Moving to Dyeland???

So you want to move to Dyeland?  Great!  In order for me to add your character(s) to the map, you must be a member of JABB.  Also, you're encouraged to introduce your character on the YahooGroup.  These maps take a great deal of time so I'd like to be assured that you actually intend to be active with the stories before I take the time to create your own little place.  Filling out this form in its entirety helps me to do that.  If you have any questions, please email me.

Thanks and God bless,

1.  Would you like your own island or a spot on the Selini or Ilios mainlands? 
Sorry, Asteri is full.

2.  What would you like the name of your city/island to be?  Please make sure that this name isn't already used.

3.  What would you like the name of your residence to be?  Please also check to ensure this name isn't used already, either.

4.  Please select your residence from the following page.  You will need to email me to get the username and password.  Then just give me its code (i.e. "house A4" or "castle B1").  If you are adding something other than a residence, please contact me before proceeding.

5.  What are three or four of your favorite colors?  These are to be used in "painting" your home and props on the land.  If you're going to get specific (i.e. something beyond "blue," "red," or "pink") please give me
hexadecimal codes or names from this page

6.  What kind of scenery/props for the area surrounding your home?  Trees, flowers, mountains, pond, stable, gazebo?  I will make every attempt to accommodate your wishes here but it depends on how will my clip art collection matches up to your wishes.

7.  What is your place's official flower and do you have a preferred meaning for it?  You can find flowers and their meanings at the following pages:

8.  What should the description of your place read like?


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