The Laws of Dyeland

(Note: This page is just for fun.  It was written years and years ago and no longer has any bearing on Dyeland as it currently exists.)

I. The President:

Dyeland shall be ruled by a President who will be elected by secret ballot when it is deemed an election should occur. Voters will be required to register by sending in a form with their party affiliation, address, and name. Prior to each election there will be at least one public debate with the candidates during which voters can ask questions. After the election has taken place the votes will be tallied and the winner announced by a non-voter (lest there be any bias). The election will be *final*. No recounts.

The President will have three assistants (the princesses and the prince) as well as any others deemed necessary at a later date. Should either the princesses and prince be unavailable due to school work or other requirements, Vincent shall act as JenniAnn's interim and Audrey and Jarrod also have someone designated to act on her behalf. Should the President be unable to perform his duties due to an assignment, Adam shall take his place. Should Adam be unable to substitute Cliff and Daisy will together act as the President.

II. Grievances:

Anyone who finds themselves in disagreement with a law or an official should appear at City Hall. Their case will be examined by the princesses and prince and hopefully resolved. If it is not resolved said person can appeal to the President.

III. Land and Homes:

Land is neither owned by the government nor by its citizens. The land belongs to itself and its Creator and as such anyone can visit any land if they wish. The same does not apply, however, to private residences. To enter a residence one must first seek the permission of the head of the establishment. Should one have reason to enter a home and not have the permission of the owner they may appeal to City Hall. The matter will then be decided by the President or someone acting on his behalf. Citizens are warned, however, to stay away from the Forbidden Forest. The Forest is not truly forbidden but the government cannot guarantee the safety of anyone who enters there.

IV. Building Codes:

The government suggests that all structures be formed with the help of Cliff. Cliff can build things swiftly and with out reliance upon our precious trees which must never be threatened. However, should you want to build your own home accommodations can be made.

V. Security:

It is important that for Dyeland to survive only those who will protect it and honor it be allowed in. Anyone wishing to bring someone new into the land will be asked to meet with the President. If anyone knowingly allows a threat into Dyeland they will be made to appear before a court composed of the President, princesses, the prince, and a jury of five fellow Dyelanders. They may either bring a lawyer (who is not a threat to safety of the realm) or one will be appointed for them.

VI. Basic laws:

No killing, kidnapping, purposefully injuring, stalking (in a harmful way), or haunting (you never know) any Dyelander or one of their guests. Stealing is also forbidden.  Telemarketing is also illegal. Selling door-to-door is also illegal unless you receive permission from the President or someone acting in his behalf. If anyone is found to break one of these rules they will be brought in front of a court as described above.

VII. Reasons to remove government officials:

An official may be temporarily removed from their post should any of the following happen:

They file for a leave of absence.

They commit treason.

They become ill either in mind or body.*

They demonstrate a general disdain for their position.

Should the President be removed the rest of his term will be finished out by his substitute as named in section 1 of this document. Should the princesses and prince be removed their substitutes will take over until a permanent replacement can be found. The replacement shall be chosen by the remaining two since it is not an elected position. Should both princesses and the prince be removed at the same time... umm, ask Cliff what to do?

Note: JenniAnn can only be committed to the psych ward by herself or by Vincent.

VIII. Treason:

Treason is defined as betrayal to country. Willingly allowing an outside threat into Dyeland is treason. Giving vital information (such as the secret ways to enter Dyeland) to outsiders is treason. Spying is treason. All treason is illegal.

IX. Wizardry:

Not so much a rule as a clarification. Dyeland has one wizard known as Cliff. Cliff is not evil, he does not cast spells on people, he does not turn into animals, he does not hang out with Satan, he does not enjoy evil, he is not seeking converts, and he does not use his powers to spy on people. Cliff answers to the same God Andrew serves. The best way to think of his magic is like a talent. Talents are given to all people and any talent can be used for good or evil. Cliff uses his for good.

X. Whispering Woods:

It is absolutely forbidden to hunt and/or kill any animals in Dyeland because they are all talking animals originating from the Woods. Should an animal be harmed the matter will be brought to court. Animals will be given the same rights as humans (i.e. right to a lawyer, right to testify in court, etc.)

XI. True Love:

I just thought we should have this clause in here cause it sounds really romantic and magical... Anyway, should one of the princesses give undue attention to a man (or elf or vampire or alien or another angel or anything else) other than Andrew in a crush sort of way they are open to criticism and possible temporary removal should it get especially pathetic. NOTE: Having the crush itself is not blameworthy. Exalting the crush above Andrew is.

Okay: Legolas is really nice looking and seems nice.

Not okay: From now on this is Legolas-Ville and now I'm only writing Top Tens about Legolas and oh, btw, he's president now! Andrew's banished! And dyelish is now forbidden instead we all speak elvish!

However, should their devotions slide to a man with whom there is at least a chance things could work out, i.e. a non-celebrity, they shall continue to serve as princess until they themselves decide to leave. Laws made by humans cannot presume to rule over something as powerful as true love.

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