Official Flowers of Dyeland

Most of these meaning were taken from Kate Greenway’s “Language of Flowers.” However, some were altered to make them more appropriate or because an alternate meaning was known by the person who picked them. In addition, some meanings were made up when we couldn’t find existing meanings for a flowers. Due to copyright and space issues, we're not displaying images of the flowers. However, I found all by Googling them, for those curious.

Asteri ~ Ilios ~ Selini


A. Dyeland City- White rose meaning "it's heavenly to be with you"

B. Whispering Woodlands- Daisy meaning "innocence"

C. Friendly Forest- Casablanca meaning "celebration"

D. Glen of Goodness- Heath meaning "solitude"

E. Halo Harbor- Calla lilies meaning “magnificent beauty

F. LaLa Land- Shamrock meaning "lightheartedness"

G. Mystical Mountains- Lily of the valley meaning "return of happiness"

H. Everknow- Cherry tree meaning "good education"

I.  Baile- Nasturtium meaning "patriotism"

J. Laughingly- Larkspur meaning" lightness and levity"

K. The Magician's Island- Vervain meaning "enchantment"

L. Rose Cove- Musk rose meaning "charming"

M. Forever Coast- Amaranth meaning "immortality"

N. Harmonic Hollow- Cedar meaning "strength"

O. Tír na nÓg- Sky rose

P. Eirenikos- Iceland moss meaning "health"

Q. Heavenly Playground- Venus' car meaning "fly with me" and the orchid meaning "love, beauty, and magnificance"

R. Hobgoblin- Lavendar rose meaning “enchantment”

S.  Skellig- Crimson polyanthus meaning “the heart's mystery”


1. Crystalline Caverns- Poppy meaning "imagination"

2. Ageless Park- White lilacs meaning "youthful innocence"

3. Tourkia- Garden chervil meaning "sincerity"

4. Iarweth- Gillyflower meaning "bonds of affection"

5. Pending

6. Lilac Vista- Lilac meaning "humility"

7. Hara Leah- Texas blue bonnet meaning "heartiness, constancy, and Scottish"

8. Resplendia- Damask rose meaning "freshness"

9. Dulciafare- Scarlet geranium meaning "comfort"

10. Pending

11. Serensylvana- Lavender meaning "distrust"

12. Audrey's Lair- Pink carnation meaning "I'll never forget you"

13. Salome- Red tulip meaning "declaration of love" and mezereon meaning "desire to please"

14. Daffodil Den- Daffodils meaning “unrequited love

15. Idlewild- London Pride meaning “frivolity

16. Pending

17. Veritas- White chrysanthemum meaning “truth

18. Pending

19. Serenity City- Yellow tulips meaning "there is sunrise in your smile"

20. Pending

21. Avalon- Sweet pea meaning "departure and tender memory"

22. Angel's Reststop- Yellow rose meaning "friendship"

23. Envoi- Iris meaning "message"


a. Euphorique- Bridal rose meaning "happy love"

b. Pending

c. Astolat- Queen's rocket meaning "fashion"

d. Pure Imagination- Iris meaning "inspiration" and pencilled geranium meaning "ingenuity"

e. Nadezhda- Almond meaning "hope, watchfulness, and promise"

f. Asterangeles- Acacia meaning "friendship"

g. Max's Burrow- Protea meaning "courage"

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