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Hope this makes sense and I don't contradict myself.  Some of these dates are based off episodes from Beauty and Beast, Moonlight, and Touched by an Angel.  Most I had to generate myself.  I did have to alter the events of TV shows to fit with the Dyeland take on the story at times (i.e. on BatB Vincent and Catherine met on April 12, 1986, here it's April 12, 1984.)  If you're part of Dyeland and would like something added, please don't hesitate to ask.  However, I do need a year or span before I can add it.  This is arranged chronologically so I need to know where to put things in order.  Items in blue are set in the future and based off "flash forwards" in the stories.  They are somewhat tentative in that I had to guess at some dates when it was not otherwise clear.  But they're probably close to what will happen.

This page is now retired/archived!  It is no longer being updated.  Please click here if you want to see the detailed/current timeline!

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Tess, Adam, Henry, and Andrew are born.  I think popular opinion is Tess it the oldest followed by Adam.  I'm not sure what the feeling is about who's older: Henry or Andrew.  I think some of us believe Henry is older.  Also, Sam I would figure to be older than Tess.

In "Safe" (313), Rose and JenniAnn ask Tess to tell them about what Andrew was like as a baby (understanding that he was never actually in baby form... they just meant when he was newly created).  She proceeds to tell them about his general demeanor and illustrates it with a story about his time in choir.  So I think it can be assumed from her tale that Andrew's first gig was in the angelic choir.  Tess goes onto say that Andrew spent time in Search and Rescue and "other departments" though she didn't specify the latter.  Later, of course, he moves into Caseworking.  In JABB 186, Andrew has a Q and A in which he responds to a question about his work history like this: "First, as if often the case, I was in the choir. That was great. And good practice for my years in Adam’s, Henry’s, and my band. Search and Rescue briefly. For a number of years, I was also in a department that “Touched” never really got around to discussing. It was called Inspiration and Advisement. We delivered divine inspiration from the Father to artists, authors, people struggling with big decisions, situations like that. A few other brief stints. Then it was Casework followed by Angel of Death."  So between TBAA and JABB it's been established that Andrew was in the choir, Inspiration and Advisement, Search and Rescue, Caseworking, angel of death, and supervising AOD along with unknown "other brief stints."
6,000 years ago- Monica is born, as stated in "Holy of Holies."

Circa 33- In "Asking the Answer," it's revealed that Andrew saw Joshua die.  Where the angel was when Joshua was crucified remains to be discovered.

1450s to 1550s- I don't outright say it in "A Different Promotion Day" (353) but it's suggested in that story that Andrew was promoted to caseworker from Search and Rescue at some point around Leonardo DaVinci's lifetime.  Sam does clearly say in that story that centuries passed between Andrew's promotion to caseworking and his later one to AOD.  The assignment Andrew recounts in "A Shorts Story" (325) happens sometime after his promotion to caseworking.
1599- Josef is born somewhere in Eastern Europe.  He's turned about 25-30 years later.  The date is from ML, I chose the birth place.

1605- Andrew and Adam meet when the former is playing Hamlet in an early production with the latter serving as prop master.  (197)
1651- Andrew's assignment in Shiloh, MA during the witch trials.  Eben falls.  Henry is an AOD at this point.  (194)
April 26, 1865- Andrew is promoted to AOD.
November 1922- Mick St. John is born.
1920s or 1930s- Depending on how old you think Father was during the Red Scare, he woulda been born in one of these two decades, I would think.

January 12, 1934- Lorcan "Lor" Finn Cleary is born and adopted by Declan and Siobhan Cleary.  (Origins)

March 1936- Cora Marie O'Connell is born in Ireland.
1942- 1945- Mick serves in WWII (for possibly longer), at least part of the time with LJA's grandpa, Connor.  Sophia and Eli meet at some point during the War, too.
Early 1950s- Dr. Jacob Wells (Father) is accused of being a Communist sympathizer.  As a result, his wife's father has the marriage annulled.  Devastated, Jacob somehow ends up starting a utopian society in the Tunnels beneath New York City.  He goes by Father.

June 1953- Lor and Cora, Vincent's birth parents, meet.

November 14, 1953- Lor and Cora are married.

April 5, 1954- Josef/Charles meets Sarah Whitley.  (Make This Go On Forever)

May 20, 1954- Lor Cleary is killed.

January 12, 1955- A Tunnel-dweller hears a baby crying behind St. Vincent's hospital.  She brings the unique newborn below.  Enter Vincent who is adopted by Father.  It will be several years before Vincent learns the truth about his birth.
Some point in 1955- Mick marries Coraline and is turned.

1957- Catherine Chandler is born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chandler of NYC. 

July 24, 1982- JenniAnn Dywnwen Chandler is born to Charles Chandler's brother's (Connor) son and daughter-in-law in Nebraska.  Thus making Catherine her 2nd cousin (at least as we count it in my real family, never did get the twice-removed bit down.) 

April 12, 1984- Catherine is attacked by some thugs who think she's someone else.  Vincent finds the wounded woman and takes her Below to be tended to by his dad, Father.  And they discover that they're very closely bonded, fall in love, birds sing, stars shine brighter, roses bloom, tralalala.  ;-)  For the most part their relationship then follows the show cept with additions like...

September 8th, 1984- As a toddler, JenniAnn stumbles into a portal in Asteriana, ends up Below.  (Act of God, I suppose.)  Assuming she's an orphan, Vincent plans to adopt her and names her Psyche but Catherine learns of her cousins' missing child and connects the dots in.  Psyche/JenniAnn returns to her parents in January 1985.  It will later be discovered that baby JA was taken through a portal from NE to Dyeland (then Asteriana) and then went through another portal herself that led to the Tunnels.  (How Vincent Met Psyche)
1985- Mick is hired by Beth's mother to find her after she's kidnapped.  The kidnapper turns out to be his ex.  Mick saves Beth and thinks he killed Coraline.

1986- Some former Tunnel-dweller pitches a TV drama based on Vincent, Catherine, and Father to a CBS network exec. 
Early 1986- Vincent has his nervous breakdown or whatever we want to call the last 3 episodes of Season 2.

January 1987- While visiting Catherine and Vincent in NYC, a very young JenniAnn first sees Andrew while he's working an AOD assignment and promptly falls into puppy love with "Cupid".  (Andrew resembled the Greek god in her Cupid and Psyche picture book.)  She doesn't reveal this until November 2009.  (ETA: Augh.  I just realized I inadvertently messed up the timeline cause Vincent and LJA weren't reunited til September [see below] so... my current story is that LJA did visit Catherine in January 1987 and Catherine let her spend time with Vincent unbeknownst to LJA's parents.  But after the freakish events of January 1987 [LJA seeing a dead body and all...], Catherine and Vincent dropped plans for further visits in hopes that would enable the girl to forget what they saw as a traumatic event.  So from mid-January til September, Vincent was entirely out of her life and Catherine existed only as a friendly voice on the phone.  It works...)  (287)  Update: "The Keeper's Story" in 379 reveals the date LJA first saw Andrew as January 16th, 1987.  The story is told there from Joshua's perspective... which would be the most accurate, naturally.
September 1987- BatB premieres, lil JA freaks out, her mom calls Catherine for an explanation, eventually she and Vincent are reunited and he's named her godfather.  From that point out JA spends most summers and some other times Below.

March 10, 1989- Max Remus is born.

December 1989- Catherine miscarries a baby.  (This was originally supposed to tie in with the Dyeland version of BatB S3 but when I shifted dates it didn't really work, oh well).
September 1994- TBAA premieres.
March 1995- Yva and Sir Sven are married (not in Dyeland.)
Late 1995- Monica and Andrew meet.  It's not actually January 6th, 1996 since assumedly the TBAA writers woulda needed time to write that episode after it happened.

January 6, 1996- Andrew premieres on TBAA.  Certain individuals crush on the character.  Ahem.

April 18, 1997- Violeta is created. 

July 1998- Princess JenniAnn starts JABB with Princess Audrey.  (Yes, JABB exists in Dyeland, but they'd get different newsletters than the real us get, obviously.)

1999- Princess JenniAnn pretends to discover Dyeland (really she'd known it as Asteriana as stated above).  She and Princess Audrey found Dyeland.  From here on out, Dyeland is JenniAnn's regular home.

March 17, 2000- Andrew comes to Dyeland, everyone learns he is real.  (159 and Eight Years Later)

November 2000- Andrew is elected President of Dyeland, Princess JenniAnn becomes Lady JenniAnn. 

2001- We don't have an exact date but know Princess Yva arrives in Dyeland sometime during the course of this year.  "Princess" would later be dropped.

Feb. 2001- Vincent comes to Dyeland to watch over JenniAnn after her parents get freaked when some stories of the goings on there get back to them.  A few years have passed since he last saw JenniAnn.
Spring 2001- Gloria is born.  Monica's temptation would have happened shortly after this.  Probably in late March or early April.  "The Coffee Summit" depicts the temptation.
February 2002- This is the first reference I found to Countess Jennifer in Dyeland.

March 2003- This is when Monica is promoted aka when the events depicted in "I Will Walk With You" (with tweaks) happened.  ("The Coffee Summit")

Summer 2003- Andrew is re-elected president of Dyeland.  At some point he resigns.  Everything official in Dyeland is decided by majority rule from then on out.
January 2004- Knowing Andrew had long wanted a dog, LJA adopted a puppy named Lulu for him.  When Andrew is on assignments where he cannot bring Lulu, LJA and/or Rose take care of the basset hound.

September 26, 2004- Shelby is born.  Her parents' names were Sandra and Corey and her brother Asher was around 9 at the time.  They lived in a small apartment in NYC. 
May 2005- Andrew is put on trial for murder. (163)
November 1, 2005- Lady Beth arrives in Dyeland.  She talks about how she came to be there in 197.

October 2006- After a bit of an absence, Yva returns to Dyeland.
October 18, 2006- Nigel arrives in Dyeland.
November 2006- For lack of a better term, Andrew has a break down following an especially tragic assignment.  He alienates most everyone in Dyeland for a while but they bring him around.  (There is no story about this but there is a brief outline of those events in "Safe" (313).

December 16, 2006- It's really stupid that I'm putting this here but... this is the first time Andrew uses "Laja" to reference LJA.  The reason I'm putting this here is because every freaking time I have to do a flashback, I always have to check the YG archives to see if it's "JenniAnn" era or "Laja" era for Andrew.  And that's getting really old.  So now I can just look here and not deal with YG's glitchy search engine.  Yay.

2007- At some point prior to September 26, 2007, Shelby's and Asher's parents, Sandra and Corey are killed in a car crash that their children survive.  It had to be prior to Shelby's third birthday since she was two when they passed.  The children were then placed in foster care before making their way to the Tunnels.  ("Trick-or-Treating")
April 1, 2007- Rose arrives in Dyeland.
Spring 2007- The entire Andi debacle begins around here (The Masquerade Ball and Other Events).  Vincent goes off alone to protect the Tunnel community and dreams about life as a normal-looking man.  (Measuring a Life)
June 30, 2007- Catherine and Vincent get hitched.

Late summer 2007 through February 12th, 2008- This time period encapsulates JenniAnn's and Eliot's brief relationship.  Aided by Mick, LJA came to realize that she was really in love with Andrew and just staying with Eliot as an attempt to have a normal life.  (239)
September 2007- Mick and Beth remeet.
September 26, 2007- Willy arrives in Dyeland.
December 2007- Via divine intervention, Mick basically falls into Dyeland.  (Dream)
December 24, 2007- Jacob Wells is born and adopted by Catherine and Vincent.  (235)

Spring 2008- Mick and Beth are officially a couple from this point on.
October 2008- Josef's Sarah dies and is buried in Dyeland.  To come with her death, Josef returns to his homeland in Eastern Europe and winds up embarking on a mission to end human trafficking.  (Make This Go On Forever)  Around this time is also when Andrew gets his mini-van: the Jolly Green.  (257)

March 8, 2008- This is Monica's last visit to Dyeland prior to a lengthy hiatus. 
("The Coffee Summit")
January 2009- Andrew returns from a truly heartbreaking assignment in Missouri.  Tess, Adam, Monica, and several of the Dyelanders go with him back to Missouri to finish the assignment.  (264)

February 2009- LJA's great-aunt/godmother, Sophia, dies.  LJA learns that she was in love with an angel of death, Eli/Elijah.  After Sophia's death, Eli begins making appearances in Dyeland.  (266)

June 16, 2009- At long last, Vincent and his mother (Cora) are reunited and Vincent learns about her and Lor, his father. 
June 29, 2009- Cora Cleary passes away.

Autumn 2009- Catherine's homeless shelter for women and children, the Phoenix Inn, opens in New York thanks to the money Cora left Vincent.

October 2009- The Dyelanders attend a Renaissance Faire in Kansas.  While there, LJA meets a psychic named Myrna.  Myrna foretells that Andrew will propose... and that something bad will befall him.  LJA dismisses the prediction given its romantic undertones.  However, at the Halloween party, Andrew *proposes* they travel to Wisconsin.  LJA is haunted by his choice of words and how they echo Myrna.  She begins to fear for him.  In Kansas, Myrna discovers a drawing of Andrew in her ancestress' keepsakes.  Thus we learn that Myrna is a descendant of Andrew's assignment in 1651: Hope Lewis.  (285)

November 18, 2009- Andrew departs Dyeland for an assignment.  Meanwhile, Vincent and Father inform their Tunnel community about vicious attacks being perpetrated against the homeless.  (286 and 287)

November 18-25, 2009- Andrew is homeless and living on the streets of NYC with his assignments: Ryan, Crystal, and Maggie.  The Dyelanders learn of this and try to do everything they can for him, including watching over him at the Phoenix when possible.  The attacks escalate.

November 25-December 3, 2009- Andrew is attacked in the very early hours of the 25th, leaving his right arm broken.  He is briefly hospitalized but then released to the care of the Dyelanders gathered at the Phoenix.  He spends the next several days resting, concluding his assignment, and testifying in court.  On the 3rd, Andrew runs into Myrna and her grand-daughter.  He learns of their connection to Hope and is given a letter that Hope wrote him that has surprising resonance with his recent experiences.  Shaken and still wearied, Andrew is persuaded by the Dyelanders to go Home.

December 6, 2009- Andrew is welcomed back to Dyeland.  Since his arm remains in a cast, he is given time off to rest there.  In the weeks that follow, Andrew struggles with his limited abilities thanks to the broken arm.  During this time, Andrew also begins to ponder a major-ish life change.

December 22, 2009- Still with his cast, Andrew returns to his work as an angel.  (289)

December 24, 2009- God gives Andrew a vision that, among other things, shows LJA with two children, Rose, Yva, Vincent, Jacob, and Catherine still very much a part of Dyeland, and Mick and Beth with one child and another on the way.  It's unknown how literally true the vision is
.  (289)
January 6, 2010- Andrew's cast is removed!

February 8-14, 2010- Andrew and LJA interview their friends about various types of love for their annual Valentine's documentary and the latter learns more than she bargained for when Mick reveals that Andrew is considering going "deep cover" and aging along with the Dyelanders.  Eli ends up assigned to Andrew and Co. to help them make peace with this.  In the days that follow, Andrew meets with his friends to discuss his decision.  He has not yet made the request of the Father but knows he will at some point.  (293)

June 2010- Raquel Seywell, one of Andrew's past assignments, weds Capt. Nico Moretti during a Caribbean cruise.  Andrew and Co. are invited along as many are members of the wedding party.  During the course of the trip, the Dyelanders reconnect after a few months of drifting.  Also, Monica comes back into the fold.  (307 and 308)

Autumn 2010- After being away for a number of years, Bennie, a former Dyelander, returns briefly for lunch with LJA and Rose.  The reunion does not go well when she refuses to believe that Andrew isn't romantically involved with LJA, Monica, or anyone.  Turns out Bennie had feelings for Andrew.  She leaves in a huff and hasn't been seen since...  (310)

October 3, 2010- Tess "kidnaps" LJA and Monica at God's request and leaves them at a Panera where they have to work through their differences and hurt feelings towards each other.  (
"The Coffee Summit")
October 22-31, 2010- Andrew has a lengthy assignment in the town of West Hollow, IA.  A serial rapist has been attacking young women and Andrew (as a cop) teams up with officer Jonah Webb to try to find the man before he hurts anyone else.  Meanwhile, the Dyelanders decide to join Andrew when it becomes obvious the assignment has shaken him to the core and raises concerns that he'll once again withdraw from them.  (313)

Christmas 2010- The gang gathers for their annual Christmas tree decorating and in the course of the evening each one of them has a vision of their Christmas Future.  These visions aren't necessarily accurate... but there's a good chance they are.  In Andrew's vision, the friends all still gather together to celebrate.  Mick (who has been cured) and Beth have two boys.  Adam's still playing Santa.  Yva's become a minister.  Monica and Tess are there.  Rose, her husband, and her two children are present.  Shelby and Jacob have grown into happy, helpful young people.  Adam and Eli have taken on some supervising duties.  Nigel has acclimated some more to the modern world.  Willy has found peace as has C.J.  Josef continues to strive to free victims of human trafficking, forever carrying his love for Sarah in his heart.  Logan has been cured and become engaged.
  Vincent is in charge of the Tunnel Council and he and Catherine are still madly in love.  Lady Beth finds a greater sense of joy.  LJA has adopted two children, Annabelle and Avi, and remains in love with Andrew... his aging doing nothing to dampen her affections.  And, as always, the Father watches over them all with love.  (316)

October 31, 2011- Andrew has one more reason to kinda like Halloween!  On this date he became supervisor to Violeta, a former Records angel in training to become an AOD.  (340)

February 13, 2012- Beth and Mick get married.  (348)

Spring 2012- After JenniAnn and Andrew spend some time pondering fairy tales, they decide there's a lot of similarity between their group of friends and Beauty and the Beast.  Shortly thereafter, a rose appears in Andrew's house... seemingly from the Father.  Initially it's all white but then a single petal turns red.  Hmm...  More on the rose later!  (356)

July 31, 2012- Andrew is given an assignment as an Army medic in Afghanistan.  On July 31st, he and another soldier (Max Remus) are taken as POWs.  Until November, their whereabouts were unknown to all but the Father.  (Abide With Me)

November 13/14, 2012- Andrew returns to Dyeland where he and his friends cope with the fall-out of his time in Afghanistan.  His assignment with Max continues.

December 16, 2012- After being abandoned by his father, Max moves into Serendipity in Dyeland.  Later he will find a place of his own there.

February 5-7, 2013- The gang takes their vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL in "Roots and Wings."

March 31, 2013 (Easter Sunday)- Joshua visits Andrew and reassures him about LJA who has been mopey.  Joshua also hints at his upcoming performance in Jesus Christ Superstar which stupefies Andrew in "The Keeper's Story." 

April 16-26, 2013- Owen and LJA meet Chava on the 16th and over the course of the next several days, the woman shares her story of surviving the Holocaust with JenniAnn and Andrew... who had been there.

April 28, 2013- Andrew and LJA meet Kemara Marie Meeks at Fr. Mike's church in Manhattan.  Kemara moves to Dyeland not too long after that.  ("Ivy")

May 30-August 10, 2013- Andrew is assigned to work with Eve's Girls, a summer program for girls that just happens to be operating out of LJA's alma mater.  He becomes concerned about a young girl named Ivy who he fears is being bullied.  Joshua visits the AOD and verifies this then tasks Andrew with reminding Ivy that he loves her.  On June 17th, LJA happens along to lend a hand with Kemara, Violeta, and others forming "Ivy's Village" in the days ahead.  ("Ivy")

October 3, 2013- During their annual
"Coffee Summit"  Monica and LJA are surprised when Arthur Reese shows up.  He was the fellow who Monica met and felt a deep connection with prior to her temptation in 2001.  Joshua orchestrated the reunion and Andrew is convinced that Arthur will become a regular presence in the Dyelanders' lives.

November 2013- Andrew, Adam, Henry, Eli, Violeta, Monica, and Arthur all spend time in the Philippines helping with relief and recovery following Typhoon Haiyan.  ("Shelter from the Storm", JABB 398, "The Truth")

December 2013- Esther Chava Kossing Friedman passes away in her chamber in the Tunnels surrounded by those who came to care for her in her last months: Andrew, LJA, Owen, Portia, Mary, Father, Vincent, Catherine, Rabbi Yakov, and Tiva.  ("Chava")

February 2014- LJA's daughter, Annabelle, is born around this time based on the fact that she's four in "Andrew's Birthday Quilt."  In JenniAnn's vision of an ideal future in "To Be With You", her daughter is named AnnaDru but she will actually be named Annabelle... LJA just doesn't know it yet!  Update: "Roots and Wings" features baby Annabelle in a scene set on February 13, 2014.  While not outright stated, she seems to be a newborn at that time.  Update 2: 379 makes it clear that Annabelle is found by Andrew and JenniAnn on a February night.  Update 3: You can read all about Annabelle's early days with Andrew and JenniAnn in "Promises of Someday" which covers February 4th through 17th. 

2014- Andrew begins to age at some point during this year.
2015/2016- This is probably about when Rose and Max are married.

2017/2018- Mick happens upon the cure for vampirism when he inadvertently squashes some flowers Andrew got Beth for her birthday.  As told in "The Best Birthday Ever."  Lulu also appears in this story.  She likely passes away shortly thereafter.  I didn't realize that when I first wrote it.  :-(

2018- LJA's son, Avi (Andrew Vincent), seems to be born during this year (my guess is early summer) since he's an infant in
"Andrew's Birthday Quilt."

September 20, 2018
- On September 20, 2011, the Father paid a visit to Dyeland.  Though unseen, He left Andrew a gift... a glimpse into a birthday yet to come.  The Father envisions Andrew having a massive 40th birthday party and given He sees LJA as referencing the 2011 party as "Probly 7 or 8 years ago," that would mean Andrew would seem to turn 40 in either 2018 or 2019.  This would then suggest that he started aging somewhere in the 2013-2015 range.  Andrew also begins to find gray hairs around this point in time.  Update: Since it's now established (via "Roots and Wings") that Annabelle is born in February 2014, that would mean that the 40th birthday happens on Sept. 20th, 2018 since Annabelle is 4 on that date.

2019/2020- Beth and Mick welcome their son, Joe, into the world.  I'm basing this off Joe being a toddler in
"The Past, the Present, the Future."   Unfortunately, I screwed up and had both Joe and Michael St. John appear in "Andrew's Birthday Quilt" which doesn't really work given, unless they were twins, Beth wouldn't have had enough time for two pregnancies likely between Mick getting cured and Andrew's 40th.  So... just ignore that bit of ABQ.  ;-)

December 2020- This is when Yva's future vision in "To Be With You" is set.  She's become a pastor by then and spends much of her time away from Dyeland though she returns for visits periodically.  Willy is retired.

December 2021/22-
This seems to be when the flash forward in "The Past, the Present, the Future" is given Avi seems around 2 or 3 there. 
In addition, Mick has a toddler son in "The Past, the Present, the Future" which is why I assume Joe is born in 2019/20.

March 2022/23- Given Andrew sees Beth as being quite obviously pregnant for a 2nd time in TPTPTF, the St. John's 2nd son, Michael Turner St, John, is likely born then.

- In a flash forward from the story "Safe," we see an aging Andrew return to West Hollow to visit with Jonah Webb and family.  So we know that by 2025, Andrew is going gray and relying more on his glasses.  Love him...  He would be, physically, around 46 or 47 at that point.  In "To Be With You," Rose imagines a future in which she is married to a serviceman named Max and has two children, Landon and Amelia.  In the vision, Andrew's driver's license says he's 47 so it's probably set right around 2025.  The ages of the kids are not stated beyond their being school-age.  I would guess them both to be in the 5-8 years range meaning Rose had them somewhere between 2017 and 2020.

2027- At twenty, Jacob Chandler Wells is on his way to becoming a successful artist, making both Catherine and Vincent very proud.

Unknown future events-
And so it goes...
What we don't have and it's up to people to add if they so wish:
-Birth dates (with years/spans) for everyone except my (Jenni's) characters.  I have months and days but often not years.  If people want, they can just give a span of time (i.e. Father's birthday being listed only as "1920s or 1930s") in place of a year.  But since this is arranged chronologically by year, I need something to go on with that to determine where it goes.
- When did Steve show up?
- I became so focused on arrivals, meeting, and birth dates that I probly didn't even take note of some other momentous things so feel free to bring em up.  Basically I'm just looking for anything that was a major turning point for the group or even just a character.  Something that a person might want to reference in a story and this would keep them from having to search for dates on the AC, Encyclo, posts, etc.


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