, they'll never see him again.  Gunnar asks why they should care.  When Joshua reaches for the doorknob, he reveals a pierced wrist.  He then leaves the stunned prisoners.  ('Chrysalis')

March 1, 2016- Kemara and Sean chat with Amanda, Joy's early intervention specialist, after a session.  When the babies wake up, Amanda leaves.  Kemara becomes concerned when she notices Sean zoning out.  Once the little ones are asleep again, Sean and Kemara prepare to host Zeke and Diana for dinner.  Afterwards, the wives and husbands split up.  Sean and Zeke go for a walk with twins during which the older man counsels Sean to discuss his dream of firefighting with Kemara.  Meanwhile, Diana urges Kemara to discuss her fears with Sean and also seek out advice from Roslyn, Tyron's wife.  ("These are My Dreams")

March 2, 2016- During a picnic at the beach, Sean confirms Kemara's guess that he wants to be a firefighter.  She reveals her fears but agrees that Sean should pursue his dream.  She tells him of her own wish to write a children's book featuring a child with Downs.  With everything out, the two feel less anxious and begin to plan.  That evening after Bible study, the couple shares their news with the Friends.  Plans also begin for St. G's production of The Secret Garden.  ("These are My Dreams")

March 4, 2016- Sean returns home after a visit to Manhattan and Brewster.  He tells Kemara, with some nervousness, that Manhattan isn't hiring volunteers' only full-time paid firefighters.  Kemara is taken aback but when she sees how excited Sean is, she agrees again that he should pursue his dream.  All this against the background of Ian teething!  ("These are My Dreams")

March 7, 2016- Kemara confides in Rose and JenniAnn about her and Sean's decision for him to go full-time.  JenniAnn suggests that Kemara ask Vincent about taking on some classes.  Sean arrives and returns home with Kemara and the twins.  He's been accepted and will begin training soon.  Kemara tells him about the teaching idea and he encourages her.  That evening, Kemara discovers that Sean will miss Joy's checkup due to his new job.  Sean is hurt to discover that the time away from his family and missing things with them is already beginning.  Kemara consoles him, saying they'll just have to make the most of what time they have.  ("These are My Dreams")

March 9, 2016- Kemara and the twins arrive at St. G's before JCS rehearsals.  Belle and Andrew eagerly volunteer to feed the twins their bottles.  As they do, Kemara discusses her book with Andrew and JenniAnn.  The former gets to thinking of Metatron.  Kemara inquires about him and Andrew urges her to ask him for help with the book.  Conversation then turns to Sean and his new job.  That evening, Sean returns home sporting a new, much shorter, haircut.  The couple chat whilst tending to their teething, sleepless babies.  ("These are My Dreams")

March 11, 2016- Sean heads off to work with Kemara seeing him off.  Later that morning, Kemara prepares to take Joy to her appointment while Ian's grandmas tend to him in Brewster.  JenniAnn intended to accompany them but has to cancel when Belle's running a fever.  Kemara resolves to go without help.  She and Joy make it to the subway where a rude woman comments on the little girl.  Kemara is shaken and angered.  When she arrives at the hospital, she finds her friend, Rolanda, there with her own twins.  Ro consoles Kemara and tells her she needs to speak up and snap back at folks like that.  After their appointments, the two moms and babies share lunch.  ("These are My Dreams")

After a nap, Kemara is joined by Owen, Chris, Shelby, and Ivy at Sol Mate.  They begin to brainstorm their book.  After getting frustrated, they agree to invite Metatron who promptly arrives.  He's a bit bristly at first and offers constructive criticism.  He's especially fond of the twins and decides to be Uncle Marty since it's easier to say than Metatron.  After some initial hurt feelings, Kemara and Marty have a chat about the twins and it's obvious that Marty has a soft spot for the little ones.  Once the babies are fed, the group heads to St. G's.  After some prodding, Marty agrees to tag along.  Once at the theatre, Andrew and JenniAnn show Marty to the private box.  Joshua joins him there.  ("These are My Dreams")

March 12, 2016- Sean returns from his first day on the job and, over breakfast, he and Kemara chat about the previous day.  Sean eventually reveals a bad first impression of a co-worker and Kemara relays the subway incident.  When the twins awaken, they spend some time playing with them.  ("These are My Dreams")

March 14, 2016- Sean returns home, exhausted and worn out by his training.  After dinner and getting the kids settled, he and Kemara retire to their room where she tries to massage away his aches and pains.  It doesn't take long for Sean to fall asleep.  ("These are My Dreams")

March 17, 2016- Sean and Kemara are preparing to celebrate their anniversary when Joshua calls, asking Sean to help him and John move some furniture at the CC.  Sean is a bit miffed but Kemara encourages him to go.  It turns out that she needed him out of the house to prepare for a romantic rendezvous on Skellig.  Once Joshua dismisses Sean, he returns home.  Kemara, dressed in a gown reminiscent of her wedding dress, leads him off to the island where they have a picnic and' 'special time.'  ("These are My Dreams")

March 18, 2016- Prior to a JCS rehearsal, Kemara and Kylie visit briefly about the former's upcoming writing classes Below.  ("These are My Dreams")

April 4, 2016- Vincent escorts Kemara and the twins to the Tunnel nursery.  After they hand the babies off, Vincent shows Kemara to what will be her writing classroom.  She has a successful first class with the kids excited to write their own stories.  That night, she reads some of the tales to Sean who is preparing for a big day of training.  ("These are My Dreams")

April 5, 2016- Sean and Craig practice 'roof work' aka rescuing people stuck in buildings.  Sean discovers he has a fear of heights while Craig is raring to go.    ("These are My Dreams")

April 9, 2016- Several of the Friends meet at St. G's to discuss The Secret Garden.  Roles are handed out and it's suggested that Marty play Neville.  Adam agrees to ask him.  ("These are My Dreams")

Late April 2016- Sean and Kemara enjoy a quiet morning at home together.  Sean still hasn't worked a fire and is growing anxious.  Kemara is, naturally, relieved.  She quizzes him about what he's learning and what exactly he'll be doing until the quiet is disrupted by a baby.  ("These are My Dreams")

May 6, 2016- Sean returns home after his first fire' which was merely a foolish man creating a blowtorch to combat roaches and scorching his wall.  ("These are My Dreams")

May 7, 2016- Josef mentally prepares for the funeral of Benson Riddell, Daisy's father and his descendant.  Eventually, he sets off with Amber-Marie, Daisy, and Aiyla.  They go to Sylvester's mortuary where he and Fr. Mike are waiting with Benson's body.  At the undertaker's suggestion, Josef lets Fr. Mike drive the others while Josef rides with the body.  En route, Josef talks with Benson and vows to do his best by Daisy before breaking down. 

Upon arrival at St. Genesius', the family is met by a contingent of Friends who help transport Benson's body to Dyeland via the blue room.  On the other side, Andrew and JenniAnn greet Josef and company.  Most of the Friends take part in a procession from Willowveil's lawn to Avalon.  Paula, Sarah's former nurse, joins them.  The service is filled with songs and, as he listens, Josef contemplates how little he knows about Benson.  He once again gets emotional but tries to cover it.  Amber-Marie urges him to be open about his feelings and let Joshua be the unflappable leader. 

The group reaches Avalon where Adam, Kylie, and others have prepared the grave site, paying special attention to Daisy's needs.  Fr. Mike and Rabbi Yakov lead the graveside service.  Daisy and Josef are both moved by the ceremony.  Afterwards, the group goes to Willowveil for brunch.  Josef and Paula linger behind to visit Sarah's grave.  Paula urges Josef to tell Daisy about his vampirism but he vehemently disagrees.  It turns into a conversation about trusting in Joshua and God's compassion.  Josef isn't ready to hear nor to give up his guilt.  Paula lays a painted stone at Sarah's grave while Josef leaves an array of treasures, collected from everywhere his FS work has taken him.  Henry observes and prays that Josef will let go of his regret.
May 14, 2016- There's an open house at Sean's firehouse.  The McCallums bring Arthur and Liam along.  Kemara and the kids get to meet Sean's fellow firefighters and chief.  Sean is shocked when Craig has a moment holding Joy.  Later, the group leaves to join Monica at her food truck for lunch.  Sean and Kemara discuss what his full-time schedule will be like.  ("These are My Dreams")

May 18, 2016- Sean and Craig practice in the Smoke House.  The latter panics, seemingly due to claustrophobia.  Afterwards, he and Sean talk and seem to smooth things over.  They agree to go rock climbing sometime.  ("These are My Dreams")

June 4, 2016- Kemara awakens to find Sean is already home.  He seems upset but when she tries to talk to him, he snaps and leaves for a walk.  Soon after, Henry arrives.  He helps Kemara feed the twins and keeps her company before he departs to talk with Sean.  Sean confides in Henry that he was at a fire where two children died of smoke inhalation.  Henry comforts him and urges him to talk with his wife.  Sean returns to Sol Mate.   ("These are My Dreams")

June 3-4, 2016- Emma and Peter have a reception dinner, catered by Dusty, at the theatre.  Peter spends the night at the rectory with Fr. Mike while Emma stays at the Wilson residence.  In the morning, Hailey awakens her and Emma soon learns that Maryam, Joshua, and John are there.  Meanwhile, Yosef is appearing to Peter and Fr. Mike at St. Mary Magdalene's.  With the JCS cast and crew and several other friends around, Zeke marries Emma and Peter at the theatre.  The reception is also there.  Everyone is having a wonderful time except for Caleb who is really feeling his singleton status.  Then Joshua introduces him to a cowboy loving girl named Lacey...  Emma and Joshua share a special father/daughter dance.  ("The King"

June 25, 2016- This is when Rose and Max are married.  Andrew officiates and Annabelle acts as flower girl.  ("Abide With Me")  They set the date in "Shadowlands."

July 23, 2016- Sean's graduation day arrives.  His parents, Brad, Ciara, JenniAnn, Andrew, Fr. Mike, Kemara their kids, and several others attend Sean's party.  Kemara presents her husband with a St. Michael medal and a journal.  Megan and Keith give Sean his grandfather's helmet.  Megan and Sean embrace and make peace.  Sean and Kemara happily realize that, with God and their family, they'll make it through whatever comes.  ("These are My Dreams")

September 11, 2016- Sean is reflective as the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 is commemorated, his first as a firefighter in NYC.  ("Some Gave All")

October 10, 2016- Adam and Kylie spend his birthday together.  The angel of death gets a very special gift from his unborn niece: Adam gets to feel her kick.  ("Little Pumpkin")

November 25, 2016-  In 'The Golden Cord,' Isolde and Marco are beginning their first Christmas season as Dyelanders.  While Marco goes to work at his restaurant, Isolde stays at their cabin, baking Christmas cookies to decorate with Daisy.  The two admire the Nativity set that Andrew has given them and dream about the day that they'll set it up with their children.

November 26, 2016-  In 'The Golden Cord,' on Christmas Eve, Emma recalls this date when she was battling a nasty case of the flu and Peter nursed her in her loopiness and weepiness.

December 2, 2016-  It's International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.  The Friends are at St. G's running a fundraiser and awareness event about human trafficking.  An invisible Joshua mulls around, observing the various activities.  Among those working, Joshua sees Salma who is helping the El-Chanan Sisters of Divine Patience staff a fundraising table.  Salma hears Joshua tell her that he'll be with them for Christmas.  Salma runs to the backstage office where her sister and others are gathered.  She shares the happy news from Joshua.  The carpenter briefly appears to Andrew to verify this.  Isra, like the others, is thrilled and expresses how grateful she is to have her whole family around for Christmas.  Salma embraces Isra and tiny Aurora and replies 'Amen' with the others echoing it.  ('Chrysalis')

December 3, 2016- In 'The Golden Cord,' Andrew recalls Belle's fascination with her Christmas dress from Grandma Raquel and how it led to an impromptu daddy and daughter cuddle session.

December 19, 2016-  In 'The Golden Cord,' Salma recalls how Joshua returned to her in the Fields of Gold as she was caroling and choosing greenery for wreaths.

December 24, 2016- In 'The Golden Cord,' Joshua, his family, and the Friends gather at Willowveil and share memories of their treasured Christmases past.

December 25, 2016- In 'The Golden Cord,' Willowveil's grandfather clock strikes midnight and the Friends and his family wish Joshua a happy birthday.  They dance as a group and sing Maryam's lullaby together.
January 2017- Kylie goes into labor with her and Clay's first child.  The baby is coming very quickly so Adam's job switches from driving them to the hospital to actually delivering the baby in their bedroom.  The baby arrives in good health.  After Kylie and the newborn are transported to the hospital; Randall, Dot, Caleb, Edward, Zadie, and Adam congregate in the waiting room.  (Edward and Zadie, are newlyweds at this point.)  Clay reports that mother and baby are doing very well and then brings Adam to meet his new niece and namesake: Ada-Marie.  Joshua visits after they return home.  ("The King")

February 11, 2017- In N483, Andrew awakens from a dream in which JenniAnn gives birth to their son.  In waking life, the two talk it over and begin to hope that it's a sign from God that He has another child planned for them.

April 22, 2017- JenniAnn is awoken by the sound of Andrew showering upon his return late in the night.  Sensing something is off, JenniAnn tries to talk with Andrew when he comes to bed but he tells her he's exhausted.  They put off their talk until the morning when he's more rested.  JenniAnn asks Joshua for some guidance and he makes her scar tingle which tells her what is distressing Andrew somehow ties to Rex's attack on her.

In the morning, Max and Rose visit for breakfast.  They can tell something is going on with the older couple and offer to take Belle and Shelby to the zoo with Violeta, Ivy, and Sy tagging along.  Once alone, Andrew and JenniAnn go to their balcony where the angel reveals that his assignment took place on death row.  Seeing parallels between what Rex did and what his assignment did, Andrew finds himself feeling not entirely opposed to the death penalty.  This makes him feel ashamed for several reasons including that JenniAnn is anti-death penalty.  However, she helps him to see that his feelings are natural and not necessarily representative of his wider views.  Nonetheless, they both realize that JenniAnn's attack has left a mark and conclude that they should look into getting some counseling, just the two of them, since what counseling they did with Max was tailored to his needs.  Decided, they settle in for a nap.  ("Cupid and Psyche")

April 24, 2017- After a busy weekend of assignments for Andrew that also kept JenniAnn busy helping Ivy and Violeta prepare for a Spring Break service trip, things begin to quiet down.  Andrew takes Belle to NYC for a daddy/daughter date while Vincent comes to Willowveil to spend quality time with JenniAnn.  She confides in her godfather about Andrew's assignment and all it dredged up for them.  Vincent, in turn, reveals that after she was shot by Rex Remus, he and Catherine sought counseling.  He suggests Andrew and JenniAnn do the same.  She agrees and they pray that the right person comes to them. 

Later, Andrew returns with a tuckered out Belle.  After putting her to bed, he and JenniAnn reconvene in their room.  Upon hearing about JenniAnn's discussion with Vincent, Andrew agrees to seek counseling.  The two end their night asking Joshua for guidance in choosing a counselor. 
("Cupid and Psyche")

April 25, 2017- The Friends welcome several El-Chananites to Dyeland and treat them to a cook-out.  Adam and Arthur, in particular, can tell that something isn't right with Andrew and JenniAnn.  However, no answers are forthcoming.  Behnam approaches the two, asking to meet with them near Andrew's workshop where Salma is waiting.  He reveals that he wants to propose to Isra and give her a proper wedding.  Salma, Andrew, and JenniAnn all agree that it's a wonderful idea.  As they begin planning, Salma mentions that Reuel read a poem at a recent wedding in El-Chanan.  It hits Andrew and JenniAnn, in that moment, that Reuel should be their counselor.  ("Cupid and Psyche")

April 26, 2017- As Andrew, JenniAnn, and Belle prepare for their day; Reuel calls to set an appointment with Andrew and JenniAnn.  He reveals that the Father told him to connect with them.  The visit is set for the following day. The call is cut short when Eleora and Cody arrive at Reuel's, the former battling morning sickness.  After wishing them well, Andrew and JenniAnn resume getting Belle ready and tease each other about their anniversary plans for the evening.

That evening, Andrew and JenniAnn return to Willowveil where they begin their celebration with a prayer to Joshua in the Willowveil chapel.  Afterwards, Andrew carries JenniAnn to the conservatory where he's set out a delicious meal amid a romantic scene.  Following the meal, reminiscing, and dancing; the two fall asleep in the newly carved bed that Andrew made for them.  As they sleep, Andrew has a nightmare in which JenniAnn is shot in the conservatory and dies before his eyes. 

In waking life, JenniAnn is awoken to find a panicked, still sleeping Andrew on top of her.  When she manages to wake him up, he reveals his nightmare.  She consoles him but admits that she heard an actual bang.  Andrew tells her to stay inside and goes onto the roof to investigate.  He discovers that a baby bat flew into the glass and died.  JenniAnn is crushed.  With Joshua's help, the bat is restored to life and JenniAnn feeds her with leftover fruit.  The pair return to bed where JenniAnn is plagued with worries over the pain she'll eventually cause Andrew as a mortal.  She ends up having a seizure but doesn't tell Andrew.  The two drift back to sleep.  ("Cupid and Psyche")

April 27, 2017- Andrew awakens first and takes a few moments to reflect on how his relationship with JenniAnn unfolded and his gratitude.  That afternoon, they head to El-Chanan for their first session with Reuel.  At the principality's home, they meet his pet Fennec fox, Val Jean.  Once Reuel escorts the two to his office, he wastes no time in starting their work.  Reuel swiftly gets Andrew to see that he really has no intention of taking vengeance upon Rex, even if the opportunity arose.  They then begin to dig deeper into the fears and emotions tied more deeply to JenniAnn's near-death experience.  The elder angel comes to realize that JenniAnn is carrying something but doesn't press.  ("Cupid and Psyche")

May 4, 2017- After a third session with Reuel, Andrew and JenniAnn return to Dyeland to do their "homework."  They find themselves struggling to say anything potentially negative about each other.  Eventually, JenniAnn reveals that she wishes Andrew spent more time with the other AODs and he shares that he wishes she'd stop with her negative body talk.  In the end, neither is offended and they danced until bedtime. 
  ("Cupid and Psyche")

May 8, 2017- During another visit in El-Chanan, Reuel observes that Andrew seems to be hanging onto some guilt.  The angel of death confesses that he still feels badly for not being present when JenniAnn was shot and, further, not even sensing she was in peril.  Reuel helps Andrew to see that, just as Andrew wouldn't want JenniAnn psychically exposed to the perils of his job, she didn't want him witnessing that.  Further, she felt better having Vincent with her, as difficult as that was.  For one, Vincent won't be witnessing the gun violence that Andrew will during assignments.  For another, Vincent will one day be protected, eternally, in Heaven whereas Andrew won't be.  JenniAnn also reveals that she's been sticking close to Dyeland and well-known places because she doesn't want to take any risks that might harm her and, thus, hurt Andrew.  The two make a pact that JenniAnn won't limit her life to protect Andrew and that he, in turn, won't fret about normal emotional reactions making her care less for him.  Reuel is pleased with their progress and they make plans to get together for dinner at Willowveil.
   ("Cupid and Psyche")

May 14, 2017- Mick happens upon the cure for vampirism when he inadvertently squashes some flowers Andrew got Beth for her birthday.  As told in "The Best Birthday Ever."  Lulu also appears in this story.  She likely passes away shortly thereafter.  I didn't realize that when I first wrote it.  :-(  In "On a Hill Far Away," Andrew and Marty are sent to retrieve more of the cure and Marty learns how it wouldn't have happened without his love for Joshua.  Joshua then approached Logan, Isolde, Marco, and Josef to offer them the cure.  They all took it, happily, except Josef.  Due to his work with FS, Joshua gave him a different sort of "cure" which enables him to keep his vampire powers without needing any sustenance.  (N505)

May 15, 2017- Daisy has a nightmare which causes a panicked Josef to go into "vamp mode."  Amber-Marie is able to shield him from view and they calm the girl but, come morning, Josef is still troubled by the incident.  Amber-Marie is heartbroken that Daisy is still struggling with the sexual abuse she experienced and likely will for years to come.  This causes Josef to revisit his anger at God for not telling him about Daisy before she suffered so much.  Josef and Amber-Marie are making arrangements to stay home with their daughter when Joshua arrives with a vial of the vampirism cure.  Amber-Marie is dismayed when Josef refuses the cure.  Hurt, Joshua asks to speak with Josef in his office.  The two men have it out with Josef revealing his anger.  But he comes to realize that God was trying to get him to discover Daisy by taking a DNA test.  Josef breaks down and tries to harm himself but Joshua calms him.  He helps the vampire to see that he forgives him, that Daisy will forgive him.  Still, Josef needs to make himself feel worthy.  He can't accept the cure yet.  So Joshua offers him another option: he leaves Josef with a bottle of his own blood.  It restores Josef's heartbeat and leaves him wanting no other drink or food.  It makes him deathless and he retains all his vampire powers so he can continue his usual work with FS until he feels worthy of the full cure.

The two men rejoin Amber-Marie who is pleased to see that Josef has taken a version of the cure.  They begin to prepare breakfast for Joshua when Daisy and Daffy, her dog, enter.  While her parents continue the breakfast prep, Joshua cuddles with Daisy and listens to her lingering fears, comforting her.  As they make pancakes, Josef tells Amber-Marie a bit more about his cure, leaving out that it's Joshua's blood.  She asks him if he'll ever take the full cure and he says he will, once he feels he's earned it.  Amber-Marie cries but assures Josef they're happy tears.  Only later, and quickly forgotten, does Josef realizes there may have been more to her emotions. 

May 18, 2017-
  At another session with Reuel, JenniAnn reveals that she went to Lily's Loot by herself with only limited anxiety over being alone in NYC.  Reuel and Andrew both point out that she should consider anti-anxiety meds if needed.  She agrees but while Reuel tries to drive the point home, he uses the word "assault" and JenniAnn blows up then flees the house.  Andrew goes after her, leaving Reuel to fret over what he said or did wrong.  Joshua assures the angel that he did nothing wrong and asks that he pray for Andrew and JenniAnn which Reuel readily does.

Outside, Andrew catches up to JenniAnn who then has a seizure.  He gets her back to Willowveil where he suggests she lay down but JenniAnn insists that she wants a shower and snaps at the angel.  She's immediately repentant and weepy.  Andrew comes up with a compromise of a bubble bath, suggesting he sit with her, promising there will be enough bubbles to keep her covered.  She agrees.  Once they're settled, JenniAnn apologizes for her behavior.  Fearing another seizure and definitely not wanting it to happen in a bath tub, Andrew suggests he read poetry while JenniAnn relaxes.  When she's ready, the two return to their bedroom where Andrew offers to brush JenniAnn's  hair for her.  As he does, JenniAnn breaks down and confesses to Andrew that she's been hiding something: when Rex had her in the alley, he groped her before shooting her.  She believes that if she hadn't been so shocked, she might have been able to get away and prevent all the trauma that followed.  Andrew refuses to let her blame herself.  They have a difficult talk about how the assault impacted JenniAnn's thoughts about her own body.  She reveals to Andrew that she and Joshua talked about it while she was on his island but he assured her he wouldn't tell Andrew... that was for her to do, in time.  Andrew frets that he may have prompted an unwanted flashback when he'd stuck his hand under her shirt in his sleep weeks before, unconsciously feeling for her scar.  JenniAnn assures him that wasn't the case and she only connected the moment with Rex when she realized he was feeling for her scar.  She decides he should see the scar, and how well and completely it's healed, and undoes the top of her robe.  In a moment of levity, Andrew removes his own shirt so "their outfits coordinate" although he has deeper reasons.  With JenniAnn succumbing to the effects of her seizure, the two fall asleep in each other's arms.

Andrew awakens first and sorts out his emotions.  He realizes that, as awful as Rex's assault was, God brought goodness from it.  Not only have he and JenniAnn become closer but their kids have drawn closer to them, too.  When JenniAnn awakens, the two have a chat about nudity which drives home the obvious point that angels are a lot less hung up about it than humans (Joshua excluded).  Andrew stresses that God created JenniAnn (and all humans) as His treasured, beautiful creation and isn't embarrassed by them.  JenniAnn reflects on this and how Rex made her feel like an object.  She agrees to try to see herself as a beautiful creation and to look to Andrew for a reminder when she verges into object territory.  With an hour left before Belle returns, the two snuggle together.   ("Cupid and Psyche")

May 27, 2017  It's Isra's and Behnam's (re)wedding day!  With Vincent officiating, the couple renew their vows in front of their children, Salma, Andrew, JenniAnn, and an array of Friends, El-Chananites, etc.  After Vincent declares the couple husband and wife (again), Reuel recites an e.e. cummings poem.  Andrew and JenniAnn reflect on the lessons they've learned as they listen to Reuel.  Meanwhile, unseen, Joshua observes.  He jokingly tells an unhearing Andrew and JenniAnn that he'll be spending the night at Willowveil to watch the kids as they're too googly-eyed to be trusted.  After giving everyone some time to congratulate Isra and Behnam, Joshua materializes in the Willowveil ballroom where he's enthusiastically greeted by the Al-Mitras and their wedding guests.  Joshua shares his plan to babysit and Andrew and JenniAnn happily prepare for an evening together after the reception.

That evening, Andrew and JenniAnn enjoy some dancing in their bedroom and reminisce about Isra's and Behnam's wedding and the happiness of everyone at the reception.  A remark about Max's dance moves leads JenniAnn to confess that she doesn't want anything to ever put a damper on his and Rose's happiness... and she especially doesn't want him finding out about Rex's assault.  Andrew reassures her that if Max ever did find out, they would help him through it together.  They decide to indulge in some leftover wedding cake and treats in bed but are interrupted by a rattling at their balcony door.  It's their little bat friend who they feed strawberries before she takes off.  As the two watch her, JenniAnn reflects on how she's like the bat: restored by Andrew, with Joshua's help, and made to fly.  ("Cupid and Psyche")

Later in 2017- Around this same time, Andrew has an assignment that badly shakes him.  He returns to Willowveil and watches over Belle as she sleeps.  On his way to JenniAnn's room, he clips the family  tree and birds fall to the ground.  Overhearing the commotion, JenniAnn comes out of her room and helps collect their birds.  They discover Andrew's bird has broken off the nest... and revealed another baby bird.  Joshua has another child waiting for them.  ("The King")

Summer 2017- After the theatre season ended, Emma and Peter traveled to Texas to spend some time with his family.  They then went on, alone, to Florida where they conceived.  In addition, Molly Reese suffered a stroke.  She and Grant moved in with Arthur, Monica, and Liam while she recuperated.  They then settled at True Light where they serve the clients there.  (N505)

August 2017- Per N504, Sy joined Ivy and Violeta at Fordham University after graduating from high school.

September 2017- Per the update on Shelby given in N504, Asher has graduated from college and is teaching Below.  Given how semesters run, he likely returned in either June 2017 or September 2017 depending on whether he took summer classes.

Autumn 2017- After he retired from being a cruise ship captain, Nico and Raquel moved to Dyeland.  After staying at Willowveil for a time, they moved into a cabin near Isolde and Marco.   (N505)

October 14, 2017- Josef visits Sarah's grave and confides in her that he and Amber-Marie will be telling Daisy that he's a vampire.  He also shares updates about FS: the vampires are all cured and many are expecting, including his assistant, Jolie, and her husband.  Though many stayed on with FS, enough left to warrant hiring mortals, including a bunch of ex-Navy SEALs.  Josef is very optimistic about this change and the success of their mission.  Josef gives Sarah other updates about Daisy then leaves to meet up with her and Amber-Marie.  Unbeknownst to him, Joshua and Sarah have observed it all.  Sarah wishes that Josef would move on.  She's troubled that he brings her trinkets and only gets Amber-Marie practical gifts.  She doesn't understand why Josef can't see how Amber-Marie feels about her.  Joshua tells her that he won't see it because he simply doesn't want to.  Stressed, Sarah asks Joshua for a dance and he happily complies.  As Joshua serenades her, Sarah comes up with a plan to reach Josef via a dream. 

That night's viewing of Hotel Transylvania is a hit with Daisy and Aiyla.  Using the movie as a leaping off point, Amber-Marie and Josef tell the girls that he is/was a vampire.  Josef assures the girls that he would never hurt anyone and that he'll always love and protect Daisy.  The girls take the news in stride... but now they want to be bats for Halloween instead of butterflies.  ("Immortality")

October 15, 2017- While Amber-Marie and Daisy are visiting the former's parents in Poughkeepsie, Josef remains home where he decks the house out in Halloween lights to please Daisy.  He's nearly finished when he loses his balance on the ladder and falls to the ground.  Andrew and Sarah, who had been observing, are worried but Joshua assures them that Josef's fine.  But now is Sarah's chance to meet with him in the In-Between, similar to where JenniAnn was during her coma.  Andrew is still a bit worried so Joshua sends him there, too, to check in on the once-couple.  Joshua remains to watch over Josef and urge him to listen to Sarah. 

In the In-Between, which appears as Central Station for Josef, Sarah poses as a young woman named Sadie.  When her suitcase breaks and spills its contents everywhere, Josef helps her gather the items... record albums... up.  They strike up a conversation and Sadie asks Josef to lunch.  He agrees and they head to a cafe while Andrew looks on approvingly.  Sadie and Josef chat over lunch and the latter finds himself struggling to remember aspects of his life.  He's jarred when a waiter set a daisy on the table and Josef passes out.  Josef comes to in Sadie's house.  He begins to hope that she's Sarah reincarnated.  Sadie tells Josef that she doesn't believe in reincarnation... but she does believe people can come back to help those they've left behind.  As Josef contemplates this and begins to accept it, he also starts to remember his life and panics over Daisy.  Sadie urges him to look at her and, when he does, he sees Sarah.  Sarah explains to him that he was dreaming and she used that dream to reach him, to tell him that she's not coming back to resume their life together but that she'll always be with him.  She promises him that if he just opens his heart, he'll find another love... one that will be with him for his whole life.  Josef promises Sarah that he will, she kisses his forehead, and Josef awakes on his lawn. 

Behnam and Isra are panicked when they drive by Josef's house and see him sprawled on the lawn.  Thankfully, Josef soon rouses and assures them both that he's fine.  He turns on the lights which delight Omar and Aiyla.  Then Josef notices the stone elephant and daisy on his porch and his "dream" comes back to him.  Amber-Marie and Daisy return.  The little girl is thrilled with the lights but Amber-Marie is concerned upon learning of Josef's fall and "grounds" him to the house for the evening... something Josef finds very appealing.  The Al-Mitras stay over for dinner and Josef is very content.  He silently renews his promise to Sarah to open his heart to love.  ("Immortality")

October 19, 2017- While working on FS recruitment in Venezuela, Josef stops into a favorite shop of his.  He chooses some maracas for Daisy and then is approached by the shopkeeper, Mateo.  They catch up and Josef peruses the merchandise.  He's tempted to purchase a ceramic butterfly for Sarah but remembers her words and shifts his focus to getting a present for Amber-Marie.  He spots two brightly painted parakeets and recalls Amber-Marie telling him that she'd had two as her first pets.  He selects them and Mateo wraps them up and checks Josef out.  Josef realizes he's more exciting for Amber-Marie's reaction to her gift than Daisy's.

Josef returns home to find an exhausted Amber-Marie.  Tearfully, Amber-Marie confesses that she missed Josef.  Alarmed, he suggests they chat before turning in.  Amber-Marie admits that she's been taking work home too much and not taking time for herself.  Josef offers his office as a sanctuary when needed.  Eventually, the woman reveals that a flashback, via a nightmare, to her rape in college was the crisis point.  Josef comforts her and asks if there's anything he can do.  Amber-Marie tells him that her ex-husband, Rick, used to stay up with her to watch a funny movie.  Josef agrees to this.  Before sitting down to Galaxy Quest, Josef gives Amber-Marie her gift.  She loves the birds and is touched that Josef remembers the story of her pets.  They both fall asleep on the couch during the movie.  ("Immortality")

October 28, 2017- At the Friends' Halloween party, Daisy begs her Daddy to dance with her to the Hotel Translyvania song.  Josef agrees.  Daisy then wants her parents to dance.  They agree and end up dancing to a love song.  The song ends up reminding Josef of Joshua, Amber-Marie, and Daisy and he's moved to tears.  The two nearly share a tender moment before Josef snaps out of it.  Instead, they rejoin Daisy and listen to Vincent tell a story.  ("Immortality")

November 2017- I provided updates on a number of characters in N504 and N505.   Of particular note, November finds Father/Jacob considerably weakened after repeated bouts of pneumonia.  He's often overheard talking to Maryam and spends a good deal of time preparing Vincent to take over as Tunnel patriarch.  N505 also touches on problems Fr. Mike is having at St. Mary Magdalene's which will get even more complicated in the new year.

December 1, 2017- Keeping up their tradition, Kylie and Clay help decorate their church for Christmas... along with Adam and little Ada-Marie.  A young visitor is frightened by Clay's appearance.  When Kylie goes to comfort him, she reveals that she's pregnant.  ("The Golden Cord, Part II")

December 16, 2017- Despite their little family having had a good couple of months, Josef finds himself agitated and struggling to sleep.  He goes to Andrew for advice.  Josef confides that things have been tense between him and Amber-Marie.  He starts to ask Andrew questions about the beginnings of his relationship with JenniAnn.  Andrew is relieved when he begins to suspect Josef has feelings for Amber-Marie.  The angel and JenniAnn had assumed Amber-Marie cared for Josef but weren't sure it was reciprocated.  Josef reveals that he's concerned that exploring a romance with Amber-Marie will put their happy life with Daisy at risk.  Andrew counsels him to consider that not pursuing one could also put their family at risk.  Josef also agonizes over whether Amber-Marie could love him knowing how sordid his past was at points.  Andrew reminds Josef that she already knows all that and accepted it in the father of her child.  Finally, Josef admits that he's afraid of plain old rejection.  Andrew counters that, if Amber-Marie does feel the same and neither ever brings it up, they'll have a lifetime of loneliness.  Josef concludes that he will tell Amber-Marie about his feelings... but after Christmas.  ("Immortality")

December 24, 2017- "The Golden Cord, Part II" finds the Friends celebrating Christmas Eve at Willowveil.  They share their feelings over Joshua's "absence" while waiting for Emma and Peter to arrive.  Meanwhile, the Campbell-Garcias are waylaid at their apartment as Emma struggles to find a top to fit her pregnant belly.  She confides in Peter about her embarrassment regarding her scars being visible when she gives birth.  He comforts her and then receives a message from Dyeland...

To everyone's surprise and delight, Joshua, John, and Yoktan show up, shortly followed by Maryam and Yosef.  Adam reprises his Santa gig with the help of Kylie and Caleb.  Joshua spends time with each of the children.  The group shares a potluck dinner after which the children present a concert of carols.  After dessert, the little ones go to bed while the adults remain in the ballroom to visit.  Emma confides in the others about why she and Peter were late.  Clay tells his own story of feeling bad about his scars.  He also reveals that he and Kylie are expecting again.  This news is difficult for Monica who is still dealing with her desire to raise a baby with Arthur.  They escape to the kitchen where Monica tells Arthur about a conversation she had with Liam earlier in the day regarding his deceased mother.

Meanwhile, at the Chrysalis Court in New York, Amber-Marie, Josef, Gayle, and the clients are visited by Nick, Zaila, and Elazer.  Following caroling and desserts, Josef gives the two angels a tour while the saint and Gayle confront Amber-Marie regarding her feelings for Josef.  The doctor promises to speak with Josef about this on New Year's Eve when Daisy will be with Aiyla and her family.

At Willowveil, Joshua announces it's bedtime.  He escorts the non-Willowveil contingent home then orders Andrew and JenniAnn to bed when he discovers they waited up for him.  JenniAnn last sees him at a ballroom window, gazing up at the heavens.

December 25, 2017- "The Golden Cord, Part II" resumes with Andrew awaking from a pleasant dream.  He and JenniAnn exchange gifts: a first edition of Wordsworth for him, a moonstone necklace for her.  They're back to relaxing when someone knocks at their door.  Assuming it's Belle, they're surprised when it's Max and Rose.  The younger couple presents Andrew and JenniAnn with their Christmas gift: a portrait featuring a cameo by their unborn grandchild.  Naturally, Andrew and JenniAnn are elated.

Christmas Day celebration is underway at Willowveil when Yosef notices that Joshua seems troubled.  At Maryam's prompting, Yosef goes to Joshua and is transported to Ireland where they witness Avi's birth mother learning that she's pregnant.  Joshua whispers comfort to the girl and returns, with Yosef, to Dyeland.  Joshua reveals to his father that Lor unknowingly died saving his own birth mother and half-brother.  Avi's birth father descended from the latter and, carrying the family trait, passed it along to Siobhan's unborn baby.  Joshua urges Yosef to pray that Siobhan makes the decisions that will lead Avi to Dyeland and Andrew and JenniAnn.  After Andrew checks up on them, the two carpenters return to the ballroom where Joshua is served Froot Loops cake in honor of his special day.  John reflects on the miracle of his cousin's life with Maryam and Yosef adding their praise. 

December 31, 2017-
After dropping Daisy off to ring in the New Year with the Al-Mitras, Amber-Marie settles back into the Ghostly Gables with Josef.  She asks him for the full story of what happened with Joshua and why Josef wasn't fully cured.  Josef reveals to her how he struggles with guilt over not rescuing Daisy sooner.  Amber-Marie says she can't fault him for what he couldn't have possibly known the little girl was facing.  Amber-Marie is telling Josef that she thinks he deserves the full cure when he blurts out that he loves her just as she says the same.  Overjoyed, the two realize how many shared experiences they've had in struggling to keep their feelings for each other in check.  Amber-Marie redirects the conversation back to the cure which Josef agrees to take.  She helps him administer it and...Josef is cured!  Amber-Marie makes him blueberry waffles as his first meal in a long time.  They share a kiss... and then another.  ("Immortality")

February 2018- Sometime during this month, while Joshua is sharing an apartment with Mason, he meets Loreena, a transwoman who also lives in the building.  Joshua and Loreena have a brief, awkward first meeting in the laundry room.  She's afraid he'll judge her and flees.  When Joshua finds some of her clothing in the dryer, he leaves Mason to watch the laundry and goes to find Loreena.  When he brings back her laundry, Loreena is touched and overcomes her anxiety enough to invite Joshua in for tea and cookies.  She shares about her life, about being disowned by her Christian family.  Nonetheless, she's persisted in her own Christian faith which touches Joshua who assures her Jesus is with her.  Joshua heads out to return to Mason but assures Loreena he'll see her again.  The two part with a hug.  (N573)

February 2, 2018- Fr. Mike has a meeting with Archbishop Francis Wesson who, after listing unproven and ridiculous allegations, dismisses the priest from St. Mary Magdalene's.  Rabbi Yakov tries to defend his friend but to no avail.  The Archbishop accuses Fr. Mike of giving Communion to a personal friend who he knows to be engaging in premarital sex.  Both the rabbi and priest are confused but the Archbishop is unrelenting.  He sends Fr. Mike on sabbatical to Albany, ordering him to report there the following morning.  Yakov comforts Fr. Mike and invites him to spend the night at his and Tiva's place which Fr. Mike accepts.  He also agrees to calling the Friends together to help him pack.

That afternoon, the Friends have finished packing Fr. Mike's things and are gathered at the Levines'.  They discuss their dismay over Fr. Mike's dismissal and debate actions to be taken.  They also try to figure out the root of Wesson's accusation about Fr. Mike's friend.  They get no where and focus on preparing Fr. Mike for his move to Albany.  ("Broken Hallelujahs"

February 3, 2018- Randall drops Fr. Mike off at St. Bregwin's rectory.  Nervously, the priest waits to meet his new mentor.  Bishop Anthony Merriman greets Fr. Mike while in the midst of an emotional phone call with a family member.  Fr. Mike waits in the bishop's parlor while he finishes his call, perusing the room and discovering that the man is a Harry Potter fan.  When he returns, the bishop... who prefers to go by Tony... warmly welcomes Fr. Mike.  He asks him to cover Mass, citing his family drama.  Fr. Mike readily agrees and is shown to his room where he says a prayer to Joshua. 
("Broken Hallelujahs"

February 4, 2018- Fr. Mike struggles to sleep, especially since Tony still hasn't returned.  He tries to pray the rosary for comfort but struggles to concentrate, especially after he hears Tony returning.  Fr. Mike leaves his room and finds an obviously troubled bishop.  The two go to the kitchen for coffee and a chat.  After asking Fr. Mike a few questions, Tony reveals the source of his family strife: his great-nephew, Kyle, has fled a seminary and is having psychological issues.  He's holed up in his room, avoiding contact with everyone.  Tony knows something bad must have happened at the seminary... he just doesn't know what.  Fr. Mike offers his help and Tony suggests that he meet with Kyle who, like him, follows Mike's blog.  Fr. Mike agrees and, encouraged, Tony suggests they go to the church's grotto to spend some time with Mary.  Fr. Mike readily agrees.

In Dyeland, JenniAnn awakens to find Andrew absent and has a sense that something's wrong.  Seeing a light coming from his workshop, she leaves Willowveil and heads over there.  Andrew sees her approaching and hurries her into his shop and onto of the below-freezing weather.  In the light, JenniAnn can tell that something is plaguing the angel of death but he's not ready to talk.  They share a romantic interlude and then fall asleep.

Upon waking, Andrew considers whether or not he wants to tell JenniAnn about the extremely violent assignment that put him into the funk she witnessed.  He also admits to himself that he's angry at God for sending him although he comes to realize he was the best man for the job.  When JenniAnn awakens, Andrew briefly tells her about the assignment and weeps in her embrace.  They comfort each other and then decide to go to Mass so they head back to the castle to prepare.

Andrew, JenniAnn, Violeta, Shelby, Belle, Max and Rose, Isolde and Marco, Owen and Graham, Kemara and Sean with the twins, Ivy and Sy, Monica, Arthur, and Liam, Rabbi Yakov, and Tiva attend Mass at St. Mary Magdalene's.  While waiting for it to start, they buoy themselves by planning a party afterwards, in anticipation of panning the archbishop.  It ends up worse than they imagined, however, when Archbishop Wesson refuses to gives JenniAnn Communion and recites a "blessing" over her asking God to lead her away from sin... thus revealing that she's the supposedly philandering friend of Fr. Mike.  JenniAnn is mortified and the Friends enraged.  After Mass, Isolde suggests that Andrew and JenniAnn take her and Marco's car and let them drive the kids back to Willowveil so the couple can chat.  Owen and Graham get a ride from the Levines but, before they set off, Owen notices Andrew and JenniAnn sharing a tender moment in the Crocettis' car and is concerned.  Tiva is surprised by his seeming prudishness but Owen explains that he's just worried about parishioners getting more ammunition against JenniAnn, thinking that at least one of them is feeding lies to the archbishop.  They all agree the entire debacle is a mess but Rabbi Yakov shares his hope that God... possibly even Joshua returning to them... will fix it.

Meanwhile, Andrew realizes that with the full lot, he and JenniAnn won't be making a quick escape.  He apologizes to JenniAnn since the entire encounter wouldn't have happened if not for him but she's not having it.  She's so upset by his guilt that she settles onto Andrew's lap and kisses him, assuring him that she's not ashamed of who they are or what they've done together.  Andrew agrees that he's not ashamed and returns her kiss.  They commiserate about their anger and hurt feelings and the impact on their friends.  They're finally able to start leaving the lot but wind up stuck again.  JenniAnn notices the people in the car next to them are staring and begins to cry, admitting she's really embarrassed.  Andrew keeps his rage in check while trying to both comfort JenniAnn and drive. 

Elsewhere in Manhattan, Joshua is bringing lunch home to his drunken roommate and his unknown paramour of the night.  Joshua soon discovers that the lady in question is Renee and shares a warm, though awkward, introduction with her.  While she eats, Joshua checks on Mason who is hungover but otherwise fine.  Mason tries to engage Joshua with same banter about Renee and girls but Joshua isn't having it.  Mason turns his focus to Joshua's Star of David necklace which he carefully explains came from a friend/little sister sort aka Mary of Magdala/Bethany.  This leads into a conversation about Joshua's family but Mason is very reluctant to offer details about his own family.  He gets up and shares lunch with Joshua and Renee.

At Willowveil, several of the Friends are filled in about the encounter between Archbishop Wesson and JenniAnn.  They're dismayed and angered.  It brings up a lot of old angst regarding the wider problem of abusive priests in the Catholic Church.  Emma, especially, is affected and leaves the room with Peter.  The Catholic Friends share their concerns and, after some talk, a few consider at least temporarily attending Mass at the El-Chananite Church.  Others view this as a defeat and letting the negative influences in the Catholic Church win.  With encouragement from Diana, they decide to make the rounds of other churches until Joshua makes a more permanent solution known to them.

Sibyll and Lewellyn go to Albany to tell their son in person about what happened to JenniAnn.  Fr. Mike is horrified and hurt for his friend.  Bishop Tony is fascinated by this glimpse into the life of a couple that seem to be like the Catholic understanding of Mary and Joseph (aka in a committed, romantic relationship but nonsexual).  Both priests are angered by Wesson's abuse of power.  The subject of conversation lightens when Bishop Tony inquires about Fr. Mike's childhood and his parents proudly tell the story of toddler Mike stealing cookies from nuns.

That evening, Fr. Mike and Bishop Tony go to the McIntyre residence where they witness Kyle having a meltdown after his family attempts to get him to eat.  He inadvertently injures his grandpa, Mac, which only upsets the boy more.  When he sees the two priests, he flees back to his room.  Kyle's mother, Becca, gets him calmed down then returns to the kitchen where she joins her parents, Mac and Gladdy, her husband, Leo, and the two priests for a dinner of Gladdy's pot pie.  The six share in a discussion about various aspects of Catholicism: the representation of Mary, celibate priests, etc.  They also ponder what might be going on with Kyle but reach no conclusion.  Afterwards, Tony and Mike attempt to visit Kyle but are turned away. 
("Broken Hallelujahs"

February 7, 2018- For a third night, Fr. Mike dined at the McIntyre household but Kyle remained elusive.  In the wee hours of the morning, the priest struggles to sleep as he thinks about Kyle's situation.  He gets out his Kindle and discovers someone has messaged him several times on his blog.  It turns out to be Kyle who is still online.  Fr. Mike strikes up a conversation with the young man and Kyle reveals that he was raped by a priest at his seminary.  Fr. Mike is stricken but keeps it together for Kyle's sake.  He asks Kyle if he wants him to tell his uncle.  Kyle agrees.  Then he reveals the name of his rapist: Fr. Blaine Wesson.  Fr. Mike is shocked and assumes he's related to the archbishop but says nothing of it to Kyle.  He stresses that the young man did nothing wrong and that what he suffered was inexcusable.  Kyle signs off to go to bed and, after a time, Fr. Mike does the same though he's anxious about having to speak to Tony.

In New York City, Joshua attempts to get Mason up lest he be late for work following a night of partying.  Mason angrily informs his roommate that he's not going to work and slams the door to his bedroom when Joshua offers to grab breakfast.  Joshua prays to his Dad, asking what's changed.  He suspects Mason and Renee have split up.  After finishing his prayer, Joshua is headed out to get breakfast when something bright on the table catches his eye.  He discovers it's a fundraising flyer for Mason's former high school which he received at work.  The paper had brought Mason's memories of the abuse he'd faced at the school flooding back, driving him to spend the night drinking and smoking pot.  Joshua tearfully recalls creating Mason... and his abuser: Blaine Wesson who he regards as a betrayer much more than Yehuda ever was. 

At breakfast, Fr. Mike joins Bishop Tony in the kitchen.  The older man almost immediately realizes something is wrong.  Gently, Fr. Mike relays what Kyle confided in him to the bishop.  Tony is horrified, saddened and extremely angry at both Wessons.  Tony wants to call the police but Mike convinces him not to, reminding him that Kyle only gave him permission to tell his uncle.  Since Kyle had asked the two to come see him, Fr. Mike insists they speak with him first and then decide who goes to the police and when.  Tony sees the sense in this.  Fr. Mike gives him a cross that Joshua had once given to him and leaves the bishop to his thoughts while he heads to the church to deliver Mass.

At the McIntyre home, Gladdy is thrilled because Kyle has finally eaten a full meal, showered, and changed clothes.  However, when she sees her brother and Fr. Mike, she knows something serious is going on.  The two men meet with Kyle.  Tony expresses guilt that he didn't look into the seminary more but Kyle reassures him that he couldn't have known about Blaine Wesson.  Kyle wants to go to the police, knowing the case would be stronger with the actual victim presents, but he's reluctant to tell the rest of the family.  Fr. Mike urges him to consider that once the story is with the police, even with his name omitted, his family will likely put it together.  Kyle is especially distraught over the prospect of his younger siblings, who were sent to an aunt's due to his erratic behavior, finding out.  He doesn't want them to think he's weak.  Fr. Mike reiterates how brave he actually his.  Then Kyle relates that he's been so angry at God for not stopping the rape but began to wonder if God tries to by urging others to come forward and expose Wesson... but they didn't.  He doesn't want to be the one who stays silent and puts others at risk.  Tony stresses again how brave Kyle is to make that decision.  Kyle asks the two priests to gather his parents and grandparents for lunch so he can tell them.  Then they leave him to write out his statement for the police. 

As expected, lunch with Kyle's family is emotional.  Nonetheless, and despite his nervousness, Kyle goes through with his plan to speak to the police.  After a three hour interview, Fr. Mike and Bishop Tony assent to a quiet walk at Kyle's request.  It calms the young man but does little for his uncle who retires early once he and Fr. Mike are back at the rectory.  Fr. Mike is left alone to videochat with the Friends at Willowveil for Bible study.  While keeping Kyle's identity a secret, the priest relays that he was contacted by a young man who was raped by Archbishop Wesson's nephew.  Knowing this could lead to backlash and even anger towards him if his part is exposed, Fr. Mike urges the Friends to stay away from the Archbishop lest he lash out at them.  The Friends readily agree and feel great sympathy for the young man aka Kyle.  Emma voices their shared wish that Joshua would be present in the flesh.  Fr. Mike echoes this and leads the group in prayer. 
("Broken Hallelujahs"

February 8, 2018- An already drunken Mason is badgering a bartender for another drink while Joshua looks on with wearied concern.  When he voices that concern, Mason lashes out at Joshua for acting like he's his mother.  He then decides that maybe Joshua is gay and into him and he teases Joshua about this.  Joshua stresses that he's only concerned for Mason as a friend.  Unmoved, Mason stalks off to hit on girls but, when unsuccessful, leaves the bar with Joshua.  During their walk back to the apartment, Mason asks Joshua if he was born Jewish and expresses his wish to have also been born Jewish.  This pains Joshua since he knows where it's coming from.  When Mason scoffs at Jesus' life story, Joshua is quick to point out his inaccuracies, even hoping that Mason will recognize him.  That doesn't happen.  Instead, Mason responds with "What do you know?  You're Jewish" which makes Joshua cry, unnoticed by Mason.

At Willowveil, Andrew is awoken when JenniAnn leaves their bed.  He discovers she's gone to Belle's room where she's watching over their sleeping daughter and softly crying.  Andrew stays with them a bit before JenniAnn leads him back to their bedroom.  She begins to cry again and wonders if they made a mistake in baptizing Belle Catholic.  She also admits that she's simply exhausted by all the scandals, all the hopes for reform that don't pan out, etc.  And yet being Catholic is so intrinsic to her being, even her relationship with Andrew.  The angel tries to comfort JenniAnn but is also plagued by his own issues with the Church and the ways in which he thinks it negatively impacted JenniAnn's sense of well-being.  JenniAnn beseeches Andrew, as head of the family, to just tell her what to do.  Andrew counters that, together, they are the head of the family, not him alone.  He cries and asks her to not let the fight go out of her.  Seemingly out of no where, JenniAnn asks Andrew if, were he a human Catholic, he could have been a priest.  He says that he couldn't.  He doesn't believe priests should have to be celibate and he imagines that, as a human, he would have still reached a point of needing her.  This begins to settle something for JenniAnn who decides to leave the Church.  She's worried that Joshua will be hurt but Andrew convinces her that's not the case.  They settle down and go back to sleep.

Fr. Mike and Bishop Tony visit Kyle, just to spend some time with him.  He interrupts a game of Go Fish to ask if they think God will be mad at him for not going back to seminary.  Both men assure him that God understands, his uncle going so far as to say the Church doesn't deserve him.  Fr. Mike reminds Kyle that there are many ways to serve God, including outside of a church.  He shares a little bit about Emma, Peter, and Owen and how they use the arts to express God's love to the world.  Kyle expresses an interest in meeting the Friends and as Fr. Mike is offering to set it up, someone frantically knocks on the front door.  Kyle fears it's the press which he's not yet ready for but... Fr. Mike discovers it's actually Ana-Maria, Kyle's ex-girlfriend.  The teenagers eagerly reunite and then introductions are made.  Ana-Maria reveals that she has a cousin working at the police station where Kyle reported his rape.  Shaken, the cousin neglected the need for confidentiality and told Ana-Maria about a first year seminarian filing a rape report.  Ana-Maria knew it was Kyle and left her college to come back to Albany.  She offers to leave but Kyle admits he wants her to stay.  After getting her boyfriend settled in for a nap, Ana-Maria returns to the living room for tea with the priests.  The bishop and girl commiserate on what they might have done to keep Kyle out of the seminary.  Fr. Mike cuts in, bothered by the fact that they're saddled with guilt when they did nothing wrong.  He protests Kyle having had to choose between Ana-Maria and the Church and then having to go away to receive training, both of which made it easier for him to be targeted by a predator.  Ana-Maria points out that decisions like that are made when women are cut out of the decision-making process.  She then wonders aloud if Becca and Leo will let her stay there since her own parents are likely to be angry about her leaving school.  Bishop Tony promises to put in a good word.  Ana-Maria brings up that Kyle told her about the visit to Manhattan to meet Fr. Mike's friends and asks if she can tag along.  Fr. Mike is only too happy to have her join them and leaves Tony and Ana-Maria to chat while he calls JenniAnn to make arrangements.
  ("Broken Hallelujahs"

February 9, 2018- After Belle and Shelby have gone to bed; Andrew, JenniAnn, Max, Rose, and Violeta gather in Willowveil's TV room for butterbeer and to watch the snow fall.  Andrew endures a bit of teasing about how his future grandchild will quickly have him wrapped around his/her finger.  Max observes that his parents seem much lighter for the first time since the incident with Archbishop Wesson.  JenniAnn guesses it has to do with Fr. Mike's pending visit.  Max wonders if the young man accompanying him is the abuse survivor, the possibility of which JenniAnn had also considered.  They wonder if Fr. Mike intends for the Friends to be a "back-up church."  Rose and Max share that, for them, the Friends are their church.  Some of the more traditional trappings (Jesus in place of Joshua/Yeshua, blonde Jesuses, etc.) weird them out.  Violeta opines that Joshua is much better looking than the paintings.  JenniAnn is concerned that the Friends will become so insular that they'll just wind up preaching to the choir.  Andrew brings up that Yeshua sometimes urged His followers to stay quiet and wonders if Joshua wants the same of them, to wait patiently until He sends them someone who needs to hear the truth.  The others agree that this makes sense.  Rose asks Violeta to come watch The Prisoner of Azkaban with her and Max so Andrew and JenniAnn can have some alone time.  The young angel is very happy to accept.  Andrew goes to get ice cream for he and JenniAnn to enjoy whilst watching This Is Us

In New York City, Joshua is once again at a bar with Mason who is largely ignoring him.  Then Mason spots Renee with an unknown man and is irate.  Joshua tries to calm him but Mason rushes the man and pins him to the wall as Renee screams.  A brawl breaks out and Joshua tries to intervene.  He ends up intercepting a blow that Mason meant for Renee's "date."  Joshua begins to fall but is caught by Renee.  From the ground, Joshua sees Satan lurking behind Mason.  He gets back on his feet and rebukes him in Aramaic which Renee takes as a sign that he has brain damage.  The police arrive and haul everyone, Joshua included, away.

Andrew and JenniAnn have just finished watching two episodes of This Is Us.  They discuss how the show's patriarch, Jack Pearson, reminds them of Joshua in a lot of ways.  With Max and Rose visiting and able to listen for Belle and Shelby upstairs, the couple decide to cuddle up on the couch to sleep. 
  ("Broken Hallelujahs")

February 10, 2018- At 3:33 in the morning, JenniAnn's cell phone rings.  The caller, from the NYC Department of Corrections asks if she'll accept a call from Jack Pearson.  At first startled and confused, JenniAnn recalls that Jack is one of Joshua's pseudonyms and then she and Andrew accept the call.  A clearly emotional Joshua asks them to come pick him up at a Manhattan precinct.  When they hang up, the two rush into action and awaken Rose and Max.  The latter goes with them to the jail. 

Once in Manhattan and at the station, Andrew directs Max and JenniAnn to  go in and get Joshua while he hunts for a parking spot.  After some back and forth at the front desk, Max and JenniAnn are lead to Joshua who is waiting in an interrogation room.  There are signs on his face of the bar fight.  JenniAnn breaks down, leaving the two men to decide that they'll go back to Willowveil.  In the brighter light of the lobby, Joshua's haggardness is more apparent.  Andrew meets the trio outside and they get into the Jolly Green, JenniAnn clinging to Joshua as they share the backseat.  Andrew is troubled by his Boss' appearance but consoles himself by thinking of how much love will be showered on Joshua by the Friends.

The trio get Joshua back to Willowveil where Rose is waiting up.  While Joshua showers, the others prepare to make him comfortable and inform the other Friends who arrange a potluck for breakfast.  Joshua urges his hosts to get some rest but only Rose leaves, out of consideration for the baby she's carrying.  Andrew, JenniAnn, and Max insist on staying with Joshua since his head got hit.  Joshua agrees and, soon after, falls asleep.  JenniAnn softly cries, wondering if Joshua's arrival is linked to Fr. Mike's dismissal and Kyle.  They're hopeful that Joshua will stick around for Fr. Mike's pending visit with Kyle and Ana-Maria.  Heartened by the possibility, the three quietly resume their watch. 

When Joshua awakens, he finds that Zeke and Diana have been watching over him.  They share a tender reunion and Joshua is informed of the impressive breakfast awaiting him.  He gets ready to go see the other Friends and prays to his Dad for guidance on when the time is right to go see Mason again. 

In Albany, Fr. Mike is disappointed that he won't be able to see Joshua yet due to plans with Tony, Kyle, and Ana-Maria.  The four gather at the rectory where Fr. Mike explains to Kyle how he came to be in Albany and what happened between Archbishop Wesson and JenniAnn.  He explains that the Friends might make a connection between Kyle and the unknown young man that Fr. Mike helped file a police report.  After conferring with Ana-Maria, Kyle requests that Fr. Mike simply tell them to avoid any hypothesizing.  Further, Kyle wants to go public so his case is harder to push under a rug.  His main concern is that it could make things more difficult for his uncle but Tony assures Kyle that he'll manage.  Still, Kyle urges his uncle to go to Manhattan with them on Monday as a means of getting them all in the right headspace for chaos erupts.  When Fr. Mike and Ana-Maria back Kyle up, Bishop Tony agrees.  Fr. Mike is thrilled that all three of his new friends will likely meet Joshua.

Back at Willowveil, Portia gives Joshua a brief exam and concludes he's suffering from exhaustion.  So she prescribes lots of rest, good food, and hydration... all of which she knows he'll get at Willowveil.  Once he has the all clear, Joshua plans to go see Andrew in his workshop... assuring Portia he just wants to chat, not work.  And then storytime with the kids which Portia's daughter, Persephone, is also excited about.  On a more serious note, Portia tells Joshua that she wants to get back to the Tunnels because Father's not doing very well and has been talking to Maryam a lot.  Joshua comforts the doctor and assures her that, when the time comes, she'll fill the role of Tunnel physician beautifully.  Joshua leaves to connect with Andrew while Portia goes to get some food and weigh in on Owen's and Graham's fight over whether one of JenniAnn's throw pillows is green or blue. 

In Andrew's workshop, Joshua reminds Andrew that he and JenniAnn should still feel free to take some alone time.  He also informs Andrew that the Father told him about his and JenniAnn's tryst in the workshop... because He knew it would cheer Joshua up.  He stresses that what followed with the Archbishop was not his or his Dad's will.  Andrew knows that but admits he was upset by the reminder that he's set JenniAnn apart, including from her religion.  Joshua reminds him that things between JenniAnn and the Church were rocky before the two even met.  It's JenniAnn asexuality, not Andrew, that contributed to her feeling like an outsider.  Andrew confesses that he worried for some time when JenniAnn was younger that Church teaching would push her into marriage and sex out of obligation.  Joshua shows immense compassion and agrees there was reason for concern.  However, he also reminds Andrew that faulty, hurtful teaching isn't unique to Catholicism.  Other Christian teaching kept Kylie in an abusive marriage, after all.  Joshua receives some inspiration from his Dad and writes a letter to Reuel, asking Andrew to deliver it. 
("Broken Hallelujahs")

February 11, 2018- On Joshua's second night back at Willowveil; Edward and Zadie, Caleb and Lacey, and Emma and Peter stay in his room to watch over him.  Emma is awoken to the sound of Joshua having a nightmare.  She sings Maryam's lullaby to him which, at first, seems to calm Joshua but then he wakes up with a start.  Shaken, Joshua wants some spiced milk and Emma goes to the kitchen with him where they find Andrew and JenniAnn.  The latter is crying.  Andrew informs Joshua that Bishop Tony was visited by police who shared the news that Blaine Wesson is on the run.  Joshua and Emma both realizes that's what he'd been dreaming about.  This is particularly troubling since Joshua knows the Wesson family is wealthy which could enable Blaine to stay hidden.  He's concerned for Tony's and Kyle's well-being... but especially Mason's when the news gets out.  He asks Andrew to accompany him to Mason's apartment later and the angel agrees.  The other three cheer Joshua by asking about Tony, Kyle, and Ana-Maria who they're soon to meet.

At the McIntyre residence, Bishop Tony breaks the news of Wesson's escape to Kyle, his parents, grandparents, and Ana-Maria.  Kyle wishes he'd spoken up sooner and Mac and Leo want to start up a search party.  Tony stresses that they all need to be present to support Kyle, especially since he has an interview scheduled for the following evening.  Gladdy is concerned about if her brother is ready for any potential backlash and Tony assures her that he is.  Tony goes onto reveal that he struggled with anger at God but, whenever he looks at the cross that Fr. Mike gave him, he's reminded of how God can bring good from bad... like with the Crucifixion.  He also reports having had a dream of meeting Jesus in modern dress, looking like the man in Owen's paintings.  In the dream, Jesus gives Tony a wooden praying mantis which reminds him of a time when he was a boy.  His dog had died and a nun cruelly told him that animals don't go to Heaven.  Devastated, he fled the school only to be met at the door by a mantis.  It made young Tony feel like God was there for him even when Church teaching wasn't.  And he feels the same now.  Kyle hears the story and tells his uncle that he also believes that God will see them through these difficult times.  The family embraces.

Outside St. Bregwin's, Fr. Mike visits with parishioners leaving Mass.  His attention is captured by a hooded figure at the back of the line.  The mystery man asks to see Fr. Mike in the confessional which he agrees to.  The man "confesses" that he once said some things about a politician and his wife and "I really lost my head."  Fr. Mike groans... realizing his visitor is John aka Yohannan.  Fr. Mike and John embrace.  John's come to help out with everything that's going on... something Joshua doesn't even consciously know about.  John asks to come along to Manhattan the following day which Fr. Mike eagerly agrees to.  John offers to appear to Archbishop Wesson with his head in his hands but the priest politely declines.  The two head back to the rectory where Fr. Mike makes boxty for John.

Many of the Friends attend First Baptist Church to hear Zeke preach before returning to Willowveil for lunch.  Arthur, Owen, Zeke, and Salma chat about the trouble at St. Mary Mag's.  They also wonder about Andrew and Joshua who have gone to Mason's apartment.  Conversation turns to El-Chanan and Salma shares about Andrew visiting with Joshua's message to Reuel. 

Bearing samples from the Friends' luncheon, Andrew and Joshua make their way to Mason's apartment.  Joshua is, understandably, nervous.  Once there, they're greeted by Renee and Roger, her cousin who was the man who Mason started to beat up at the bar.  After Renee convinced Roger to drop charges against Mason, they brought him back to the apartment but he's continued to drink.  The cousins squabble.  Roger is very concerned about Mason's violence and the safety of his cousin.  Andrew and Joshua get them to calm down and eat.  Renee asks if Joshua's coming back and he tells her that he's staying with Andrew's family but wants to keep in touch.  Joshua gives them a business card for St. Genesius' so they can reach him.  The cousins are impressed to learn that Joshua played Jesus in JCS.  They get to talking about Catholicism which Roger stills holds to while Renee stopped attending Mass after getting together with Mason.  She casually mentions a news report about Wesson's escape.  Mason flies out of his bedroom, revealing that he'd been awake and listening.  Mason is upset to discover that Wesson reoffended.  Joshua tells him that he knows about the priest and knows people who he hurt.  With his secret out in the open, Mason joins the others for lunch and apologizes to Joshua for hurting him.  Even Roger is sympathetic to Mason, understanding the hurt that was driving his behavior.  Mason tearfully denounces God and Joshua responds by calmly getting him to eat.  Roger leaves to do a grocery run and Joshua follows him into the hall, giving him his half of the rent and some grocery money.  Roger starts to protest but Joshua insists.  Roger tells Joshua that he can't contribute much.  Joshua knows it's because Roger was laid off and assures him that giving of his time is much more important to Mason and Renee.  When Joshua returns to the apartment, Renee is trying to convince Mason to visit St. G's.  Joshua mentions getting his things out of the apartment and Mason again apologizes for his behavior and scaring Joshua away.  The carpenter insists that Mason didn't scare him away, he just thinks they'd do better hanging out and not living together.  Mason agrees to meet with Joshua for breakfast before work.  Renee expresses how glad she is that Joshua visited, remembering how worried she was when he shouted at the bar.  Joshua assures her that he was merely venting then he and Andrew attempt to answer her many questions about the latter's family and where Joshua is staying.

During their walk back to the portal, Andrew and Joshua discuss next steps with Mason.  Andrew acknowledges that it would be hard to have Joshua leave Willowveil but everyone would understand if he needed to be with Mason.  Joshua explains that Mason will need a friend who can stay with him, in the flesh, longer than he can.  So it's better for Roger to stay with Mason and Joshua to remain at Willowveil.  Joshua points out that Wednesday is Valentine's Day and Andrew adds that it's also Ash Wednesday.  To the angel's surprise, Joshua asks him to focus on the former.  He knows he'll be spoiled for the whole of Lent but, on Valentine's, he wants Andrew and JenniAnn to go to Omaha where he's gotten them a hotel room.  Joshua wants to babysit.  Andrew is surprised but Joshua shares that he needs him and JenniAnn to fully process what's been going on.  Joshua refuses to let Archbishop Wesson fracture another relationship that he cares about.  Joshua also explains why he was using the alias of Jack Pearson.  The police operator is a St. G's fan and Joshua didn't want her memories of Jesus aka Joshua Davidson tarnished.  Then Joshua reveals that he saw Satan at the bar.  He doesn't believe Satan has attached himself to Mason, only that he was there to taunt Joshua.  Still, it makes him even happier that Renee and Roger are there to pray over Mason.  Andrew is concerned but Joshua reminds him that he has the Friends who they soon return to. 
("Broken Hallelujahs")

February 12, 2018- Fr. Mike, Bishop Tony, Kyle, and Ana-Maria venture to Manhattan, first stopping to pick John up at the Romano Family Farm.  They're introduced to some of the Friends at St. Genesius' and John is enthusiastically welcomed back.  While the newcomers check out Maryam's grotto, John goes to check-in on his "baby cousin."  They have an emotional reunion.  John is upset by Joshua's black eye and informs him that the family decided someone should be with him... so he came.  Emma enters and greets John, letting him feel her baby kick.  Next, Peter introduces Joshua to their guests and he and Fr. Mike have an affectionate reunion.  During introductions with the others, Joshua asks Zeke to perform a bit as Judas.  His rendition of "Heaven On Their Minds" has an immediate impact on Tony, Ana-Maria, and, especially, Kyle.  Then, at Ana-Maria's request, Joshua performs "Gethsemane."  Understandably, the three visitors are even more moved.  Kyle begins to see a fellow sufferer and survivor in Jesus.  While Tony visits with Mike, Kyle and Ana-Maria speak with Joshua.  Watching them, Tony becomes more and more convinced that Joshua is special.  Joshua then presents Fr. Mike, Tony, Ana-Maria, and Kyle with gifts.  Tony begins to feel like his dream about Jesus is being played out.  Ana-Maria gushes over her statue of Maryam and Hannah/St. Anne, her namesakes.  Kyle receives a crucifix of Jesus with one arm unbound and holding out a dove.  He's struck by the image of suffering juxtaposed with hope.  Fr. Mike receives another palm cross to replace the one he gave to Tony.  Finally, the bishop opens his box to reveal a carving of a praying mantis.  Everything comes together in his head and he silently asks Joshua if he's Jesus.  Joshua nods.  Tony falls to his knees, asking for mercy which freaks Ana-Maria and Kyle out.  Joshua assures the old man that he's always had his mercy and love then embraces him.  Kyle sees the welts that have appeared on Joshua's wrists and, wanting healing, touches Joshua.  While Kyle's emotions and memories remain, the non-stop anxiety he'd been feeling melts away.  When Ana-Maria begins to wonder if Joshua is Jesus, the nail marks appear to her, too.  She, however, has a mixed reaction.  While very glad to know Jesus is undoubtedly real, she also believes his appearance will send Kyle back to the priesthood and away from her.  Kyle is aghast that she's having that reaction but Joshua assures them that he takes no offense.  Kyle tells Ana-Maria that he's not leaving her, he'll find another way to serve God as the Friends have.  Ana-Maria then thanks Joshua for going above and beyond in answering her prayer.  She reveals that she'd prayed for someone to come along as support Tony... which is what Joshua did himself.  Tony is very moved.  Joshua tells them all that there will be plenty of time to answer questions... but right then he has to go pick-up a lunch order.  He offers to take the three with him and, once they're gone, Fr. Mike shares the happy news that they have come to recognize Joshua.

On the ride back from Moishe's, it hits Ana-Maria that John is the Baptist.  Bishop Tony is amused.  While Joshua is greater and yet what he expected, John isn't so much.  Joshua explains a bit about John and about his own mode of being while back on Earth.  He confirms for Kyle that, even without his "live feed," he knows about what happened at the seminary.  Kyle is greatly helped by Joshua's obvious empathy.  Joshua offers to go back to Albany to be with Kyle during his TV interview, an offer which Kyle eagerly accepts.  Joshua then asks to visit with each of them after they're back at St. G's.  The trio from Albany agree.

While Kyle visits with Joshua and Ana-Maria gets to know the Friends, Bishop Tony seeks out Andrew and JenniAnn.  First, he reiterates how wrong Archbishop Wesson was to chastise JenniAnn.  He then politely inquires about Andrew's and JenniAnn's relationship which he likens to the Catholic understanding of Maryam's and Yosef's marriage.  JenniAnn confesses to some dismay over their continued absence and the bishop reasons that it's part of their evolution as a group: they're meant to be Joshua's primary comforters and companions.  The topic turns back to Andrew and JenniAnn who set the record straight, with Andrew revealing that he's an angel.  They then explain human/angel anam caras to the bishop.  Bishop Tony is surprised but fond of the idea.  The three then visit about the JCS production.

Meanwhile in Emma's and Peter's office, Joshua and Kyle visit.  After an invitation to say or ask whatever he wants to, Kyle asks Joshua if he was there during his rape.  Joshua says he was, that he's always there.  Kyle next wonders why Joshua didn't stop it.  Joshua gently explains that he can't take back free will, even when he hates how it's used.  He did try to prevent it by encouraging others to speak up but the Spirit wasn't heeded.  Joshua applauds Kyle for being brave and speaking up.  Kyle asks about Joshua's eye and he explains about the bar fight, revealing a little about Mason including that Blaine Wesson also abused him.  Kyle is angry at the man but Joshua urges him not to be, suggesting that they may be able to help each other in time.  When Kyle asks if he's disappointed that he's not returning to a seminary and intends to marry Ana-Maria, Joshua confirms that he's not disappointed at all.  He goes onto stress that Cephas, all the Apostles, and his own Abi were married and all did great things.  Ana-Maria is brought in and confesses to being nervous that after spending further time with the awesomeness that is Joshua, Kyle will again decide to become a priest.  She's quickly reassured.  She asks Joshua if he's upset with her for praying that Kyle not become a priest.  Joshua is not.  He knows the intent, love, and hope behind the prayers.  He wants Kyle and Ana-Maria to be happy.  Finally, Ana-Maria asks if Wesson will be caught.  In his current state, Joshua doesn't know... but he knows he'll face justice.

Outside the office, Bishop Tony has surmised that his time with Joshua will have to wait because they'll need to leave soon to make it back to Albany in time for Kyle's interview.  John and Fr. Mike begin to explain about Asteriana/Dyeland and the portals.  Kyle and Ana-Maria leave the office and tell Tony that he has to chat with Joshua.  They both feel so much better.  The bishop is overwhelmed but enters the office.  Joshua immediately thanks him for his years of service.  Tony weeps and clings to Joshua.  He asks him about the anger he's felt and Joshua reminds him of his own outburst in the Temple, explaining that such anger is worthwhile.  Tony ponders if what he did to keep abusive priests out of his parishes was enough.  Joshua explains that Tony did what he could... but it'll take more than one man to fix the problem and input from every priest and ftom lay people inside and outside the Church.  They talk about how the Friends can provide Kyle with a community outside the Church and Joshua stresses that the bishop needs to turn to them, too, and not try to bear everything on his own.  Joshua assures Tony that he was with Kyle and always will be... and so will Ana-Maria.  Tony praises the girl and Joshua reveals that he has great plans for the young couple.     

That evening, Fr. Mike, Andrew, JenniAnn, and Joshua escort the trio from Albany through the portal.  They briefly show them Willowveil so they'll know where to find Joshua.  Andrew and JenniAnn return to St. G's while the others continue onto Albany.  Randall and Dot greet them, the former explaining how he came to know Joshua's true identity after the farming accident.  Kyle shares that he's also been healed by Joshua.  The Romanos invite the three to come back any time and then Randall drives them to the McIntyres' for dinner.

The McIntyre family share dinner, including with Kyle's siblings, Theodora, Patrick, and Mandy, who have returned home.  The younger two are sequestered to their playroom with their Aunt Karen while Becca and Leo greet the reporter.  Ana-Maria gives Kyle a pep talk and he asks that she and Joshua stay in his eye line during the interview.  Theodora hugs her brother and wishes him well but is unable to stay for the interview which Kyle understands.  Becca and Leo offer their son some last minute encouragement then go with him to the living room where his grandparents, Tony, Mike, Joshua, and Ana-Maria are assembled with the reporter and her crew.  The interview proceeds with Joshua never looking away from Kyle.