The Dyeland FAQ
by Jenni

- How long has Dyeland existed?
- How did these people get to Dyeland?
- Alright, so how do they get back and forth between Dyeland and Earth?
- Where is Dyeland in relation to Earth?
- How did Andrew become involved in Dyeland?
- How can I be involved in playing/writing Dyeland?

- How long has Dyeland existed?

Who knows?  Since whenever God created it.  It is important to note that the name Dyeland only came into use in 1998 when Princesses JenniAnn and Audrey decided it would be a great place to bring their community of TBAA/JD fans.  The official name is actually Asteriana and its native people are Asterians.  Since those folks have a sorta Renaissance flair to them, it could maybe be implied that Asteriana was founded/ discovered in the 13th or 14th century.  Due to the Celtic vibe, one can assume they were a mix of English/Irish/Scottish people.

Side note: The Asterians and Dyelanders are friends.  If we're gonna have a made-up, fictional world I see no reason to write in some vicious culture clash and land grab.  The two groups may not have a lot in common but they're fond of each other and they work together when the need arises.

- How did these people get to Dyeland?

Several different ways!  Probably the most common for first timers is "act of God."  This would be the case for Andrew and Mick among others.  They were literally dropped into Dyeland by God.  In Mick's case it was to make peace with his past.  In Andrew's case, it was to set up his future. 

Still other people experience one heckuva wrong turn.  Maybe they were lost in some neighborhood in Kansas.  They turned into an alley and, suddenly, they're in Dyeland!  Likely this is another act of God.

People might be invited.  However, this is only done after some sort of screening process since secrecy and safety are vital not just to Dyeland but also their Sibling Cities (The Tunnels, L.A.).  Occasionally someone will forgo the screening process.  Vincent was more or less invited there by Lady JenniAnn's parents who were concerned for their daughter.  Now he's very much welcome and his Tunnels in NYC are among its Sibling Cities.  (Screening processes are skipped when Joshua says to let people enter Dyeland.)

As mentioned above, there are also the Asterians who have grown up there with generations of their families having resided there.  That would be bit characters like Cliff, Daisy, Sibyll, the Storyteller (Lewellyn), and others who would assumedly refer to the place as Asteriana still.  Sadly, their numbers are dwindling since many of their children moved to Earth.

Finally, there are the portals.  That's the most common mode of transportation to and from Dyeland.  More on that below.

- Alright, so how do they get back and forth between Dyeland and Earth?

Portals.  Think of it like the wardrobe that led to Narnia.  There are two types: God-created ones and creature-created ones.  The first type just exists and for all they know have always existed since Dyeland and the Earth were created.  For example, God put a portal in Omaha that let to Dyeland that had another portal that led to the Tunnels.  This is how lil LJA ends up with Vincent and Catherine.  Assumedly, this would be how the lost Kansas people in the example above also ended up in Dyeland: they went through a portal without realizing it.

But portals can also be created by Cliff, Dyeland's resident magician.  In the past, he's put some in Mick's apartment, Willy's London factory, and other locations to make travel easier. 

One portal can lead to multiple places if it's God-created.  For instance, the one Joshua created in the gazebo (transferred from Andrew's willow tree) might take a person to the Tunnels one time and to LJA's parents' home another time, depending on where they're trying to go.  They first need to use the key Joshua gave everyone to "unlock" it and then select the carved image that matches where they want to go.  Current options are:

-- the Tunnels
-- the "blue room" at St. Genesius' in Manhattan
-- an alley in Manhattan
-- JenniAnn's bedroom closet in her parents' house in Omaha
-- a random alley in Omaha
-- Mick's apartment in L.A.
-- another random alley in L.A.
-- the Romano Family Farm in Albany

In turn, those portals also need to be "turned on" by the same key.  If they lead to multiple places, they, too, will have carvings or images of some sort.  Without the key, nothing will happen.  The key is a relatively new thing, instituted by Joshua in 2014, since Dyeland now has little ones.  It's a security measure to keep kids from wandering who knows where.  Prior to Joshua making this change, the portals were always "live" which is why it was important Cliff close the ones he made down as soon as the Dyelanders were finished with them (like when he installed one in Andrew's rental home in West Hollow, IA... it's not there now because Cliff closed it when that assignment ended.)

It is important to note that this is NOT teleporting.  A Dyelander couldn't be standing in their kitchen and think "I want to be in Australia" and go there.  They would have to go to one of the Dyeland portals and then come out a portal in Australia.  Except neither Cliff nor Joshua have put one in Australia for the Dyelanders to use.  So there are definite limits.  Similarly, a Dyelander couldn't be running down a street in New York and will themselves to Dyeland. 

Joshua can create/alter/close portals because he's God and, thus, can do whatever he wants.  Cliff was born with the special gift of being able to open and close portals.  He can't do the fancy stuff Joshua can with keys and multiple options.  Cliff's portals go to only one location.  Cliff is a responsible portal maker but the possibility exists that other, far less conscientious, portal makers exist or existed in the past.  So the possibility of an unstable portal does exist.

- Where is Dyeland in relation to Earth?

I dunno.  Again, Narnia is a good parallel.  It's simply its own world.  It's connected to Earth but you couldn't really say it's next to Earth, above Earth, below it, etc. 

- How did Andrew become involved in Dyeland?

The short version is above.  Here's a bit longer one: On March 17, 2000, Andrew once more found himself in what he would later learn was a spot called the Glen of Goodness.  He'd been sent there before and admired the place but never became involved with the few people he saw there (Asterians).  But on that fateful day in 2000... all that changed.  Our poor, unjustly-maligned, beloved angel of death was not having a great day.  Let's face it: some people are afraid of him, some think he's evil.  Death *does* have a bad reputation.  So imagine Andrew's surprise when he heard someone singing a love song... one that seemed to be about *him.*  He followed the voice which was originating from the Fields of Gold.  When he made his way there he found a group of people who, far from shrinking away from him, seemed to be absolutely enamored with him.  They invited him back and so he returned.  Again and again and again until eventually he was given a house there, Serendipity.  So now Dyeland is his home away from Home and its people his family.  Although he now lives in Willowveil since he's co-parenting Belle with JenniAnn.

- How can I be involved in playing/writing Dyeland?

Since we started this, some of us have begun to take the Dyeland stories quite seriously.  We put a lot of time and effort into maintaining continuity.  Thus, we ask that people please read and heed the guidelines before becoming involved.  Thanks! 

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